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USS Chatelain (DE 149)

Destroyer Escort of the Edsall class

NavyThe US Navy
TypeDestroyer Escort
PennantDE 149 
Built byConsolidated Steel (Orange, Texas, U.S.A.) 
Ordered10 Jan 1942 
Laid down25 Jan 1943 
Launched21 Apr 1943 
Commissioned22 Sep 1943 
End service14 Jun 1946 

Decommissioned 14 June 1946.
Stricken 1 August 1973.
Sold 24 June 1974 and broken up for scrap.


Commands listed for USS Chatelain (DE 149)

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1T/Lt.Cdr. James Louis Foley, USN22 Sep 194328 Apr 1944
2Lt.Cdr. Dudley S. Knox, USNR28 Apr 1944Sep 1945

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Notable events involving Chatelain include:

15 Jan 1944

Convoy GUS 28.

This convoy departed Port Said on 15 January 1944.

On departure from Port Said the convoy was made up of the transports / tankers; Aedanus Burke (American, 7191 GRT, built 1943), African Sun (American, 6507 GRT, built 1942), Banff Park (Canadian, 7133 GRT, built 1943), Benjamin Chew (American, 7191 GRT, built 1942), Britannia (Norwegian (tanker), 9977 GRT, built 1939), Empire Addison (British, 7010 GRT, built 1942), Fort Caribou (British, 7132 GRT, built 1943), Joyce Kilmer (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943), Knute Nelson (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943), Kronprinsessen (Norwegian, 7244 GRT, built 1941), Kwai Sang (British, 2320 GRT, built 1917), Ocean Liberty (British, 7174 GRT, built 1942), Rideau Park (Canadian, 7134 GRT, built 1943), Samarinda (British, 7219 GRT, built 1943), Samaye (British, 7219 GRT, built 1943), Samflora (British, 7219 GRT, built 1943), Samois (British, 7219 GRT, built 1943), Samsette (British, 7219 GRT, built 1943) and Samuta (British, 7219 GRT, built 1943).

On departure from Port Said the convoy was escorted by the corvette HMS Primula (Lt. G.H. Taylor, RNR).

On 16 January 1944, the following transports arrived at Alexandria after having been detached from the convoy Fort Caribou and Kwai Sang while the following transports departed Alexandria to join the convoy; Cape Hawke (American, 5081 GRT, built 1941), Empire Falcon (British, 4970 GRT, built 1918), Empire Path (British, 6140 GRT, built 1943), Gatineau Park (Canadian, 7128 GRT, built 1942), Samarina (British, 7219 GRT, built 1943), Sampa (British, 7219 GRT, built 1943), Samshire (British, 7219 GRT, built 1943), Samwater (British, 7219 GRT, built 1943), Valldemosa (British, 7222 GRT, built 1935) and William H. Wilmer (American, 7191 GRT, built 1943). They were escorted by the frigate HMS Usk (Lt.Cdr. R.M. Pattinson, DSC, RD, RNR), corvettes HMS Jonquil (T/A/Lt.Cdr. R.W. Tretheway, RNR), HMS Vetch (Lt. K.M.B. Menzies, RNR) and the A/S whaler HMSAS Southern Isles (?) which all also joined the convoy. On these escorts joining the convoy HMS Primula was detached to Alexandria arriving later on the 16th.

On 20 January 1944, the following transports / tankers departed Augusta to join the convoy; British Tradition (British (tanker), 8443 GRT, built 1942), Conrad Weiser (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943), David Caldwell (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943), Empire Gale (British, 7089 GRT, built 1941), F. Marion Crawford (American, 7181 GRT, built 1942), George Bancroft (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942), George M. Bibb (American, 7180 GRT, built 1943), George W. Campbell (American, 7180 GRT, built 1943), Hebe II (British, 957 GRT, built 1912), Helmwood (British, 2156 GRT, built 1923), Indiana (Panamanian, 5617 GRT, built 1917), Jade (British, 930 GRT, built 1938), James Hoban (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942), John Harvard (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942), John Walker (American, 7191 GRT, built 1942), Joseph E. Johnston (American, 7196 GRT, built 1942), Largs Bay (British, 14182 GRT, built 1921), Lincoln Steffens (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942), Lucretia Mott (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943), Luther Martin (American, 7191 GRT, built 1942), Mariposa (British, 3702 GRT, built 1914), Moray Coast (British, 687 GRT, built 1940), O' Henry (American, 7181 GRT, built 1942), Ocean Stranger (British, 7178 GRT, built 1942), Ocean Vesper (British, 7174 GRT, built 1942), Palermo (British, 2797 GRT, built 1938), Samuel F. Miller (American, 7181 GRT, built 1942), Scorton (British, 4813 GRT, built 1939), Stanhill (British, 5969 GRT, built 1942), Tarleton Brown (American, 7191 GRT, built 1943) and Theodoric Bland (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942). The Largs Bay however returned the following day.

