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Teucle Meneghini

Born  10 Sep 1906Pitelli (La Spezia)
Died   1984(77)La Spezia


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello
  C.C.Capitano di Corvetta


14 Jan 1948 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare

Career information

H.8 (T.V. C.O.): from 17.06.1939 to 05.08.1940.
AMBRA (T.V. C.O.): from 07.08.1940 to 27.10.1940.
H.4 (T.V. C.O.): from 02.11.1940 to 10.12.1940.
H.6 (T.V. C.O.): from 10.12.1940 to 30.04.1941.
SCIRÈ (T.V. C.O.): from 02.02.1941 to 05.02.1941
JALEA (T.V. C.O.): from 25.02.1942 to 25.02.1942.
LUCIANO MANARA (T.V. C.O.): from 06.12.1942 to 24.02.1943.
Promoted C.C. ca. April 1943.
OTARIA (C.C. C.O.): from 15.04.1943 to 08.09.1943.
LUIGI SETTEMBRINI (C.C. C.O.): from 01.06.1943 to 16.06.1943.

Commands listed for Teucle Meneghini

Submarine Type Rank From To
H 8 (H8)CoastalT.V.17 Jun 19395 Aug 1940
Ambra (AM)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.7 Aug 194027 Oct 1940
H 4 (H4)CoastalT.V.2 Nov 194010 Dec 1940
Scirè (SR)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.2 Feb 19415 Feb 1941
H 6 (H6)CoastalT.V.10 Dec 194030 Apr 1941
Jalea (IA)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.25 Feb 194225 Feb 1942
Luciana Manara (MR)Ocean goingT.V.6 Dec 194224 Feb 1943
Luigi Settembrini (ST)Ocean goingC.C.1 Jun 194316 Jun 1943
Otaria (OA, I.25)Ocean goingC.C.15 Apr 19438 Sep 1943

Ships hit by Teucle Meneghini

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Teucle Meneghini

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1.H 8 (H8)9 Jun 19402300La Spezia13 Jun 19400847La Spezia357,7Patrolled off Imperia.

2.H 8 (H8)19 Jun 19402000La Spezia24 Jun 19400914La Spezia397,7Patrolled off La Spezia , 135° - Imperia Light - 15 miles.
  21 Jun 19401408
(0) Off La Spezia.
At 1408 hours, H.8 was proceeding at a depth of 19 meters when she was attacked by an aircraft, with three bombs . No French aircraft reported attacking a submarine in this area. She may have been attacked in error by an Italian aircraft. The submarine was shaken but undamaged.

3.H 8 (H8)27 Jun 19402200La Spezia2 Jul 19400749La Spezia253,3Patrolled off La Spezia.

H 8 (H8)3 Aug 19400800La Spezia3 Aug 19401216La Spezia25Exercises.

Ambra (AM)9 Aug 19400817Taranto9 Aug 19401908Taranto37Trials.

Ambra (AM)10 Aug 19400857Taranto10 Aug 19401047Taranto1Trials.

Ambra (AM)11 Aug 19400627Taranto11 Aug 19401447Taranto42,5Exercises.

Ambra (AM)12 Aug 19400835Taranto12 Aug 19401708Taranto38Exercises.

Ambra (AM)18 Aug 19401145Taranto18 Aug 19401716Taranto31,5Exercises.

Ambra (AM)19 Aug 19402140Taranto20 Aug 19401022Taranto81,62Hydrophone watch.

Ambra (AM)21 Aug 19402126Taranto22 Aug 19401120Taranto83,5Hydrophone watch.

Ambra (AM)24 Aug 19402126Taranto25 Aug 19401030Taranto81,52Hydrophone watch.

Ambra (AM)27 Aug 19402140Taranto28 Aug 19400933Taranto82,6Hydrophone watch.

Ambra (AM)28 Aug 19402400Taranto29 Aug 19401027Taranto68,8Hydrophone watch.

Ambra (AM)30 Aug 19401305Taranto30 Aug 19401500Taranto3Trials.

Ambra (AM)13 Sep 19400617Taranto13 Sep 19401100Taranto29,5Exercises.

4.Ambra (AM)18 Sep 19401115Taranto13 Oct 19401610Taranto2229Patrolled southeast of Crete, between 34°10'N and 34°50'N, and between 25°35'E and 26°45'E, on a barrage line with Serpente.
  29 Sep 1940142032° 50'N, 26° 20'E
(0) Approximately.
At 1420 hours, Ambra was proceeding at a depth of 55 meters when a metallic object hit her (possibly an unexploded depth-charge?).

The submarine went down to 65 meters, then to 75 meters. At 1548 hours, two depth-charges exploded near her and four more at 1553 hours. The enemy vessel abandoned the chase at 1725 hours.
  5 Oct 19400615-065532° 50'N, 26° 20'E
(0) Approximately.
Between 0615 and 0655 hours, five bombs were heard to explode. Ambra was not damaged.
  9 Oct 19401930
(0) West of Crete.
At 1930 hours, a submarine was sighted at a range of 4,000 metres. She apparently sighted Ambra as she immediately dived. At this time, Ambra was returning home, steering 320°. The other submarine may have been Zoea as there were no British or Hellenic submarines in the vicinity.

