Italian submarines in World War Two

H 4 (H4)
H 4

ClassH (19) 
Laid down 16 May 1916 Canadian Vickers, Montreal
Launched17 Apr 1917
Commissioned15 May 1917
End service
Loss date
Loss position
History Stricken on 23rd March 1947.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
T.V. Loris Albanese24 May 194029 Jul 1940
T.V. Leone Monteleoni29 Jul 194026 Oct 1940
T.V. Teucle Meneghini2 Nov 194010 Dec 1940
C.C. Leone Monteleoni25 Jan 194112 Apr 1941
T.V. Giovanni Celeste11 Apr 194127 May 1941
T.V. Gaetano Iaccarino28 May 194127 May 1942
T.V. Giuseppe Simonetti28 May 19425 Jan 1943
T.V. Augusto Marraccini5 Jan 194327 Apr 1943
S.T.V. Luigi Ginocchio27 Apr 194326 Jun 1943
T.V. Giuseppe Simonetti27 Jun 194331 Aug 1943
C.C. Francesco Pedrotti1 Sep 194315 Sep 1943
T.V. Enrico Beverini16 Sep 19434 Oct 1943
S.T.V. Luciano Barca5 Oct 194331 Oct 1943
T.V. Antonio Canezza1 Nov 194322 May 1944
T.V. Enrico Beverini23 May 194415 Jul 1944
T.V. Giovanni Febbraro16 Jul 19446 Aug 1944
T.V. Antonio Canezza6 Aug 194415 Aug 1944
T.V. Enrico Beverini16 Aug 194410 Oct 1944
C.C. Leone Monteleoni11 Oct 194430 Nov 1944
T.V. Luigi De Ferrante30 Nov 1944Aug 1945

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1Albanese, Loris9 Jun 19402300La Spezia14 Jun 19400730La Spezia382Patrolled off Imperia.

Albanese, Loris20 Jun 19402355La Spezia21 Jun 19400800Savona70Passage La Spezia-Savona with submarine Gondar.

2Albanese, Loris22 Jun 19401727Savona25 Jun 19401935Savona361Patrolled south and west of Gulf of Genoa. Interrupted by electric motor defects.

Albanese, Loris26 Jun 19401236Savona26 Jun 19402030La Spezia71Passage Savona-La Spezia.

3Albanese, Loris5 Jul 19402200La Spezia10 Jul 19400830La Spezia449,5Patrolled off Cape Noli north of 44°00'N between 09°00'E and 09°30'E (Gulf of Genoa).

Albanese, Loris27 Jul 19400930La Spezia27 Jul 19401545La Spezia43Exercises with the submarine Enrico Tazzoli, 3.5 miles south of Moneglia.

Monteleoni, Leone5 Aug 19400720La Spezia5 Aug 19401710La Spezia55Exercises. Possibly, this was a defensive patrol following a report that Force H was at sea.

Monteleoni, Leone14 Aug 19400900La Spezia14 Aug 19401645La Spezia48Exercises.

Monteleoni, Leone16 Aug 19400730La Spezia16 Aug 19401110La Spezia26Exercises.

Monteleoni, Leone24 Aug 19401305La Spezia24 Aug 19401750La Spezia30Exercises.

Monteleoni, Leone27 Aug 19400750La Spezia27 Aug 19401145La Spezia23Exercises.

Monteleoni, Leone28 Aug 19400800La Spezia28 Aug 19401630La Spezia53Exercises.

Monteleoni, Leone3 Sep 19401420La Spezia3 Sep 19401715La Spezia25Exercises.

Monteleoni, Leone17 Sep 19400705La Spezia17 Sep 19401655La Spezia50Exercises.

Monteleoni, Leone20 Sep 19401220La Spezia21 Sep 19400115La Spezia99,5Exercises.

Monteleoni, Leone14 Oct 19401250La Spezia14 Oct 19401810La Spezia49Exercises.

