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Technical information

TypeColonial sloop
Displacement1969 BRT 
Length104 metres 
Complement14 officers + 121 men 
Armament3 5.5" guns (3x1).
4 37 mm AA.
6 13 mm AA.
50 mines.
1 aircraft. 
Max speed17 knots
EnginesDiesels, 2 shaft 
Power3200 BHP 
Notes on class 

All ships of the Bougainville class

French Navy French Navy (more on French Navy)

Amiral Charner Lost on 10 Mar 1945
Bougainville Lost on 9 Nov 1940
D'Entrecasteaux Lost on 5 May 1942
D'Iberville Lost on 27 Nov 1942
Dumont d'Urville
La Grandiere
Savorgnan de Brazza
Rigault de Genouilly Lost on 4 Jul 1940

1 Colonial sloops (8 names) of the Bougainville class. 5 of them were lost.

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