H 4 (H4)6 Nov 19400805La Spezia6 Nov 19401257La Spezia11,8Exercises.

H 4 (H4)16 Nov 19402100La Spezia16 Nov 19402250La Spezia?Changed anchorage.

H 4 (H4)21 Nov 19400925La Spezia21 Nov 19401705La Spezia30Exercises.

H 6 (H6)13 Dec 19400830La Spezia13 Dec 19401435La Spezia22Exercises.

H 6 (H6)16 Dec 19400845La Spezia16 Dec 19401636La Spezia35Exercises with the minelayer Crotone and the auxiliary Capodistria.

H 6 (H6)19 Dec 19400845La Spezia19 Dec 19401630La Spezia22,5Exercises.

H 6 (H6)20 Dec 19400845La Spezia20 Dec 19401440La Spezia17,5Exercises.

H 6 (H6)27 Dec 19400900La Spezia27 Dec 19401600La Spezia24,5Exercises.

H 6 (H6)28 Dec 19400905La Spezia28 Dec 19401527La Spezia27Exercises.

H 6 (H6)7 Jan 19410855La Spezia7 Jan 19411507La Spezia20Exercises, escorted by MAS 510 and MAS 524.

H 6 (H6)29 Jan 19410840La Spezia29 Jan 19411536La Spezia29Exercises.

5.Scirè (SR)2 Feb 19412152La Spezia5 Feb 19411307La Spezia236Patrolled off French coast, from 43°40'N, 09°00'E searching 20 miles south and 20 miles on 240°. Sighted only a small vessel proceeding from Cape Corse to Hyères Island.

6.H 6 (H6)28 Feb 19411900La Spezia1 Mar 19411101La Spezia53Hydrophone watch in Ligurian Gulf, searching for an enemy submarine reported seen on 27th February (none were reported in the area).

7.H 6 (H6)3 Mar 19411825La Spezia4 Mar 19411128La Spezia88,3Patrolled in 234° - Tino Lt - 28 miles with H.1, hunting a submarine reported in the area. Uneventful.

8.H 6 (H6)14 Mar 19411728La Spezia15 Mar 19411107La Spezia106,3Hydrophone Watch in Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

9.H 6 (H6)5 Apr 19412125La Spezia6 Apr 19411021La Spezia75,5Hydrophone Watch with H.1 in 44°07'N, 09°20'E. Uneventful.

10.H 6 (H6)6 Apr 19412020La Spezia9 Apr 19410850La Spezia188,5Defensive patrol with H.1 in 44°02'N, 09°15'E. Uneventful.

H 6 (H6)24 Apr 19410830La Spezia24 Apr 19411137La Spezia16Exercises.

11.H 6 (H6)26 Apr 19411825La Spezia29 Apr 19411550La Spezia224,9Hydrophone watch with H.4 off Tino Island, in anticipation of an important naval force from Gibraltar.

Jalea (IA)25 Feb 19420740Pola25 Feb 19421450Porto Baross60Passage Pola-Porto Baross with the submarines Velella and Pisani, the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Quarnerolo.

Luciana Manara (MR)7 Dec 19421645Fiume7 Dec 19421940Fiume25Exercises.

Luciana Manara (MR)8 Dec 19421030Fiume8 Dec 19421215Fiume14Exercises.

Luciana Manara (MR)9 Dec 19421110Fiume9 Dec 19421350Fiume22Exercises.

Luciana Manara (MR)9 Dec 19421710Fiume9 Dec 19421917Fiume22Exercises.

Luciana Manara (MR)10 Dec 19420720Fiume10 Dec 19420930Fiume11Exercises.

Luciana Manara (MR)10 Dec 19421510Fiume10 Dec 19421720Fiume19Exercises.

Luciana Manara (MR)11 Dec 19420725Fiume11 Dec 19420945Fiume10Exercises.

Luciana Manara (MR)11 Dec 19421435Fiume11 Dec 19421725Fiume15,5Exercises.

Luciana Manara (MR)12 Dec 19421020Fiume12 Dec 19421345Fiume18,5Exercises.

Luciana Manara (MR)12 Dec 19421540Fiume12 Dec 19421700Fiume12,5Exercises.

Luciana Manara (MR)15 Dec 19421130Fiume15 Dec 19421445Fiume15Exercises.

Luciana Manara (MR)19 Dec 19420850Fiume19 Dec 19420950Fiume2,5Entered dock?

12.Jalea (IA)28 Dec 19420905Porto Sauro31 Dec 19420600Pola423,7Patrolled in Northern Adriatic, in 43°50'N, 14°30'E. Uneventful.

