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Nautilo (UIT-19)

TypeSea going 
ClassTritone (type I) (26) 
Laid down 3 Jan 1942 Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico, Monfalcone
Launched20 Mar 1943
Commissioned26 Jul 1943
End service9 Sep 1943
Loss date9 Jan 1944
Loss position44° 52'N, 13° 50'E
History Captured by the Germans on 9th September 1943. Renamed UIT-19 but never commissioned. Destroyed in an air raid at Pola on 9th January 1944. Raised postwar and commissioned by the Yugoslav Navy as Sava. Decommissioned by them in 1967 and scrapped in 1971.


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Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
20 Mar 1943Monfalcone20 Mar 1943MonfalconeLaunched.

15 Jun 19430910Monfalcone15 Jun 19431733MonfalconeTrials.

16 Jun 19430915Monfalcone16 Jun 19431135MonfalconeTrials.

30 Jun 19430915Monfalcone30 Jun 19431850PolaPassage Monfalcone-Pola.

1 Jul 19431445Pola1 Jul 19431840PolaTrials.

2 Jul 19431405Pola2 Jul 19431755PolaTrials.

3 Jul 19430840Pola3 Jul 19431915PolaTrials.

5 Jul 19430535Pola5 Jul 19431840PolaTrials.

6 Jul 19430850Pola6 Jul 19431935MonfalconeTrials. The submarine was delivered to the Regia Marina on 26th July 1943.

26 Jul 1943Monfalcone26 Jul 1943MonfalconeEntered service.

27 Jul 19431000Monfalcone27 Jul 19431330MonfalconeTrials.

30 Jul 19430900Monfalcone30 Jul 19431300MonfalconeTrials.

2 Aug 19430830Monfalcone2 Aug 19431305PolaPassage Monfalcone-Pola.

3 Aug 19431350Pola3 Aug 19431805PolaExercises.

5 Aug 19430805Pola5 Aug 19431130PolaExercises.

7 Aug 19431350Pola7 Aug 19431610PolaExercises.

9 Aug 19430820Pola9 Aug 19431230PolaExercises.

11 Aug 19430735Pola11 Aug 19431205MonfalconePassage Pola-Monfalcone at 15 knots.

16 Aug 1943Time?Monfalcone16 Aug 19431445MonfalconeExercises.

17 Aug 19430800Monfalcone17 Aug 19431300MonfalconeExercises.

18 Aug 19431245Monfalcone18 Aug 19431300MonfalconeExercises.

8 Sep 1943 PM or 1245/9?Monfalcone9 Sep 19431712VenicePassage Monfalcone-Venice.

10 Sep 1943Venice10 Sep 1943ScuttledAttempted to escape (carrying part of the crews from Argo and Beilul including her C.O. T.V. Pasquale Beltrame) with the small submarine CM.1 to join the allies but stopped by German S-boats and diverted to Venice. Scuttled after armistice. Captured by Germans and renamed UIT-19.

4 Dec 1943Venice4 Dec 1943TriestePassage Venice-Trieste, towed by tug Petronia with lighter and tanker Liguria, escorted by Medea (I.V.54).

9 Jan 1944Pola9 Jan 1944SunkSunk by USAAF (direct hit). Post-war was raised by the Yugoslav and became the Sava, served until 1971.
  9 Jan 19441100-1215
(0) Pola harbour.
During an raid by 107 Liberators of the USAAF 15th Air Force, escorted by 47 Thunderbolts and Lightnings, the German submarine UIT-19 (ex-Nautilo) was sunk.

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