Italian submarines in World War Two

Francesco Rismondo (ex-N.1, ex-Osvetnik) (RI)

ClassSmeli (34) 
Laid down Atéliers et Chantiers de la Loire (Nantes, France)
Launched14 Jan 1929
Commissioned14 Feb 1929
End service
Loss date18 Sep 1943
Loss position41° 23'N, 9° 10'E
History Yuguslav submarine Osvetnik. Captured at Kotor by the Italians on 17th April 1941. Captured by the Germans at Bonifacio on 14th September 1943. Scuttled by the Germans at Bonifacio on 18th September 1943.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
T.V. Armando Rosso21 May 194123 May 1941
C.C. Aldobrando De Paulis Fedele1 Jun 19413 Nov 1941
C.C. Bruno Zelik4 Nov 194128 Jan 1942
C.C. Gustavo Lovatelli28 Jan 194229 Mar 1942
T.V. Renzo Fossati29 Mar 194228 May 1942
C.C. Virgilio Spigai28 May 19428 Sep 1942
C.C. Rodolfo Scarelli8 Sep 19421 Oct 1942
C.C. Gino Andreani2 Oct 194223 Oct 1942
C.C. Rodolfo Scarelli24 Oct 19425 Nov 1942
C.C. Gino Andreani6 Nov 194211 Nov 1942
C.C. Francesco Pedrotti11 Nov 194228 Dec 1942
C.C. Raffaello Allegri29 Dec 194231 Jan 1943
C.C. Francesco Pedrotti1 Feb 194315 Apr 1943
C.C. Mario Paolo Pollina16 Apr 194316 Jun 1943
T.V. Renzo Fossati10 Jun 194323 Jun 1943
T.V. Mario Priggione23 Jun 194313 Sep 1943

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
17 Apr 1941Kotor17 Apr 1941KotorThe Yugoslav submarine Ostvenik was seized by the Italian Navy. Renamed N 1 up and renamed again (ca. June 1941) Francesco Rismondo.

Rosso, Armando21 May 19410600Teodo21 May 19412130SpalatoPassage Teodo-Spalato of the three ex-Yugoslav submarines N 1, N 2 and N 3 escorted by the torpedo boat Bassini.

Rosso, Armando22 May 19410955Spalato22 May 19411730ZaraPassage Spalato-Zara of the three ex-Yugoslav submarines N 1, N 2 and N 3 escorted by the torpedo boat Bassini.

Rosso, Armando23 May 19410945Zara23 May 19411900Pola318,8Passage Zara-Pola of the three ex-Yugoslav submarines N 1, N 2 and N 3 with the torpedo boat Bassini and the tug Marittimo [mileage is from 21st May].

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando11 Jun 1941Pola11 Jun 1941PolaExercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando19 Jun 19410930Pola19 Jun 19411530Pola30Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando9 Jul 19410830Pola9 Jul 19411641Pola23Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando14 Jul 19410749Pola14 Jul 19411752Pola60,5Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando4 Aug 19410745Pola4 Aug 19411800Pola45,5Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando8 Aug 19410753Pola8 Aug 19411410Pola50Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando10 Aug 19410822Pola10 Aug 19411115Pola2Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando5 Oct 19410800Pola5 Oct 19411702Pola56,2Exercises with the auxiliary Salvore.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando7 Oct 19410800Pola7 Oct 19411723Pola101,4Trials.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando9 Oct 19410814Pola9 Oct 19411814Pola9Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando13 Oct 19410805Pola13 Oct 19411420Pola12,5Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando14 Oct 19410800Pola14 Oct 19411215Pola38,5Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando16 Oct 19410838Pola16 Oct 19411638Pola19Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Monti.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando29 Oct 19411403Pola29 Oct 19411605Pola4,3Exercises.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando1 Nov 19410800Pola1 Nov 19411400Pola31Exercises with submarines Jalea and Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando2 Nov 19411700Pola2 Nov 19412100Pola44Exercises with the submarines Galatea and Toti, escorted by the auxiliary Salvore.

De Paulis Fedele, Aldobrando3 Nov 19410800Pola3 Nov 19411345Pola49Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno4 Nov 19410800Pola4 Nov 19411512Pola49Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio and the torpedo boat Audace.