Otaria (OA, I.25)15 Apr 19431420Fiume15 Apr 19432320Fiume62,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)17 Apr 19431414Fiume17 Apr 19432000Fiume42Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)20 Apr 19431306Fiume20 Apr 19432345Fiume60,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)22 Apr 19431436Fiume22 Apr 19432312Fiume46,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)26 Apr 19431158Fiume26 Apr 19431636Fiume26,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)27 Apr 19431417Fiume28 Apr 19430030Fiume61,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)29 Apr 19431408Fiume30 Apr 19430010Fiume60Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)1 May 19431305Fiume2 May 19432353Fiume58Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)4 May 19431402Fiume4 May 19432315Fiume50,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)6 May 19431410Fiume6 May 19432340Fiume48Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)8 May 19431410Fiume8 May 19432332Fiume56Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)11 May 19431302Fiume12 May 19430118Fiume41,2Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)13 May 19431330Fiume14 May 19430036Fiume40,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)15 May 19431310Fiume16 May 19430030Fiume43,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)16 May 19431000Fiume16 May 19431050Fiume2,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)31 May 19431105Fiume31 May 19431150Fiume2,5Exercises.

Luigi Settembrini (ST)1 Jun 19430806Pola1 Jun 19431220Pola15Trials.

Luigi Settembrini (ST)1 Jun 19431435Pola1 Jun 19431845Pola15Trials.

Otaria (OA, I.25)1 Jun 19431243Fiume2 Jun 19430050Fiume13Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)3 Jun 19431107Fiume3 Jun 19431622Fiume34,2Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)4 Jun 19431015Fiume5 Jun 19431155Fiume52Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)7 Jun 19431106Fiume8 Jun 19430234Fiume52Exercises.

Luigi Settembrini (ST)9 Jun 19430710Pola9 Jun 19431525Pola31Exercises with the torpedo boat Audace and the tug Molara.

Luigi Settembrini (ST)9 Jun 19431550Pola9 Jun 19431844Pola18Trials.

Otaria (OA, I.25)9 Jun 19431000Fiume9 Jun 19431720Fiume8Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)12 Jun 19431245Fiume13 Jun 19430215Fiume54Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)14 Jun 19431200Fiume15 Jun 19430120Fiume62Exercises.

Luigi Settembrini (ST)15 Jun 19430755Pola15 Jun 19431327Pola32Exercises.

Luigi Settembrini (ST)15 Jun 19431455Pola15 Jun 19431900Pola23Trials.

Otaria (OA, I.25)16 Jun 19431132Fiume17 Jun 19430135Fiume65Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)18 Jun 19430700Fiume19 Jun 19430115Fiume67Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)21 Jun 19430655Fiume22 Jun 19430142Fiume67,6Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)23 Jun 19431222Fiume24 Jun 19430130Fiume70Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)25 Jun 19431154Fiume26 Jun 19430120Fiume67,7Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)28 Jun 19431115Fiume29 Jun 19430450Fiume64,8Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)30 Jun 19431224Fiume1 Jul 19430120Fiume47,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)2 Jul 19431225Fiume3 Jul 19430300Fiume67,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)5 Jul 19431226Fiume6 Jul 19430050Fiume62Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)7 Jul 19431245Fiume8 Jul 19430126Fiume61,2Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)9 Jul 19431515Fiume10 Jul 19430045Fiume49,8Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)10 Jul 19431116Fiume10 Jul 19431440Fiume18,2Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)12 Jul 19431218Fiume12 Jul 19432415Fiume58,7Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)14 Jul 19432232Fiume15 Jul 19430420Pola64Passage Fiume-Pola.

Otaria (OA, I.25)30 Jul 19430856Pola30 Jul 19431945Pola43,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)30 Jul 19432234Pola31 Jul 19430420Fiume65Passage Pola-Fiume.

Otaria (OA, I.25)31 Jul 19431644Fiume31 Jul 19431852FiumeExercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)31 Jul 19432115Fiume1 Aug 19430140Fiume42Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)3 Aug 19431024Fiume4 Aug 19430040Fiume52Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)4 Aug 19431012Fiume5 Aug 19430148Fiume72,6Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)6 Aug 19431017Fiume7 Aug 19430130Fiume62,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)7 Aug 19431245Fiume7 Aug 19431715Fiume19,9Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)9 Aug 19431015Fiume10 Aug 19430030Fiume37,2Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)11 Aug 19431030Fiume12 Aug 19430020Fiume41Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)13 Aug 19430610Fiume14 Aug 19430235Fiume75Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)14 Aug 19431240Fiume14 Aug 19431922Fiume13,8Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)16 Aug 19431025Fiume17 Aug 19430350Fiume51,7Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)18 Aug 19431025Fiume19 Aug 19430110Fiume34,7Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)20 Aug 19430545Fiume21 Aug 19430100Fiume35,6Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)23 Aug 19431424Fiume24 Aug 19430010Fiume22,8Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)25 Aug 19431007Fiume26 Aug 19430004Fiume45Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)27 Aug 19430724Fiume27 Aug 19431050Fiume48,3Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)28 Aug 19431030Fiume28 Aug 19431525Fiume15Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)30 Aug 19431012Fiume30 Aug 19431535Fiume51,4Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)1 Sep 19431030Fiume2 Sep 19430200FiumeExercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)3 Sep 19431030Fiume4 Sep 19430010FiumeExercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)6 Sep 19430830Fiume7 Sep 19430005FiumeExercises.

118 entries. 116 total patrol entries (12 marked as war patrols) and 4 events.

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