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The landing ship infantry HMS Empire Arquebus (F 170) of the Royal Navy.

Technical information

TypeLanding Ship Infantry
Displacement11650 BRT 
Length418 feet (oa) 
Complement250 men 
Armament1 4" gun
1 12pdr AA
12 20mm AA (12x1)
Carried 18 LCA's, 2 LCV(P)'s, 1 LCS(M) or LCM and 1458 troops 
Max speed14 knots
Engines2 Boilers, 1 shaft, 1 geared turbine 
Power4400 SHP 
Notes on classThese were converted C1 standard cargo ships 

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HMS Empire Anvil (F 184)
HMS Empire Arquebus (F 170)
HMS Empire Battleaxe (F 161)
HMS Empire Crossbow (F 183)
HMS Empire Cutlass (F 162)
HMS Empire Gauntlet (F 123)
HMS Empire Halberd (F 160)
HMS Empire Mace (F 171)
HMS Empire Spearhead (F 172)

9 Landing Ship Infantrys of the Empire Battleaxe class.

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Empire Battleaxe class ships hit by U-boats (1)

6 Jul 1944HMS Empire HalberdDamagedU-218

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