Italian submarines in World War Two

H 8 (H8)
H 8

ClassH (19) 
Laid down 23 Nov 1916 Canadian Vickers, Montreal
Launched24 May 1917
Commissioned27 Jun 1918
End service
Loss date5 Jun 1943
Loss position44° 05'N, 9° 51'E
History Sunk at La Spezia on 5th June 1943 by aircraft bombs during an Allied air raid.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
T.V. Teucle Meneghini17 Jun 19395 Aug 1940
T.V. Mario De Angelis5 Aug 19406 Feb 1941
T.V. Giovanni Cunsolo7 Feb 194121 Aug 1941
T.V. Ugo Gentili22 Aug 194127 Jan 1942
T.V. Emanuele D'Arcaria28 Jan 194215 Feb 1942
T.V. Ugo Gentili16 Feb 194227 Feb 1943
T.V. Antonio Canezza1 May 19422 May 1942
T.V. Antonio Canezza26 Feb 194329 Mar 1943
T.V. Augusto Marraccini30 Mar 19435 Jun 1943

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1Meneghini, Teucle9 Jun 19402300La Spezia13 Jun 19400847La Spezia357,7Patrolled off Imperia.

2Meneghini, Teucle19 Jun 19402000La Spezia24 Jun 19400914La Spezia397,7Patrolled off La Spezia , 135° - Imperia Light - 15 miles.
  21 Jun 19401408
(0) Off La Spezia.
At 1408 hours, H.8 was proceeding at a depth of 19 meters when she was attacked by an aircraft, with three bombs . No French aircraft reported attacking a submarine in this area. She may have been attacked in error by an Italian aircraft. The submarine was shaken but undamaged.

3Meneghini, Teucle27 Jun 19402200La Spezia2 Jul 19400749La Spezia253,3Patrolled off La Spezia.

Meneghini, Teucle3 Aug 19400800La Spezia3 Aug 19401216La Spezia25Exercises.

De Angelis, Mario29 Aug 19400700La Spezia29 Aug 19401149La Spezia30Exercises.

De Angelis, Mario7 Sep 19400723La Spezia7 Sep 19401605La Spezia53Exercises.

De Angelis, Mario19 Sep 19401055La Spezia19 Sep 19401757La Spezia36Exercises.

De Angelis, Mario20 Sep 19401130La Spezia21 Sep 19400152La Spezia59,2Exercises.

De Angelis, Mario23 Sep 19401055La Spezia23 Sep 19401749La Spezia28,5Exercises.

De Angelis, Mario2 Oct 19400900La Spezia2 Oct 19401335La Spezia32,8Exercises.

De Angelis, Mario8 Oct 19400852La Spezia8 Oct 19401043La Spezia10Exercises.

De Angelis, Mario10 Oct 19400828La Spezia10 Oct 19401845La Spezia68Exercises.

De Angelis, Mario12 Oct 19400800La Spezia12 Oct 19401145La Spezia15Exercises.

De Angelis, Mario14 Oct 19401155La Spezia14 Oct 19401712La Spezia22Exercises.

De Angelis, Mario30 Oct 19400724La Spezia30 Oct 19401310La Spezia38Exercises.

De Angelis, Mario6 Nov 19400800La Spezia6 Nov 19401235La SpeziaExercises.

De Angelis, Mario16 Nov 19402150La Spezia16 Nov 19402225La SpeziaExercises.

De Angelis, Mario21 Nov 19401220La Spezia21 Nov 19401635La SpeziaExercises.

De Angelis, Mario27 Nov 19401030La Spezia28 Nov 19401021CivitavecchiaPassage La Spezia-Brindisi with submarine H.2, but then ordered to Civitavecchia.

De Angelis, Mario29 Nov 19401947Civitavecchia30 Nov 19400115CivitavecchiaPassage Civitavecchia-Brindisi with submarine H.2, but turned back because of foul weather.

De Angelis, Mario3 Dec 19401700Civitavecchia3 Dec 19402113CivitavecchiaPassage Civitavecchia-Brindisi with the submarine H.2, but again turned back because of foul weather.

