Italian submarines in World War Two

Filippo Corridoni (CR)

ClassBragadino (30) 
Laid down 4 Jul 1927 Cantieri Navale Tosi di Taranto, Taranto
Launched30 Mar 1930
Commissioned17 Nov 1931
End service
Stricken1 Feb 1948
Loss date
Loss position
History Stricken on 1st February 1948.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
C.C. Manlio Minucci4 Jun 19403 Feb 1941
T.V. Lodovico Grion4 Feb 194123 Apr 1941
T.V. Ugo Gentili24 Apr 194128 Aug 1941
C.C. Giovanni Cunsolo28 Aug 194122 Oct 1941
T.V. Alberto Longhi22 Oct 19412 Dec 1941
C.C. Giovanni Cunsolo2 Dec 194131 Jan 1942
T.V. Alberto Longhi1 Feb 19423 Feb 1942
C.C. Loris Albanese4 Feb 19428 Apr 1942
C.C. Giovanni Cunsolo8 Apr 194226 May 1942
T.V. Armando Rosso26 May 194224 May 1943
S.T.V. Plinio Pagni25 May 194314 Jul 1943
T.V. Giandaniele Asquini15 Jul 194314 Sep 1945

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Minucci, Manlio10 Jun 1940Taranto10 Jun 1940TarantoRefitting at Taranto.

Minucci, Manlio16 Jun 19400716Taranto16 Jun 19401425Taranto29,5Trials.

Minucci, Manlio17 Jun 19400541Taranto17 Jun 19401418Taranto36Trials, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.13.

Minucci, Manlio19 Jun 19401320Taranto19 Jun 19401805Taranto6Trials.

Minucci, Manlio23 Jun 19400820Taranto23 Jun 19401135Taranto8,5Trials.

Minucci, Manlio26 Jun 19400140Taranto28 Jun 19401800Naples480Passage Taranto-Naples, to pick up supplies for Libya.

1Minucci, Manlio30 Jun 19401720Naples3 Jul 19402100Tobruk772Supply mission for Regia Aeronautica to Tobruk (15 tons) through Point C (32°13'40'N, 23°51'E) and then to Leros. Uneventful. British Intelligence had been informed of her arrival at 1700 hours on 3rd July and Sunderland 'R' from 228 Squadron was sent to sink her. Her late arrival probably saved her.

1bMinucci, Manlio16 Jul 19400645Tobruk19 Jul 19401530Leros426Supply trip to Leros.

1cMinucci, Manlio24 Jul 19401620Leros8 Aug 19401515Taranto1235Return trip from supply mission. Patrolled between Crete and Sapienza and passage Leros-Taranto. Uneventful.

Minucci, Manlio25 Sep 19400825Taranto25 Sep 19401720Taranto33,5Trials.

Minucci, Manlio29 Sep 19400907Taranto29 Sep 19401240Taranto5,2Trials.

Minucci, Manlio3 Oct 19400740Taranto3 Oct 19401346Taranto40Trials.

2Minucci, Manlio13 Oct 19401620Taranto19 Oct 19400925Rhodes820,5Supply mission to Rhodes and Leros, carrying stores for the Regia Aeronautica. British Naval Intelligence was aware of her passage.
  15 Oct 19400930-140237° 50'N, 19° 50'EBetween 0930 and 1402 hours, Corridoni was hunted by a destroyer who attempted to locate the submarine with her ASDIC and dropped depth charges at 0948 and 1035 hours. The submarine escaped damage.

2bMinucci, Manlio20 Oct 19402325Rhodes21 Oct 19401145Leros820,5Passage Rhodes-Leros.

3Minucci, Manlio27 Oct 19401755Leros6 Nov 19400750Leros1072Patrolled in Channel between Rhodes and Scarpanto Strait (Aegean). Uneventful.

4Minucci, Manlio13 Nov 19401635Leros18 Nov 19401545Taranto681,5Passage Leros-Taranto. Return trip from supply mission. Uneventful. Then docking.

Minucci, Manlio28 Dec 19400810Taranto28 Dec 19401615Taranto33Exercises.