On 21 January 1944, the following transports / tankers arrived at Augusta after having parted company with the convoy; Britannia, Empire Path, Ocean Liberty, Samarina, Samaye, Sampa, Samshire, Samwater and Valldemosa.

On 21 January 1944, the Cape Hawke arrived at Malta after having been detached from the convoy while the tanker Empire Traveller (British (tanker), 8201 GRT, built 1943) departed Malta to join the convoy as did the submarine HMS Sickle (Lt. J.R. Drummond, DSO, DSC, RN).

On 22 January 1944, the John Harvard arrived at Tunis after having been detached from the convoy while the transport Skeldergate (British, 4251 GRT, built 1930) departed Tunis to join the convoy.

On 22 January 1944, the Hebe II, Indiana and Jade arrived at Bizerta after having been detached from the convoy while the transports / tankers Agatha (Dutch (tanker), 3369 GRT, built 1927), Benito Juarez (American, 7244 GRT, built 1943), British Vigour (British (tanker), 5844 GRT, built 1943), Chertsey (British, 6001 GRT, built 1943), Cliona (British (tanker), 8375 GRT, built 1931), D.L. Harper (British (tanker), 12223 GRT, built 1933), Empire Tana (British, 6275 GRT, built 1922), Empire Wordsworth (British (tanker), 9891 GRT, built 1942), Espiguette (French, 1095 GRT, built 1921), Fort Jasper (British, 7125 GRT, built 1943), Fort Tadoussac (British, 7129 GRT, built 1941), Hjalmar Wessel (Norwegian, 1742 GRT, built 1935), John Drake Sloat (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943), John Howland (American, 7191 GRT, built 1943), John Milledge, (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943), Juan de Fuca (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943), Madras City (British, 5080 GRT, built 1940), Mark Twain (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942), Robert Morris (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942), Robert Trimble (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943), Swiftarrow (American (tanker), 8207 GRT, built 1921) and Zacapa (American, 5013 GRT, built 1909) departed Bizerta to join the convoy. Also joining the convoy was the AA cruiser HMS Colombo (Capt. H.W. Williams, RN) and the rescue tug HMRT Hengist.

On 23 January 1944, the Chersey, Conrad Weiser, Espiguette, Joseph E. Johnston, Ocean Stranger and Skeldergate, as well as HMRT Hengist arrived at Bone after having been detached from the convoy as did HMRT Hengist while the transports / tankers Elisha Mitchell (American, 7177 GRT, built 1943), Empire Spey (British, 4292 GRT, built 1929) and Polarsol (Norwegian (tanker), 10022 GRT, built 1939) departed Bone to join the convoy.

On 23 January 1944, the Hjalmar Wessel arrived at Philippeville after having been detached from the convoy.

On 24 January 1944, the Benito Juarez, British Vigour, David Caldwell, Empire Addison, Fort Jasper and Ocean Vesper arrived at Algiers after having been detached from the convoy while the transports / tankers Andrew Carnegie (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942), Baxtergate (British, 5531 GRT, built 1925), Chantilly (British, 9986 GRT, built 1923), City of Canterbury (British, 8331 GRT, built 1922), Empire Flame (British, 7069 GRT, built 1941), Finistere (French, 1158 GRT, built 1909), Fort Chipewyan (British, 7136 GRT, built 1942), George Vickers (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943), Jonathan Grout (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942), Lambrook (British, 7038 GRT, built 1942), Louis Marshall (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943), Marion McKinley Bovard (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942), Neuralia (British, 9182 GRT, built 1912) and Scottish Heather (British (tanker), 7087 GRT, built 1928) joined the convoy coming from Algiers.

On 25 January 1944, the Agatha, Chantilly, City of Canterbury, F. Marion Crawford, George W. Campbell, Helmwood, James Hoban, John Walker, Lincoln Steffens, Luther Martin, Moray Coast, Neuralia, O'Henry and Theodoric Bland arrived at Oran after having been detached from the convoy while the transports / tankers Benjamin R. Milam (American, 7244 GRT, built 1943), Chief Joseph (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943), Empire Duke (British, 7140 GRT, built 1943), Gard (Norwegian (tanker), 8259 GRT, built 1938), Gulfwing (American (tanker), 10217 GRT, built 1928), James G. Birney (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943), Madagascar (British, 4861 GRT, built 1912), Norfjell (Norwegian (tanker), 8129 GRT, built 1942), Petter (Norwegian (tanker), 9109 GRT, built 1935), Sirehei (Norwegian, 3888 GRT, built 1907), William D. Moseley (American, 7177 GRT, built 1943) and William F. Cody (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942) joined the convoy coming from Oran.

