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Luigi Ginocchio

Sottotenente di Vascello

Born  14 Aug 1914?


24 Mar 1942 S.T.V.Sottotenente di Vascello


Career information

H.6 (S.T.V. officer): from 22.11.1939 to ?
H.1 (S.T.V. C.O.): From 24.03.1942 to 27.04.1943.
H.4 (S.T.V. C.O.): From 27.04.1943 to 26.06.1943.
Ametista (S.T.V. C.O.): From 09.09.1943 to 12.09.1943 (scuttled, Ginocchio survived).

Commands listed for Luigi Ginocchio

Submarine Type Rank From To
H 1 (H1, P.56)CoastalS.T.V.24 Mar 194227 Apr 1943
H 4 (H4)CoastalS.T.V.27 Apr 194326 Jun 1943
Ametista (AA)Coastal / Sea goingS.T.V.9 Sep 194312 Sep 1943

Ships hit by Luigi Ginocchio

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Luigi Ginocchio

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
H 1 (H1, P.56)24 Mar 19420755La Spezia24 Mar 19421658La Spezia53Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone, Capodistria and Torre Annunziata.

H 1 (H1, P.56)1 Apr 19420800La Spezia1 Apr 19422307La Spezia67Exercises with the submarines Ambra and Bajamonti, escorted by the auxiliary Crotone.

H 1 (H1, P.56)3 Apr 19420915La Spezia3 Apr 19420928La Spezia0,5Changed moorings?

H 1 (H1, P.56)4 Apr 19420900La Spezia4 Apr 19421005La Spezia3,5Gyrocompass tests.

H 1 (H1, P.56)8 Apr 19420723La Spezia8 Apr 19421550La Spezia31,5Exercises with the submarine H.4, escorted by the auxiliary Crotone.

H 1 (H1, P.56)10 Apr 19420745La Spezia10 Apr 19421715La Spezia11Gyrocompass tests.

H 1 (H1, P.56)13 Apr 19420800La Spezia13 Apr 19421500La Spezia35,5Exercises, escorted by MAS 567 and the auxiliaries Crotone and Capodistria.

H 1 (H1, P.56)15 Apr 19420800La Spezia15 Apr 19421347La Spezia2,5Gyrocompass tests.

H 1 (H1, P.56)17 Apr 19420943La Spezia17 Apr 19421718La Spezia46Exercises.

1.H 1 (H1, P.56)21 Apr 19422350La Spezia23 Apr 19420923La Spezia198Defensive patrol with the submarines Rismondi and H.4, on a line 6 miles 053°-333° from 44°11'N, 09°10'E in Gulf of Genoa.
  23 Apr 19420504
(0) Near La Spezia.
At 0504 hours, the submarine Francesco Rismondo was sighted.

H 1 (H1, P.56)24 Apr 19421140La Spezia24 Apr 19421832La Spezia33Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)29 Apr 19421157La Spezia29 Apr 19421732La Spezia30Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)30 Apr 19421140La Spezia30 Apr 19421608La Spezia24Exercises with the submarines H.4 and H.6, escorted by MAS 501.

H 1 (H1, P.56)1 May 19420730La Spezia1 May 19421630La Spezia40Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)12 May 19421205La Spezia12 May 19421415La Spezia8,5Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)15 May 19420932La Spezia15 May 19421732La Spezia40Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)17 May 19420655La Spezia17 May 19421417La Spezia37Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)19 May 19420732La Spezia19 May 19421400La Spezia29Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)21 May 19420900La Spezia21 May 19421300La Spezia23Exercises with the submarines H.4 and H.6, escorted by MAS 509.

H 1 (H1, P.56)26 May 19420717La Spezia26 May 19421315La Spezia29Exercises, escorted back by the auxiliary Rimini.

H 1 (H1, P.56)29 May 19420747La Spezia29 May 19421530La Spezia39Exercises, escorted by the tug Palmaria.