De Angelis, Mario5 Dec 19402000Civitavecchia6 Dec 19401821CapriPassage Civitavecchia-Brindisi, diverted to Capri because of foul weather.

De Angelis, Mario7 Dec 19400805Capri7 Dec 19401057NaplesPassage Capri-Naples.

De Angelis, Mario10 Dec 19400830Naples11 Dec 19401005MessinaPassage Naples-Messina. Uneventful.

De Angelis, Mario14 Dec 19401018Messina15 Dec 19401040Naples902Passage Messina-Naples. Uneventful.

4De Angelis, Mario22 Dec 19401830Naples23 Dec 19402055Naples174,5Hydrophone watch in northern appoaches of Gulf of Naples. Uneventful.

5De Angelis, Mario6 Jan 19411730Naples7 Jan 19411345Naples113Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Naples in 40°42'N, 13°19'E. Uneventful.

De Angelis, Mario28 Jan 19411550Naples30 Jan 19411808Taranto445Passage Naples-Taranto with submarine H.2, she lost contact with the latter due to gyrocompass defects and had to request for a pilot to bring her in.

De Angelis, Mario6 Feb 19410850Taranto6 Feb 19411057TarantoExercises escorted by MAS 438.

Cunsolo, Giovanni7 Feb 19410925Taranto7 Feb 19411135TarantoExercises.

Cunsolo, Giovanni8 Feb 19410815Taranto8 Feb 19411045TarantoExercises, escorted by MAS 438.

Cunsolo, Giovanni10 Feb 19410750Taranto10 Feb 19411810TarantoExercises, escorted by MAS 438.

Cunsolo, Giovanni11 Feb 19410800Taranto11 Feb 19411650TarantoExercises, escorted by MAS 438.

Cunsolo, Giovanni12 Feb 19410810Taranto12 Feb 19411525TarantoExercises, escorted by MAS 438.

Cunsolo, Giovanni13 Feb 19410850Taranto13 Feb 19411615TarantoExercises, escorted by MAS 438.

Cunsolo, Giovanni16 Feb 19410830Taranto16 Feb 19411455TarantoExercises, escorted by MAS 438.

Cunsolo, Giovanni17 Feb 19410910Taranto17 Feb 19411345TarantoExercises, escorted by MAS 438.

Cunsolo, Giovanni20 Feb 19410545Taranto20 Feb 19411225TarantoExercises, escorted by MAS 438.

Cunsolo, Giovanni23 Feb 19410852Taranto23 Feb 19411145TarantoExercises, escorted by MAS 438.

Cunsolo, Giovanni24 Feb 19411005Taranto24 Feb 19411515TarantoExercises, escorted by MAS 438.

Cunsolo, Giovanni26 Feb 19410845Taranto26 Feb 19411350TarantoExercises, escorted by MAS 438.

Cunsolo, Giovanni1 Mar 19410835Taranto1 Mar 19411815TarantoExercises. Then docking and refit.

Cunsolo, Giovanni3 Apr 19411250Taranto4 Apr 19411600TarantoExercises or patrol?

Cunsolo, Giovanni11 Apr 19410935Taranto11 Apr 19411525TarantoExercises, escorted by the pilot vessel Limbara.

Cunsolo, Giovanni19 Apr 19410940Taranto19 Apr 19411255TarantoExercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Cassiopea.

6Cunsolo, Giovanni21 Apr 19412020Taranto22 Apr 19411030Taranto97,8Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

Cunsolo, Giovanni25 Apr 19411835Taranto25 Apr 19411920TarantoExercises.

Cunsolo, Giovanni6 May 19410820Taranto6 May 19411445TarantoExercises with the submarine Salpa, escorted by the pilot vessel Limbara.

