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Manlio Minucci

Born  13 Aug 1903Radda in Chianti (Siena)


  C.C.Capitano di Corvetta


Career information

FILIPPO CORRIDONI (C.C. C.O.): from 04.06.1940 to 03.02.1941.
MARCANTONIO BRAGADINO (C.C. resp.): from 26.08.1940 to 19.09.1940 (refit at Taranto).
From 06.02.1943, served as Head of MARINA AJACCIO.

Commands listed for Manlio Minucci

Submarine Type Rank From To
Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)MinelayingC.C.26 Aug 194019 Sep 1940
Filippo Corridoni (CR)MinelayingC.C.4 Jun 19403 Feb 1941

War patrols listed for Manlio Minucci

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Filippo Corridoni (CR)10 Jun 1940Taranto10 Jun 1940TarantoRefitting at Taranto.

Filippo Corridoni (CR)16 Jun 19400716Taranto16 Jun 19401425Taranto29,5Trials.

Filippo Corridoni (CR)17 Jun 19400541Taranto17 Jun 19401418Taranto36Trials, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.13.

Filippo Corridoni (CR)19 Jun 19401320Taranto19 Jun 19401805Taranto6Trials.

Filippo Corridoni (CR)23 Jun 19400820Taranto23 Jun 19401135Taranto8,5Trials.

Filippo Corridoni (CR)26 Jun 19400140Taranto28 Jun 19401800Naples480Passage Taranto-Naples, to pick up supplies for Libya.

1.Filippo Corridoni (CR)30 Jun 19401720Naples3 Jul 19402100Tobruk772Supply mission for Regia Aeronautica to Tobruk (15 tons) through Point C (32°13'40'N, 23°51'E) and then to Leros. Uneventful. British Intelligence had been informed of her arrival at 1700 hours on 3rd July and Sunderland 'R' from 228 Squadron was sent to sink her. Her late arrival probably saved her.

2.Filippo Corridoni (CR)16 Jul 19400645Tobruk19 Jul 19401530Leros426Supply trip to Leros.

3.Filippo Corridoni (CR)24 Jul 19401620Leros8 Aug 19401515Taranto1235Return trip from supply mission. Patrolled between Crete and Sapienza and passage Leros-Taranto. Uneventful.

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)26 Aug 1940Taranto19 Sep 1940TarantoRefit in Taranto.

Filippo Corridoni (CR)25 Sep 19400825Taranto25 Sep 19401720Taranto33,5Trials.

Filippo Corridoni (CR)29 Sep 19400907Taranto29 Sep 19401240Taranto5,2Trials.

Filippo Corridoni (CR)3 Oct 19400740Taranto3 Oct 19401346Taranto40Trials.

4.Filippo Corridoni (CR)13 Oct 19401620Taranto19 Oct 19400925Rhodes820,5Supply mission to Rhodes and Leros, carrying stores for the Regia Aeronautica. British Naval Intelligence was aware of her passage.
  15 Oct 19400930-140237° 50'N, 19° 50'EBetween 0930 and 1402 hours, Corridoni was hunted by a destroyer who attempted to locate the submarine with her ASDIC and dropped depth charges at 0948 and 1035 hours. The submarine escaped damage.

5.Filippo Corridoni (CR)20 Oct 19402325Rhodes21 Oct 19401145Leros820,5Passage Rhodes-Leros.

6.Filippo Corridoni (CR)27 Oct 19401755Leros6 Nov 19400750Leros1072Patrolled in Aegean. Uneventful.

7.Filippo Corridoni (CR)13 Nov 19401635Leros18 Nov 19401545Taranto681,5Passage Leros-Taranto. Return trip from supply mission. Uneventful. Then docking.

Filippo Corridoni (CR)28 Dec 19400810Taranto28 Dec 19401615Taranto33Exercises.

Filippo Corridoni (CR)31 Dec 19400720Taranto31 Dec 19401615Taranto43,5Exercises.

8.Filippo Corridoni (CR)6 Jan 19410730Taranto17 Jan 19411730Taranto1251Patrolled south of Otranto Straits in 38°40'N, 20°00'E. Uneventful except hearing distant explosions.

9.Filippo Corridoni (CR)7 Feb 19412015Taranto8 Feb 19411040Taranto99Hydrophone Watch. Uneventful.

21 entries. 21 total patrol entries (9 marked as war patrols) and 1 events.

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