Italian submarines in World War Two

Jalea (IA)

TypeCoastal / Sea going 
ClassArgonauta (20) 
Laid down 20 Jan 1930 Odero-Terni-Orlando, Muggiano
Launched15 Jun 1932
Commissioned16 Mar 1933
End service
Stricken1 Feb 1948
Loss date
Loss position
History Stricken on 1st February 1948.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
T.V. Sandro Cetti25 Apr 194027 Feb 1941
C.C. Gustavo Miniero28 Feb 194116 May 1941
C.C. Vincenzo D'Amato17 May 194131 Jan 1942
C.F. Riccardo Boris1 Feb 194214 Feb 1942
C.C. Giuseppe Roselli Lorenzini14 Feb 194217 May 1942
T.V. Teucle Meneghini25 Feb 194225 Feb 1942
C.C. Guido D'Alterio18 May 194211 Oct 1942
C.C. Alberto Torri12 Oct 194215 Jun 1943
T.V. Pasquale Gigli16 Jun 19434 Oct 1943
G.M. Emilio Catalano5 Oct 194322 Nov 1943
C.G.N. Nireo Bassetti23 Nov 194319 Jan 1944
S.T.V. Arturo Spina19 Jan 194423 Jan 1944
T.V. Eugenio Parodi23 Jan 19447 May 1944
T.V. Giuseppe Ridella7 May 1944Aug 1945

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1Cetti, Sandro9 Jun 19400745Porto Lago (Leros)14 Jun 19401615Porto Lago (Leros)579Patrolled in 35°08'N, 26°58'E on a patrol line with Delfino and Jantina, in Kaso Straits and south of Kaso Island, Aegean.
  11 Jun 19400810
(0) Kaso Strait.
At 0810 hours, an A/S craft dropped three depth-charges on the Jalea. The submarine escaped to the southeast. A fourth depth-charge was heard at 1030 hours. No Allied A/S vessels operated in the area.

2Cetti, Sandro29 Jun 19400930Porto Lago (Leros)9 Jul 19400955Porto Lago (Leros)811Patrolled in 35°10'N, 26°40'E (Kaso Straits).

3Cetti, Sandro5 Aug 19400730Porto Lago (Leros)17 Aug 19400652Porto Lago (Leros)1116,5Patrolled in Skarpanto Channel, north of Channel Rhodes-Skarpanto. Uneventful.

Cetti, Sandro7 Sep 19401800Porto Lago (Leros)12 Sep 19401625Taranto640Passage Leros-Taranto.

Cetti, Sandro22 Oct 19400840Taranto22 Oct 19401815Taranto61Exercises.

4Cetti, Sandro10 Nov 19402130Taranto11 Nov 19400930Taranto181Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto.

5Cetti, Sandro12 Nov 19400400Taranto13 Nov 19401330Taranto181Hydrophone watch in 39°39'N, 18°53'E or 118° - Torre Scanzano - 15'. Uneventful.

6Cetti, Sandro14 Nov 19400700Taranto22 Nov 19401530Taranto519,5Patrolled west of Corfu within 5 miles of 39°39'N, 18°53'E. Uneventful.

7Cetti, Sandro1 Dec 19400900Taranto11 Dec 19401435Taranto638Patrolled with Da Procida south of Otranto Straits, in 39°40'N, 19°10'E.

8Cetti, Sandro26 Dec 19402109Taranto5 Jan 19411330Taranto1006,5Patrolled south of Straits of Otranto, from 38°40'N, 20°00'E to 10 miles east. Uneventful.

Cetti, Sandro19 Jan 19411435Taranto19 Jan 19411540Taranto3Exercises.

9Cetti, Sandro21 Jan 19410805Taranto31 Jan 19411630Taranto663Patrolled south of Straits of Otranto in 38°40'N, 19°40'E. Uneventful except for H.E. and distant explosions.

Cetti, Sandro1 Feb 19411430Taranto1 Feb 19411605Taranto4Exercises.

Cetti, Sandro26 Feb 19410830Taranto26 Feb 19411644Taranto36Exercises, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.16.

Cetti, Sandro27 Feb 19410910Taranto27 Feb 19411034Taranto2Exercises.

Miniero, Gustavo6 Mar 19410840Taranto6 Mar 19411710Taranto44Exercises, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.30.

10Miniero, Gustavo10 Mar 19412125Taranto11 Mar 19411045Taranto87Defensive patrol in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

Miniero, Gustavo15 Mar 19411515Taranto15 Mar 19411646Taranto4Exercises.

Miniero, Gustavo16 Mar 19410910Taranto18 Mar 19411048Pola534Passage Taranto-Pola. Sighted only an Italian convoy.

Miniero, Gustavo25 Mar 19410810Pola25 Mar 19411550Pola50Exercises.

Miniero, Gustavo27 Mar 19410817Pola27 Mar 19411929Pola71Exercises with the submarines Bragadino, Medusa and Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera.

Miniero, Gustavo28 Mar 19410951Pola28 Mar 19411650Pola29Exercises.

Miniero, Gustavo31 Mar 19411328Pola1 Apr 19410015Pola71Trials.

11Miniero, Gustavo4 Apr 19411610Pola13 Apr 19411325Pola827Patrolled in 43°24'N, 15°48'E on a line 15 miles NW/SE (or in 41°50'N, 18°25'E?), off Punta Planca and Sebenico. Uneventful. Replaced Medusa who had returned due to defects.

Miniero, Gustavo15 Apr 19410850Pola15 Apr 19410915Pola2Exercises.

Miniero, Gustavo4 May 19411000Pola4 May 19411025Pola0,5Docked.

D'Amato, Vincenzo28 May 19411100Pola28 May 19411130Pola0,5Undocked.

D'Amato, Vincenzo14 Jun 19410840Pola14 Jun 19411830Pola72Trials.

D'Amato, Vincenzo16 Jun 19410820Pola16 Jun 19410840Pola0,5Docked.

D'Amato, Vincenzo19 Jun 19411030Pola19 Jun 19411105Pola0,5Undocked.

