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Re: UZO.
Posted by: ROBERT M. ()
Date: February 13, 2005 06:08AM


The UZO (Underwasserzieloptik) was mounted on a pedestal generally located forward on the open bridge. It was composed of
two parts; a set of large, heavy binoculars and a rotatable bracket set in a degree-marked ring. It was linked to a mechanical analog attack computer (Vorhaltrechner, A Siemen's-built electromech-
anical deflection calculator) in the U-boat's conning tower, that fed
attack headings into the torpedo launch receiver (Torpedo Schuss-
Empfanger; abbreviated "T-Schu"). These were located in the forward and after torpedo rooms. They received the fire control solution (gyro angle) and fed it into the guidance system of the tube-loaded torpedoes, via retractable "spindles."

In U-boats, the attack periscope and UZO were linked to the
Vorhaltrechner, and when the target was properly aligned, the mechanical connections between the boat's gyro-compass and the
attack periscope (or the UZO), provided the "attack computer" with data about the current course and speed of the U-boat and the bearing to the target. The target's range, speed, heading and rate
of turn of the U-boat, had to be inserted. After the required data was inserted, a firing solution was achieved.

From then on, any change in the course or speed of the U-boat, or in the target bearing received by the attack computer, a new solution was calculated automatically, and the gyro angle was passed automatically to the tube-loaded torpedoes.

The U.S. Navy used a Target Bearing Transmitter (TBT) mounted
on the open bridge, which sent the same data to theTorpedo Data
Computer (TDC) located in the Conning Tower. The soluttion was
transmitted to the Gyro Angle Regulator ( one in each torpedo room) mounted between the torpedo tubes. Electrical inputs from the TDC were constantly transmitted to the regulator, and an operator matched the "bugs" on the mechanism's dials as the gyro angle is being fed to the torpedo's gyroscope via suitable linkage and spindles attached to the tubes.

A good photo of the UZO can be found at:


Hope this helps,


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