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RE: Emblem of U-96
Posted by: Julian Hoyes ()
Date: January 03, 2001 12:44PM

Hi everyone!

Do you know you are all totally wrong about your discussions regarding the colour of the swordfish. The swordfish was taken with Kptlt. Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock to the boat, and left with him in early 1942. The correct symbol of U96 was in fact the snorting bull of 7 flotilla. The swordfish only appeared on the tower during the period of 1940- early 42. Then it was changed to the bull, and then again to the symbol of 24 and then 22 flotilla, as a training boat along with the relevent emblems for a training boat.

Of course, if you are depicting a specific time period this may be different.
Ad for the colour, I’d go for red, as old black and white pictures taken at the time appear to display the sybol as almost black. In black and white photographic film red comes out almost totally black, green would be seen as a definate grey.

Yours Julian

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