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P class

5 ships

The submarine HMS Proteus (N 29) of the Royal Navy.

Technical information

Displacement1475 / 2040 BRT 
Length290 feet 
Complement6 officers + 47 men 
Armament1 4" gun
8 21" torpedo tubes (6 bow, 2 stern) 
Max speed17.5 / 9 knots (surfaced/submerged)
EnginesDiesel / Electric, 2 shafts 
Power4400 / 1320 HP  (surfaced/submerged)
Notes on class

This class was very similar to the earlier O class but were slightly longer. They had a raked stem (bows) and a shield was provided for the 4" gun.

A sixth ship, HMS Poseidon, was sunk in a collision with the Merchant Yuta, 20 miles north of Wei Hai Wei, China on 9 June 1931.

Submarines of this class that have detailed patrol info added are shown in bold in the list below.


All ships of the P class

Royal Navy Royal Navy (more on Royal Navy)

HMS Pandora (N 42) Lost on 1 Apr 1942
HMS Parthian (N 75) Lost on Aug 1943
HMS Perseus (i) (N 36) Lost on 6 Dec 1941
HMS Phoenix (N 96) Lost on 16 Jul 1940
HMS Proteus (N 29)

5 Submarines of the P class. 4 of them were lost.

Full wartime service history on this vessel.

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Fighting Captain, The

Burn, Alan

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