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RE: Emblem of U-96
Posted by: joe brandt ()
Date: December 22, 2000 01:50PM

I do not think I am so much a romantic but more practical from the school of hard knocks. Many years ago I was sailing my boat on a late , grey December day . all was going well till some idiot came up to where I was sailing and saw the Kriegsmarine flag flying from the lower winter garden railing ( this flag is very small, I was sailing the boat very close to the edge of the lake ) , well I tell you ! that was like a red flag for a bull ! he started yelling at me and calling me a nazi !!!!!!!!!! . I turned my eyes off of my boat to counter attack this person and give him a peice of my mind and a bit of a history lesson . I thought that I had turned off my boat ,but I was wrong !! and It sailed away from me. After several minutes of dressing down this uneducated person he left in a huff and I turned back to my sailing only to discover my boat gone , this is a very large lake and by now it was getting late and dark and my boat was nowhere to be found. In a panic I ran around the lake looking for my boat after 45 minutes I was ready to give my boat up for lost. But then in the distance I saw a small speck of red , I gave the rudder stick a nudge to the right , the speck vanished ,quickly I hit the rudder joy stick the other way and soon I thought I saw a red speck again . Within several minutes I saw that it was my boat and it was now back on a heading for home, thanks to that red sawfish on the conning tower. Today on my big boats I replace the attack periscope ( I use this one for shows and display ) and install a periscope shaft that has a zenon blinking light made by RAM . this does not look very pretty but you can see that blinking light for a very long distance and it is water proof with it\'s own battery supply so if the boat was to sink for some reason I would be able to see it underwater when I don my scuba gear and search for it.

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