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FR Kersaint

Large destroyer of the Vauquelin class

NavyThe French Navy
TypeLarge destroyer
Built byAt.&Ch de la Loire (St. Nazaire, France) 
Laid down19 Sep 1930 
Launched14 Nov 1931 
Commissioned31 Dec 1933 
Lost27 Nov 1942 

Scuttled at Toulon on 27 November 1942 to prevent her capture by the Germans.


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Notable events involving Kersaint include:

5 Sep 1939
A convoy of eleven passenger liners departed the U.K. for destinations in the Atlantic or Mediterranean (or Far East via the Mediterranean).

The convoy was assembled off the Clyde and was made up of the passenger liners / merchant vessels; Britannic (British, 26943 GRT, built 1930), Clan Ferguson (British, 7347 GRT, built 1938), Duchess of Bedford (British, 20123 GRT, built 1928), Durban Castle (British, 17388 GRT, built 1938), Montcalm (British, 16418 GRT, built 1921), Orcades (British, 23456 GRT, built 1937), Orford (British, 19941 GRT, built 1928), Orion (British, 23371 GRT, built 1935), Reina del Pacifico (British, 17702 GRT, built 1931), Scythia (British, 19761 GRT, built 1920) and Strathaird (British, 22281 GRT, built 1932).

On assembly the convoy was escorted by the destroyers HMS Vivacious (Cdr. C.R.L. Parry, RN), HMS Vanessa (Lt.Cdr. J.H. Plumer, RN), HMS Vanquisher (Lt.Cdr. K.H. Fraser, RN), HMS Wakeful (Cdr. R.St.V. Sherbrooke, RN) as well as HMS Verity (Lt.Cdr. A.R.M. Black, RN), HMS Volunteer (Lt.Cdr. H. Gartside-Tippinge, RN), HMS Witherington (Lt.Cdr. G.C. Fryer, RN) and HMS Wolverine (Cdr. R.C. Gordon, RN).

Arond 2300A/5, the battleship HMS Ramillies (Capt. H.T. Baillie-Grohman, OBE, DSO, RN) departed Portland escorted by the destroyers HMS Exmouth (Cdr. R.S. Benson, RN) and HMS Escapade (Cdr. H.R. Graham, RN). They were joined around 0530A/6 by the destroyers HMS Eclipse (Lt.Cdr. E.L. Woodhall, RN) and HMS Encounter (Lt.Cdr. A. St. Clair-Ford, RN) which had come from Plymouth.

Around 1845A/6, HMS Ramillies and her four escorting destroyers joined the convoy after which HMS Vivacious, HMS Vanessa, HMS Witherington and HMS Wolverine parted company. After conducting an A/S sweep astern of the convoy they proceeded to Plymouth where they arrived around noon on the 7th.

Around 1100A/8, HMS Verity, HMS Volunteer, HMS Witherington and HMS Wolverine parted company with the convoy to proceed to Milford Haven where they arrived in the morning of September 10th.

Late in the morning of September 10th, the French destroyers Le Fortune (Cdr. C.M.L. D'Hespel), La Railleuse (Lt.Cdr. J.E.C. Hourcade) and Simoun (Lt.Cdr. F. Hainguerlot) which had departed Gibraltar around 0810A/9, joined the convoy.

Around 1850A/10, the French destroyer Simoun was sent to Gibraltar with despatches. She arrived there around 0710A/11.

Around noon on the 11th, off Gibraltar, the British light cruiser HMS Galatea (Capt. E.G.H. Bellars, RN, flying the flag of Vice-Admiral J.C. Tovey, CB, DSO, RN) and the French destroyers Tramontaine (Cdr. R.M.J.A. Renault), Tornade (Lt.Cdr. R.G.A. Labat) and Typhon (Lt.Cdr. Y.M.J. Le Hagre).

HMS Ramillies, and the French destroyers Le Fortune and La Railleuse then proceeded to Gibraltar as did the liner Scythia. Apparently the French destroyers, including Simoun, later proceeded again to rejoin the convoy.

HMS Exmouth, HMS Eclipse, HMS Encounter and HMS Escapade most likely detached from the convoy on 12 September as they arrived at Gibraltar on the 14th via Oran.

