Italian submarines in World War Two

Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)

ClassSmeli (34) 
Laid down Atéliers et Chantiers de la Loire (Nantes, France)
Launched1 Dec 1928
Commissioned2 Dec 1928
End service
Loss date
Loss position
History Yugoslav submarine Smeli. Captured at Kotor by the Italians on 17th April 1941. Scuttled at La Spezia on 9th September 1943 to prevent her capture by the Germans.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
C.C. Aldobrando De Paulis Fedele25 Apr 19419 Feb 1942
S.T.V. Plinio Pagni9 Feb 194220 Feb 1942
C.C. Bardo Bardi20 Feb 194221 Feb 1942
S.T.V. Plinio Pagni21 Feb 194222 Feb 1942
C.C. Bruno Pilli23 Feb 194226 Jun 1942
C.C. Raffaello Allegri27 Jun 194229 Dec 1942
C.C. Virgilio Spigai29 Nov 194230 Nov 1942
C.C. Gino Andreani29 Dec 194224 Apr 1943
T.V. Francesco Caprile25 Apr 194311 Jun 1943
C.C. Ugo Gelli22 Jun 19439 Sep 1943

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
17 Apr 1941Kotor17 Apr 1941KotorSeized by Italian Navy and renamed N.2 and again renamed (ca. June 1941) Antonio Bajamonti.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando21 May 19410509Teodo21 May 19412110SpalatoPassage Teodo-Spalato with the ex-Yugoslav submarines N 1 and N 3 escorted by torpedo boat Bassini.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando22 May 19410955Spalato22 May 19411725ZaraPassage Spalato-Zara with the ex-Yugoslav submarines N 1 and N 3, escorted by the torpedo boat Bassini.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando23 May 19410945Zara23 May 19411800Pola318,8Passage Zara-Pola with the ex-Yugoslav submarines N 1 and N 3, escorted by the torpedo boat Bassini and the tug Marittimo.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando16 Jun 19410800Pola16 Jun 19411930PolaExercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando28 Jun 19410940Pola28 Jun 19411700PolaExercises, escorted by the auxiliary Grado.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando4 Jul 19410750Pola4 Jul 19411723Pola52Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando11 Jul 19410750Pola11 Jul 19411740Pola61Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando17 Jul 19410730Pola17 Jul 19411640Pola71Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando22 Jul 19410735Pola22 Jul 19411812Pola94,5Exercises. She was docked on 22nd August 1941.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando4 Oct 19410833Pola4 Oct 19411735Pola35,5Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando6 Oct 19410707Pola6 Oct 19411950Pola98,2Trials, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando8 Oct 19410845Pola8 Oct 19411705Pola12,5Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando9 Oct 19410832Pola9 Oct 19411650Pola34Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando10 Oct 19410812Pola10 Oct 19411913Pola65Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando14 Oct 19410735Pola14 Oct 19411920Pola57Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando16 Oct 19410800Pola16 Oct 19411725Pola30,5Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando21 Oct 19410830Pola21 Oct 19411757Pola29Exercises with the tanker Verbano.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando22 Oct 19410835Pola22 Oct 19411519Pola23,5Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando27 Oct 19410814Pola27 Oct 19411430Pola45Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando28 Oct 19410824Pola28 Oct 19411620Pola33,9Exercises escorted by the tug Salvore.
  28 Oct 19411405
(0) Off Cape Promontore.
At 1405 hours, Antonio Bajamonti was proceeding at about 2 knots for diving trials at periscope depth, when she collided with the water tanker Giovanna D. (aka Giovanna D'Arco, 205 GRT, built 1914). The submarine's bow hit the stern of the tanker and was damaged.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando7 Nov 19411646Pola7 Nov 19412400Pola55Exercises escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando10 Nov 19410800Pola10 Nov 19411813Pola53Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Jadera.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando11 Nov 19411000Pola11 Nov 19412336Pola53Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando12 Nov 19411659Pola13 Nov 19410800Pola50Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando3 Dec 19410900Pola3 Dec 19411220Pola14Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando4 Dec 19410851Pola4 Dec 19411813Pola16,2Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando5 Dec 19410800Pola5 Dec 19411727Pola63Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando6 Dec 19410830Pola6 Dec 19411758Pola67Exercises, escorted by torpedo boat Audace and auxiliaries Jadera, Trau and San Giorgio.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando9 Dec 19410819Pola9 Dec 19411801Pola68Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliaries Jadera, Trau and San Giorgio.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando11 Dec 19410735Pola11 Dec 19411810Pola69,8Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando13 Dec 19410800Pola13 Dec 19411605Pola64,5Exercises.

