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Submarine of the ShCh (Scuka) class

NavyThe Soviet Navy
ClassShCh (Scuka) 
Mod6th group (Type X-modified) 
Built byA. Marti (Leningrad, U.S.S.R.) / Yard 194 
Laid down31 Dec 1938 
Launched16 Dec 1939 
Commissioned7 Jun 1941 
Lost13 Jun 1942 
Loss position60° 01'N, 28° 13'E

Baltic fleet.

Departed base on 11 June 1942 for her first war patrol. ShCh-405 was lost after passing Shepelevski lighthouse, in the Tiger minefield west of Seskar Island in pposition 60º01'N, 28º13'E. All hands lost.


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Notable events involving ShCh-405 include:

22 Jun 1941
The submarine was under the command of KLt Iliya Sidorenko (since July 1940) in Kronshtadt. (1)

21 Jul 1941
Without training period, the boat went on its first combat patrol (21.07.1941 – 15.08.1941). During the patrol the submarine for various reasons few times failed to attack spotted ships. On August 8 “Shch-405” was recalled to the base. On her way back 11.08.1941 she lost 4 crewmembers in a storm during emergency diving (crew error): KLt I.Sidorenko, senior Lieutenant E. Nastin (1WO of "Shch-406", as trainee), petty officers second class E. Cherkasov and G. Medvedev. The boat remained under the command of a Lieutenant Penkyne. After that, the “Shch-405” was attacked by an enemy aircraft. Lieutenant M. Shebeko and radio operator I. Titov were injured. On August 14, Shch-405 ran aground. All attempts to get off on their own were not successful. Next day, the submarine with the help of minesweepers and patrol boats finally arrived into Tallinn. (1)

28 Aug 1941
Left Tallinn for Leningrad (1)

1 Oct 1941
Captain Ivan Grachev, who had previously commanded “Shch-301”, took command of the submarine. He was in military service since 1931. Grachev graduated from Naval Academy in 1936 and served two years in different positions on submarines. He spent 1938 in Spain as a military adviser on republican submarine "C-1". 1938-1941 he commanded submarines "M-74", "Shch-307", "Shch-301". (1)

8 Jun 1942
“Shch-405” left Leningrad and arrived into Kronshtadt (1)

13 Jun 1942
submarine was spotted by a post on the island of Seskar. Lavensari island was still a few hours away, but the boat did not arrive there. (1)

15 Jun 1942
Four miles west of Seskar island (at 60°01 's. s.28°13' s. d.) patrol boats picked up the bodies of 1WO M. Bakutin and helmsman V. Zhulepnikov from the water. A day later the body of the boat's commander was found on the shore of the island of Seskar. A search of the ship conducted by the air force showed the presence of a large oil trail at 60°09' s. W.28°10' s. d. (1)

29 Apr 2018
Wrecks of "Shch-405" were found by divers. The submarine was lost when crossing the extreme point of the line of mines "Brumbar-1", created on June 6, 1942 northwest of the island of Seskar. According to the expedition report, the submarine is lying on an even keel with a trim on the bow at a depth of 48 m. The stern is raised above the bottom by 1.5 m. Bow section (I compartment) was torn off by the explosion and lies 23 m astern. List of the crew (all KIA 13.06.1942, position 1,3 and 10 buried on Seskar island, the rest went down with the submarine): 1 Grachev Ivan, born in 1907, captain of the 3rd rank, commander of the submarine. 2 Lopyrev George, 1902, military Commissar. 3 Bakutin Mikhail, born in 1914, 1WO. 4 Bogdanov Mikhail, born in 1915, senior Lieutenant, crewmember of the submarine "K-52", as a trainee. 5 Sigarev Vladislav, born in 1919, senior Lieutenant. 6 Oleg Kovalenko, born in 1908, engineer-captain of the 3rd rank, mechanical engineer of the submarine "K-53", as a trainee. 7 Malyshev Mikhail, born in 1920, ship's doctor. 8. Timoshenkov Ivan, born in 1911, chief petty officer, boatswain. 9 Kolpakov Nikolai, born in 1915, petty officer 2 class. 10 Zhulepnikov Vladimir, born in 1918, senior seaman. 11 Ovchinnikov Alexander, born in 1916, senior seaman. 12 Ivanin Pavel, born in 1920, seaman. 13 Kashtanov Mikhail, born in 1919, senior seaman. 14 Kozlov Alexander, born in 1912, chief petty officer. 15 Fedorov Peter, born in 1915, petty officer 2 class. 16 Lesin Alexander, born in 1918, senior seaman. 17 Loiko Valentin, born in 1920, seaman. 18 Kvaskov Nikolay, born in 1912, chief petty officer. 19 Titov Ivan, born in 1920, seaman. 20 Andreev Ivan, born in 1916, petty officer 2 class. 21 Kostyukhin Pavel, born in 1921, petty officer 2 class. 22 Malyshev Aleksei. 1920, petty officer 2 class. 23 Perfiliev Nikolay, born in 1910, chief petty officer. 24 Ilyushkin Ivan, born in 1914, petty officer 2 class. 25 Boykov Ivan, born in 1917, senior seaman. 26 Inozemtsev Vasily, born in 1920, seaman. 27 Menshikov Oleg, born in 1922, seaman. 28 Afanasiev Alexander, born in 1909, warrant officer. 29 Semenov Nikolay, born in 1921, petty officer 2 class. 30. Puzyr Grigory, born in 1915, petty officer 2 class. 31 Podsoblyaev Alexey, born in 1920, seaman. 32 Pavlov Nikolay, born in 1921, senior seaman. 33 Tregubov Mikhail, born in 1920, seaman. 34 Mikhailov Vladimir, born in 1907, chief petty officer. 35 Malafeev Vasily, born in 1913, petty officer 1st class. 36 Malinov Mikhail, born in 1920, seaman. 37 Pivovarov Alexey, born in 1917, seaman 38 Sipaev Alexey, born in 1919, seaman. 39 Dimov Stepan, born in 1915, seaman. (1)


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