Zelik, Bruno7 Nov 19411700Pola7 Nov 19412015Pola51Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Zelik, Bruno10 Nov 19410800Pola10 Nov 19411500Pola51Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Jadera.

Zelik, Bruno11 Nov 19411005Pola11 Nov 19412215Pola68Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Zelik, Bruno12 Nov 19411650Pola12 Nov 19412205Pola68Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Zelik, Bruno20 Nov 19410800Pola20 Nov 19411310Pola68Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno25 Nov 19410700Pola26 Nov 19411252Fiume52Passage Pola-Fiume.

Zelik, Bruno14 Dec 1941Time?Fiume14 Dec 19411410Fiume16Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno26 Dec 19411120Fiume26 Dec 19411435Fiume16Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno1 Jan 19420805Fiume2 Jan 19421540Brindisi360Passage Fiume-Brindisi.

Zelik, Bruno7 Jan 19420630Brindisi9 Jan 19420055Messina260Passage Brindisi-Messina.
  7 Jan 19421745At 1745 hours, the submarine Otaria was sighted.

Zelik, Bruno12 Jan 19420720Messina14 Jan 19420850La Spezia495Passage Messina-La Spezia. Uneventful.

Zelik, Bruno17 Jan 19420905La Spezia17 Jan 19421435La Spezia24Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Giasone and Capodistria.

Zelik, Bruno20 Jan 19420800La Spezia20 Jan 19421735La Spezia32Exercises, escorted by MAS 525.

Zelik, Bruno23 Jan 19420800La Spezia23 Jan 19421314La Spezia28Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno26 Jan 19420800La Spezia26 Jan 19421300La Spezia27Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno27 Jan 19420830La Spezia27 Jan 19421230La Spezia29Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Porto Sdobba.

Lovatelli, Gustavo6 Feb 19420830La Spezia6 Feb 19421710La Spezia49Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Crotone.

Lovatelli, Gustavo16 Feb 19421015La Spezia16 Feb 19421700La Spezia45Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo17 Feb 19420830La Spezia17 Feb 19421300La Spezia39Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo19 Feb 19420830La Spezia19 Feb 19421730La Spezia44Exercises escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Porto Sdobba.

Lovatelli, Gustavo24 Feb 19420835La Spezia24 Feb 19421815La Spezia40,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Zagabria and Crotone.

1Lovatelli, Gustavo28 Feb 19422200La Spezia2 Mar 19421126La Spezia159,1Defensive patrol in Gulf of Genoa, in 44°11'N, 09°10'E, on a patrol line with H.4 and H.6.

Fossati, Renzo31 Mar 19420810La Spezia31 Mar 19421500La Spezia34,5Trials.

Fossati, Renzo3 Apr 19420800La Spezia3 Apr 19421737La Spezia36,3Exercises.

Fossati, Renzo9 Apr 19420940La Spezia9 Apr 19421726La Spezia31,1Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Crotone.

Fossati, Renzo13 Apr 19420954La Spezia13 Apr 19421600La Spezia20,3Exercises, escorted by MAS 567.

Fossati, Renzo15 Apr 19420731La Spezia15 Apr 19421638La Spezia33,7Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Favignana.

Fossati, Renzo18 Apr 19420759La Spezia18 Apr 19421611La Spezia28,5Exercises, escorted by torpedo boats Carini and La Masa.

2Fossati, Renzo22 Apr 19420001La Spezia23 Apr 19420921La Spezia136,5Offensive patrol in Gulf of Genoa in 44°11'N, 09°20'E, on a patrol line with H 1 and H 4.

Fossati, Renzo30 Apr 19421515La Spezia30 Apr 19421929La Spezia21,5Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Carini.

Fossati, Renzo1 May 19420729La Spezia1 May 19421513La Spezia30,5Exercises.

Fossati, Renzo6 May 19420914La Spezia6 May 19421620La Spezia19,5Exercises.

Fossati, Renzo14 May 19420745La Spezia14 May 19421248La Spezia20Exercises.

Fossati, Renzo20 May 19420720La Spezia20 May 19421630La Spezia36Exercises, escorted back by the auxiliaries Rimini and Taormina.