Monteleoni, Leone24 Oct 19401250La Spezia24 Oct 19401740La Spezia48Exercises.

Meneghini, Teucle6 Nov 19400805La Spezia6 Nov 19401257La Spezia11,8Exercises.

Meneghini, Teucle16 Nov 19402100La Spezia16 Nov 19402250La Spezia?Changed anchorage.

Meneghini, Teucle21 Nov 19400925La Spezia21 Nov 19401705La Spezia30Exercises.

9 Jan 19410830La Spezia9 Jan 19411125La Spezia30Exercises.

15 Jan 19410900La Spezia15 Jan 19411830La Spezia30Exercises.

Monteleoni, Leone25 Jan 19410920La Spezia25 Jan 19411100La Spezia15Exercises.

Monteleoni, Leone31 Jan 19410845La Spezia31 Jan 19411045La Spezia22Exercises.

4Monteleoni, Leone2 Feb 19411950La Spezia3 Feb 19411545La Spezia100Defensive patrol against enemy force, which might bombard the Italian coast. Uneventful.

5Monteleoni, Leone13 Mar 19411755La Spezia14 Mar 19411115La Spezia113Hydrophone watch in 44°03.5'N, 09°09'E. Uneventful.

6Monteleoni, Leone25 Mar 19411820La Spezia26 Mar 19411040La Spezia99Hydrophone watch in 44°00'N, 09°15'E. Uneventful.

7Monteleoni, Leone5 Apr 19412130La Spezia6 Apr 19410955La Spezia65,5Defensive patrol in 43°45'N, 09°30'E as an enemy naval force was reported approaching from the west. Uneventful.

Monteleoni, Leone10 Apr 19411520La Spezia10 Apr 19411745La Spezia25Exercises.

Celeste, Giovanni14 Apr 19410830La Spezia14 Apr 19411150La Spezia30Exercises.

Celeste, Giovanni21 Apr 19410820La Spezia21 Apr 19411245La Spezia30Exercises.

Celeste, Giovanni24 Apr 19410805La Spezia24 Apr 19411115La Spezia4Gyrocompass tests.

8Celeste, Giovanni26 Apr 19411825La Spezia29 Apr 19411005Leghorn346,5Hydrophone watch off Tino Island in anticipation of an important naval force from Gibraltar

Celeste, Giovanni29 Apr 19411025Leghorn29 Apr 19411605Leghorn346,5Exercises.

9Celeste, Giovanni1 May 19412015La Spezia2 May 19411030La Spezia90Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

10Celeste, Giovanni2 May 19411900La Spezia3 May 19411045La Spezia91Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

11Celeste, Giovanni9 May 19411815La Spezia10 May 19411012La Spezia87Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

Celeste, Giovanni14 May 19410820La Spezia14 May 19411645La Spezia38,3Exercises.

Celeste, Giovanni16 May 19410810La Spezia16 May 19411245La Spezia24,4Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano30 May 19410812La Spezia30 May 19411656La Spezia30Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano2 Jun 19410800La Spezia2 Jun 19411527La Spezia37Exercises.

12Iaccarino, Gaetano12 Jun 19411757La Spezia13 Jun 19411040La Spezia97,5Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

13Iaccarino, Gaetano14 Jun 19412014La Spezia16 Jun 19410800La Spezia197,3Hydrophone watch in 43°40'N, 24 miles east of Colonna.

Iaccarino, Gaetano17 Jun 19410800La Spezia17 Jun 19411006La Spezia12Exercises.

14Iaccarino, Gaetano24 Jun 19411800La Spezia28 Jun 19410835La Spezia335Hydrophone watch with H.6 on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful. Sighted only Italian vessels.

15Iaccarino, Gaetano6 Jul 19411630La Spezia7 Jul 19411240La Spezia166Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

Iaccarino, Gaetano11 Jul 19410950La Spezia11 Jul 19411314La Spezia11,2Exercises.