H 1 (H1, P.56)1 Jun 19420613La Spezia1 Jun 19421340La Spezia38Trials.

H 1 (H1, P.56)5 Jun 19420715La Spezia5 Jun 19421619La Spezia29Trials.

H 1 (H1, P.56)12 Jun 19420800La Spezia12 Jun 19421620La Spezia36Trials.

H 1 (H1, P.56)19 Jun 19420742La Spezia19 Jun 19421710La Spezia36,5Trials.

H 1 (H1, P.56)24 Jun 19420745La Spezia24 Jun 19421725La Spezia39Trials.

H 1 (H1, P.56)26 Jun 19421140La Spezia26 Jun 19421302La Spezia5Trials.

H 1 (H1, P.56)27 Jun 19420635La Spezia27 Jun 19421114La Spezia25Trials.

H 1 (H1, P.56)30 Jun 19420727La Spezia30 Jun 19421238La Spezia26,5Trials.

H 1 (H1, P.56)7 Jul 19420645La Spezia7 Jul 19421240La Spezia28A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)15 Jul 19420736La Spezia15 Jul 19421738La Spezia42A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)18 Jul 19420807La Spezia18 Jul 19421056La Spezia7A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)28 Jul 19420704La Spezia28 Jul 19420910La Spezia13A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)1 Aug 19420608La Spezia1 Aug 19421118La Spezia21,5Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)5 Aug 19420800La Spezia5 Aug 19420957La Spezia14Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)9 Aug 19420920La Spezia9 Aug 19421430La Spezia30Exercises.

2.H 1 (H1, P.56)11 Aug 19422345La Spezia14 Aug 19422040La Spezia305Defensive patrol, on a patrol line with H.4, H.6, Rismondi and Bajamonti in Gulf of Genoa. Uneventful.

H 1 (H1, P.56)17 Aug 19420704La Spezia17 Aug 19421219La Spezia27Exercises.

3.H 1 (H1, P.56)18 Aug 19420140La Spezia18 Aug 19422120La Spezia99Defensive barrage in Gulf of Genoa with H.4, H.6 and Bajamonti, in 44°11'N, 09°10'E, but recalled at 1705 hours on the 18th.
  18 Aug 1942111044° 13'N, 9° 07'EAt 1110 hours, the tug Favignana was sighted laying a line of buoys.

At 1215 hours, H.1 closed to voice range to inquire about the presence of this vessel in her patrol area.

H 1 (H1, P.56)23 Aug 19421457La Spezia23 Aug 19421850La Spezia23,5Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)24 Aug 19421457La Spezia24 Aug 19421515La Spezia1Entered dock.

H 1 (H1, P.56)28 Aug 19421520La Spezia28 Aug 19421610La Spezia1Left dock.

H 1 (H1, P.56)31 Aug 19420856La Spezia31 Aug 19421250La Spezia25Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)4 Sep 19420652La Spezia4 Sep 19421520La Spezia41Exercises, escorted by A.S.103, A.S.105 and A.S.108.

H 1 (H1, P.56)6 Sep 19420637La Spezia6 Sep 19421700La Spezia51Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)9 Sep 19421920La Spezia10 Sep 19420030La Spezia25Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)10 Sep 19420710La Spezia10 Sep 19421350La Spezia20Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)15 Sep 19420730La Spezia15 Sep 19421047La Spezia32Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Animoso and submarine chaser 108 and 113.

H 1 (H1, P.56)17 Sep 19420722La Spezia17 Sep 19421358La Spezia23Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)24 Sep 19420710La Spezia24 Sep 19421104La Spezia21Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)28 Sep 19420725La Spezia28 Sep 19421000La Spezia14Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)30 Sep 19420724La Spezia30 Sep 19421535La Spezia38Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)2 Oct 19420720La Spezia2 Oct 19421245La Spezia26Sonar (S-Gerät) exercises with the destroyer Velite.

H 1 (H1, P.56)3 Oct 19420804La Spezia3 Oct 19421400La Spezia4Gyrocompass tests.