7Cunsolo, Giovanni8 May 19412020Taranto9 May 19411030Taranto99Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

8Cunsolo, Giovanni9 May 19411930Taranto10 May 19411100Taranto97,7Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

9Cunsolo, Giovanni18 May 19412300Taranto19 May 19411200Taranto93Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

10Cunsolo, Giovanni21 May 19412110Taranto22 May 19411100Taranto97Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

Cunsolo, Giovanni8 Jun 19410810Taranto8 Jun 19411030TarantoExercises.

Cunsolo, Giovanni14 Jun 19410815Taranto14 Jun 19411315TarantoExercises.

11Cunsolo, Giovanni15 Jun 19412100Taranto16 Jun 19411040Taranto95Hydrophone watch.

Cunsolo, Giovanni17 Jun 19410945Taranto17 Jun 19411440TarantoExercises in Gulf of Taranto with H.2, Corridoni and torpedo boat Aretusa.

12Cunsolo, Giovanni17 Jun 19412120Taranto18 Jun 19411140Taranto95Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

13Cunsolo, Giovanni19 Jun 19412050Taranto20 Jun 19411100Taranto?Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

14Cunsolo, Giovanni21 Jun 19412057Taranto22 Jun 19411035Taranto92,2Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

15Cunsolo, Giovanni4 Jul 19412110Taranto5 Jul 19410950TarantoHydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

16Cunsolo, Giovanni20 Jul 19412110Taranto21 Jul 19411030Taranto92Anti-submarine patrol (hydrophone watch). Uneventful.

Cunsolo, Giovanni25 Jul 19410600Taranto25 Jul 19411820TarantoExercises.

17Cunsolo, Giovanni3 Aug 19412110Taranto4 Aug 19411045Taranto94Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

Cunsolo, Giovanni16 Aug 19412015Taranto16 Aug 19412200TarantoExercises with the submarine Topazio and the torpedo boat Altair.

18Cunsolo, Giovanni17 Aug 19412115Taranto18 Aug 19411115Taranto95,5Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

Cunsolo, Giovanni23 Aug 19410745Taranto23 Aug 19411105TarantoExercises.

Cunsolo, Giovanni24 Aug 19410710Taranto24 Aug 19411055TarantoExercises with two seaplanes.

19Gentili, Ugo25 Aug 19412112Taranto26 Aug 19411212Taranto102,5Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

20Gentili, Ugo26 Aug 19412100Taranto27 Aug 19411210Taranto102,2Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

Gentili, Ugo4 Sep 19410710Taranto4 Sep 1941Taranto102,2Collided with the tug Titan. Docked for repairs on 5th September.
  4 Sep 19410730
(0) La Spezia harbour.
At 0730 hours, H.8 collided with the tug Titan (Captain Carlo Bussani) in La Spezia harbour. The collision caused enough damage to force the cancellation of her mission.

Gentili, Ugo5 Oct 19410835Taranto5 Oct 19411850TarantoTrials with MAS 8/D.

21Gentili, Ugo7 Oct 19412052Taranto8 Oct 19411255Taranto102,5Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

22Gentili, Ugo11 Nov 19411600Taranto12 Nov 19411245Taranto126Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

23Gentili, Ugo13 Nov 19411700Taranto14 Nov 19411300Taranto107Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

Gentili, Ugo20 Nov 19411030Taranto20 Nov 19411620TarantoTorpedo firing exercises with the submarine Micca and the torpedo boat Aretusa.

Gentili, Ugo28 Nov 19411255Taranto28 Nov 19411630TarantoTrials, escorted by MAS 5/D.

Gentili, Ugo2 Jan 19421100Taranto2 Jan 19421755TarantoExercises.

Gentili, Ugo9 Jan 19421438Taranto9 Jan 19421710TarantoExercises.

Gentili, Ugo10 Jan 19421455Taranto10 Jan 19421505TarantoChanged moorings?

Gentili, Ugo12 Jan 19421311Taranto13 Jan 19420945Brindisi147Passage Taranto-Brindisi.

D'Arcaria, Emanuele28 Jan 1942Brindisi15 Feb 1942BrindisiChange in command (responsible during absence of T.V. Ugo Gentili).

Gentili, Ugo16 Feb 19420910Brindisi16 Feb 19421110BrindisiExercises.