Minucci, Manlio31 Dec 19400720Taranto31 Dec 19401615Taranto43,5Exercises.

5Minucci, Manlio6 Jan 19410730Taranto17 Jan 19411730Taranto1251Patrolled south of Otranto Straits in 38°40'N, 20°00'E. Uneventful except hearing distant explosions.

Grion, Lodovico6 Feb 19411025Taranto6 Feb 19411445Taranto2,5Exercises.

Grion, Lodovico7 Feb 19410805Taranto7 Feb 19411310Taranto25Trials, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.13.

6Minucci, Manlio7 Feb 19412015Taranto8 Feb 19411040Taranto99Hydrophone Watch. Uneventful.

Grion, Lodovico12 Feb 19410815Taranto12 Feb 19411545Taranto59Exercises.

7Grion, Lodovico12 Feb 19412114Taranto13 Feb 19411015Taranto88,5Hydrophone Watch. Uneventful.

Grion, Lodovico21 Feb 19410835Taranto21 Feb 19411440Taranto18Exercises for cinematography.

Grion, Lodovico22 Feb 19410920Taranto22 Feb 19411625Taranto9,5Exercises for cinematography.

Grion, Lodovico24 Feb 19411315Taranto24 Feb 19411625Taranto21,3Exercises for cinematography, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.30.

Grion, Lodovico26 Feb 19412135Taranto26 Feb 19412355Taranto4Exercises for cinematography.

8Grion, Lodovico7 Mar 19412015Taranto8 Mar 19411040Taranto99Hydrophone Watch.

Grion, Lodovico18 Mar 19410635Taranto18 Mar 19411659Taranto63,5Exercises, escorted by the tug Palmaria.

Grion, Lodovico19 Mar 19410648Taranto19 Mar 19411646Taranto45,5Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat San Martino.

Gentili, Ugo15 Jun 19411000Taranto15 Jun 19411150Taranto3Exercises.

Gentili, Ugo16 Jun 19410818Taranto16 Jun 19411635Taranto41Exercises with the submarine H 2, escorted by the pilot vessel Limbara.

Gentili, Ugo17 Jun 19411200Taranto17 Jun 19411712Taranto35,5Exercises in Gulf of Taranto with the submarines H 2 and H 8 and the torpedo boat Aretusa.

Gentili, Ugo21 Jun 19410750Taranto21 Jun 19411725Taranto53,5Exercises.

Gentili, Ugo22 Jun 19410800Taranto22 Jun 19411715Taranto41Exercises.

Gentili, Ugo25 Jun 19411100Taranto25 Jun 19411740Taranto34Exercises with the torpedo boat Cassiopea.

9Gentili, Ugo29 Jun 19410935Taranto1 Jul 19411310Taranto390Supply mission to Derna but then recalled.
  1 Jul 19410300
(0) Off Cape Santa Maria di Leuca.
At 0300 hours, the submarine Atropo was sighted and exchanged recognition signals.

10Gentili, Ugo2 Jul 19411445Taranto6 Jul 19412020DernaSupply mission to Derna (53 tons of ammunition). Uneventful.

10bGentili, Ugo7 Jul 19410200Derna10 Jul 19411220Taranto1166,5Return trip from supply mission to Derna. Uneventful (mileage is for round trip).

11Gentili, Ugo19 Jul 19410835Taranto22 Jul 19412113DernaSupply mission to Derna (58 tons of ammunition). Uneventful

11bGentili, Ugo23 Jul 19410300Derna26 Jul 19411255Taranto1181Return trip from supply mission to Derna. Uneventful (mileage is for round trip).

12Gentili, Ugo8 Aug 19411110Taranto12 Aug 19411938BardiaSupply mission to Bardia (14 tons of petrol, 48 tons of ammunition). Upon arrival in Bardia, the submarine was visited by General Rommel.
  12 Aug 1941030032° 00'N, 25° 40'EAt 0300 hours, a submarine was sighted and was believed to have been Zoea. MARICOSOM had issued orders not to attack submarines when east of 22° E. Later it was found that it could not be Zoea and was probably enemy.
  12 Aug 19412215
(0) In Bardia harbour.
At 2215 hours, an aircraft surprised the submarine and dropped four bombs, which fell about 20 metres off the starboard side. The shock was violent enough to disable the gyrocompass, but no damage was reported.