H 1 (H1, P.56)6 Oct 19420725La Spezia6 Oct 19421330La Spezia23A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)9 Oct 19420726La Spezia9 Oct 19421553La Spezia36Sonar exercises with the submarine Onice, escorted by the torpedo boats Cigno and Sagittario.

H 1 (H1, P.56)12 Oct 19420724La Spezia12 Oct 19421548La Spezia35Sonar exercises with the submarine H.6 and the torpedo boats Ardente and Groppo.

H 1 (H1, P.56)15 Oct 19420721La Spezia15 Oct 19421611La Spezia34Sonar exercises with torpedo boats Ardente and Groppo.

H 1 (H1, P.56)17 Oct 19420730La Spezia17 Oct 19421605La Spezia38Sonar exercises with the submarine Onice, the torpedo boats Ardente and Groppo, MAS 510 and MAS 556.

H 1 (H1, P.56)20 Oct 19420715La Spezia20 Oct 19421750La Spezia37Sonar exercises with the torpedo boat Ardente andthe submarine chaser Zagabria.

H 1 (H1, P.56)30 Oct 19420735La Spezia30 Oct 19421525La Spezia32A/S exercises with submarine chaser Regina Elena.

H 1 (H1, P.56)5 Nov 19420730La Spezia5 Nov 19421420La Spezia20,5Exercises.

4.H 1 (H1, P.56)8 Nov 19420115La Spezia11 Nov 19420807La Spezia349Patrolled in Gulf of Genoa with H.4, H.6 and Bajamonti.
  9 Nov 19421250
(0) Off Genoa.
At 1250 hours, a Swiss ship escorted by a motorboat was sighted leaving from Genoa and proceeding south.

H 1 (H1, P.56)13 Nov 19420800La Spezia14 Nov 19421058La Maddalena209Passage La Spezia-La Maddalena with H.4.

H 1 (H1, P.56)29 Nov 19421545La Maddalena30 Nov 19421222La Spezia206Passage La Maddalena-La Spezia with H.8 and Bajamonti.

H 1 (H1, P.56)22 Dec 19420734La Spezia22 Dec 19421241La Spezia13A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)26 Dec 19420733La Spezia26 Dec 19421212La Spezia19A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)29 Dec 19420743La Spezia29 Dec 19421521La Spezia16A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)2 Jan 19430920La Spezia2 Jan 19431421La Spezia21Sonar exercises.
  2 Jan 19431011
(0) Near La Spezia.
At 1011 hours, the periscope of a submarine was sighted. H.1 attempted to ram, but lost contact. The submarine may have been H.2 or H.4 as both were also off La Spezia. No allied or German submarines operated in this area at the time.

H 1 (H1, P.56)7 Jan 19430922La Spezia7 Jan 19431653La Spezia42Sonar exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)11 Jan 19430750La Spezia11 Jan 19431340La Spezia31Sonar exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)20 Jan 19430740La Spezia20 Jan 19431600La Spezia35Sonar exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)25 Jan 19430735La Spezia25 Jan 19431646La Spezia40Sonar exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)27 Jan 19431315La Spezia27 Jan 19431615La Spezia24Sonar exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)28 Jan 19430800La Spezia28 Jan 19431315La Spezia23Sonar exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)8 Feb 19430736La Spezia8 Feb 19431640La Spezia37,5A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)8 Feb 19430736La Spezia8 Feb 19431640La Spezia37,5A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)10 Feb 19430740La Spezia10 Feb 19431535La Spezia38A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)13 Feb 19430808La Spezia13 Feb 19431337La Spezia29A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)17 Feb 19431350La Spezia17 Feb 19431820La Spezia26A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)18 Feb 19430814La Spezia18 Feb 19431335La Spezia26A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)23 Feb 19430644La Spezia23 Feb 19431707La Spezia58A/S exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)1 Mar 19430805La Spezia1 Mar 19431655La Spezia42Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)4 Mar 19431335La Spezia4 Mar 19431847La Spezia30Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)9 Mar 19430730La Spezia9 Mar 19431900La Spezia52Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)11 Mar 19430915La Spezia11 Mar 19431430La Spezia28Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)15 Mar 19430723La Spezia15 Mar 19431600La Spezia27,5Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)19 Mar 19431303La Spezia19 Mar 19431910La Spezia29Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)22 Mar 19430718La Spezia22 Mar 19431600La Spezia32Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)24 Mar 19430640La Spezia24 Mar 19431650La Spezia30Exercises with the torpedo boats Ardimentoso and Pallade.