D'Amato, Vincenzo23 Jun 19410835Pola23 Jun 19411900Pola25,5Exercises, tested Gyrocompass.

D'Amato, Vincenzo24 Jun 19410651Pola24 Jun 19412030Pola95Trials.

D'Amato, Vincenzo26 Jun 19410815Pola26 Jun 19411612Pola25Trials, escorted by the auxiliary Grado.

D'Amato, Vincenzo26 Jun 19411655Pola26 Jun 19411740Pola0,5Docked.

D'Amato, Vincenzo27 Jun 19411740Pola27 Jun 19411823Pola0,5Undocked.

D'Amato, Vincenzo29 Jun 19410800Pola29 Jun 19410842Pola1,5Changed anchorage.

D'Amato, Vincenzo30 Jun 19410800Pola30 Jun 19411848Pola65Speed trials.

D'Amato, Vincenzo1 Jul 19410800Pola1 Jul 19411848Pola54Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo3 Jul 19411230Pola3 Jul 19411845Pola57Gunnery exercises with the submarines Pisani and Speri and the auxiliary Principessa Mafalda.

D'Amato, Vincenzo4 Jul 19411212Pola4 Jul 19411826Pola57Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo5 Jul 19410756Pola5 Jul 19411817Pola72Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo6 Jul 19410830Pola6 Jul 19410900Pola0,5Docked?

D'Amato, Vincenzo7 Jul 19410830Pola7 Jul 19410900Pola0,5Undocked?

D'Amato, Vincenzo8 Jul 19410726Pola8 Jul 19411702Pola56Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary San Giorgio.

D'Amato, Vincenzo9 Jul 19411909Pola10 Jul 19410304Pola75Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo12 Jul 19410754Pola12 Jul 19411730Pola76Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

D'Amato, Vincenzo13 Jul 19410747Pola13 Jul 19411743Pola71Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo16 Jul 19410754Pola16 Jul 19411940Pola72Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boats Audace and Insidioso, the auxiliary Jadera and the tug Grado.

D'Amato, Vincenzo17 Jul 19410740Pola17 Jul 19411859Pola68Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo18 Jul 19411450Pola18 Jul 19411511Pola0,5Docked?

D'Amato, Vincenzo25 Jul 19411140Pola25 Jul 19411210Pola0,5Undocked?

D'Amato, Vincenzo26 Jul 19410745Pola27 Jul 19410331Pola128Trials.

D'Amato, Vincenzo29 Jul 19411848Pola30 Jul 19410324Pola65Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo31 Jul 19410735Pola31 Jul 19411820Pola64Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo1 Aug 19410736Pola1 Aug 19411832Pola65Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo2 Aug 19410541Pola2 Aug 19411747Pola62Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo4 Aug 19410740Pola4 Aug 19411743Pola59Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo8 Aug 19410736Pola8 Aug 19411704Pola60Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo12 Aug 19410738Pola12 Aug 19411635Pola60Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo12 Aug 19412115Pola13 Aug 19410610Pola65Exercises with the submarines Des Geneys and Pisani, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera, the torpedo boat Audace and light cruiser Da Barbiano.

D'Amato, Vincenzo15 Aug 19410740Pola15 Aug 19411746Pola72Sailed with the submarine Bausan, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera, for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace.

D'Amato, Vincenzo19 Aug 19410735Pola19 Aug 19411935Pola84Sailed with the submarines Speri and Toti for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Insidioso, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Salvore.

D'Amato, Vincenzo25 Aug 19410741Pola25 Aug 19411925Pola73Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo29 Aug 19411912Pola30 Aug 19410115Pola48Sailed, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera, for torpedo firing exercises against the torpedo boat Insidioso.

D'Amato, Vincenzo2 Sep 19411045Pola3 Sep 19410130Pola81,3Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo3 Sep 19412205Pola4 Sep 19410657Pola74,8Exercises with the light cruiser Da Barbiano and the torpedo boat Audace.

D'Amato, Vincenzo5 Sep 19410805Pola5 Sep 19411735Pola53,7Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo8 Sep 19410732Pola8 Sep 19411813Pola60,5Exercises with the submarines Des Geneys, Cagni and Speri, escorted by the auxiliaries Salvore, Jadera and Morrhua.

D'Amato, Vincenzo11 Sep 19410740Pola11 Sep 19411824Pola59,2Exercises with the submarine Toti, escorted by the auxiliary Salvore.

D'Amato, Vincenzo13 Sep 19410735Pola13 Sep 19411731Pola69,6Exercises with the submarines Bausan, Medusa and Pisani, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and the auxiliaries Morrhua and Jadera.

D'Amato, Vincenzo15 Sep 19410740Pola15 Sep 19411825Pola73,5Exercises with the submarine Medusa, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary San Giorgio.

D'Amato, Vincenzo16 Sep 19410740Pola16 Sep 19411745Pola51,5Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo18 Sep 19411010Pola19 Sep 19410155Pola97,5Exercises with the submarine Speri, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

D'Amato, Vincenzo23 Sep 19410800Pola23 Sep 19411602Pola55,1Exercises with the submarines Des Geneys, Bausan and Mameli, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace, and the auxiliaries Salvore and Jadera.

12D'Amato, Vincenzo25 Sep 19411753Pola28 Sep 19410825Pola257,5Patrolled west of Cherso, off Quarnaro, north of 44°46 N. Uneventful.

D'Amato, Vincenzo1 Oct 19411302Pola2 Oct 19410020Pola85Exercises with the submarine Medusa, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

D'Amato, Vincenzo4 Oct 19410954Pola4 Oct 19411712Pola59Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo6 Oct 19411059Pola7 Oct 19410140Pola89Exercises with the submarine Mameli, escorted by the auxiliary Salvatore.

13D'Amato, Vincenzo9 Oct 19411634Pola12 Oct 19410240Pola416Defensive patrol.

D'Amato, Vincenzo13 Oct 19411045Pola13 Oct 19411100Pola0,5Changed anchorage?