Gentili, Ugo20 Feb 19421300Brindisi20 Feb 19422235BrindisiExercises.

Gentili, Ugo21 Feb 19422330Brindisi22 Feb 19421525Taranto154Passage Brindisi-Taranto.

Gentili, Ugo25 Feb 19420807Taranto25 Feb 19421316TarantoExercises.

Gentili, Ugo26 Feb 19420750Taranto26 Feb 19421535TarantoExercises.

Gentili, Ugo27 Feb 19421115Taranto27 Feb 19421715TarantoExercises.

Gentili, Ugo28 Feb 19420620Taranto28 Feb 19421502TarantoExercises.

Gentili, Ugo12 Mar 19420744Taranto12 Mar 19421423TarantoExercises.

Gentili, Ugo13 Mar 19421917Taranto13 Mar 19422110TarantoExercises.

Gentili, Ugo14 Mar 19422000Taranto15 Mar 19420320TarantoExercises.

24Gentili, Ugo17 Mar 19421925Taranto18 Mar 19421100Taranto107Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

25Gentili, Ugo21 Apr 19421950Taranto22 Apr 19421205Taranto102Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.6. Uneventful.

26Gentili, Ugo22 Apr 19421945Taranto23 Apr 19421127Taranto107Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

27Canezza, Antonio1 May 19421935Taranto2 May 19421125Taranto104Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

28Gentili, Ugo12 May 19421945Taranto13 May 19421210Taranto103Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

29Gentili, Ugo14 May 19421945Taranto15 May 19421130Taranto103Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

Gentili, Ugo7 Jun 19420740Taranto7 Jun 19421416TarantoExercises.

Gentili, Ugo16 Jul 19420720Taranto16 Jul 19421645TarantoExercises.

Gentili, Ugo7 Aug 19421355Taranto7 Aug 19421837TarantoExercises.

Gentili, Ugo23 Aug 19421143Taranto23 Aug 19421758TarantoExercises with the destroyer Zeno.

Gentili, Ugo12 Sep 19420635Taranto12 Sep 19421137TarantoExercises.

Gentili, Ugo20 Sep 19420746Taranto20 Sep 19421246TarantoExercises.

30Gentili, Ugo29 Sep 19421915Taranto30 Sep 19421125Taranto104Hydrophone watch in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

Gentili, Ugo2 Oct 19421749Taranto5 Oct 19420215MessinaPassage Taranto to Naples, but diverted to Messina due to propeller defect.

Gentili, Ugo5 Oct 19421535Messina5 Oct 19421615MessinaExercises.

Gentili, Ugo29 Oct 19420830Messina29 Oct 19421055MessinaExercises.

Gentili, Ugo30 Oct 19421145Messina31 Oct 19420850NaplesPassage Messina-Naples.

Gentili, Ugo2 Nov 19421825Naples4 Nov 19420730La SpeziaPassage Naples-La Spezia.

Gentili, Ugo11 Nov 19420840La Spezia11 Nov 19421130La SpeziaExercises.

Gentili, Ugo11 Nov 19421400La Spezia11 Nov 19421710La SpeziaExercises.

Gentili, Ugo12 Nov 19420835La Spezia12 Nov 19421200La SpeziaExercises.

Gentili, Ugo12 Nov 19421310La Spezia12 Nov 19421630La SpeziaExercises.

31Gentili, Ugo12 Nov 19422125La Spezia16 Nov 19421208La Maddalena425Defensive patrol off Ajaccio (Corsica) with the submarine Bajamonti between 41°40'N and 41°55'N and 08°20'E and Corsican coast. Uneventful.
  14 Nov 19420612
(0) Probably off Corsica.
At 0612 hours, a submarine was sighted. It was believed to be Italian submarine Bajamonti. By precaution, H.8 submerged.
  15 Nov 1942073641° 05'N, 8° 25'EAt 0736 hours, a MAS boat was sighted.