Pagni, Plinio9 Feb 1942Pola20 Feb 1942PolaIn Pola (refit?).

Bardi, Bardo20 Feb 19421315Pola20 Feb 19421700Pola18,1Exercises.

Pagni, Plinio21 Feb 19420837Pola21 Feb 19421300Pola25Trials, escorted by the auxiliary Trau.

Pilli, Bruno25 Feb 19420840Pola27 Feb 19421709Messina645,8Passage Pola-Messina. Sighted only Italian vessels.

Pilli, Bruno28 Feb 19421630Messina2 Mar 19421140La Spezia491,35Passage Messina-La Spezia.

1Pilli, Bruno7 Mar 19421840La Spezia9 Mar 19420915La Spezia276,7Patrolled in Gulf of Genoa. Uneventful.

Pilli, Bruno11 Mar 19421000La Spezia11 Mar 19421625La Spezia29,7Exercises.

Pilli, Bruno21 Mar 19420930La Spezia21 Mar 19421605La Spezia28,7Exercises, escorted by the tugs Rimini and Taormina.

Pilli, Bruno25 Mar 19420826La Spezia25 Mar 19421657La Spezia42,1Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Capodistria.

Pilli, Bruno27 Mar 19420810La Spezia27 Mar 19421624La Spezia35,2Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Crotone.

Pilli, Bruno1 Apr 19420756La Spezia1 Apr 19421713La Spezia42,9A/S exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Crotone.

Pilli, Bruno20 Apr 19420810La Spezia20 Apr 19421116La Spezia18,2Exercises, escorted by MAS 569.

Pilli, Bruno21 Apr 19420737La Spezia21 Apr 19421623La Spezia41,5A/S exercises.

Pilli, Bruno28 Apr 19421150La Spezia28 Apr 19421757La Spezia29A/S exercises.

Pilli, Bruno5 May 19420737La Spezia5 May 19421520La Spezia50A/S exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Crotone and the sloop Diana.

Pilli, Bruno12 May 19420800La Spezia12 May 19421318La Spezia28,8A/S exercises.

Pilli, Bruno19 May 19420800La Spezia19 May 19421654La Spezia40,5A/S exercises.

Pilli, Bruno27 May 19420743La Spezia27 May 19421343La Spezia45,3A/S exercises.

Pilli, Bruno2 Jun 19420720La Spezia2 Jun 19421625La Spezia26Exercises.

Pilli, Bruno8 Jun 19420750La Spezia8 Jun 19421757La Spezia35Exercises.

Pilli, Bruno16 Jun 19420750La Spezia16 Jun 19421042La Spezia14Exercises.

Pilli, Bruno18 Jun 19420800La Spezia18 Jun 19421732La Spezia26Exercises.

Pilli, Bruno20 Jun 19420934La Spezia20 Jun 19421315La Spezia19Exercises.

Pilli, Bruno23 Jun 19420800La Spezia23 Jun 19421715La Spezia34Exercises.

Pilli, Bruno26 Jun 19421407La Spezia26 Jun 19421640La Spezia20Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello29 Jun 19421300La Spezia29 Jun 19421927La Spezia3Gyrocompass tests.

Allegri, Raffaello30 Jun 19420800La Spezia30 Jun 19421128La Spezia21Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello2 Jul 19420800La Spezia2 Jul 19421717La Spezia23,2Exercising off La Spezia with torpedo boat Calliope, the light cruiser Attilio Regolo, and destroyer Corsaro.