D'Amato, Vincenzo13 Oct 19411355Pola13 Oct 19411415Pola0,4Changed anchorage?

D'Amato, Vincenzo15 Oct 19411315Pola15 Oct 19411332Pola0,4Changed anchorage?

D'Amato, Vincenzo20 Oct 19410845Pola20 Oct 19410930Pola0,5Changed anchorage?

D'Amato, Vincenzo23 Oct 19410928Pola23 Oct 19410950Pola0,5Changed anchorage?

D'Amato, Vincenzo28 Oct 19411426Pola28 Oct 19411500Pola0,5Changed anchorage?

D'Amato, Vincenzo30 Oct 19411103Pola30 Oct 19411718Pola58,2Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo1 Nov 19410756Pola1 Nov 19411719Pola80,5Exercises with the submarines Rismondo and Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

D'Amato, Vincenzo5 Nov 19410803Pola5 Nov 19411740Pola63,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Grado.

D'Amato, Vincenzo7 Nov 19410800Pola7 Nov 19411819Pola76,5Exercises with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Grado.

D'Amato, Vincenzo10 Nov 19410800Pola10 Nov 19411846Pola83,5Exercises, escorted by torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Jadera.

D'Amato, Vincenzo12 Nov 19410800Pola12 Nov 19411707Pola73Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo18 Nov 19410800Pola18 Nov 19411647Pola65Exercises with the submarines Toti and Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio.

D'Amato, Vincenzo22 Nov 19410800Pola22 Nov 19411710Pola74,5Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo25 Nov 19410803Pola25 Nov 19411710Pola64,5Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo26 Nov 19410801Pola26 Nov 19411710Pola71,5Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo28 Nov 19410800Pola28 Nov 19411625Pola73,5Exercises with the submarines Pisani, Speri and Mameli, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and Tron.

D'Amato, Vincenzo1 Dec 19410810Pola1 Dec 19411650Pola72,728Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera.

D'Amato, Vincenzo2 Dec 19411635Pola3 Dec 19410035Pola62,072Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo3 Dec 19411047Pola3 Dec 19411103Pola0,99Changed anchorage?

D'Amato, Vincenzo9 Dec 19411620Pola9 Dec 19412400Pola70,136Exercises with the submarine Medusa, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

D'Amato, Vincenzo11 Dec 19410745Pola11 Dec 19411830Pola67,556Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo12 Dec 19410810Pola12 Dec 19411715Pola58,499Exercises with the submarines Pisani and Speri, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso, and the auxiliaries Trau and San Giorgio.

14D'Amato, Vincenzo13 Dec 19411421Pola14 Dec 19411249Pola121,5Substituting for Des Geneys (who turned back due to engine defects), Jalea went on defensive patrol (hydrophone watch) with the submarine Mameli, between Trieste and Venice to cover an important convoy.

D'Amato, Vincenzo24 Dec 19410758Pola24 Dec 19411630Pola58,13Exercises with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Trau. Simulated torpedo attacks on the torpedo boat Audace.

D'Amato, Vincenzo27 Dec 19410810Pola27 Dec 19411740Pola69,437Exercises with the submarine Speri, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

D'Amato, Vincenzo29 Dec 19411610Pola30 Dec 19410210Pola88,848Torpedo firing exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

D'Amato, Vincenzo31 Dec 19410835Pola31 Dec 19411425Pola49,498Gunfire exercises with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

D'Amato, Vincenzo4 Jan 19420840Pola4 Jan 19421640Pola43,2Exercises with the submarines Toti, Des Geneys and Medusa, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio, and the torpedo boat Audace.

D'Amato, Vincenzo5 Jan 19420830Pola5 Jan 19421705Pola62Exercises with the submarines Speri, Des Geneys, Medusa and Ondina, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace, the auxiliaries Jadera, San Giorgio and Trau.

D'Amato, Vincenzo7 Jan 19420835Pola7 Jan 19421638Pola57,5Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo12 Jan 19421053Pola13 Jan 19420028Pola87,8Exercises.

D'Amato, Vincenzo15 Jan 19420832Pola15 Jan 19421805Pola58,5Exercises with the submarine Ondina, escorted by Jadera.

D'Amato, Vincenzo19 Jan 19421505Pola20 Jan 19420057Pola80,2Exercises with the submarine Toti, escorted by the auxiliary Grado. Night gunfire exercises against Jadera, then night torpedo firing against the torpedo boat Missori.

D'Amato, Vincenzo20 Jan 19421505Pola20 Jan 19421532Pola0,3Changed moorings.

D'Amato, Vincenzo26 Jan 19421045Pola26 Jan 19421100Pola0,2Changed moorings.

D'Amato, Vincenzo28 Jan 19421603Pola28 Jan 19421907Pola26Exercises with the submarine Medusa, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Boris, Riccardo1 Feb 1942Pola14 Feb 1942PolaRefit?