Fossati, Renzo27 May 19420740La Spezia27 May 19421347La Spezia36Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Rimini.

Spigai, Virgilio29 May 19420740La Spezia29 May 19421440La Spezia23,3Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio3 Jun 19421051La Spezia3 Jun 19421630La Spezia25,2Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio6 Jun 19421313La Spezia6 Jun 19421735La Spezia17,5Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio11 Jun 19420805La Spezia11 Jun 19421855La Spezia30,5Exercises, escorted by the sloop Diana [Diana was sunk by HMS Thrasher eighteen days later].

Spigai, Virgilio24 Jun 19421024La Spezia24 Jun 19421537La Spezia3Gyrocompass tests.

Spigai, Virgilio25 Jun 19420708La Spezia25 Jun 19421720La Spezia37Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio28 Jun 19420910La Spezia28 Jun 19421224La Spezia10,6Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio1 Jul 19420740La Spezia1 Jul 19421725La Spezia21Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio3 Jul 19421340La Spezia3 Jul 19421748La Spezia15Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio31 Jul 19420700La Spezia31 Jul 19421750La Spezia60,3Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio4 Aug 19420830La Spezia4 Aug 19421840La Spezia32Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio6 Aug 19421326La Spezia6 Aug 19421849La Spezia28Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio8 Aug 19420603La Spezia8 Aug 19421646La Spezia43Exercises.

3Spigai, Virgilio12 Aug 19421021La Spezia14 Aug 19422101La Spezia322Offensive (actually defensive) patrol against an enemy force coming from the West, on a patrol line with H 1, H 4, H 6 and Bajamonti. Uneventful.

Spigai, Virgilio22 Aug 19420959La Spezia22 Aug 19421600La Spezia30Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio23 Aug 19420824La Spezia23 Aug 19421233La Spezia22Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio27 Aug 19420709La Spezia27 Aug 19421632La Spezia41,5Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio30 Aug 19421048La Spezia31 Aug 19420845La Spezia36Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio30 Aug 19421048La Spezia31 Aug 19420845La Spezia36Exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio2 Sep 19420715La Spezia2 Sep 19421225La Spezia22A/S exercises.

Spigai, Virgilio8 Sep 19420715La Spezia8 Sep 19421442La Spezia42,5Sonar trials.

Scarelli, Rodolfo11 Sep 19420804La Spezia11 Sep 19421303La Spezia24A/S exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo15 Sep 19420652La Spezia15 Sep 19421807La Spezia83Sailed with Bajamonti, escorted by MAS 507 and MAS 575, to test an explosive obstruction of OLMO type laid by the auxiliary Brindisi on 12th September 1942 between 44°17'21'N, 09°17'18'E and 44°17'14'N, 09°18'E.

Scarelli, Rodolfo18 Sep 19420710La Spezia18 Sep 19421239La Spezia24A/S exercises, escorted by AS.105, AS.107 and AS.108.

Scarelli, Rodolfo22 Sep 19420012La Spezia22 Sep 19422330La Spezia67Trials.

Andreani, Gino3 Oct 19421240La Spezia3 Oct 19421720Genoa55Passage La Spezia-Genoa.

Scarelli, Rodolfo24 Oct 1942Genoa5 Nov 1942GenoaRefit at Genoa.

Andreani, Gino6 Nov 1942Genoa11 Nov 1942GenoaRefit at Genoa.

Pedrotti, Francesco23 Dec 19420909Genoa23 Dec 19421751Genoa36Trials.

Pedrotti, Francesco26 Dec 19420912Genoa26 Dec 19421610Genoa36Trials.

Allegri, Raffaello30 Dec 19421000Genoa30 Dec 19421450La Spezia52Passage Genoa-La Spezia.

Allegri, Raffaello4 Jan 19430825La Spezia4 Jan 19431210La Spezia13Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello7 Jan 19430840La Spezia7 Jan 19431325La Spezia7Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello11 Jan 19431340La Spezia11 Jan 19431530La Spezia2Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello16 Jan 19430715La Spezia16 Jan 19431300La Spezia36Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello18 Jan 19431430La Spezia18 Jan 19431640La Spezia7Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello30 Jan 19430740La Spezia30 Jan 19431215La Spezia30Exercises.

