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hms ulysses. f17.
Posted by: mr.f.j. burt. ()
Date: December 12, 2006 10:01PM

i am trying to find info on the aboved named ship.
the day in question was boxing day 1956 in malta.
i was a seaman on hms ulysses at this time,(cable party).
i was fortunate to have been ordered to stay on the quarterdeck to stow away items, ready for sea.
we were at this time leaving sliema creek to go to cyprus.
i had been piped to go forward to my part of ship,but the quarterdeck officer made me stay there.
three times i argued with him to let me go forward and three times he told me to stay on the quarterdeck.
when he told me to go forward i went.
as i was running along the 4" gun deck i saw a body face down in the water.
i ran back to the quarterdeck shouting out man over board.
i threw a life belt over the side but no attempt was made to reach it.
i tried to dive off the quarterdeck into mountainous seas.
i was restrained from doing so even with an heaving line tied to me.
we lost 4 men that morning,all cable party.
there were no survivers.
i cannot find any reports of this incident anywhere.
i have tried contacting the maltese newspapers but no luck there.
i have sent emails to the navy news but they seem very reluctant to even give me the email address of the admiralty.
someone must know something about this,it is as if i had had a dream and it never really happened.
we were the third of 4 ships leaving sleima creek that morning,we followed behind hms`s undine, urania,ulysses,
and last the ursa, ulysses was the only ship to have lost
men overboard.
it will be 50 years this boxing day,so if anyone out there can help me i would very happy.
posted--- 12-12-06.

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