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The Isles class ms trawler HMS Scalpay (T 237) of the Royal Navy.

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The list is divided by navy, then ordered by commissioned date of each class (oldest first).


Royal Indian Navy

 Basset (18)1942 - 1946

Royal New Zealand Navy

 Kiwi (3)1941 - 1941
 Manuka (12)1942 - 1944

Royal Navy

 Axe (1)1916 - 1916
 Mersey (11)1917 - 1919
 no class name (517)1920 - 1944
 Tree (20)1939 - 1940
 Shakespearian (12)1940 - 1941
 Isles (134)1941 - 1945
 P (12)1942 - 1943
 Round Table (8)1942 - 1943

11 ship classes.

Please note that we list the classes by navies that initiated/owned the class. Often vessels of certain classes were then built for other nations (or lent), those ships are not visible here but only through the navies pages or by looking into each class.

War losses: MS Trawlers



Royal Navy22 Nov 1939HMS Aragonite 
Royal Navy13 Dec 1939HMS William Hallett (FY 554) 
Royal Navy14 Dec 1939HMS James Ludford (T 16)Mersey 
Royal Navy22 Dec 1939HMS Dromio 


Royal Navy9 Feb 1940HMS Fort Royal (FY 771) 
Royal Navy9 Feb 1940HMS Robert Bowen 
Royal Navy23 Feb 1940HMS Benvolio (FY 710) 
Royal Navy6 May 1940HMS Loch Naver 
Royal Navy20 May 1940HMS Rifsnes 
Royal Navy25 May 1940HMS Charles Boyes 
Royal Navy28 May 1940HMS Thomas Bartlett (FY 553) 
Royal Navy29 May 1940HMS Calvi 
Royal Navy29 May 1940HMS Polly Johnson 
Royal Navy8 Jun 1940HMS Juniper (T 123)Tree 
Royal Navy12 Jun 1940HMS Sisapon 
Royal Navy14 Jun 1940HMS Myrtle (T 91) 
Royal Navy19 Jul 1940HMS Crestflower (FY 367) 
Royal Navy24 Jul 1940HMS Fleming 
Royal Navy24 Jul 1940HMS Rodino (FY 840) 
Royal Navy4 Aug 1940HMS Drummer 
Royal Navy4 Aug 1940HMS Marsona (FY 714) 
Royal Navy5 Aug 1940HMS River Clyde 
Royal Navy12 Aug 1940HMS Pyrope 
Royal Navy12 Aug 1940HMS Tamarisk (FY 97) 
Royal Navy13 Aug 1940HMS Elizabeth Angela (FY 767) 
Royal Navy20 Aug 1940HMS Resparko (FY 822) 
Royal Navy1 Sep 1940HMS Royalo 
Royal Navy30 Sep 1940HMS Comet 
Royal Navy9 Oct 1940HMS Sea King 
Royal Navy13 Oct 1940HMS Resolvo (FY 821) 
Royal Navy21 Oct 1940HMS Waveflower (FY 703) 
Royal Navy22 Oct 1940HMS Hickory (T 116)Tree 
Royal Navy22 Oct 1940HMS Joseph Button 
Royal Navy1 Nov 1940HMS Tilbury Ness 
Royal Navy2 Nov 1940HMS Rinovia 
Royal Navy7 Nov 1940HMS William Wesney 
Royal Navy11 Nov 1940HMS Stella Orion 
Royal Navy19 Nov 1940HMS Fontenoy 
Royal Navy25 Nov 1940HMS Conquistador 
Royal Navy25 Nov 1940HMS Kennymore (FY 857) 
Royal Navy28 Nov 1940HMS Manx Prince 
Royal Navy29 Nov 1940HMS Calverton (FY 775) 
Royal Navy30 Nov 1940HMS Chestnut (T 110)Tree 
Royal Navy7 Dec 1940HMS Capricornus 
Royal Navy7 Dec 1940HMS Cortina 
Royal Navy18 Dec 1940HMS Refundo (FY 830) 
Royal Navy24 Dec 1940HMS Pelton 