30 Jan 1943La Spezia?30 Jan 1943La Spezia?Damaged by bomb at La Spezia? One killed.

Pedrotti, Francesco11 Feb 19430800La Spezia11 Feb 19431725La Spezia27A/S exercises.

Pedrotti, Francesco12 Feb 19430949La Spezia12 Feb 19431120La Spezia6Exercises.

Pedrotti, Francesco22 Feb 19431712La Spezia22 Feb 19431733Fezzano2Passage La Spezia-Fezzano for tests.

Pedrotti, Francesco23 Feb 19431539Fezzano23 Feb 19431610La Spezia2Passage Fezzano-La Spezia.

Pedrotti, Francesco24 Feb 19430715La Spezia24 Feb 19431841La Spezia34A/S exercises.

Pedrotti, Francesco1 Mar 19430800La Spezia1 Mar 19431415La Spezia2Gyrocompass test.

Pedrotti, Francesco10 Mar 19430825La Spezia10 Mar 19431825La Spezia34Demagnetization.

Pedrotti, Francesco11 Mar 19430837La Spezia11 Mar 19431440La Spezia30Demagnetization.

Pedrotti, Francesco12 Mar 19430815La Spezia12 Mar 19431523La Spezia2Gyrocompass test.

Pedrotti, Francesco17 Mar 19430815La Spezia17 Mar 19431151La Spezia24Exercises.

Pedrotti, Francesco20 Mar 19430730La Spezia20 Mar 19431630La Spezia40Exercises.

Pedrotti, Francesco21 Mar 19431816La Spezia21 Mar 19431844Fezzano1Passage La Spezia-Fezzano for radio tests.

Pedrotti, Francesco22 Mar 19431510Fezzano22 Mar 19431522La Spezia1Passage Fezzano-La Spezia.

Pedrotti, Francesco23 Mar 19430735La Spezia23 Mar 19431955La Spezia42Exercises.

Pedrotti, Francesco25 Mar 19430740La Spezia25 Mar 19431320La Spezia19Exercises.

Pedrotti, Francesco31 Mar 19430745La Spezia31 Mar 19431240La Spezia22Exercises.

Pedrotti, Francesco3 Apr 19430734La Spezia3 Apr 19431607La Spezia40A/S exercises.
  3 Apr 1943
1128 (e)
At 1122 hours, the submarine HMS Trident (Lieutenant P.E. Newstead, RN) was lurking near La Spezia when a smoke was sighted. Shortly after, it was identified as a German U-boat, bearing 280° at a distance of 5,000 yards, course 222°.

At 1128 hours, five torpedoes (a sixth torpedo from an external tube misfired) were fired at 9-second firing intervals at a range of 7,000 yards. They all missed. Four explosions were heard 10 minutes later, evidently torpedoes at the end of their run.

The submarine must have been Francesco Rismondo who was exercising at that time. The attack was not observed.

Pedrotti, Francesco7 Apr 19431610La Spezia7 Apr 19431950La Spezia19A/S exercises.

Pedrotti, Francesco13 Apr 19430800La Spezia13 Apr 19431615La Spezia24A/S exercises.

Pollina, Mario Paolo28 Apr 19430730La Spezia28 Apr 19431332La Spezia20A/S exercises.

Pollina, Mario Paolo6 May 19430730La Spezia6 May 19431305La Spezia25A/S exercises.

Pollina, Mario Paolo8 May 19432017La Spezia9 May 19430941La Spezia3Exercises.

Pollina, Mario Paolo10 May 19432035La Spezia11 May 19432337La Spezia5Exercises.

Pollina, Mario Paolo17 May 19431025La Spezia18 May 19430050La Spezia68Exercises.

Pollina, Mario Paolo20 May 19430705La Spezia20 May 19431638La Spezia29A/S exercises.

Pollina, Mario Paolo22 May 19430810La Spezia22 May 19431147La Spezia8Exercises.

Pollina, Mario Paolo28 May 19430931La Spezia28 May 19431521La Spezia24A/S exercises.

Pollina, Mario Paolo31 May 19430807La Spezia31 May 19431140La Spezia1,5Exercises.

Pollina, Mario Paolo1 Jun 19430855La Spezia1 Jun 19431143La Spezia3Exercises.