32Gentili, Ugo26 Nov 19420220La Maddalena26 Nov 19421215La Maddalena65Defensive patrol off Ajaccio (Corsica) with submarine Bajamonti. Uneventful, except for the very bad weather encountered (Force 7), which forced the submarine to return to port.

Gentili, Ugo26 Nov 19420830La Maddalena26 Nov 19421215La MaddalenaExercises.

Gentili, Ugo29 Nov 19421600La Maddalena30 Nov 19421130La SpeziaPassage La Maddalena-La Spezia.

Gentili, Ugo1 Dec 19420740La Spezia1 Dec 1942Time?La SpeziaExercises.

Gentili, Ugo17 Dec 19420915La Spezia17 Dec 19421415GenoaPassage La Spezia-Genoa.

Gentili, Ugo25 Jan 19430955Genoa25 Jan 19431620GenoaExercises.

Gentili, Ugo29 Jan 19430935Genoa29 Jan 19431515La SpeziaPassage Genoa-La Spezia, escorted by the corvette Cicogna.

Gentili, Ugo5 Feb 19431050La Spezia5 Feb 19431610La SpeziaExercises.

Gentili, Ugo9 Feb 19431135La Spezia9 Feb 19431605La SpeziaExercises.

Gentili, Ugo12 Feb 19430845La Spezia12 Feb 19431600La SpeziaExercises.

Gentili, Ugo15 Feb 19430835La Spezia15 Feb 19431650La SpeziaExercises.

Canezza, Antonio3 Mar 1943La Spezia3 Mar 1943La SpeziaRefit?

Canezza, Antonio5 Mar 1943La Spezia5 Mar 1943La SpeziaExercises with the submarine chaser Landi.

Canezza, Antonio11 Mar 1943La Spezia11 Mar 1943La SpeziaExercises with the submarine chasers Pertinace and Nettuno.

Canezza, Antonio12 Mar 1943La Spezia12 Mar 1943La SpeziaExercises with the submarine chasers Equa and Regina Elena.

Canezza, Antonio16 Mar 1943La Spezia16 Mar 1943La SpeziaExercises with the submarine chasers Pertinace and Regina Elena.

Canezza, Antonio18 Mar 1943La Spezia18 Mar 1943La SpeziaExercises with the submarine chasers Pertinace and Regina Elena and the corvette Folaga.

Canezza, Antonio23 Mar 1943La Spezia23 Mar 1943La SpeziaExercises with the corvettes Folaga and Euterpe and the torpedo boat Pallade.

Canezza, Antonio29 Mar 1943La Spezia29 Mar 1943La SpeziaExercises with the corvettes Folaga and Euterpe and the submarine chasers Regina Elena and Equa.

33Marraccini, Augusto15 Apr 19431740La Spezia16 Apr 19431043La Spezia95,4Defensive patrol (hydrophone watch) off La Spezia with H.2, between (1) 44°00'N, 09°22'E (2) 43°58'N, 09°24'E (3) 43°54'N, 09°07'E (4) 43°52'N, 09°09'E. Uneventful, except for a minor leak from a forward tube, which was resolved.

34Marraccini, Augusto5 May 19431710La Spezia6 May 19431000La Spezia87,9Defensive patrol (hydrophone watch)with submarine H.2, between (1) 44°00'N, 09°22'E (2) 43°58'N, 09°24'E (3) 43°54'N, 09°07'E (4) 43°52'N, 09°09'E.

35Marraccini, Augusto24 May 19431831La Spezia25 May 19430827La Spezia69,5Hydrophone watch in Ligurian Gulf with submarine H.2.

36Marraccini, Augusto25 May 19432206La Spezia26 May 19430825La Spezia60Hydrophone watch in Ligurian Gulf with submarine H.2.

Marraccini, Augusto31 May 19432050La Spezia31 May 19432115La Spezia44Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto5 Jun 1943La Spezia5 Jun 1943La SpeziaSunk in bombing raid, later raised.

9 Sep 1943Genoa9 Sep 1943GenoaSeized by the Germans. Had been used as a battery charging station.

141 entries. 140 total patrol entries (36 marked as war patrols) and 4 events.

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