16Iaccarino, Gaetano15 Jul 19411800La Spezia16 Jul 19410800La Spezia108,5Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

17Iaccarino, Gaetano18 Jul 19411800La Spezia19 Jul 19410820La Spezia106Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

18Iaccarino, Gaetano26 Jul 19411800La Spezia27 Jul 19410843La Spezia106Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

19Iaccarino, Gaetano28 Jul 19411800La Spezia29 Jul 19410830La Spezia100,5Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

20Iaccarino, Gaetano31 Jul 19410035La Spezia5 Aug 19410815La Spezia379,6Patrolled with H.1 on line from 43°57.5'N, 08°42'E direction 300° - 10 miles. Uneventful.

21Iaccarino, Gaetano7 Aug 19412320La Spezia9 Aug 19410815La Spezia167,5Defensive patrol in 43°57.5'N, 08°42'E. Uneventful.

Iaccarino, Gaetano12 Aug 19410835La Spezia12 Aug 19411400La Spezia28,6Exercises.

22Iaccarino, Gaetano13 Aug 19411735La Spezia14 Aug 19410954La Spezia74,8Hydrophone watch in 44°00'N, 09°27'E.

Iaccarino, Gaetano16 Aug 19410800La Spezia16 Aug 19411722La Spezia32Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano19 Aug 19410840La Spezia19 Aug 19411810La Spezia34Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano23 Aug 19410525La Spezia23 Aug 19411355La Spezia47,3Exercises.

23Iaccarino, Gaetano23 Aug 19412055La Spezia27 Aug 19410815La Spezia260Defensive patrol on line 268° - 8 miles from 44°13'N, 09°07.5'E. This was following a report that a strong naval force had sailed from Gibraltar. Uneventful.

Iaccarino, Gaetano29 Aug 19410835La Spezia29 Aug 19411800La Spezia30,8Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano31 Aug 19410850La Spezia31 Aug 19411425La Spezia30Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano3 Sep 19410830La Spezia3 Sep 19411730La Spezia34Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano5 Sep 19410835La Spezia5 Sep 19411347La Spezia27,5Exercises with H.1 and H.6, escorted by Capodistria and Torre Annunziata.

Iaccarino, Gaetano9 Sep 19410835La Spezia9 Sep 19411735La Spezia29Exercises with H.4, escorted by Capodistria and Santantioco.

Iaccarino, Gaetano10 Sep 19410730La Spezia10 Sep 19411725La Spezia36,8Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano15 Sep 19410800La Spezia15 Sep 19411453La Spezia21Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano17 Sep 19410837La Spezia17 Sep 19411750La Spezia33,5Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano20 Sep 19410730La Spezia20 Sep 19411730La Spezia50,5Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano22 Sep 19410850La Spezia22 Sep 19411800La Spezia40Exercises.

24Iaccarino, Gaetano26 Sep 19411830La Spezia29 Sep 19410800S. Margherita306Patrolled in 44°11'N, 09°10'E with Da Procida, Beilul, H.1 and H.6 in Gulf of Genoa, in anticipation of an enemy force from Gibraltar. Uneventful.

25Iaccarino, Gaetano30 Sep 19410730S. Margherita30 Sep 19411300La Spezia39Patrolled in 44°11'N, 08°43'E to intercept an enemy naval force coming from Gibraltar.

Iaccarino, Gaetano3 Oct 19410917La Spezia3 Oct 19411650La Spezia27,5Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano4 Oct 19410800La Spezia4 Oct 19411650La Spezia30,5Exercises, escorted by Crotone and Torre Annunziata.

Iaccarino, Gaetano7 Oct 19410850La Spezia7 Oct 19411645La Spezia25Exercises with H.6, escorted by the tugs Favignana, Crotone and Rimini.

Iaccarino, Gaetano8 Oct 19411815La Spezia9 Oct 19410030La Spezia25Exercises with H.1 and H.6 escorted by Taormina.