Meneghini, Teucle25 Feb 19420740Pola25 Feb 19421450Porto Baross60Passage Pola-Porto Baross with the submarines Velella and Pisani, the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Quarnerolo.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe7 Mar 19420800Porto Baross7 Mar 19421357Porto Baross26,5Exercises.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe9 Mar 19421235Porto Baross9 Mar 19421826Porto Baross32,6Exercises with the submarine Pisani, escorted by the auxiliary Trau.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe10 Mar 19420802Porto Baross10 Mar 19421400Porto Baross28,2Exercises with the submarine Pisani, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and Trau.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe14 Mar 19420825Porto Baross14 Mar 19421400Porto Baross26,5Exercises.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe16 Mar 19421330Porto Baross16 Mar 19421745Porto Baross19,9Exercises.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe17 Mar 19420835Porto Baross17 Mar 19421402Porto Baross23,6Exercises.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe18 Mar 19420913Porto Baross18 Mar 19421615Porto Baross38,4Exercises with the submarines Asteria and Manara, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and Abbazia.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe1 Apr 19420920Porto Baross1 Apr 19421740Porto Baross38,5Exercises with the submarines Asteria and Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace, the auxiliary Jadera and two motorboats.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe2 Apr 19422018Porto Baross3 Apr 19420055Porto Baross31Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace, the auxiliary San Giorgio and motorboat 6 F.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe4 Apr 19420830Porto Baross4 Apr 19421330Porto Baross25,3Exercises.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe6 Apr 19421026Porto Baross6 Apr 19421301Porto Baross8,5Exercises with the submarine Pisani, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe8 Apr 19420900Porto Baross9 Apr 19420205Porto Baross83,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Abbazia and Trau.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe9 Apr 19421004Porto Baross10 Apr 19420216Porto Baross64Exercises.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe11 Apr 19420915Porto Baross11 Apr 19421442Porto Baross23,2Exercises with the submarines Diaspro, Asteria and Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and the auxiliary Jadera.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe16 Apr 19421225Porto Baross17 Apr 19420116Porto Baross48Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and the auxiliary Jadera.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe18 Apr 19420920Porto Baross18 Apr 19421340Porto Baross37,3Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe21 Apr 19421240Porto Baross21 Apr 19422156Porto Baross43,1Exercises, by the auxiliary Jadera.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe23 Apr 19421220Porto Baross23 Apr 19420042Porto Baross61,9Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat T.3.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe25 Apr 19420920Porto Baross25 Apr 19421453Porto Baross38,8Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat T.3.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe28 Apr 19421252Porto Baross29 Apr 19420029Porto Baross3,3Exercises with the submarines Manara and Giada, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe30 Apr 19420822Porto Baross30 Apr 19422400Porto Baross58Exercises with the submarines Manara and Giada, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe2 May 19421001Porto Baross2 May 19421432Porto Baross12,3Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe5 May 19421232Porto Baross6 May 19420043Porto Baross50,4Exercises with the submarine Bandiera, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe7 May 19420932Porto Baross7 May 19421213Porto Baross24,7Exercises with the submarine Bandiera, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe9 May 19421051Porto Baross9 May 19421455Porto Baross15,7Exercises with the submarine Bandiera, escorted by the torpedo boat T.3.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe11 May 19421325Porto Baross11 May 19422310Porto Baross37,5Exercises with the submarines Manara and Giada, escorted by the torpedo boat T.3.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe13 May 19421315Porto Baross13 May 19421648Porto Baross24,7Exercises.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe15 May 19421100Porto Baross15 May 19422115Porto Baross38,9Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe16 May 19421330Porto Sauro16 May 19421900Pola58,9Passage Porto Baross-Pola.

D'Alterio, Guido19 May 19420830Pola19 May 19421130Pola3,9Exercises.

D'Alterio, Guido5 Jun 19420845Pola5 Jun 19421410Pola26,5Exercises.

D'Alterio, Guido8 Jun 19420825Pola8 Jun 19421440Pola20,2Exercises.

D'Alterio, Guido11 Jun 19421320Pola11 Jun 19421940Pola24,7Exercises.

D'Alterio, Guido15 Jun 19420825Pola15 Jun 19421427Pola20,8Exercises.

D'Alterio, Guido16 Jun 19421328Pola16 Jun 19421915Pola26Exercises.

D'Alterio, Guido18 Jun 19420840Pola18 Jun 19421550Pola23,1Exercises.

15D'Alterio, Guido19 Jun 19421910Pola20 Jun 19421035Pola38Patrolled in Northern Adriatic. Uneventful. Heard only H.E.

16D'Alterio, Guido20 Jun 19421835Pola21 Jun 19421050Pola72,3Patrolled in Northern Adriatic. Uneventful. Heard only H.E.

17D'Alterio, Guido22 Jun 19421830Pola23 Jun 19421020Pola65,8Patrolled in Northern Adriatic for hydrophone exercises with auxiliary Roma. Uneventful.

D'Alterio, Guido24 Jun 19420935Pola24 Jun 19421600Pola23,3Exercises.

D'Alterio, Guido26 Jun 19420836Pola26 Jun 19421437Pola21,5Exercises.

D'Alterio, Guido30 Jun 19421310Pola30 Jun 19421914Pola21,4Exercises.

D'Alterio, Guido3 Jul 19421316Pola3 Jul 19421846Pola18,5Exercises.

18D'Alterio, Guido3 Jul 19421930Pola4 Jul 19421050Pola93,5Defensive patrol (hydrophone watch). Uneventful.

D'Alterio, Guido7 Jul 19420815Pola7 Jul 19421240Pola26,7Exercises.

D'Alterio, Guido7 Jul 19421835Pola8 Jul 19420110Pola15,5Exercises.

D'Alterio, Guido9 Jul 19421315Pola9 Jul 19421955Pola27,3Exercises.

19D'Alterio, Guido12 Jul 19421819Pola13 Jul 19421022Pola113,7Hydrophone watch in northern Adriatic. Uneventful.

20D'Alterio, Guido13 Jul 19421827Pola14 Jul 19421042Pola104,3Hydrophone watch in northern Adriatic. Uneventful.

D'Alterio, Guido21 Sep 19421325Pola21 Sep 19421745Pola14,6Trials.

D'Alterio, Guido23 Sep 19420525Pola23 Sep 19421939Pola130Trials.

D'Alterio, Guido28 Sep 19420820Pola28 Sep 19421817Venice80Passage Pola-Venice.

D'Alterio, Guido1 Oct 19420850Venice1 Oct 19421157Venice15Tests with G7e torpedoes.

D'Alterio, Guido3 Oct 19420005Venice3 Oct 19420748Pola76Passage Venice-Pola.

Torri, Alberto17 Oct 19421005Pola17 Oct 19421615Fiume61Passage Pola-Fiume.

Torri, Alberto19 Oct 19420825Fiume19 Oct 19421820Fiume30Exercises with the submarines Manara and Delfino, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Torri, Alberto21 Oct 19420840Fiume21 Oct 19421810Fiume29Exercises.

Torri, Alberto23 Oct 19420845Fiume23 Oct 19421823Fiume40Exercises.