On 26 January 1944, the Empire Falcon, Empire Flame, Empire Gale, Empire Spey, Empire Tana, Fort Chipewyan, Fort Tadoussac, Gard, Gatineau Park, Madras City, Mariposa, Palermo, Rideau Park, Scorton and Stanhill arrived at Gibraltar, as did HMS Colombo and HMS Sickle after having been detached from the convoy while the transports Esso Providence (American (tanker), 9059 GRT, built 1921), Fort Fork (British, 7134 GRT, built 1942), Gleniffer (British, 9559 GRT, built 1919), Hardanger (Norwegian, 4000 GRT, built 1924), Mosli (Norwegian (tanker), 8291 GRT, built 1935), Pacific Shipper (British, 6290 GRT, built 1924), Taria (Dutch (tanker), 10354 GRT, built 1939) and Zypenberg (Dutch, 4973 GRT, built 1920) joined the convoy around 0845A/27 having departed Gibraltar in the afternoon of the 26th escorted by the destroyer escorts USS Pillsbury (Lt. G.W. Cassleman, USNR, with COMDESDIV 4 on board), USS Chatelain (T/Lt.Cdr. J.L. Foley, USN), USS Pope (T/Lt.Cdr. E.H. Headland, USN), USS Amick (James A Hetherington, 2nd, USNR, with COMDESDIV 15 on board), USS Atherton (Lt. M. Kelly, Jr., USN), USS Booth (T/Cdr. D.W. Todd, USN) and USS Carroll ( T/Lt.Cdr. F.W. Kuhn, USN).

Around 1415A/27, the Gibraltar section of the convoy was joined by the destroyer USS Benson (T/Cdr. R.J. Woodaman, USN, with, COMTASKFOR 62, T/Capt. C.L. Winecoff, USN, on board), destroyer escorts USS Cooner (T/Cdr. J.M. Stuart, USN), USS Eldridge (Lt. C.R. Hamilton, USNR) and USS Flaherty (Lt. M. Johnston, Jr., USN) and the naval tanker USS Niobrara (T/Cdr. J.W. Marts, Jr., USN).

Around 0845A/27, the Gibraltar section joined with the main convoy after which the British escort, HMS Usk, HMS Jonquil, HMS Vetch and HMSAS Southern Isles parted company to proceed to Gibraltar where they arrived later the same day.

Around 1400A/27, the Casablanca section of the convoy, which had departed Casablanca on the 26th and was made up of the transports Manchester Commerce (British, 5343 GRT, built 1925) and Thomas Lynch (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942). They were escorted by the patrol vessels USS PC-471 (Lt. G. Washburn, USNR), USS PC-474 (Lt. H.C. Hummer, USNR) and USS PC-481 (Lt. N.W Roeder, USNR) which did not join the convoy but proceeded back to Casablanca taking the transports Baxtergate, Empire Duke, Finistere, Lambrook, Madagascar, Sirehei, Taria, Zypenberg and with them. They arrived at Casablanca on the 28th.

Around 0800Z/30, USS Eldridge was detached from the convoy to proceed to Horta, Azores to escort the Azores section of the convoy from there to a rendezvous position with the convoy. She arrived at Horta around 0630N/31 but the transport she was to escort had not completed unloading yet. Around 0200N/1, USS Eldridge departed Horta escorting the transport John Clarke (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943). They joined the convoy around 1150Z/2 in position 36°14'N, 33°53'W.

In the morning of 5 February 1944, USS Benson fuelled from USS Niobrara.

Around 0300Q/14, the convoy split into the ' Chesapeake Bay section ' and the ' New York section '.

The Chesapeake Bay section was made up of sixteen of the merchant vessels and the USS Niobrara. They were escorted by USS Amick, USS Atherton, USS Cooner and USS Eldridge. On the 15th the Delaware section of the convoy got scattered in heavy weather. Six ships managed to remain together with the escort. Straggles were later brought up to rejoin the convoy. In the early evening of the 15th the convoy entered Hampton Roads.

The New York section of the convoy was made up of the remaining ships of the convoy. Around 0830Q/14, the ' Delaware section ' split off. This was made up of three ships and was escorted by USS Carroll. The Delaware section arrived at its destination in the morning of 15 February 1944.

The ' New York section ' of the convoy arrived at its destination in the morning of 15 February 1944.

9 Apr 1944
German U-boat U-515 was sunk at 1510hrs on 9 April 1944 in the mid-Atlantic north of Madeira in position 34°35'N, 19°18'W, by rockets from 4 Avenger and Wildcat aircraft (VC-58) of the US escort carrier USS Guadalcanal and depth charges from the US destroyer escorts USS Pope, USS Pillsbury, USS Chatelain and USS Flaherty.