Iaccarino, Gaetano10 Oct 19410850La Spezia10 Oct 19411600La Spezia26Exercises.

26Iaccarino, Gaetano18 Oct 19411230La Spezia18 Oct 19411410La Spezia14Patrol aborted?

Iaccarino, Gaetano21 Oct 19410850La Spezia21 Oct 19411720La Spezia28Exercises with H.1, escorted by Capodistria.

Iaccarino, Gaetano22 Oct 19410800La Spezia22 Oct 19411655La Spezia33Exercises, escorted by Capodistria.

Iaccarino, Gaetano24 Oct 19410650La Spezia24 Oct 19411127La Spezia18,6Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano28 Oct 19410900La Spezia28 Oct 19411642La Spezia38,5Exercises with H.6 escorted by Santantioco, returned escorted by Crotone and Capodistria.

Iaccarino, Gaetano31 Oct 19410905La Spezia31 Oct 19411055La Spezia12Exercises with H.1 escorted by Capodistria and Crotone.

Iaccarino, Gaetano4 Nov 19410855La Spezia4 Nov 19411636La Spezia27Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano7 Nov 19410845La Spezia7 Nov 19411615La Spezia25Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano17 Nov 19410805La Spezia17 Nov 19411255La Spezia32,1Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano20 Nov 19410800La Spezia20 Nov 19411520La Spezia36Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano21 Nov 19410645La Spezia21 Nov 19411015La Spezia25Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano25 Nov 1941Time?La Spezia25 Nov 1941Time?La SpeziaEntered dock.

Iaccarino, Gaetano1 Dec 1941Time?La Spezia1 Dec 1941Time?La SpeziaLeft dock.

Iaccarino, Gaetano3 Dec 19410810La Spezia3 Dec 19411642La Spezia27,5Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano5 Dec 19410910La Spezia5 Dec 19411654La Spezia24,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Favignana, MAS 510 and MAS 525.

Iaccarino, Gaetano10 Dec 19410820La Spezia10 Dec 19411010La Spezia13Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano27 Dec 19411006La Spezia27 Dec 19411649Genoa47Passage La Spezia-Genoa, then refit.

Iaccarino, Gaetano4 Feb 19420830Genoa4 Feb 19421700Genoa58Trials, escorted by the auxiliary Luigi Rizzo.

Iaccarino, Gaetano6 Feb 19420500Genoa6 Feb 19421400Genoa47Trials.

Iaccarino, Gaetano9 Feb 19420915Genoa9 Feb 19421500La Spezia47Passage Genoa-La Spezia.

27Iaccarino, Gaetano10 Feb 19421945La Spezia15 Feb 19420830La Spezia88,7Sailed with Colonna and H.6, for hydrophone watch in 44°11'N, 09°10'E. Uneventful.

Iaccarino, Gaetano17 Feb 19420905La Spezia17 Feb 19421140La Spezia2Gyrocompass tests.

Iaccarino, Gaetano18 Feb 19420815La Spezia18 Feb 19421235La Spezia25Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano19 Feb 19421445La Spezia19 Feb 19421645La Spezia1,8Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano20 Feb 19420830La Spezia20 Feb 19421555La Spezia25,5Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano24 Feb 19421256La Spezia24 Feb 19421522La Spezia23Trials.

Iaccarino, Gaetano26 Feb 19420815La Spezia26 Feb 19421730La Spezia32Exercises with the midget submarine C.B.1, escorted by MAS 505 and MAS 525.

28Iaccarino, Gaetano28 Feb 19422050La Spezia1 Mar 19421115Savona42,5Defensive patrol in 44°11'N, 08°43'E with Rismondo and H.6, but returned because of defects to the starboard diesel engine.

Iaccarino, Gaetano1 Mar 19421130Savona2 Mar 19421730La Spezia68Passage Savona-La Spezia.

Iaccarino, Gaetano4 Mar 19420905La Spezia4 Mar 19421415La Spezia47Trials.