Torri, Alberto26 Oct 19420815Fiume26 Oct 19422210Fiume89,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto28 Oct 19420725Fiume28 Oct 19421825Fiume29,9Exercises.

Torri, Alberto29 Oct 19421200Fiume29 Oct 19421647Fiume25,4Exercises.

Torri, Alberto31 Oct 19420800Fiume1 Nov 19420032Fiume61,8Exercises.

Torri, Alberto2 Nov 19421225Porto Sauro2 Nov 19421455Bergondi3,3Docked.

Torri, Alberto10 Nov 19420919Bergondi10 Nov 19422155Porto Sauro33,2Undocked and exercises.

Torri, Alberto12 Nov 19420712Porto Sauro12 Nov 19422122Porto Sauro62,6Exercises.

Torri, Alberto13 Nov 19420720Porto Sauro13 Nov 19421451Porto Sauro48,4Exercises.

Torri, Alberto16 Nov 19421141Porto Sauro16 Nov 19422135Porto Sauro51,6Exercises.

Torri, Alberto17 Nov 19420855Porto Sauro17 Nov 19421957Porto Sauro63,1Exercises.

Torri, Alberto19 Nov 19420830Porto Sauro19 Nov 19422225Porto Sauro85,9Exercises.

Torri, Alberto20 Nov 19420830Porto Sauro20 Nov 19421705Porto Sauro33,7Exercises.

Torri, Alberto21 Nov 19420825Porto Sauro21 Nov 19421730Porto Sauro20,1Exercises.

Torri, Alberto23 Nov 19420740Porto Sauro23 Nov 19422028Porto Sauro40,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto24 Nov 19420858Porto Sauro24 Nov 19421251Porto Sauro24,4Exercises.

Torri, Alberto25 Nov 19420855Porto Sauro25 Nov 19421423Porto Sauro22,6Exercises.

Torri, Alberto26 Nov 19421035Porto Sauro26 Nov 19422027Porto Sauro47,1Exercises.

Torri, Alberto27 Nov 19421144Porto Sauro27 Nov 19421750Porto Sauro28,8Exercises.

Torri, Alberto30 Nov 19420820Porto Sauro30 Nov 19422030Porto Sauro35,9Exercises.

Torri, Alberto1 Dec 19421215Porto Sauro1 Dec 19422033Porto Sauro24,7Exercises.

Torri, Alberto2 Dec 19421310Porto Sauro2 Dec 19421955Porto Sauro36,2Exercises.

Torri, Alberto5 Dec 19421650Porto Sauro5 Dec 19422030Porto Sauro27Exercises.

Torri, Alberto7 Dec 19420830Porto Sauro7 Dec 19421520Porto Sauro27,2Exercises.

Torri, Alberto8 Dec 19420815Porto Sauro8 Dec 19421130Porto Sauro18,2Exercises.

Torri, Alberto9 Dec 19420846Porto Sauro9 Dec 19421632Porto Sauro43,6Exercises.

Torri, Alberto11 Dec 19420820Porto Sauro11 Dec 19421222Porto Sauro20,3Exercises.

Torri, Alberto11 Dec 19421640Porto Sauro11 Dec 19421916Porto Sauro17,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto12 Dec 19420815Porto Sauro12 Dec 19421215Porto Sauro20Exercises.

Torri, Alberto15 Dec 19420822Porto Sauro15 Dec 19421148Porto Sauro19Exercises.

Torri, Alberto17 Dec 19421335Porto Sauro17 Dec 19421605Porto Sauro14,6Exercises.

Torri, Alberto18 Dec 19421320Porto Sauro18 Dec 19421550Porto Sauro9,4Tests.

Torri, Alberto21 Dec 19421115Porto Sauro21 Dec 19421450Porto Sauro13,4Tests.

Torri, Alberto22 Dec 19421100Porto Sauro22 Dec 19421205Porto Sauro6,8Tests.

21Meneghini, Teucle28 Dec 19420905Porto Sauro31 Dec 19420600Pola423,7Patrolled in Northern Adriatic, in 43°50'N, 14°30'E. Uneventful.

Torri, Alberto1 Jan 19430530Pola1 Jan 19431105Fiume39Passage Pola-Fiume.

Torri, Alberto2 Jan 19430900Porto Sauro2 Jan 19430945Bergondi2,5Passage Porto Sauro-Bergondi.

Torri, Alberto15 Jan 19430745Bergondi15 Jan 19430930Porto Sauro2,5Passage Bergondi-Porto Sauro.

Torri, Alberto19 Jan 19431040Porto Sauro19 Jan 19432050Porto Sauro61Exercises.

Torri, Alberto20 Jan 19431302Porto Sauro20 Jan 19432045Porto Sauro38Exercises.

Torri, Alberto23 Jan 19431024Porto Sauro23 Jan 19431505Porto Sauro24,7Exercises.

Torri, Alberto26 Jan 19431040Porto Sauro26 Jan 19432120Porto Sauro69Exercises.

Torri, Alberto28 Jan 19431026Porto Sauro28 Jan 19432345Porto Sauro129,4Exercises.

Torri, Alberto29 Jan 19431106Porto Sauro29 Jan 19432120Porto Sauro60,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto2 Feb 19431050Porto Sauro2 Feb 19431519Porto Sauro16,4Exercises.

Torri, Alberto3 Feb 19431020Porto Sauro3 Feb 19432112Porto Sauro43Exercises.

Torri, Alberto4 Feb 19431035Porto Sauro4 Feb 19432220Porto Sauro54Exercises.

Torri, Alberto6 Feb 19431021Porto Sauro6 Feb 19432256Porto Sauro60Exercises.

Torri, Alberto8 Feb 19431034Porto Sauro8 Feb 19432047Porto Sauro51Exercises.

Torri, Alberto10 Feb 19431036Porto Sauro10 Feb 19432158Porto Sauro53Exercises.

Torri, Alberto11 Feb 19431030Porto Sauro11 Feb 19432210Porto Sauro99Exercises.