Allegri, Raffaello4 Jul 19420848La Spezia4 Jul 19421316La Spezia18Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello7 Jul 19420840La Spezia7 Jul 19421154La Spezia18,1Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello8 Jul 19421044La Spezia8 Jul 19421509La Spezia35,9Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello10 Jul 19420725La Spezia10 Jul 19421632La Spezia37,5Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello14 Jul 19420743La Spezia14 Jul 19421240La Spezia27,5Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello17 Jul 19421035La Spezia17 Jul 19421545La Spezia25,2Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello22 Jul 19420725La Spezia22 Jul 19421320La Spezia33,1Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello30 Jul 19420622La Spezia30 Jul 19421305La Spezia25Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello7 Aug 19421300La Spezia7 Aug 19421800La Spezia35Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello11 Aug 19421300La Spezia11 Aug 19421630La Spezia28Exercises.

2Allegri, Raffaello11 Aug 19422337La Spezia14 Aug 19421940La Spezia388Patrolled in Gulf of Genoa. Uneventful.

3Allegri, Raffaello18 Aug 19420100La Spezia18 Aug 19422117La Spezia165Sailed to form a defensive barrage in Gulf of Genoa with H 1 H 4 and H 6, but recalled at 1448 hours on the 18th. Uneventful.

Allegri, Raffaello21 Aug 19420735La Spezia21 Aug 19421445La Spezia40A/S exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello25 Aug 19420700La Spezia25 Aug 19421515La Spezia39A/S exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello28 Aug 19421835La Spezia30 Aug 19420835La Spezia4Trials.

Allegri, Raffaello31 Aug 19421055La Spezia31 Aug 19422300La Spezia3Trials.

Allegri, Raffaello3 Sep 19420705La Spezia3 Sep 19421445La Spezia40A/S exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello9 Sep 19420710La Spezia9 Sep 19421310La Spezia38A/S exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello15 Sep 19420645La Spezia15 Sep 19421815La Spezia92Sailed with the submarine Rismondo, escorted by MAS 507 and by MAS 575, to test an explosive obstruction of the OLMO type laid by the auxiliary Brindisi on 12th September 1942, between 44°17'21'N, 09°17'18'E and 44°17'14'N, 09°18'E.

Allegri, Raffaello18 Sep 19420730La Spezia18 Sep 19421515La Spezia38,5Exercises, escorted by AS.205, AS.218 and AS.266 and the German F-150.

Allegri, Raffaello22 Sep 19421850La Spezia22 Sep 19421907Fezzano1Trials.

Allegri, Raffaello23 Sep 19420800Fezzano23 Sep 19422255La Spezia7Trials.

Allegri, Raffaello26 Sep 19420812La Spezia26 Sep 19421748La Spezia37,5A/S exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello5 Oct 19420716La Spezia5 Oct 19421914La Spezia43Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello6 Oct 19421521La Spezia6 Oct 19421600La Spezia6Trials.

Allegri, Raffaello9 Oct 19420839La Spezia9 Oct 19420933La Spezia8A/S exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello13 Oct 19421314La Spezia13 Oct 19421747La Spezia23A/S exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello15 Oct 19420732La Spezia15 Oct 19421228La Spezia22A/S exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello22 Oct 19420737La Spezia22 Oct 19421314La Spezia32A/S exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello27 Oct 19420736La Spezia27 Oct 19421530La Spezia35A/S exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello3 Nov 19420730La Spezia3 Nov 19421253La Spezia21A/S exercises.

4Allegri, Raffaello8 Nov 19420035La Spezia11 Nov 19420740La Spezia364Patrolled in Gulf of Genoa. Uneventful.

5Allegri, Raffaello12 Nov 19422120La Spezia16 Nov 19421035La Maddalena377,5Defensive patrol off Ajaccio (Corsica) with the submarine H 8. Uneventful.

6Allegri, Raffaello26 Nov 19420210La Maddalena26 Nov 19420945La Maddalena4Defensive patrol off Ajaccio (Corsica) with the submarine H 8, but turned back after her screw hit an underwater obstacle at 0325 hours on the 26th.
  26 Nov 19420325
(0) Cala Martinella Barrage (near La Maddalena).
At 0325 hours, the submarine's screw hit an underwater obstacle after the submarine had crossed the Cala Martinella Barrage. The damage forced the submarine to abort her patrol.