Royal Navy16 Jan 1941HMS Desiree 
Royal Navy20 Jan 1941HMS Relonzo (FY 843) 
Royal Navy22 Jan 1941HMS Luda Lady 
Royal Navy27 Jan 1941HMS Darogah 
Royal Navy2 Feb 1941HMS Almond (T 14)Tree 
Royal Navy16 Feb 1941HMS Ormonde (FY 782) 
Royal Navy20 Feb 1941HMS Ouse (T 80)Mersey 
Royal Navy1 Mar 1941HMS St. Donats 
Royal Navy6 Mar 1941HMS Keryado 
Royal Navy9 Mar 1941HMS Gulfoss (FY 710) 
Royal Navy21 Mar 1941HMS Asama 
Royal Navy7 Apr 1941HMS Rochebonne 
Royal Navy2 May 1941HMS Alberic 
Royal Navy4 May 1941HMS Ben Gairn 
Royal Navy8 May 1941HMS Silicia 
Royal Navy5 Jun 1941HMS Ash (T 39)Tree 
Royal Navy20 Jun 1941HMS Resmilo 
Royal Navy22 Jun 1941HMS Beech (T 44) 
Royal Navy23 Jun 1941HMS Nogi 
Royal Navy26 Jun 1941HMS Tranio 
Royal Navy27 Jun 1941HMS Force 
Royal Navy4 Jul 1941HMS Akranes (FY 513) 
Royal Navy20 Aug 1941HMS Lorinda 
Royal Navy6 Sep 1941HMS Brora (T 99)Isles 
Royal Navy20 Sep 1941HMS Marconi 
Royal Navy30 Sep 1941HMS Star of Deveron 
Royal Navy22 Oct 1941HMS Alder (T 84) 
Royal Navy24 Oct 1941HMS Emilion (FY 853) 
Royal Navy24 Oct 1941HMS Lucienne Jeanne (FY 1769) 
Royal Navy6 Nov 1941HMS Flotta (T 171)Isles 
Royal Navy8 Dec 1941HMS Milford Earl 
Royal Navy8 Dec 1941HMS Phineas Beard 


Royal Navy16 Jan 1942HMS Irvana (FY 663) 
Royal Navy18 Jan 1942HMS Honjo (FY 661) 
Royal Navy30 Jan 1942HMS Loch Alsh 
Royal Navy2 Feb 1942HMS Cape Spartel 
Royal Navy2 Feb 1942HMS Cloughton Wyke (4.446) 
Royal Navy18 Feb 1942HMS Botanic (FY 707) 
Royal Navy1 Apr 1942HMS Solomon 
Royal Navy16 Jun 1942HMS Tranquil (FY 920) 
Royal Navy25 Jul 1942HMS Laertes (i) (T 137)Shakespearian 
Royal Navy17 Sep 1942HMS Waterfly (FY 681) 
Royal Navy5 Dec 1942HMS Canna (T 161)Isles 


Royal Navy7 Jan 1943HMS Horatio (T 153)Shakespearian 
Royal Navy7 Jan 1943HMS Jura (T 169)Isles 
Royal Navy5 Feb 1943HMS Stronsay (T 178)Isles 
Royal Navy7 Feb 1943HMS Tervani (4.110) 
Royal Navy14 Mar 1943HMS Moravia (FY 1819) 
Royal Navy16 Mar 1943HMS Campobello (T 278)Isles 
Royal Navy31 Mar 1943HMS Caulonia (4.163) 
Royal New Zealand Navy7 Apr 1943HMNZS Moa (T 233)Kiwi 
Royal Navy5 Aug 1943HMS Red Gauntlet (FY 900) 
Royal Navy25 Sep 1943HMS Donna Nook (FY 1559) 
Royal Navy25 Sep 1943HMS Franc Tireur (FY 1560) 
Royal Navy3 Oct 1943HMS Meror (FY 1836) 
Royal Navy22 Oct 1943HMS Orfasy (T 204)Isles 
Royal Navy25 Oct 1943HMS William Stephen (FY 806) 
Royal Navy1 Dec 1943HMS Aventurine (FY 1886) 
Royal Navy8 Dec 1943HMS Rysa (T 164)Isles 


Royal Navy6 Jan 1944HMS Wallasea (T 345)Isles 
Royal Navy31 Jan 1944HMS Pine (T 101)Tree 
Royal Navy13 Feb 1944HMS Cap d Antifer (FY 340) 
Royal Navy20 May 1944HMS Wyoming (FY 1862) 
Royal Navy5 Jul 1944HMS Ganilly (T 367)Isles 
Royal Navy4 Aug 1944HMS Gairsay (T 290)Isles 
Royal Navy2 Nov 1944HMS Colsay (T 384)Isles 
Royal Navy2 Nov 1944HMS Northcoates (FY 548) 


Royal Navy2 Jan 1945HMS Hayburn Wyke (FY 139) 
Royal Navy21 Jan 1945HMS Computator (FY 635) 
Royal Navy3 Feb 1945HMS Arley (FY 620) 
Royal Norwegian Navy10 Mar 1945HNoMS Nordhav II (FY 1906) 
Royal Navy2 May 1945HMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) 
Royal Navy5 May 1945HMS Coriolanus (T 140)Shakespearian 
Royal Navy21 Jun 1945HMS Hildasay (T 173)Isles 
Royal Navy10 Jul 1945HMS Kurd (FY 639) 

122 MS Trawlers lost. See all Allied Warship losses.

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