Bardia was raided by a Blenheim and three Albacores from 826 Squadron (FAA). One was armed with a torpedo and the others two with two general purpose 500 lb bombs. Two more Albacore from the same squadron were armed with torpedoes and followed about four hours later. The bombers reported an oil patch and believed the submarine had been damaged.

12bGentili, Ugo12 Aug 19412340Bardia17 Aug 19411248Taranto1516Return trip from supply mission to Bardia. On 16th August, Swordfish of 826 Squadron raided Bardia with the intention of attacking a submarine [Corridoni] who had been reported there but found nothing (mileage is for round trip).
  12 Aug 1941030032° 00'N, 25° 40'EAt 0300 hours, a submarine was sighted and was believed to have been Zoea. MARICOSOM had issued orders not to attack submarines when east of 22° E. Later it was found that it could not be Zoea and was probably enemy.
  12 Aug 19412215
(0) In Bardia harbour.
At 2215 hours, an aircraft surprised the submarine and dropped four bombs, which fell about 20 metres off the starboard side. The shock was violent enough to disable the gyrocompass, but no damage was reported.

Bardia was raided by a Blenheim and three Albacores from 826 Squadron (FAA). One was armed with a torpedo and the others two with two general purpose 500 lb bombs. Two more Albacore from the same squadron were armed with torpedoes and followed about four hours later. The bombers reported an oil patch and believed the submarine had been damaged.
  15 Aug 19411433
1527 (e)
35° 00'N, 21° 10'EAt 1433 hours, an enemy submarine was sighted at a distance of 5,000 metres. Corridoni submerged to attack but lost contact.

The submarine was HMS Torbay (Lieutenant Commander A.C.C. Miers, RN). She had sighted the Italian submarine 5 miles ahead. The British submarine dived to attack.

Cunsolo, Giovanni4 Sep 19410615Taranto4 Sep 19411258Taranto32Exercises.

Cunsolo, Giovanni10 Sep 19411102Taranto10 Sep 19411800Taranto39Exercises.

13Cunsolo, Giovanni12 Sep 19411025Taranto15 Sep 19411450Taranto667Supply mission to Bardia (55.344 tons), but interrupted due to defects. Through ULTRA decrypt, British Intelligence knew of her impending departure for Bardia on 9th September. Then long refit.
  13 Sep 19412150At 2150 hours, a destroyer was sighted at a distance of 800 metres, steering 340°, 22 knots, which attacked the submarine. Corridoni submerged first to 70 meters and heard a metallic shock then went down to 130 meters. The submarine did not respond well to the commands and surfaced at 2212 hours but the destroyer was gone. C.C. Cunsolo decided to abandon the patrol because of defects.
  14 Sep 1941170038° 18'N, 18° 20'EAt 1700 hours, a derelict mine of the Italian P.200 type was sighted and sunk with machine gun fire.

Longhi, Alberto22 Oct 1941Taranto2 Dec 1941TarantoAt Taranto for refitting. Change in command.

Cunsolo, Giovanni21 Jan 19420925Taranto21 Jan 19421806Taranto31Trials.

Cunsolo, Giovanni24 Jan 19420910Taranto24 Jan 19421709Taranto63Trials.

Cunsolo, Giovanni25 Jan 19420906Taranto25 Jan 19421142Taranto4,5Trials.

Cunsolo, Giovanni29 Jan 19421516Taranto30 Jan 19420925Brindisi156,2Passage Taranto-Brindisi.
  29 Jan 19421730
(0) 264° - Torre Ovo (near Santa Maria di Leuca or Brindisi) - 4.2 miles.
At 1730 hours, a torpedo was fired due to an error in drill. Initially, Corridoni made an enemy report but realised later that the torpedo sighted had been her own.

Longhi, Alberto1 Feb 1942Brindisi3 Feb 1942BrindisiAt Brindisi. Change in command.