Iaccarino, Gaetano5 Mar 19421350La Spezia5 Mar 19421630La Spezia23Trials.

Iaccarino, Gaetano6 Mar 19421150La Spezia6 Mar 19421715Leghorn49,5Passage La Spezia-Leghorn.

29Iaccarino, Gaetano7 Mar 19422200Leghorn7 Mar 19422330Leghorn3Hydrophone watch, but interrupted because of defects?

Iaccarino, Gaetano10 Mar 19420925Leghorn10 Mar 19421745Leghorn35Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano11 Mar 19420705Leghorn11 Mar 19421200La Spezia49Passage Leghorn-La Spezia.

Iaccarino, Gaetano13 Mar 19420805La Spezia13 Mar 19421538La Spezia26Exercises, escorted by torpedo boat Carini and the auxiliary Crotone.

Iaccarino, Gaetano17 Mar 19420825La Spezia17 Mar 19421635La Spezia22Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Santantioco and Capodistria.

Iaccarino, Gaetano20 Mar 19420839La Spezia20 Mar 19421655La Spezia19Exercises, escorted by MAS 509.

Iaccarino, Gaetano25 Mar 19420800La Spezia25 Mar 19421853La Spezia21,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Capodistria.

Iaccarino, Gaetano27 Mar 19420800La Spezia27 Mar 19421430La Spezia21,8Exercises with the submarine Bajamonti, escorted by the auxiliary Crotone.

Iaccarino, Gaetano31 Mar 19420800La Spezia31 Mar 19421705La Spezia39,5Exercises, escorted by the tug Crotone.

Iaccarino, Gaetano8 Apr 19420730La Spezia8 Apr 19421832La Spezia57Exercises with the submarine H.1, escorted by the tug Crotone.

Iaccarino, Gaetano13 Apr 19420903La Spezia13 Apr 19421325La Spezia19,8Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Carini.

Iaccarino, Gaetano16 Apr 19420830La Spezia16 Apr 19421540La Spezia29,6Exercises, escorted by the tug Crotone.

30Iaccarino, Gaetano21 Apr 19422355La Spezia23 Apr 19420915La Spezia185,9Defensive patrol in 44°11'N, 08°43'E.

Iaccarino, Gaetano29 Apr 19421145La Spezia29 Apr 19421725La Spezia31Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano30 Apr 19421310La Spezia30 Apr 19421650La Spezia23Exercises with the submarines H.1 and H.6, escorted by MAS 501.

Iaccarino, Gaetano3 May 19421005La Spezia3 May 19421610La Spezia30,8Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano5 May 19420525La Spezia5 May 19421330La Spezia36,3Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano8 May 19421000La Spezia8 May 19421555La Spezia29,7Exercises, escorted by the destroyer Nicoloso Da Recco.

Iaccarino, Gaetano20 May 19420725La Spezia20 May 19421620La Spezia37Exercises with the submarines Cobalto and Rismondo.

Iaccarino, Gaetano21 May 19420740La Spezia21 May 19421255La Spezia18Exercises with the submarines H.1 and H.6, escorted by MAS 509.

Iaccarino, Gaetano22 May 19420745La Spezia22 May 19421145La Spezia26,5Exercises.

Iaccarino, Gaetano25 May 19420730La Spezia25 May 19421245La Spezia24,8Exercises, escorted by torpedo boat La Masa and the auxiliaries Rimini and Mesco.

Iaccarino, Gaetano26 May 19420728La Spezia26 May 19421624La Spezia31,2Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe30 May 19421345La Spezia30 May 19421806La Spezia18,4Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe4 Jun 19420735La Spezia4 Jun 19421728La Spezia38,5Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe7 Jun 19421350La Spezia7 Jun 19421903La Spezia21,1Sonar trials with the destroyer Gioberti.

