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RE: Emblem of U-96
Posted by: joe brandt ()
Date: December 20, 2000 03:09PM

I thought it was red and so I painted it that way on my 1/32nd scale type 7C late war boat, BUT !.................... in \" U-boat emblems of world war two 1939-1945 \" page 28 it shows for the 9th flotilla a sawfish with horizontal lines indicating the color blue according to the color key chart found in the front of the book ( all pictures in this book are B/W ). In the book it says \"when he became chief of the 9th flotilla , it became the symbol of the 9th u-Fl, is Högel wrong in saying that the 9th U-Fl sawfish is blue ?
There is a great website called PAUL\'S U-BOAT COLLECTION ,he now own\'s the original conning tower emblem ( made from metal ) and fixed to a pole . The interesting part here is that it is painted a greenish color. I cannot see this being one color and the painted tower emblem painted another.Check out this web page [] . If the real emblem was red I do not think it would be outlined in white as the red would showup very well against the grey of the conning tower, whereas if it was greenish I would tend to think you would need an outline of white to make it more visible.
This is just different bits of info I have come accross, like I said mine is red and looks great and I sleep well at night with it like that :) !

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