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The heavy cruiser HMAS Shropshire (83) of the Royal Australian Navy.

Technical information

TypeHeavy cruiser
Displacement9850 BRT 
Length630 feet (oa) 
Complement650 men 

8 8" guns (4x2)
8 4" AA guns (8x1)
8 2pdr AA (2x4)
8 .5" AA (2x4)
8 21" torpedo tubes (2x4)
1 aircraft
1 catapult

London after reconstruction;
8 8" guns (4x2)
8 4" AA guns (4x2)
16 2pdr AA (2x8)
8 .5" AA (2x4)
8 21" torpedo tubes (2x4)
3 aircraft
1 catapult 

Max speed32 knots
EnginesGeared turbines, 4 shafts 
Power80000 HP 
Notes on class

Modified Kents with internal bulges and slight layout changes including moving the bridge and mast 25ft back to free the firing arc of B turret. Also speed was increased by half a knot.

Modifications were very limited before the war, the Anti-Aircraft defence was slightly improved. HMS London was reconstructed at Chatham Dockyard from March 1939 to February 1941. During the war all ships had their Anti-Aircraft armament further improved. 

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5 Heavy cruisers of the London class.

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