H 1 (H1, P.56)1 Apr 19430800La Spezia1 Apr 19431444La Spezia41Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)5 Apr 19430732La Spezia5 Apr 19431705La Spezia18Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)10 Apr 19430830La Spezia10 Apr 19431752La Spezia11,8Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)12 Apr 19430736La Spezia12 Apr 19431555La Spezia23,1Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)15 Apr 19431216La Spezia15 Apr 19431651La Spezia17,2Exercises.

H 1 (H1, P.56)24 Apr 19430730La Spezia24 Apr 19431445Genoa46Passage La Spezia-Genoa, towing MAS 561 and Panfilo Nino II.

H 4 (H4)27 Apr 19430955Genoa27 Apr 19431645Genoa35Trials.

H 4 (H4)1 May 19430945Genoa1 May 19431500La Spezia46Passage Genoa-La Spezia.

5.H 4 (H4)10 May 19431830La Spezia11 May 19430750La Spezia73Hydrophone watch.

H 4 (H4)13 May 19430710La Spezia13 May 19431720La Spezia48Exercises.

6.H 4 (H4)14 May 19431800La Spezia15 May 19430807La Spezia74Hydrophone watch.

H 4 (H4)18 May 19430610La Spezia18 May 19431818La Spezia51Exercises.

H 4 (H4)20 May 19430930La Spezia20 May 19431512La Spezia29Exercises.

H 4 (H4)22 May 19430710La Spezia22 May 19431445La Spezia25Exercises.

H 4 (H4)27 May 19430717La Spezia27 May 19432057La Spezia63Exercises.

H 4 (H4)29 May 19430702La Spezia29 May 19431317La Spezia32Exercises.

H 4 (H4)31 May 19431630La Spezia1 Jun 19430927La Spezia108Exercises.

H 4 (H4)2 Jun 19430735La Spezia2 Jun 19432122La Spezia62Exercises.

H 4 (H4)4 Jun 19430739La Spezia4 Jun 19432135La Spezia89Exercises.

H 4 (H4)11 Jun 19431002La Spezia11 Jun 19431250La Spezia12Exercises.

H 4 (H4)12 Jun 19430843La Spezia12 Jun 19431650La Spezia35Exercises.

H 4 (H4)14 Jun 19430710La Spezia14 Jun 19432045La Spezia47Exercises.

H 4 (H4)19 Jun 19430630La Spezia19 Jun 19431200La Spezia31,5Exercises.

H 4 (H4)21 Jun 19430720La Spezia21 Jun 19431205La Spezia32,5Exercises.

H 4 (H4)23 Jun 19430709La Spezia23 Jun 19431404La Spezia30Exercises.

Ametista (AA)9 Sep 1943EveningFiume11 Sep 1943MorningAnconaPassage Fiume-Ancona.

Ametista (AA)12 Sep 19431500Ancona12 Sep 19431930ScuttledScuttled off Numana after armistice.
  12 Sep 19431930
(0) Off Numana (Ancona).
At 1930 hours, Ametista was on her way to Taranto, when S.T.V Luigi Ginocchio decided to scuttle her rather than surrender to the Allies. Two or three ratings were reported to have drowned. For his decision which ran counter to the Armistice conditions, Ginocchio was later court-martialed.

117 entries. 117 total patrol entries (6 marked as war patrols) and 5 events.

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