U-boat Types

Type IID

16 boats commissioned

Construction history of type IID

U-boats ShipyardWerk #Built during
U-137 - U-15216Deutsche Werke AG, Kiel266- 2811939 - 1941

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Below you can see the 16 commissioned U-boats of this type.

U-137, U-138, U-139, U-140, U-141, U-142, U-143, U-144, U-145, U-146, U-147,
U-148, U-149, U-150, U-151, and U-152.

Technical information for type IID

314 (sf)
364 (sm)
460 (total)
Length: (m) 43,97 oa
29,80 ph
Beam: (m) 4,92 oa
4,00 ph
Draught: (draft)3,93 m
Height:8,40 m
Power: (hp)700 (sf)
410 (sm)
12,7 (sf)
7,4 (sm)
(miles / knots)
5650/8 (sf)
56/4 (sm)
3/0 (bow / stern tubes)
Mines: 12 TMA
Deck gun: No deck gun
Crew: 22-24 men
Max depth: ca. 150 m
(492 feet)
sm = submerged, sf = surfaced, ph = pressure hull,
oa = overall, hp = horsepower.

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