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S 1
S 1

TypeSea going 
ClassS (Type VII C) (28) 
Laid down 13 Aug 1942 Danziger Werft AG, Danzig, Germany
Launched11 Mar 1943
Commissioned26 Jun 1943
End service10 Sep 1943
Loss date
Loss position
History Taken over by the Germans on 10th September 1943 after Italian armistice. Commissioned as U-428 on 26th October 1943. Scuttled in the Kaiser Wilhelm Canal on 5th May 1945.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
C.C. Athos Fraternale26 Jun 19439 Sep 1943

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Fraternale, Athos1 Jul 19430800Danzig1 Jul 19431600Danzig30Entered service and trials.

Fraternale, Athos7 Jul 19430800Danzig7 Jul 19431310Danzig10Trials.

Fraternale, Athos9 Jul 19430800Danzig9 Jul 19431620Danzig48Trials.

Fraternale, Athos10 Jul 19430820Danzig10 Jul 19431400Danzig50Trials.

Fraternale, Athos13 Jul 19431038Danzig13 Jul 19431625Danzig45Trials.

Fraternale, Athos14 Jul 19430400Danzig14 Jul 1943Time?PillauPassage Danzig-Pillau.

Fraternale, Athos14 Jul 1943Time?Pillau14 Jul 19431900Danzig142Passage Pillau-Danzig [mileage is from 14th July].

Fraternale, Athos15 Jul 19430800Danzig15 Jul 19431450Danzig42Trials.

Fraternale, Athos16 Jul 19431430Danzig16 Jul 1943172.0Danzig18Trials.

Fraternale, Athos17 Jul 19430830Danzig17 Jul 19431530Danzig50Gyrocompass test.

Fraternale, Athos19 Jul 19430600Danzig19 Jul 19431822Danzig56Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos20 Jul 19430800Danzig20 Jul 19431845Danzig94Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos21 Jul 19430700Danzig21 Jul 19431754Danzig66Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos23 Jul 19430700Danzig23 Jul 19431816Danzig52Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos24 Jul 19431400Danzig25 Jul 19430840Rönne52Passage Danzig-Rönne and trials.

Fraternale, Athos27 Jul 19431455Rönne28 Jul 19430914Danzig480Passage Rönne-Danzig and exercises [mileage is from 24th July].

Fraternale, Athos30 Jul 19430515Danzig30 Jul 19431722Danzig86Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos31 Jul 19430700Danzig31 Jul 19431815Danzig90Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos11 Aug 1943Date???Danzig11 Aug 1943Date???Danzig?Exercises.
  11 Aug 19431239
(0) Off Danzig.
At 1239 hours, S.1 collided with S.4 while exercising. Both submarines were slightly damaged, S.1 had damage to both periscopes. C.C. Fraternale was blamed for the incident.

Fraternale, Athos9 Sep 1943Danzig9 Sep 1943DanzigSeized by the Germans at the armistice. Did not carry out patrols. Scuttled on 3rd May 1945.

20 entries. 20 total patrol entries (0 marked as war patrols) and 1 events.

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