Torri, Alberto13 Feb 19431011Porto Sauro13 Feb 19432217Porto Sauro56Exercises.

Torri, Alberto16 Feb 19431012Porto Sauro16 Feb 19431605Porto Sauro33,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto18 Feb 19431100Porto Sauro18 Feb 19431356Porto Sauro24,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto19 Feb 19431040Porto Sauro19 Feb 19432052Porto Sauro47Exercises.

Torri, Alberto20 Feb 19431017Porto Sauro20 Feb 19432135Porto Sauro28Exercises.

Torri, Alberto22 Feb 19430912Porto Sauro22 Feb 19432205Porto Sauro25Exercises.

Torri, Alberto23 Feb 19430950Porto Sauro23 Feb 19431417Porto Sauro67Exercises.

Torri, Alberto25 Feb 19431007Porto Sauro25 Feb 19432230Porto Sauro65,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto27 Feb 19431040Porto Sauro27 Feb 19432208Porto Sauro55Exercises.

Torri, Alberto1 Mar 19431150Porto Sauro1 Mar 19432320Porto Sauro68,3Exercises.

Torri, Alberto2 Mar 19430922Porto Sauro2 Mar 19432245Porto Sauro92Exercises.

Torri, Alberto5 Mar 19430850Porto Sauro5 Mar 19432301Porto Sauro74Exercises.

Torri, Alberto9 Mar 19431020Porto Sauro9 Mar 19432400Porto Sauro67Exercises.

Torri, Alberto11 Mar 19430930Porto Sauro11 Mar 19432130Porto Sauro58Exercises.

Torri, Alberto13 Mar 19431005Porto Sauro13 Mar 19432152Porto Sauro62,3Exercises.

Torri, Alberto16 Mar 19431030Porto Sauro16 Mar 19432312Porto Sauro89,4Exercises.

Torri, Alberto18 Mar 19431050Porto Sauro18 Mar 19432250Porto Sauro77Exercises.

Torri, Alberto20 Mar 19431135Porto Sauro20 Mar 19432130Porto Sauro62,3Exercises.

Torri, Alberto23 Mar 19431228Porto Sauro23 Mar 19432232Porto Sauro52,1Exercises.

Torri, Alberto24 Mar 19430930Porto Sauro24 Mar 19431353Porto Sauro56Exercises.

Torri, Alberto27 Mar 19430923Porto Sauro27 Mar 19430953Porto Sauro0,2Trials.

Torri, Alberto30 Mar 19431240Porto Sauro30 Mar 19432335Porto Sauro68,6Exercises.

Torri, Alberto31 Mar 19431105Porto Sauro31 Mar 19431345Porto Sauro8,4Trials.

Torri, Alberto1 Apr 19431430Porto Sauro1 Apr 19432335Porto Sauro51,431Exercises.

Torri, Alberto3 Apr 19431205Porto Sauro3 Apr 19432257Porto Sauro60,2Exercises.

Torri, Alberto6 Apr 19431202Porto Sauro6 Apr 19432319Porto Sauro70,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto8 Apr 19431359Porto Sauro8 Apr 19432241Porto Sauro45Exercises.

Torri, Alberto10 Apr 19431400Porto Sauro10 Apr 19432347Porto Sauro47,9Exercises.

Torri, Alberto13 Apr 19430944Porto Sauro13 Apr 19432318Porto Sauro94,95Exercises.

Torri, Alberto15 Apr 19431212Porto Sauro15 Apr 19432307Porto Sauro75,2Exercises.

Torri, Alberto17 Apr 19431430Porto Sauro17 Apr 19431920Porto Sauro39,26Exercises.

Torri, Alberto20 Apr 19431133Porto Sauro21 Apr 19430002Porto Sauro67,4Exercises.

Torri, Alberto22 Apr 19431305Porto Sauro22 Apr 19431540Porto Sauro11Exercises.

Torri, Alberto8 May 19431340Porto Sauro8 May 19432325Porto Sauro56,7Exercises.

Torri, Alberto11 May 19431325Porto Sauro12 May 19430015Porto Sauro57,8Exercises.

Torri, Alberto13 May 19431311Porto Sauro14 May 19430035Porto Sauro62Exercises.

Torri, Alberto15 May 19431343Porto Sauro16 May 19430046Porto Sauro74,6Exercises.

Torri, Alberto18 May 19431223Porto Sauro19 May 19430245Porto Sauro82Exercises.

Torri, Alberto20 May 19431212Porto Sauro21 May 19430240Porto Sauro72Exercises.

Torri, Alberto22 May 19431310Porto Sauro23 May 19430045Porto Sauro29,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto25 May 19431215Porto Sauro26 May 19430256Porto Sauro73,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto27 May 19431236Porto Sauro28 May 19430108Porto Sauro71,7Exercises.

Torri, Alberto29 May 19431211Porto Sauro30 May 19430118Porto Sauro74,3Exercises.

Torri, Alberto1 Jun 19430907Porto Sauro2 Jun 19430155Porto Sauro92,8Exercises.

Torri, Alberto5 Jun 19431140Porto Sauro6 Jun 19430115Porto Sauro70,9Exercises.

Torri, Alberto8 Jun 19431643Porto Sauro9 Jun 19430115Porto Sauro59Exercises.

Torri, Alberto11 Jun 19431646Porto Sauro11 Jun 19432130Porto Sauro29,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto12 Jun 19431519Porto Sauro13 Jun 19430230Porto Sauro77,7Exercises.

Torri, Alberto14 Jun 19431225Porto Sauro15 Jun 19430130Porto Sauro70,9Exercises.

Gigli, Pasquale16 Jun 19431240Porto Sauro17 Jun 19430040Porto Sauro74,5Exercises.

Gigli, Pasquale18 Jun 19431504Porto Sauro19 Jun 19430125Porto Sauro66,7Exercises.

Gigli, Pasquale21 Jun 19431155Porto Sauro22 Jun 19430010Porto Sauro69,5Exercises.

