Operation Deadlight Expedition 2001

DAY NINE: - 24th July 2001

Target: Unidentified VIIC
Depth: 69 metres
Weather and sea conditions: Sunny - 3-4SW - 25 metres underwater visibility

Diving report:
Yet another submarine wreck in astonishing visibility!

This is the wreck another VIIC. This one clearly shows the signs of the gunfire that sunk her. There is a blast hole though the conning tower, but more impressively, the entire bows have been blasted away. The forward section of the wreck contains all four torpedo tubes intact and the forward hydroplanes. The break affords the opportunity for the divers to swim right into the wreck, and peer through the forward torpedo room doorway and see right into the control room!

The other fascinating feature about this wreck is that it is the second U-boat wreck we have located that has been fitted with the 'ring float' schnorchel head. It is great to have found two wrecks which have this very rare fitting.

The conning tower hatches were open, as was the galley hatch. There was no evidence of the wreck being fitted with life raft canisters.

Again the visibility was superb and the video footage is of the finest quality.

This great dive concludes phase one of OPERATION DEADLIGHT EXPEDITIONS. A fuller report on our findings will be published in due course. We have learned much and still have much more to investigate. This includes making two extra-deep dives to film an example of the Type IID and the Type XXIII. Sadly U2506 and U541 have eluded us. We will need to employ side scanning sonar next year to locate these.

Operation Deadlight Expedition Phase II will be running from 3rd to 18th May 2002. Any interested SPONSORS and possibly divers should email Innes McCartney as soon as possible. We are making history - the hard way - Please support us!


Innes McCartney
Operation Deadlight Expedition 2001

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