Pollina, Mario Paolo5 Jun 19430915La Spezia5 Jun 19431837La Spezia6Exercises.

Pollina, Mario Paolo8 Jun 19430725La Spezia8 Jun 19431905La Spezia41A/S exercises.

Fossati, Renzo10 Jun 19430725La Spezia10 Jun 19431938La Spezia25A/S exercises.

4Fossati, Renzo15 Jun 19431450La Spezia15 Jun 19430921La Spezia101Hydrophone Watch in Ligurian Gulf.

Fossati, Renzo17 Jun 19430950La Spezia17 Jun 19431330La Spezia9Exercises.

Fossati, Renzo18 Jun 19431452La Spezia18 Jun 19432019La Spezia34A/S exercises.

5Fossati, Renzo20 Jun 19431910La Spezia21 Jun 19430720La Spezia42,7Hydrophone watch.

Fossati, Renzo22 Jun 19431308La Spezia22 Jun 19432115La Spezia32A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario23 Jun 19430710La Spezia23 Jun 19431404La Spezia44,6A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario26 Jun 19430710La Spezia26 Jun 19432012La Spezia36A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario30 Jun 19430725La Spezia30 Jun 19431815La Spezia30,6A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario2 Jul 19430710La Spezia2 Jul 19432109La Spezia46,6A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario4 Jul 19430604La Spezia4 Jul 19431150La Spezia26,8A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario6 Jul 19430705La Spezia6 Jul 19432040La Spezia61,9A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario12 Jul 19430720La Spezia12 Jul 19431654La Spezia36,5A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario14 Jul 19431250La Spezia14 Jul 19431835La Spezia39A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario16 Jul 19430632La Spezia16 Jul 19431700La Spezia63,7A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario17 Jul 19430735La Spezia17 Jul 19431725La Spezia68,6A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario21 Jul 19430747La Spezia21 Jul 19431330La Spezia33,4A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario24 Jul 19430750La Spezia24 Jul 19431315La Spezia39,9A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario26 Jul 19431415La Spezia26 Jul 19431845La Spezia28A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario28 Jul 19430817La Spezia28 Jul 19431440La Spezia50,3A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario29 Jul 19431515La Spezia30 Jul 19430750La Spezia50,3Exercises with the submarine H 4 and gunboat Zagabria.

Priggione, Mario31 Jul 19431540La Spezia1 Aug 19430750La Spezia43Exercises.

Priggione, Mario11 Aug 19430710La Spezia11 Aug 19431925La Spezia28,2A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario13 Aug 19430715La Spezia13 Aug 19431530La Spezia43A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario16 Aug 19430715La Spezia16 Aug 19431830La Spezia56,9A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario17 Aug 19432000La Spezia18 Aug 19431345La Spezia2A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario17 Aug 19432000La Spezia18 Aug 19431345La Spezia2A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario19 Aug 19430730La Spezia19 Aug 19431345La Spezia33,4A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario20 Aug 19430730La Spezia20 Aug 19431815La Spezia43,4A/S exercises.

6Priggione, Mario25 Aug 19431318La Spezia25 Aug 19430835La Spezia76,4Hydrophone Watch in Ligurian Gulf.

Priggione, Mario27 Aug 19430723La Spezia27 Aug 19431535La Spezia26A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario31 Aug 19430730La Spezia31 Aug 19431345La Spezia33,4A/S exercises.

Priggione, Mario4 Sep 19430739La Spezia4 Sep 1943?La SpeziaExercises.

Priggione, Mario7 Sep 19431530La Spezia8 Sep 19431530BonifacioPassage La Spezia-Bonifacio with the submarine H 6.

Priggione, Mario13 Sep 19431205Bonifacio13 Sep 19431205BonifacioCaptured by the Germans and later sunk by gunfire.
  13 Sep 1943
1205 (e)

(0) Bonfacio harbour.
At 1205 hours, a party from the German minesweepers R-198 and R-161 (or R-200?) of the 11th R-Flottille boarded the submarine and captured her without meeting resistance.

18 Sep 19431200Bonifacio18 Sep 19431200ScuttledScuttled at 1200 hours by the Germans.

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