Gigli, Pasquale23 Jun 19431230Porto Sauro24 Jun 19430145Porto Sauro65Exercises.

Gigli, Pasquale25 Jun 19431210Porto Sauro26 Jun 19430055Porto Sauro67,5Exercises.

Gigli, Pasquale28 Jun 19431205Porto Sauro29 Jun 19430448Porto Sauro77,5Exercises.

Gigli, Pasquale1 Jul 19431220Fiume2 Jul 19430202Fiume69,5Exercises.

Gigli, Pasquale2 Jul 19431310Fiume3 Jul 19430345Fiume78,5Exercises.

Gigli, Pasquale5 Jul 19431210Fiume6 Jul 19430030Fiume71,5Exercises.

Gigli, Pasquale7 Jul 19431214Fiume8 Jul 19430130Fiume79,5Exercises.

Gigli, Pasquale9 Jul 19431513Fiume10 Jul 19430110Fiume58Exercises.

Gigli, Pasquale10 Jul 19431150Fiume10 Jul 19431515Fiume18Exercises.

Gigli, Pasquale12 Jul 19431215Fiume13 Jul 19430035Fiume71,5Exercises.

Gigli, Pasquale13 Jul 19432240Fiume14 Jul 19430620Pola63,8Passage Fiume-Pola.

Gigli, Pasquale16 Jul 19430013Pola18 Jul 19431910Brindisi385Passage Pola-Brindisi.

Gigli, Pasquale5 Aug 19431420Brindisi5 Aug 19431754Brindisi22,2Trials.

Gigli, Pasquale9 Aug 19432040Brindisi12 Aug 19430717Taranto328Passage Brindisi-Taranto. Uneventful.

22Gigli, Pasquale15 Aug 19430513Taranto23 Aug 19430640Taranto688,2Patrolled off Cape Spartivento, between 37°44'N, 16°00'E and 37°44'N, 16°36'E and the coast of Calabria.
  22 Aug 19430300
(0) Off Crotone.
At 0300 hours, heavy anti-aircraft fire was observed coming from the direction of Crotone and, at about the same time, Jalea was informed that an enemy naval force had been reported off Cape Rizzuto steering 45°. The submarine proceeded to intercept.
  22 Aug 1943043338° 48'N, 17° 11'EAt 0433 hours, two small fast vessels (MTBs?) were sighted at a distance of 1,000 metres racing toward the Jalea. The submarine was forced to submerge.
  22 Aug 1943061238° 53'N, 17° 28'EAt 0612 hours, three MTBs were sighted steering toward Crotone.

23Gigli, Pasquale7 Sep 19431315Taranto10 Sep 19432135Gallipoli297Sailed for patrol off Crotone, then at the Armistice was diverted to Gallipoli. No patrol report was found.
  9 Sep 19430820At 0820 hours, the submarine Ciro Menotti was encountered. The two submarine commanders discussed the situation and finally T.V. Gigli decided to return to Taranto while Menotti opted for going to Brindisi.

Gigli, Pasquale11 Sep 19430355Gallipoli11 Sep 19431003Taranto56,6Passage from Gallipoli to Taranto.

Gigli, Pasquale12 Sep 19430946Taranto14 Sep 19431740Malta310,2Sailed with Atropo and Bandiera, escorted by the destroyer Riboty and HMS Troubridge for transfer from Taranto to Malta, to surrender.

Catalano, Emilio5 Oct 1943Malta5 Oct 1943MaltaIn Malta. Temporary change in command.

Catalano, Emilio21 Nov 19431655Malta22 Nov 19431120Augusta108Passage Malta-Augusta.

Bassetti, Nireo23 Nov 1943Augusta19 Jan 1944AugustaRefit in Augusta.

Spina, Arturo19 Jan 1944Augusta23 Jan 1944AugustaIn Augusta, change in command.

Parodi, Eugenio27 Jan 19440730Augusta29 Jan 19440845Taranto263Passage Augusta-Taranto with destroyer Grecale, torpedo boats Cassiopea and Sirio and the corvettes Urania and Sibilla.

Ridella, Giuseppe8 May 19440612Taranto8 May 19441734Taranto68,5Trials.

Ridella, Giuseppe11 May 19440630Taranto11 May 19441850Taranto81Trials.

Ridella, Giuseppe19 May 19440620Taranto19 May 19441740Taranto57Trials.

Ridella, Giuseppe30 May 19440615Taranto30 May 19441400Taranto42Exercises.

Ridella, Giuseppe10 Jun 19441711Taranto12 Jun 19441130Augusta259Passage Taranto-Augusta in company with the submarine Onice, escorted by the torpedo boats Calliope, Fortunale, Monzambano and the corvettes Danaide and Folaga.

Ridella, Giuseppe13 Jun 19441752Augusta19 Jun 19442032Gibraltar1084Passage Augusta-Gibraltar with the submarine Onice.

Ridella, Giuseppe25 Jun 19440923Gibraltar25 Jun 19441126Gibraltar14Diving trials.

Ridella, Giuseppe30 Jun 19441010Gibraltar4 Jul 19441218Gibraltar699Sailed for Bermuda with the submarine Onice, escorted by the destroyer escort USS Fessenden (DE-142), but then turned back because of defects and was escorted by the destroyer HMS Antelope.

Ridella, Giuseppe10 Sep 19440910Gibraltar10 Sep 19441712Gibraltar699Trials.

Ridella, Giuseppe15 Sep 19440852Gibraltar17 Sep 19441151Algiers452Passage Gibraltar-Algiers, escorted by the destroyer Legionario.

Ridella, Giuseppe17 Sep 19441915Algiers21 Sep 19442120Taranto884Passage Algiers-Taranto, escorted by the destroyer Legionario.

Ridella, Giuseppe16 Oct 19440651Taranto16 Oct 19441427Taranto63Trials.

Ridella, Giuseppe29 Oct 19440723 approx.Taranto30 Oct 19441253 approx.Augusta248Passage Taranto-Augusta with the submarine Bandiera and the torpedo boat Animoso.

