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Plinio Pagni

Born  27 Nov 1914Leghorn


  S.T.V.Sottotenente di Vascello


Career information

DES GENEYS (G.M. Navigation Officer): from 13.12.1939 to November 1940+.
Promoted S.T.V. on ?
ANTONIO BAJAMONTI (S.T.V. First Officer): from 25.11.1941 to June 1942+.
ANTONIO BAJAMONTI (S.T.V. resp.): from 09.02.1942 to 22.02.1942 (refit at Pola).
FILIPPO CORRIDONI (S.T.V. resp.): from 25.05.1943 to 14.07.1943 (refit at Naples).

Commands listed for Plinio Pagni

Submarine Type Rank From To
Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)S.T.V.9 Feb 194220 Feb 1942
Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)S.T.V.21 Feb 194222 Feb 1942
Filippo Corridoni (CR)MinelayingS.T.V.25 May 194314 Jul 1943

Ships hit by Plinio Pagni

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Plinio Pagni

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)9 Feb 1942Pola20 Feb 1942PolaIn Pola (refit?).

Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)21 Feb 19420837Pola21 Feb 19421300Pola25Trials, escorted by the auxiliary Trau.

Filippo Corridoni (CR)25 May 1943Naples14 Jul 1943NaplesDocking and refit.

3 entries. 3 total patrol entries (0 marked as war patrols) and 0 events.

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