Simonetti, Giuseppe12 Jun 19420800La Spezia12 Jun 19421330La Spezia27,2Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe19 Jun 19420740La Spezia19 Jun 19421228La Spezia20Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe22 Jun 19421205La Spezia22 Jun 19421803La Spezia26,9Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe24 Jun 19422000La Spezia25 Jun 19420033La Spezia29Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe26 Jun 19420800La Spezia26 Jun 19421340La Spezia26,5Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe29 Jun 19422240La Spezia30 Jun 19420535La Spezia24Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe30 Jun 19421330La Spezia30 Jun 19421810La Spezia15,7Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe2 Jul 19420740La Spezia2 Jul 19421543La Spezia24Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe11 Jul 19421050La Spezia11 Jul 19421212La Spezia4,3Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe13 Jul 19420700La Spezia13 Jul 19421237La Spezia22,9Exercises with the corvette Procione.

Simonetti, Giuseppe16 Jul 19420730La Spezia16 Jul 19421301La Spezia29,7Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe21 Jul 19421310La Spezia21 Jul 19421745La Spezia23,5Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe23 Jul 1942Time?La Spezia23 Jul 1942Time?La SpeziaDocked.

Simonetti, Giuseppe29 Jul 1942Time?La Spezia29 Jul 1942Time?La SpeziaUndocked.

Simonetti, Giuseppe31 Jul 19420643La Spezia31 Jul 19421155La Spezia23,2Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe5 Aug 19420705La Spezia5 Aug 19421655La Spezia30Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe10 Aug 19420630La Spezia10 Aug 19421243La Spezia31,8Exercises.

31Simonetti, Giuseppe11 Aug 19422355La Spezia14 Aug 19421910La Spezia309,2Defensive patrol. Uneventful.

32Simonetti, Giuseppe18 Aug 19420130La Spezia18 Aug 19422200La Spezia117,4Defensive barrage in 44°11'N, 08°56'E with H.1, H.6 and Bajamonti, but recalled at 1700 hours on the 18th.

Simonetti, Giuseppe21 Aug 19420807La Spezia21 Aug 19421220La Spezia21,6Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe24 Aug 19420658La Spezia24 Aug 19421105La Spezia20,2Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe28 Aug 19420700La Spezia28 Aug 19421245La Spezia27,9Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe1 Sep 19420700La Spezia1 Sep 19421255La Spezia22,5Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe7 Sep 19421205La Spezia7 Sep 19421715La Spezia21Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe11 Sep 19420740La Spezia11 Sep 19421222La Spezia21,7Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe19 Sep 19420730La Spezia19 Sep 19421737La Spezia35,3Exercises escorted, by A.S.218, A.S.221 and A.S.226.

Simonetti, Giuseppe21 Sep 19420715La Spezia21 Sep 19421744La Spezia54Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe3 Oct 19420645La Spezia3 Oct 19421510La Spezia32,8Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe6 Oct 19420802La Spezia6 Oct 19421252La Spezia30,5Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe8 Oct 19420700La Spezia8 Oct 19421630La Spezia48,5Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe14 Oct 19420722La Spezia14 Oct 19421645La Spezia56Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe16 Oct 19421339La Spezia16 Oct 19421935La Spezia35Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe21 Oct 19420722La Spezia21 Oct 19421910La Spezia62Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe23 Oct 19421055La Spezia23 Oct 19421840La Spezia40Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe26 Oct 19420710La Spezia26 Oct 19421235La Spezia29Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe4 Nov 19420720La Spezia4 Nov 19421722La Spezia47Exercises.

33Simonetti, Giuseppe8 Nov 19420100La Spezia11 Nov 19421150La Spezia392,6Defensive patrol in Gulf of Genoa. Uneventful.

Simonetti, Giuseppe13 Nov 19420755La Spezia14 Nov 19421055La Maddalena201Passage La Spezia-La Maddalena.

Simonetti, Giuseppe22 Nov 19421700La Maddalena23 Nov 19421700La Spezia201Passage La Maddalena-La Spezia.