Ridella, Giuseppe29 Oct 19440730Taranto30 Oct 19441324Augusta246Passage Taranto-Augusta with the submarine Bandiera, escorted by the torpedo boat Animoso.

Ridella, Giuseppe3 Nov 19440624Augusta4 Nov 19441425La Valetta218Passage Augusta-La Valetta with the submarine Bandiera and the armed trawler HMT Stroma.

Ridella, Giuseppe7 Nov 19440619La Valetta12 Nov 19441040Port Said1019Passage Valetta-Port Said.

Ridella, Giuseppe14 Nov 19440601Port Said14 Nov 19441212Bitter Lake52Passage Port Said-Bitter Lake.

Ridella, Giuseppe1 Dec 19440744Bitter Lake1 Dec 19441512Port Said52Passage Bitter Lake-Port Said.

Ridella, Giuseppe3 Dec 19441412Port Said8 Dec 19441422Valetta1021Passage Port Said-Valetta.

Ridella, Giuseppe21 Dec 19441620Valetta26 Dec 19440810Gibraltar1033Passage Valetta-Gibraltar, escorted by the armed trawler HMT Pirouette.

Ridella, Giuseppe3 Jan 19450920Gibraltar3 Jan 19451255Gibraltar27,5Trials.

Ridella, Giuseppe8 Jan 19451204Gibraltar8 Jan 19451825Gibraltar43Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe9 Jan 19451211Gibraltar9 Jan 19451710Gibraltar43Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe12 Jan 19450805Gibraltar12 Jan 19451620Gibraltar40,5Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe13 Jan 19451157Gibraltar13 Jan 19451740Gibraltar36,5Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe20 Jan 19450824Gibraltar20 Jan 19451500Gibraltar32Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe21 Jan 19450809Gibraltar21 Jan 19451515Gibraltar39,5Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe25 Jan 19450811Gibraltar25 Jan 19451710Gibraltar61Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe27 Jan 19450807Gibraltar27 Jan 19451522Gibraltar53Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe28 Jan 19450803Gibraltar28 Jan 19451447Gibraltar50Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe29 Jan 19450810Gibraltar29 Jan 19451755Gibraltar57Exercises with RN escort vessels and RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe1 Feb 19450805Gibraltar1 Feb 19451445Gibraltar52Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe2 Feb 19450755Gibraltar2 Feb 19452015Gibraltar59Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe3 Feb 19450803Gibraltar3 Feb 19451507Gibraltar57Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe5 Feb 19450800Gibraltar5 Feb 19451450Gibraltar40Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe6 Feb 19450843Gibraltar6 Feb 19451727Gibraltar49Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe12 Feb 19451247Gibraltar13 Feb 19451810Gibraltar187Exercises with RN escort vessels and RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe15 Feb 19451730Gibraltar16 Feb 19451022Gibraltar139Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe22 Feb 19450807Gibraltar22 Feb 19451530Gibraltar41Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe24 Feb 19451225Gibraltar25 Feb 19450950Gibraltar145Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe26 Feb 19451220Gibraltar27 Feb 19450855Gibraltar129Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe28 Feb 19451225Gibraltar1 Mar 19450950Gibraltar127Exercises with RN escort vessels and RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe2 Mar 19450757Gibraltar2 Mar 19451857Gibraltar48Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe3 Mar 19450800Gibraltar3 Mar 19451400Gibraltar28Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe6 Mar 19450814Gibraltar7 Mar 19451020Gibraltar108Exercises with RN escort vessels and RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe7 Mar 19451704Gibraltar8 Mar 19451105Gibraltar80Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe8 Mar 19451710Gibraltar9 Mar 19451055Gibraltar97Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe10 Mar 19450804Gibraltar10 Mar 19451905Gibraltar40Exercises with RN escort vessels and RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe14 Mar 19450802Gibraltar14 Mar 19451932Gibraltar45Exercises with RN escort vessels and RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe16 Mar 19450755Gibraltar16 Mar 19451505Gibraltar34,5Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe19 Mar 19450757Gibraltar19 Mar 19451905Gibraltar52Exercises with RN escort vessels and RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe21 Mar 19450802Gibraltar21 Mar 19451825Gibraltar50Exercises with RN escort vessels and RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe24 Mar 19450715Gibraltar24 Mar 19451355Gibraltar35Exercises with RN escort vessels and RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe16 Apr 19450855Gibraltar16 Apr 19451455Gibraltar36Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe19 Apr 19450800Gibraltar19 Apr 19451425Gibraltar35Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe20 Apr 19450800Gibraltar20 Apr 19451840Gibraltar50Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe21 Apr 19450805Gibraltar21 Apr 19451200Gibraltar32Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe23 Apr 19450803Gibraltar23 Apr 19451430Gibraltar34Exercises with RN escort vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe24 Apr 19450748Gibraltar24 Apr 19451900Gibraltar43Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe25 Apr 19452015Gibraltar26 Apr 19450835Gibraltar75Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe27 Apr 19450748Gibraltar27 Apr 19451402Gibraltar36Exercises with RN vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe28 Apr 19450800Gibraltar28 Apr 19451840Gibraltar60Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe30 Apr 19450746Gibraltar30 Apr 19451410Gibraltar37Exercises with RN vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe30 Apr 19452032Gibraltar1 May 19451420Gibraltar130Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe2 May 19450755Gibraltar2 May 19451855Gibraltar71Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe3 May 19451145Gibraltar3 May 19452040Gibraltar60Exercises with RN vessels.

Ridella, Giuseppe4 May 19450755Gibraltar4 May 19451420Gibraltar48Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe6 May 19450750Gibraltar6 May 19451400Gibraltar35Exercises with RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe6 May 19452020Gibraltar7 May 19451425Gibraltar125Exercises with RN escort vessels and RAF aircraft.

Ridella, Giuseppe4 Jun 19451445Gibraltar10 Jun 19450845Taranto1325Passage Gibraltar-Taranto with the submarine Nichelio, escorted by the corvette Cormorano.

373 entries. 371 total patrol entries (23 marked as war patrols) and 5 events.

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