Spigai, Virgilio29 Nov 19421535La Maddalena30 Nov 19421200La Spezia219Passage La Maddalena-La Spezia.

Allegri, Raffaello9 Dec 19420735La Spezia9 Dec 19421255La Spezia29Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello9 Dec 19420735La Spezia9 Dec 19421255La Spezia29Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello12 Dec 19420750La Spezia12 Dec 19421300La Spezia29Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello18 Dec 19420810La Spezia18 Dec 19421630La Spezia25Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello21 Dec 19420732La Spezia21 Dec 19421245La Spezia23Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello28 Dec 19420812La Spezia28 Dec 19420915La Spezia2Trials.

Andreani, Gino29 Dec 19420812La Spezia29 Dec 19421345Genoa52Passage La Spezia-Genoa, escorted by MAS 507 for refit.

Andreani, Gino16 Apr 19430910Genoa16 Apr 19431740Genoa46Trials.

Caprile, Francesco26 Apr 19430900Genoa26 Apr 19431610La Spezia46Passage Genoa-La Spezia.

Caprile, Francesco30 Apr 19431305La Spezia30 Apr 19431905La Spezia28Exercises.

Caprile, Francesco30 Apr 19431305La Spezia30 Apr 19431905La Spezia28Exercises.

Caprile, Francesco3 May 19430840La Spezia3 May 19431150La Spezia17Trials.

Caprile, Francesco5 May 19431110La Spezia5 May 19431553La Spezia16Trials.

Caprile, Francesco6 May 19430835La Spezia6 May 19431030La Spezia6Trials.

Caprile, Francesco7 May 19430850La Spezia7 May 19431610La Spezia58Trials.

Caprile, Francesco8 May 19431945La Spezia8 May 19432015La Spezia2,5Trials.

Caprile, Francesco9 May 19430850La Spezia9 May 19431525La Spezia10Trials.

Caprile, Francesco10 May 19430700La Spezia10 May 19430830La Spezia5Trials.

Caprile, Francesco11 May 19430835La Spezia11 May 19431755La Spezia65Trials.

Caprile, Francesco12 May 19430930La Spezia12 May 19431120La Spezia5Trials.

Caprile, Francesco14 May 19430710La Spezia14 May 19431430La Spezia43Exercises.

Caprile, Francesco16 May 19431005La Spezia16 May 19431130La Spezia9Trials.

Caprile, Francesco27 May 19432010La Spezia27 May 19432030La Spezia1,5Trials.

Caprile, Francesco29 May 19430715La Spezia29 May 19430730La Spezia1,5Trials.

Gelli, Ugo22 Jun 1943La SpeziaLa SpeziaAt La Spezia for refit until 8 August 1943.

Gelli, Ugo4 Jul 1943La Spezia4 Jul 1943La SpeziaTrials System L.S.B. (?)

Gelli, Ugo5 Jul 1943La Spezia5 Jul 1943La SpeziaTrials.

Gelli, Ugo6 Jul 1943La Spezia6 Jul 1943La SpeziaTrials.

Gelli, Ugo14 Jul 1943La Spezia14 Jul 1943La SpeziaTorpedo firing exercises.

Gelli, Ugo19 Jul 1943La Spezia19 Jul 1943La SpeziaSonar exercises.

Gelli, Ugo25 Jul 1943La Spezia25 Jul 1943La SpeziaTrials of periscopic radio antenna.

Gelli, Ugo28 Jul 1943La Spezia28 Jul 1943La SpeziaA/S exercises.

Gelli, Ugo30 Jul 1943La Spezia30 Jul 1943La Spezia139,8A/S exercises (mileage is for whole month of July).

7Gelli, Ugo16 Aug 19432045La Spezia17 Aug 19430645La SpeziaHydrophone watch.

Gelli, Ugo6 Sep 19430805La Spezia6 Sep 19431600La SpeziaExercises.

Gelli, Ugo9 Sep 1943La Spezia9 Sep 19430900ScuttledScuttled.

17 Nov 1943La Spezia17 Nov 1943La SpeziaReported raised.

132 entries. 132 total patrol entries (7 marked as war patrols) and 2 events.

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