Simonetti, Giuseppe27 Nov 19420800La Spezia27 Nov 19421730La Spezia49Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe5 Dec 19420720La Spezia5 Dec 19421255La Spezia24,5Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe5 Dec 19420720La Spezia5 Dec 19421255La Spezia24,5Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe10 Dec 19420730La Spezia10 Dec 19421705La Spezia29,2Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe17 Dec 19420805La Spezia17 Dec 19421515La Spezia35,7Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe19 Dec 19420703La Spezia19 Dec 19421643La Spezia40,5Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe23 Dec 19420725La Spezia23 Dec 19421610La Spezia37,5Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe26 Dec 19420727La Spezia26 Dec 19421307La Spezia29Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe2 Jan 19430725La Spezia2 Jan 19431245La Spezia19Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe3 Jan 19430845La Spezia3 Jan 19431215La Spezia8Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto8 Jan 19430735La Spezia8 Jan 19431715La Spezia34Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto13 Jan 19430725La Spezia13 Jan 19431645La Spezia32Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto15 Jan 19431015La Spezia15 Jan 19431410La Spezia24Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto19 Jan 19430710La Spezia19 Jan 19431810La Spezia37Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto22 Jan 19430725La Spezia22 Jan 19431649La Spezia31,5Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto27 Jan 19430720La Spezia27 Jan 19431635La Spezia31Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto29 Jan 19430720La Spezia29 Jan 19431520La Spezia29Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto1 Feb 19430722La Spezia1 Feb 19431510La Spezia35,7Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto4 Feb 19430730La Spezia4 Feb 19431215La Spezia12Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto10 Feb 19430735La Spezia10 Feb 19431330La Spezia22,8Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto15 Feb 19430725La Spezia15 Feb 19431725La Spezia24,7Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto20 Feb 19430830La Spezia20 Feb 19431320La Spezia16,8Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto24 Feb 19430945La Spezia24 Feb 19431600La Spezia19,9Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto3 Mar 19430725La Spezia3 Mar 19431700La Spezia23,5Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto8 Mar 19431400La Spezia8 Mar 19431730La Spezia17Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto10 Mar 19430725La Spezia10 Mar 19431600La Spezia15Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto15 Mar 19431245La Spezia15 Mar 19431827La Spezia17Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto17 Mar 19430720La Spezia17 Mar 19431727La Spezia16,5Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto19 Mar 19430730La Spezia19 Mar 19431500Genoa55,25Passage La Spezia-Genoa for refit.

Ginocchio, Luigi27 Apr 19430955Genoa27 Apr 19431645Genoa35Trials.

Ginocchio, Luigi1 May 19430945Genoa1 May 19431500La Spezia46Passage Genoa-La Spezia.

34Ginocchio, Luigi10 May 19431830La Spezia11 May 19430750La Spezia73Hydrophone watch.

Ginocchio, Luigi13 May 19430710La Spezia13 May 19431720La Spezia48Exercises.

35Ginocchio, Luigi14 May 19431800La Spezia15 May 19430807La Spezia74Hydrophone watch.

Ginocchio, Luigi18 May 19430610La Spezia18 May 19431818La Spezia51Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi20 May 19430930La Spezia20 May 19431512La Spezia29Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi22 May 19430710La Spezia22 May 19431445La Spezia25Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi27 May 19430717La Spezia27 May 19432057La Spezia63Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi29 May 19430702La Spezia29 May 19431317La Spezia32Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi31 May 19431630La Spezia1 Jun 19430927La Spezia108Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi2 Jun 19430735La Spezia2 Jun 19432122La Spezia62Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi4 Jun 19430739La Spezia4 Jun 19432135La Spezia89Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi11 Jun 19431002La Spezia11 Jun 19431250La Spezia12Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi12 Jun 19430843La Spezia12 Jun 19431650La Spezia35Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi14 Jun 19430710La Spezia14 Jun 19432045La Spezia47Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi19 Jun 19430630La Spezia19 Jun 19431200La Spezia31,5Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi21 Jun 19430720La Spezia21 Jun 19431205La Spezia32,5Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi23 Jun 19430709La Spezia23 Jun 19431404La Spezia30Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe4 Jul 19431035La Spezia4 Jul 19431505La Spezia18,5Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe5 Jul 19430605La Spezia5 Jul 19431705La Spezia30Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe8 Jul 19430720La Spezia8 Jul 19430923La Spezia13,5Exercises.

