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How to register for the forums at
Posted by: Forum Moderator ()
Date: February 24, 2008 05:47PM


Registration for our forums is a TWO part process. You first register here on the forum then you get a confirmation e-mail containing a link which you must click on in order to complete the registration process.

The reason for the two part process is to allow us to verify that the e-mail address you register with is in fact real. Internet trolls attempt to register with phony e-mail addresses all the time but because their e-mail addresses are phony they never get the confirmation e-mail containing the activation link so they can’t log on. If the confirmation e-mail returns to us as “undeliverable” we delete the account completely. If it doesn’t get returned but the account stays in “pending” status for a day or two we contact the person about the confirmation e-mail to see if they still have it etc. and how we can help. Some folks just haven't gotten around to reading it yet & others delete it without opening it because they don't recognize the sender (actually a good policy with all of the virus, spam and tracking cookies out there but not so good in this case). Some have even set their spam filters to automatically delete e-mails whose sender isn't in their address book. This isn't necessarily a good idea either when participating in a forum where strangers may want to contact you with information about your post etc. though. However registered users can use the Private Mail feature the forum offers to communicate privately with other registered users without having to use e-mail at all.


To register simply click “Log In” at the top of this post. You will get a dialog containing:
“Not Registered? Click here to register now.” Click that and then enter:

Username: This is the name that will show up in your posts as “Author” and is the name you will be known by on the forum. It can be your real name or a nickname as always. Username IS NOT case sensitive . You could enter it as “John Doe” when you register but enter it as “john doe” or “John Doe” etc. when you log in and it will work just fine.

Email: Your e-mail address. This is required for the registration process so please make sure you type it in correctly. Note that by default it will not be shown when your Username is clicked on your posts although you can allow it to be shown if you wish.

Password: This is the password you will use to log in to the forums with. Password IS case sensitive. If you were to enter a password of “MyPassword” when you register you would have to enter it exactly that way when you log in - “mypassword” would not work when you try to log in. Conversely if you entered “mypassword” when you registered, “MyPassword” won’t work when you try to log in.

Spam Prevention: This is the “Spam Code” discussed in the Sticky “New Forum Features (Revised February 24, 2008)” post. Just key it in the box provided.

Submit: Once you click “Submit” a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you just entered containing a link which you will have to click on in order to activate your registration. Once you have received the e-mail & clicked on the link in it you can log in to the forums with your new Username and Password and you will no longer have to use the Spam Code.

The confirmation e-mail will contain the following:

Sender: Forum moderator []
Subject: Forum Registration Confirmation

Ironically the subject looks a bit like spam to some e-mail spam filters and at least one e-mail system has routed it to the intended recipient’s spam folder so be sure to check yours after registration if it doesn’t show up in your inbox. You might want to check your e-mail spam settings as well as some systems allow you to specify that the sender must be in your Address Book. If that is the case you might consider adding to your address book before you register.

Please make sure that you enter your e-mail address correctly as you won’t get the confirmation e-mail necessary to activate your registration if you don’t. If you try to register again with the same e-mail address you will be told that another registered user (actually this is you as at that point you are partially registered) is already using that e-mail address. The same will happen if you try to register again with the same Username.

If you don’t get the confirmation e-mail within 24 hours of registering or you have any other problem registering, drop us an e-mail at from the same e-mail address you used (or meant to use) when registering & we can help from there. The confirmation e-mail is automatically sent immediately after your registration information is received so it should arrive within just a few minutes after you register depending on how often your e-mail server checks for new mail. Occasionally the confirmation e-mails are slow to go out if there is a problem with our e-mail server but it shouldn’t ever take 24 hours.

Please take a moment to read the forum rules (top of the page) if you haven’t already done so. You should also review the Sticky post titled “New Forum Features (Revised February 24, 2008)” as it contains the details you need to know in order to customize your settings and manage them as well as other information about features you should find useful. For example once successfully registered you can log on and change your account data including your e-mail address & password through “Control Center” anytime you like.

Please let us know if you have any trouble registering. We will be glad to help.

Welcome to our forums – we are glad to have you.

Forum Moderator

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