4 Jun 1944
German U-boat U-505 was captured at sea west of Africa by ships and Wildcat aircraft of the US Navy task force 22.3, escort carrier USS Guadalcanal and the destroyer escorts USS Pillsbury, USS Chatelain, USS Flaherty, USS Jenks and USS Pope.

24 Apr 1945
German U-boat U-546 was sunk north-west of the Azores, in position 43°53'N, 40°07'W, by depth charges from the US destroyer escorts USS Flaherty, USS Neunzer, USS Chatelain, USS Varian, USS Hubbard, USS Janssen, USS Pillsbury and USS Keith.

25 May 1945

Convoy CU 72.

This convoy departed New York on 25 May 1945.

It was made up of the following (troop) transports / tankers; Allatoona (American (tanker), 10297 GRT, built 1945), Aztec (Hunduran, 5511 GRT, built 1929), Blue Licks (American (tanker), 10172 GRT, built 1945), Champion's Hill (American (tanker), 10297 GRT, built 1944), Chicaca (American (tanker), 10172 GRT, built 1945), Churubusco (American (tanker), 10195 GRT, built 1943), Empire Law (British (tanker), 8128 GRT, built 1944), Empire Protector (British (tanker), 8148 GRT, built 1944), Fort Ridgley (American (tanker), 10172 GRT, built 1944), French Creek (American (tanker), 10297 GRT, built 1944), Great Republic (American, 6178 GRT, built 1943), Hammerfest (Norwegian (tanker), 10297 GRT, built 1945), James Parker (American, 10021 GRT, built 1939), Karsten Wang (Norwegian (tanker), 10296 GRT, built 1944), Kirkenes (Norwegian (tanker), 10172 GRT, built 1944), Raphael Semmes (American, 6165 GRT, built 1942), Red Bank (American (tanker), 10172 GRT, built 1944), Robin Sherwood (American, 7101 GRT, built 1941), Sea Tiger (American, 7886 GRT, built 1944), Sweepstakes (American, 8258 GRT, built 1944) and Wolf Creek (American (tanker), 10448 GRT, built 1944).

The escort carrier, in an aircraft ferry role, HMS Ranee (A/Capt. J.A.W. Tothill, DSC, RN) was also part of the convoy.

The convoy was escorted by Task Group 61.8 which was made up of the destroyer escorts USS Pillsbury (Lt.Cdr. G.W. Cassleman, USNR, with COMTASKGR 61.8 / COMCORTDIV 4, Capt. J.R. Litchfield, USNR, on board), USS Pope (Lt.Cdr. R.J. Montgomery, USNR), USS Flaherty (Lt.Cdr. H.C. Duff, USNR), USS Chatelain (Lt.Cdr. D.S. Knox, USNR) and USS Neunzer (Lt.Cdr. V.E. Gex, USNR).

Around 0715Q/26, the Boston section of the convoy, made up of the (troop) transport General T.H. Bliss (American, 9943 GRT, built 1942) joined. She had been escorted to the rendezvous by the destroyer escorts USS Amick (with, COMCORTDIV 15, T/Cdr. F.C.B. McCune, USN, on board), USS Atherton (Lt. L. Iselin, USNR) and USS Booth (Lt. J.L. Rinn, USNR).

On 1 June 1945, the USS Raphael Semmes straggled from the convoy due to defects. She was ordered to proceed to her destination independently.

On 2 June 1945, the convoy split into the 'Irish Sea section ' escorted by USS Pope and USS Chatelain and the 'English Channel section ' escorted by USS Pillsbury, USS Flaherty and USS Neunzer.

On 3 June 1945, USS Pope arrived at Liverpool with the ' Liverpool Section ' of the convoy. USS Chatelain had been detached on 2 June 1945 with the ' Bristol Channel Section ' of the convoy made up of two ships, one of which was the Kirkenes. USS Chatelain arrived at Cardiff on 3 June 1945. HMS Ranee proceeded to the Clyde where she arrived on 4 June 1945.

Around 0300A/3, the ' English Channel Section ' of the convoy was joined by the frigates HMS Ascension (Cdr. W.J. Moore, DSC, RNR) and HMS Moorsom (Lt.Cdr. J.P. Stewart, DSC, RD, RNR). They remained in company until around 1515A/3.

Around 1600A/3, the ' English Channel Section ' of the convoy was joined by the frigate HMS Kingsmill (Lt. G.H. Cook, RN).

Around 1700A/3, the ships for Le Havre parted company escorted by USS Flaherty and USS Neunzer. These were the Aztec, Empire Law, General T.H. Bliss, James Parker and Sea Tiger. On delivering these ships at Le Havre the destroyer escorts proceeded to Portsmouth.

Around 1900A/3, the ships for the east coast of the U.K. parted company escorted by HMS Kingsmill.

USS Pillsbury arrived at Portsmouth around 2000A/3. The Fort Ridgley, Robin Sherwood and Sweepstakes proceeded to Southampton.

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