36Simonetti, Giuseppe9 Jul 19431830La Spezia10 Jul 19430655La Spezia64Hydrophone watch.

Simonetti, Giuseppe13 Jul 19430800La Spezia13 Jul 19431500La Spezia84Exercises.

37Simonetti, Giuseppe14 Jul 19431852La Spezia15 Jul 19430836La Spezia79Hydrophone watch.

Simonetti, Giuseppe16 Jul 19431340La Spezia16 Jul 19431731La Spezia3,5Gyrocompass test.

38Simonetti, Giuseppe19 Jul 19431815La Spezia20 Jul 19430231La Spezia54Hydrophone watch.

Simonetti, Giuseppe22 Jul 19430610La Spezia22 Jul 19431450La Spezia31Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe29 Jul 19431450La Spezia30 Jul 19430745La Spezia52Exercises with the submarine Rismondo and the gunboat Zagabria.

39Simonetti, Giuseppe25 Aug 19431510La Spezia26 Aug 19430650La Spezia?Hydrophone watch.

Simonetti, Giuseppe28 Aug 19430635La Spezia28 Aug 19431250La Spezia?Exercises.

Simonetti, Giuseppe30 Aug 19430745La Spezia30 Aug 19431650La Spezia120Exercises.

Pedrotti, Francesco7 Sep 19431715La Spezia8 Sep 19431330Ajaccio160Passage La Spezia-Ajaccio.

Pedrotti, Francesco11 Sep 19430030Ajaccio12 Sep 19430810Portoferraio170Passage Ajaccio-Portoferraio.

Pedrotti, Francesco12 Sep 19432105Portoferraio14 Sep 19431930Palermo330Passage Portoferraio-Palermo with H.1 and H.2.
  14 Sep 19430315
(0) About 80 miles from Palermo (60 miles SW of Guardia Point).
At 0315 hours, an aircraft believed to be a German Dornier 215 bomber, was sighted at a distance of 1,000 metres flying at a height of 100-200 metres. It dropped four bombs on the submarine and strafed her. H.4 was missed.

This was probably Liberator 'Q' (1st Lieutenant H.S. Cantrell) of the 1st USAAF A/S Squadron (480 Group) operating out of Protville, which dropped six depth charges but then identified the two submarines as Italian.

Beverini, Enrico19 Sep 19432140Palermo21 Sep 19431130Malta240Passage Palermo-Malta with the submarine Axum, escorted by the torpedo boats Fabrizi and Carini and the tug Liscanera.

Barca, Luciano5 Oct 1943Malta31 Oct 1943MaltaAt Malta. Change in command.

Canezza, Antonio1 Nov 1943Malta22 May 1944MaltaAt Malta. Change in command.

Beverini, Enrico23 May 1944Malta15 Jul 1944MaltaAt Malta. Change in command.

Febbraro, Giovanni16 Jul 1944Malta6 Aug 1944MaltaAt Malta. Change in command.

Canezza, Antonio9 Aug 19441910Malta11 Aug 19441135Taranto360Passage Malta-Taranto towed by the torpedo boat Abba, with the submarine Otaria (who left them to go to Augusta).

Beverini, Enrico16 Aug 1944Taranto10 Oct 1944TarantoIn reserve at Taranto.

Monteleoni, Leone11 Oct 1944Taranto30 Nov 1944TarantoIn reserve at Taranto.

De Ferrante, Luigi30 Nov 1944Taranto31 Jul 1944TarantoIn reserve at Taranto until the end of the war.

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