Albanese, Loris3 Mar 19420815Brindisi3 Mar 19421617Brindisi46Exercises.

Cunsolo, Giovanni10 Apr 19420843Brindisi10 Apr 19420950Brindisi0Tests to verify leaks.

Cunsolo, Giovanni11 Apr 19421330Brindisi11 Apr 19421700Brindisi18,5Trials with the submarine Bragadino, escorted by the torpedo boat Orsa and the minesweeper R.D.32.

Cunsolo, Giovanni20 Apr 19420800Brindisi20 Apr 19421150Brindisi4Gyrocompass tests.

Cunsolo, Giovanni24 Apr 19420755Brindisi24 Apr 19421157Brindisi18Trials.

Cunsolo, Giovanni28 Apr 19420800Brindisi28 Apr 19420915Brindisi7Trials.

Cunsolo, Giovanni14 May 19420800Brindisi14 May 19421114Brindisi19,5Exercises.

Rosso, Armando26 May 19421345Brindisi26 May 19421707Brindisi18,5Exercises.

Rosso, Armando30 May 19420751Brindisi30 May 19421147Brindisi18,5Exercises.

Rosso, Armando4 Jun 19421315Brindisi4 Jun 19421750Brindisi28Exercises.

Rosso, Armando12 Jun 19420803Brindisi12 Jun 19421143Brindisi26,5Exercises.

Rosso, Armando17 Jun 19420808Brindisi17 Jun 19421202Brindisi18Exercises.

Rosso, Armando21 Jun 19422020Brindisi22 Jun 19421550Taranto158Passage Brindisi-Taranto.

Rosso, Armando25 Jun 19421510Brindisi25 Jun 19421710Brindisi9,5Exercises.

14Rosso, Armando26 Jun 19421120Taranto30 Jun 19422055DernaSupply mission to Derna with 56 tons of stores. ULTRA sigint had learnt that the Italian submarines Atropo, Bragadino, Corridoni and Zoea were used to transport stores to Derna and were passing through 33°20’N, 22°40’E.
  28 Jun 1942113035° 45'N, 20° 11'EAt 1130 hours, a derelict mine was sighted.
  29 Jun 19421045-1105
(0) Probably ca. 90 miles NW of Derna.
Between 1045 and 1105 hours, twenty-four bombs fell at a minimum distance of 1,000 meters from Corridoni. The submarine had not heard any hydrophone effect and it was assumed that they were dropped by aircraft. Zoea, who was in 33°54' N, 23°00' E (or probably about 50 miles West of Corridoni) at 1050 hours, also reported hearing distant explosions.

14bRosso, Armando3 Jul 19422010Derna7 Jul 19421310Messina569,5Return trip from supply mission to Derna. Corridoni was ordered to remain east of 22° meridian until noon on 5th July, but this was received at 0530 hours on the 5th when the submarine was in 3°26'N, 20°34'E, which was 73 miles away and it was impossible to be there in time.

Rosso, Armando7 Jul 19421535Messina8 Jul 19421713Trapani217,7Passage Messina-Trapani. Escorted by the torpedo boat Mezza, until 3 miles south of Stromboli.
  8 Jul 19421235At 1235 hours, two Italian steamers were sighted on a northerly course, escorted by a CANT Z.501. They appeared under air attack and a long column of smoke was seen.

Rosso, Armando13 Jul 19421535Trapani13 Jul 19421713Trapani13,22Exercises.

15Rosso, Armando14 Jul 19421315Trapani16 Jul 19421052Tripoli449,7Sailed escorted by the minesweeper R.D.16, replaced by the torpedo boat Centauro until 2110 hours on the 14th, as the weather had worsened. She proceeded for supply mission to Tripoli with 50 tons of petrol through Point V (33°12'N, 12°56'E). At 0530 hours on the 16th, she was met by a fishing vessel and guided through the minefields.

15bRosso, Armando17 Jul 19422000Tripoli19 Jul 19421200Trapani844,2Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli (mileage is for round trip).
  18 Jul 19421536
(0) 166° - Linosa Island - 12 miles.
At 1536 hours, a derelict mine of the Italian type was sighted.

