Re: 'Ghostboat'
Posted by: Fozzie ()
Date: December 17, 2009 12:39AM

Hi folks,
Well, several years have gone by since this part of the forum was active and it is now almost 2010...
I have just watched part 2 of this movie for the first time and was reasonably entertained, despite the fact that I know absolutely nothing about U-Boats or Submarines of either side.
What sparked my interest is that first of all, a WW2 class sub survives and survives in what appeared to be pretty good condition, sespite a bit of a bump on it's front end.
The shots of the sub in the water appeared to be real, or at least many of the shots did.
The interior shots didn't look like a 'set' to my untrained eye.
I was pretty impressed.
I looked at the credits at the end to see the film was shot in Malta, so, putting two and two together I went on the hunt to see if I could discover which boat the production team actually used, only to find nothing on the true identity of the boat in the film, be it British or German :(
I came here to see if any of you experts might hold the key, but it appears not :(
So, any clues as to the identity & location of a surviving WW2 sub that can still go out to sea?
Here's wondering...
Best wishes

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