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Castle class

39 ships

Technical information

Displacement1010 BRT 
Length252 feet (oa) 
Complement120 men 
Armament1 4" gun
10 20mm (2x2, 6x1)
Max speed16.5 knots
EnginesReciprocating (4 cyl. V.T.E.), 1 shaft 
Power2880 HP 
Notes on classAfter U-boats demonstrated mid-Atlantic attack capability from French bases, construction of Flower class corvettes designed for coastal escort was discontinued in favour of River class frigates better suited for ocean escort work. Shipyards too small to build 300 foot frigates began producing an improved 250 foot corvette called the Castle class. 

All ships of the Castle class

Royal Canadian Navy Royal Canadian Navy (more on Royal Canadian Navy)

HMCS Arnprior (K 494)
HMCS Aydon Castle
HMCS Barnwell Castle
HMCS Beeston Castle
HMCS Bodiam Castle
HMCS Bolton Castle
HMCS Bowes Castle
HMCS Bowmanville (K 493)
HMCS Bramber Castle
HMCS Bridgnorth Castle
HMCS Brough Castle
HMCS Canterbury Castle
HMCS Chepstow Castle
HMCS Chester Castle
HMCS Christchurch Castle
HMCS Clare Castle
HMCS Clavering Castle
HMCS Clitheroe Castle
HMCS Clun Castle
HMCS Colchester Castle
HMCS Copper Cliff (K 495)
HMCS Corfe Castle
HMCS Cornet Castle
HMCS Cowes Castle
HMCS Criccieth Castle
HMCS Cromer Castle
HMCS Devizes Castle
HMCS Dhyfe Castle
HMCS Dunster Castle
HMCS Egremont Castle
HMCS Fotheringay Castle
HMCS Helmsley Castle
HMCS Hespeler (K 489)
HMCS Humberstone (K 497)
HMCS Huntsville (K 499)
HMCS Kincardine (K 490)
HMCS Leaside (K 492)
HMCS Malling Castle
HMCS Malmesbury Castle
HMCS Orangeville (K 491)
HMCS Petrolia (K 498)
HMCS Raby Castle
HMCS St. Thomas (K 488)
HMCS Tillsonburg (K 496)
HMCS Trematon Castle
HMCS Tutbury Castle
HMCS Wigmore Castle

Royal Navy Royal Navy (more on Royal Navy)

HMS Allington Castle (K 689)
HMS Alnwick Castle (K 405)
HMS Alton Castle
HMS Amberley Castle (K 386)
HMS Applebey Castle
HMS Bamborough Castle (K 412)
HMS Barnard Castle (K 594)
HMS Bere Castle
HMS Berkeley Castle (K 387)
HMS Caistor Castle (K 690)
HMS Caldecot Castle
HMS Calshot Castle
HMS Carisbrooke Castle (K 379)
HMS Denbigh Castle (K 696) Lost on 13 Feb 1945
HMS Dover Castle
HMS Dudley Castle
HMS Dumbarton Castle (K 388)
HMS Farnham Castle (K 413)
HMS Flint Castle (K 383)
HMS Guildford Castle (K 489) (To the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS Hespeler)
HMS Hadleigh Castle (K 355)
HMS Hedingham Castle (i) (K 491) (To the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS Orangeville)
HMS Hedingham Castle (ii) (K 529)
HMS Hever Castle (K 495) (To the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS Copper Cliff)
HMS Hurst Castle (K 416) Lost on 1 Sep 1944
HMS Kenilworth Castle (K 420)
HMS Knaresborough Castle (K 389)
HMS Lancaster Castle (K 691)
HMS Launceston Castle (K 397)
HMS Leeds Castle (K 384)
HMS Maiden Castle (K 443)
HMS Monmouth Castle
HMS Morpeth Castle (K 693)
HMS Norham Castle (K 497) (To the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS Humberstone)
HMS Norwich Castle
HMS Nunney Castle (K 493) (To the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS Bowmanville)
HMS Oakham Castle (K 530)
HMS Oswestry Castle
HMS Oxford Castle (K 692)
HMS Penbroke Castle (K 496) (To the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS Tillsonburg)
HMS Pendennis Castle
HMS Pevensey Castle (K 449)
HMS Portchester Castle (K 362)
HMS Rayleigh Castle (K 695)
HMS Rhuddlan Castle
HMS Rising Castle (K 494) (To the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS Arnprior)
HMS Rushen Castle (K 372)
HMS Sandgate Castle (K 488) (To the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS St. Thomas)
HMS Scarborough Castle (K 536)
HMS Sherborne Castle (K 498) (To the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS Petrolia)
HMS Shrewsbury Castle (K 374) (To the Royal Norwegian Navy as Tunsberg Castle)
HMS Tamworth Castle (K 490) (To the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS Kincardine)
HMS Thornbury Castle
HMS Tintagel Castle (K 399)
HMS Tonbridge Castle
HMS Walmer Castle (K 492) (To the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS Leaside)
HMS Warkworth Castle
HMS Wolvesey Castle (K 499) (To the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS Huntsville)
HMS York Castle (K 537)

Royal Norwegian Navy Royal Norwegian Navy (more on Royal Norwegian Navy)

HNoMS Tunsberg Castle (K 374) Lost on 12 Dec 1944

39 Corvettes (53 names) of the Castle class. 3 of them were lost.

Strikeout means that ship was cancelled (not finished) - not counted in class figures.

See all Corvette classes.

Castle class ships hit by U-boats (2)

13 Feb 1945HMS Denbigh CastleTotal lossU-992
1 Sep 1944HMS Hurst CastleSunkU-482

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