Rosso, Armando24 Jul 19421500Trapani25 Jul 19420145Trapani27Exercises.

Rosso, Armando25 Jul 19421445Trapani27 Jul 19420609Messina223,6Passage Trapani-Messina.

16Rosso, Armando5 Aug 19421820Messina8 Aug 19422050DernaSupply mission to Derna with 122 tons of stores.
  6 Aug 19421053At 1053 hours, a Sunderland aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  6 Aug 19421610At 1610 hours, two German aircraft were seen at a distance of 6,000 metres and exchanged recognition signals.

16bRosso, Armando11 Aug 19421930Derna15 Aug 19420745Augusta1291Return trip from supply mission to Derna.
  14 Aug 1942155737° 18'N, 16° 35'E
(0) Approximately.
At 1557 hours, the submarine Marcantonio Bragadino was sighted at a distance of 5,000 metres.

17Rosso, Armando22 Aug 19422105Augusta26 Aug 19420927TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli with 48 tons of petrol. The submarine experienced trouble with both the gyrocompass and the magnetic compass.
  25 Aug 1942083233° 30'N, 16° 32'EAt 0832 hours, a periscope was sighted at a distance of 4,000 metres and then for a brief moment a conning tower.

No other submarine appears to have operated in this area at that time.
  26 Aug 19420645
(0) North of Tripoli.
At 0645 hours, a German aircraft was seen and exchanged recognition signals.
  26 Aug 19420735
(0) North of Tripoli.
At 0645 hours, an Italian aircraft was seen and exchanged recognition signals.

17bRosso, Armando30 Aug 19421429Tripoli2 Sep 19421640Taranto1260Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli (mileage is for round trip).
  30 Aug 19421610
(0) North of Tripoli.
At 1610 hours, the Italian torpedo boat Cascino escorting a steamer were sighted.
  31 Aug 19420813-1445
(0) North of Tripoli.
Derelict mines were sighted at 0813, 0846, 0854, 1242 and at 1445 hours.

18Rosso, Armando20 Nov 19421515Taranto24 Nov 19421255TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli with 55 tons of army supplies.
  21 Nov 1942205036° 06'N, 18° 30'EAt 2050 hours, a derelict mine was sighted.
  24 Nov 1942021533° 02'N, 14° 16'EAt 0215 hours, a submarine of the SANTAROSA class was sighted at a distance of 600-700 metres and exchanged recognition signals. This was Ciro Menotti.

18bRosso, Armando25 Nov 19421430Tripoli29 Nov 19421500Taranto567,3Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli (mileage is for round trip).
  26 Nov 1942110933° 02'N, 14° 16'EAt 1109 hours, an aircraft came close to the submarine but could not be identified. The submarine dived at 1118 hours.

At 1122 hours, explosions were heard in the vicinity.

19Rosso, Armando18 Dec 19421315Taranto22 Dec 19421305TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli with 22 tons of ammunition (was initially intended to Buerat, but then directed to Tripoli).
  19 Dec 1942203736° 00'N, 16° 20'E
(0) Approximately.
The submarine was ordered to 36°00' N, 16°20' E, to search for German survivors from a downed aircraft. The search was unsuccessful due to low visibility.

19bRosso, Armando23 Dec 19421400Tripoli27 Dec 19421715Taranto1304,4Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli. Uneventful (mileage is for round trip).

20Rosso, Armando17 Jan 19431100Taranto23 Jan 19430450Augusta990,7Supply mission to Tripoli with 18 tons of ammunition and 41 tons of stores. She was in 33°48'N, 16°04'E at 0545 hours on the 20th, when she was ordered instead to Point 4 (?). At 1230 hours on the 21st, she was ordered to Zuara but was recalled at 2022 hours the same evening.

Rosso, Armando8 Mar 19431730Augusta10 Mar 19430931TrapaniPassage Augusta-Trapani to pick up supplies for Lampedusa. Uneventful.
  9 Mar 1943
0204 (e)

(e) 36° 43'N, 14° 40'E
While on passage from Augusta to Trapani to pick up supplies for a transport mission, Filippo Corridoni was proceeding on the surface during the night when she was sighted by HMS United (Lt. John Charles Young Roxburgh, DSC) from a distance of only 500 yards. The British submarine was waiting for a folbot party (COPP) which had been sent to explore the coast and refrained from attack.