The French destroyers were relieved near Malta on 14 September 1939 by the destroyers HMS Greyhound (Cdr. W.R. Marshall-A'Deane, RN) and HMS Glowworm (Lt.Cdr. G.B. Roope, RN). Also a French convoy (L 2), made up of the merchant vessels Sphinx (French, 11375 GRT, built 1915) and Ville de Strasbourg (French, 7007 GRT, built 1920), which had departed Marseilles on 12 September, joined the convoy for onward passage to Beirut. This French convoy had probably been escorted by the destroyers Maille Breze (Cdr. H.M.E.A. Glotin), Cassard (Cdr. R.A.A. Braxmeyer) and Kersaint (Cdr. G.R.J. Rebuffel) which apparently also joined the convoy. The Durban Castle also detached off Malta at 1000B/14 and entered Valetta.

Around 1600B/15 the Clan Ferguson parted company. She was carrying important stores for Istanbul, Turkey. She was escorted by the destroyer HMS Gallant (Lt.Cdr. C.P.F. Brown, RN).

At 0700B/16, the Britannic, Duchess of Bedford, Montcalm, Reina del Pacifico and Strathaird were detached to Port Said.

the Orcades, Orford and Orion arrived at Alexandria in the evening of the 16th. HMS Galatea did not enter but went to the west to make rendezvous with the destroyers HMS Griffin and HMS Garland of which the former was towing the later after she had been damaged by her own depth charges.

11 Oct 1939

Convoy Blue 4.

This convoy departed Port Said on 11 October 1939 for Gibraltar where it arrived on 21 October 1939.

The convoy was made up of the following merchants; Arndale (British (RFA tanker), 8296 GRT, built 1937), Atreus (British, 6547 GRT, built 1911) (this ship parted company with the convoy off Malta), Auris (British (tanker), 8030 GRT, built 1935), British Commander (British (tanker), 6901 GRT, built 1922), British Consul (British (tanker), 6940 GRT, built 1924), British Endeavour (British (tanker), 4580 GRT, built 1927), British Fame (British (tanker), 8406 GRT, built 1936), British Governor (British (tanker), 6840 GRT, built 1926), British Reliance (British (tanker), 7000 GRT, built 1928), Cardium (British (tanker), 8236 GRT, built 1931), City of Baroda (British, 7129 GRT, built 1918), City of Birmingham (British, 5861 GRT, built 1923), City of Dundee (British, 5273 GRT, built 1921), City of Johannesburg (British, 5669 GRT, built 1920), City of Kobe (British, 4373 GRT, built 1924), Clan MacNaughton (British, 6087 GRT, built 1921), Destro (British, 3553 GRT, built 1921), El Aleto (British (tanker), 7203 GRT, built 1927), Frederick S. Fales (British (tanker), 10525 GRT, built 1939), Katha (British, 4357 GRT, built 1938), Linois (French, 7473 GRT, built 1907), Maihar (British, 7563 GRT, built 1917), Matiana (British, 9045 GRT, built 1922), Motrix (French (tanker), 6587 GRT, built 1922), Mulbera (British, 9100 GRT, built 1922), Neuralia (British, 9082 GRT, built 1912), Pegu (British, 8180 GRT, built 1921), Polo (British, 1950 GRT, built 1919), Sardinian Prince (British, 3491 GRT, built 1922), Tabaristan (British, 6251 GRT, built 1914) and Tascalusa (British (tanker), 6499 GRT, built 1913).

Two of these ships came from Alexandria (don’t know which) and joined on the 12th.

Off Malta the merchant vessel Egyptian (British, 2868 GRT, built 1920) joined the convoy.

A/S Escort was provided by the destroyers HMS Duncan (Capt. G.R.B. Back, RN), HMS Dainty (Cdr. F.M. Walton, RN) and the minesweeper HMS Sutton (Cdr.(Retd.) G.M. Temple, RN)

In the morning of the 16th HMS Duncan proceeded to Malta to fuel. She returned in the afternoon with the French destroyer Kersaint (Cdr. G.R.J. Rebuffel) after which HMS Dainty and HMS Sutton proceeded to Malta where they remained.

HMS Duncan and Kersaint were relieved on the 17th by HMS Gallant (Lt.Cdr. C.P.F. Brown, RN) and HMS Grafton (Cdr. M.S. Thomas, RN). They remained with the convoy until the 18th after which the convoy continued unescorted to Gibraltar.

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