21Rosso, Armando12 Mar 19431700Trapani14 Mar 19431850LampedusaSupply mission to Lampedusa. Sighted several aircraft but was not threatened.
  14 Mar 1943010235° 31'N, 12° 45'EAt 0102 hours, a vessel was sighted in poor visibility. It was perhaps a MAS boat and Corridoni turned away.

21bRosso, Armando16 Mar 19430310Lampedusa18 Mar 19430246Augusta780Return trip from supply mission to Lampedusa (mileage is for round trip).
  17 Mar 1943125536° 45'N, 16° 00'EAt 1255 hours, a salvo of bombs fell about 200 meters from the submarine. No aircraft were sighted but H.E were heard. More bombs fell at 1338 hours, but were between 1,000 and 2,000 meters distant.

22Rosso, Armando29 Mar 19431816Augusta1 Apr 19432113LampedusaSupply mission to Lampedusa.
  29 Mar 1943232537° 08'N, 15° 52'EAt 2325 hours, an enemy submarine was sighted, proceeding on 110° course at 10 knots. This was very likely HMS Unison (Lt. A.R. Daniell, DSC, RN) returning to Malta. When the distance was only 500 meters, Corridoni turned away as the track angle was too acute and dived to 40 meters.

22bRosso, Armando4 Apr 19430030Lampedusa7 Apr 19430238Augusta701Return trip from supply mission to Lampedusa. Uneventful (mileage is for round trip).

Rosso, Armando8 Apr 19431946Augusta10 Apr 19431210Naples295Passage Augusta-Naples.

Pagni, Plinio25 May 1943Naples14 Jul 1943NaplesDocking and refit.

Asquini, Giandaniele14 Jul 19430900Naples14 Jul 19431300Naples25,5Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele16 Jul 19430830Naples16 Jul 19431615Naples30,8Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele17 Jul 19431845Naples17 Jul 19432030Pozzuoli12Passage Naples-Pozzuoli.

Asquini, Giandaniele22 Jul 19430915Pozzuoli22 Jul 19431120Pozzuoli13,2Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele23 Jul 19430445Pozzuoli23 Jul 19431400Pozzuoli20,3Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele24 Jul 19430345Pozzuoli25 Jul 19430845La Maddalena223,8Passage Pozzuoli-La Maddalena.

Asquini, Giandaniele28 Jul 19430957La Maddalena28 Jul 19431055Cala Villamarina4,2Passage La Maddalena-Cala Villamarina.

Asquini, Giandaniele31 Jul 19430957Cala Villamarina31 Jul 19431055Porto Palma3Passage Cala Villamarina-Porto Palma.

Asquini, Giandaniele1 Aug 19430800Porto Palma1 Aug 19431245Porto Palma25Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele5 Aug 19431105Porto Palma5 Aug 19431150Mezzo Schifo5Passage Porto Palma-Mezzo Schifo.

Asquini, Giandaniele6 Aug 19431820Mezzo Schifo6 Aug 19431908Porto Palma5Passage Mezzo Schifo-Porto Palma.

Asquini, Giandaniele7 Aug 19430830Porto Palma7 Aug 19430930Mezzo Schifo6Passage Porto Palma-Mezzo Schifo.

Asquini, Giandaniele8 Aug 19430825Mezzo Schifo8 Aug 19430912Porto Palma5Passage Mezzo Schifo-Porto Palma.

Asquini, Giandaniele13 Aug 19430850Porto Palma13 Aug 19431135Porto Palma17Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele20 Aug 19430900Porto Palma20 Aug 19431135Porto Palma13Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele29 Aug 19430815Porto Palma29 Aug 19430900La Maddalena4Passage Porto Palma-La Maddalena.

Asquini, Giandaniele7 Sep 19430815La Maddalena7 Sep 19430900Porto Palma4Passage La Maddalena-Porto Palma.

Asquini, Giandaniele9 Sep 19431335Porto Palma (La Maddalena)10 Sep 19431140Portoferraio204Passage La Maddalena-Portoferraio and eventually to Palermo. Boarded by Dutch submarine HrMs Dolfijn on 10th September and directed to Portoferraio (Elba) as she was short of lubricating oil.
  10 Sep 1943
0105 (e)
At 0105 hours, the Dutch submarine HrMs Dolfijn (Lieutenant Commander H.M.L.F.E. van Oostrom Soede) sighted Corridoni and was informed that the Italian submarine was short of lubricating oil. Corridoni was allowed to go to Elba.

Asquini, Giandaniele11 Sep 19430940Portoferraio13 Sep 19430715Palermo251,5Passage Portoferraio-Palermo.

Asquini, Giandaniele19 Sep 19430947Palermo20 Sep 19431854Fort Madd (Malta)280Passage Palermo-Malta.

Asquini, Giandaniele22 Sep 19431432Fort Madd (Malta)22 Sep 19431554St. Paul (Malta)8Passage Fort Madd-St. Paul (Malta).

Asquini, Giandaniele3 Oct 19431230St. Paul (Malta)3 Oct 19431500Marsa Muscetto (Malta)13Passage St. Paul (Malta)-Marsa Muscetto (Malta).

Asquini, Giandaniele16 Oct 19430845Malta21 Oct 19431010Haifa1084Passage Malta-Haifa with the submarines Menotti, Zoea and Atropo.

23Asquini, Giandaniele26 Oct 19430030Haifa30 Oct 19430100LerosStoring trip Haifa-Leros.
  28 Oct 19432325
(0) Kaso Strait.
At 2325 hours, a small escort vessel was sighted steering 140°, 10 knots. Corridoni crash-dived.

23bAsquini, Giandaniele30 Oct 19430630Leros2 Nov 19432220Haifa1229,5Return trip from supply mission to Leros , with five RAF passengers (mileage is for round trip).
  1 Nov 19430718At 0718 hours, three British destroyers were sighted and recognition signals were exchanged.

Asquini, Giandaniele30 Nov 19431530Haifa2 Dec 19431530Alexandria.357Passage Haifa-Alexandria with the submarine Bragadino and the depot ship Mocenigo, escorted by the destroyers Da Recco and Grecale.

Asquini, Giandaniele6 Dec 19430900Alexandria8 Dec 19431140TobrukPassage Alexandria-Taranto with the submarine Bragadino in tow of the depot ship Mocenigo, escorted by the destroyers Da Recco and Grecale. When the tow parted they were diverted to Tobruk.

Asquini, Giandaniele9 Dec 19431102?Tobruk14 Dec 19431140Taranto1161,5Passage Tobruk-Taranto and refit (mileage is from Alexandria on 6th December).

Asquini, Giandaniele9 Feb 19440806Taranto9 Feb 19441402Taranto27Trials.

Asquini, Giandaniele13 Feb 1944Taranto13 Feb 1944Taranto27The submarine was damaged while undocking and required docking again.

Asquini, Giandaniele17 Feb 19440732Taranto17 Feb 19441240Taranto34Trials.

Asquini, Giandaniele19 Mar 19440830Taranto19 Mar 19441515Taranto23Trials.

Asquini, Giandaniele29 Mar 19441445Taranto31 Mar 19441100Augusta.255Passage Taranto-Augusta with the submarine Giada and convoy H.A.33.

Asquini, Giandaniele1 Apr 19440546Augusta.6 Apr 19441845Suez1137Passage Augusta-Suez with convoy K.M.S.45 and the submarine Giada.

Asquini, Giandaniele8 Apr 19441620Suez13 Apr 19441808Massawa984,5Passage Suez-Massawa.

Asquini, Giandaniele24 Apr 19440910Massawa24 Apr 19441410Aden444,5Passage Massawa-Aden.

Asquini, Giandaniele7 May 19441223Aden7 May 19441857Aden35Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele8 May 19440800Aden9 May 19440855Aden151Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele11 May 19440807Aden11 May 19441752Aden51Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele13 May 19440808Aden13 May 19441845Aden51Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele15 May 19440805Aden15 May 19441806Aden43,5Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele19 May 19440900Aden20 May 19441643Aden219Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele25 May 19440802Aden25 May 19441831Aden42Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele14 Jun 19440858Aden14 Jun 19441552Aden48Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele16 Jun 19440810Aden16 Jun 19441830Aden55Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele18 Jun 19440928Aden18 Jun 19441607Aden46Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele19 Jun 19440859Aden19 Jun 19441838Aden51Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele21 Jun 19440712Aden22 Jun 19441746Aden229,5Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele26 Jun 19440804Aden26 Jun 19441550Aden46Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele1 Jul 19440756Aden1 Jul 19441748Aden48,5Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele6 Jul 19440806Aden6 Jul 19441815Aden54,5Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele21 Jul 19440802Aden21 Jul 19441905Aden44Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele24 Jul 19440736Aden24 Jul 19441835Aden45Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele26 Jul 19440752Aden26 Jul 19441605Aden43Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele31 Jul 19440710Aden31 Jul 19441740Aden42,5Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele25 Sep 19440808Aden25 Sep 19441728Aden37Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele2 Oct 19440833Aden2 Oct 19441804Aden30Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele9 Oct 19440800Aden9 Oct 19441805Aden36Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele13 Oct 19440808Aden13 Oct 19441143Aden21Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele17 Oct 19440830Aden17 Oct 19441754Aden37,5Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele18 Oct 19440755Aden18 Oct 19441645Aden37Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele19 Oct 19440750Aden19 Oct 19441510Aden35Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele22 Oct 19440908Aden22 Oct 19441749Aden34,5Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele23 Oct 19440801Aden23 Oct 19441715Aden36,5Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele25 Oct 19440757Aden25 Oct 19441820Aden35Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele28 Oct 19440756Aden28 Oct 19442245Aden80Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele15 Nov 19440924Aden17 Nov 19441720Massawa429,5Passage Aden-Massawa, escorted until 0535 hours on the 17th by HMS Biglieri (former Italian gunboat Giuseppe Biglieri, scuttled at Massawa in 1941 and then raised).

Asquini, Giandaniele8 Jan 19450900Massawa8 Jan 19451255Massawa24Trials.

Asquini, Giandaniele14 Jan 19450805Massawa16 Jan 19451746Aden427Passage Massawa-Aden.

Asquini, Giandaniele25 Jan 19451522Aden26 Jan 19451142Aden148Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele27 Jan 19451508Aden28 Jan 19450900Aden122Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele30 Jan 19450816Aden30 Jan 19451813Aden37Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele1 Feb 19450753Aden1 Feb 19451920Aden58Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele5 Feb 19450808Aden5 Feb 19451704Aden35Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele7 Feb 19450803Aden7 Feb 19451708Aden50,8Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele9 Feb 19450759Aden9 Feb 19451605Aden56,3Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele10 Feb 19450809Aden10 Feb 19451715Aden35,5Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele15 Feb 19450808Aden15 Feb 19451740Aden35Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele16 Feb 19451502Aden17 Feb 19451701Aden167Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele20 Feb 19450820Aden21 Feb 19450002Aden88,5Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele22 Feb 19451500Aden23 Feb 19450818Aden118Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele2 Mar 19451523Aden3 Mar 19450823Aden131Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele5 Mar 19450227Aden6 Mar 19450739Aden152,3Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele19 Mar 19450815Aden20 Mar 19450847Aden125,1Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele22 Mar 19451027Aden22 Mar 19451800Aden39,3Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele9 Apr 19451501Aden10 Apr 19450818Aden112,7Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele7 May 19451745Aden14 May 19451810Suez1330,2Passage Aden-Suez.

Asquini, Giandaniele15 May 19450625Suez15 May 19451805Port Said86Passage Suez-Port Said.

Asquini, Giandaniele16 May 19451515Port Said22 May 19450915Taranto1002Passage Port Said-Taranto. No more sorties until the end of the war.

190 entries. 180 total patrol entries (23 marked as war patrols) and 33 events.

All Italian submarines