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Vittorio Patrelli Campagnano

Tenente di Vascello

Born  13 Dec 1917Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Naples)
Died  7 Sep 2013(95)Taranto


23 Dec 1942 T.V.Tenente di Vascello


  Croce al merito di guerra
  Cavaliere dell'ordine della Corona d'Italia
  Cavaliere di gran croce dell'ordine della Republica Italiana
4 Jul 1942 Croce di guerra al valore militare
29 Mar 1943 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
16 Aug 1943 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare
18 May 1944 Croce di guerra al valore militare
24 Dec 1944 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
5 Jan 1945 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
3 May 1945 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
14 Jan 1948 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare

Career information

LUCIANO MANARA (G.M. then S.T.V. officer): from 12.06.1940 to November 1940+.
Promoted S.T.V. on ?
PLATINO (S.T.V. then T.V. First Officer): from 01.11.1941 to June 1942+.
Promoted T.V. on ?
PLATINO: From 23.12.1942 to 31.07.1944.

Commands listed for Vittorio Patrelli Campagnano

Submarine Type Rank From To
Platino (PT)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.23 Dec 194231 Jul 1944

Ships hit by Vittorio Patrelli Campagnano

DateSubmarineShip hitTypeGRTNat.Loss type
1.30 Jan 1943PlatinoHMS SamphireCorvette925BritishSunk
2.7 Feb 1943PlatinoHMS TervaniArmed trawler409BritishSunk

War patrols listed for Vittorio Patrelli Campagnano

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Platino (PT)27 Dec 19420918Naples27 Dec 19421607Naples18Exercises.

Platino (PT)30 Dec 19421601Naples30 Dec 19421825Naples24,5Exercises.

Platino (PT)4 Jan 19430850Naples5 Jan 19431605La Spezia333Passage Naples-La Spezia.

Platino (PT)9 Jan 19430802La Spezia9 Jan 19431610La Spezia66Exercises.

Platino (PT)10 Jan 19430808La Spezia10 Jan 19431250La Spezia26Exercises.

Platino (PT)19 Jan 19430735La Spezia19 Jan 19431308La Spezia35Exercises.

Platino (PT)20 Jan 19430734La Spezia20 Jan 19431315La Spezia44Exercises.

Platino (PT)20 Jan 19431737La Spezia20 Jan 19432040La Spezia34Exercises.

Platino (PT)25 Jan 19430232Naples26 Jan 19431045Cagliari379Passage La Spezia-Cagliari with the submarine Acciaio.

1.Platino (PT)27 Jan 19431702Cagliari31 Jan 19431010Cagliari534Patrolled off Bougie, to operate against an expected enemy convoy, between 37°20'N and the Algerian coast, and between 05°20'E and 05°40'E, on a patrol line with Acciaio.
  29 Jan 19430350At 0350 hours, a submarine was sighted at a distance of 4,000 metres on a southeasterly course. Platino had the moon behind her and elected to dive.
  30 Jan 19430017
0018 (e)
36° 56'N, 5° 40'EAt 2348 hours on 29th January, the lookout aft spotted a dark shape emerging from the mist on the starboard beam astern. The first reaction of T.V. Vittorio Patrelli Campagnano was to turn away as only his stern tubes were ready. They now appeared as small vessels and by midnight, the targets appeared to be corvettes and ten minutes later the forward tubes were readied to fire.

At 0017 hours on 30th January, four torpedoes (533mm, G7e type) were fired from the bow tubes at a range of 1,000 metres, at the corvettes. After 54 seconds (giving a running range of 750 metres) a hit was observed aft of the first corvette and 14 seconds later (run of 950 metres) two torpedoes hit the second corvette and she blew up in a tremendous explosion. After another 17 seconds, a third corvette appeared to have been hit giving a range of 1,200 metres. Platino turned to fire her stern torpedoes.

Only one corvette was hit, this was HMS Samphire (K 128, 925 tons) and she was sunk by a single torpedo hit. A total of two officers and thirty-one ratings were picked up, some by the escort destroyer HMS Zetland. Three officers and forty-two ratings killed or missing.

At 0023 hours, two stern torpedoes (533mm, S.I.C. type) were fired at a range of 2,000 metres aimed at an 8,000-ton freighter and one hit after 85 seconds (giving a rum of 1,900 metres) the vessel which blew up.

This result has not been confirmed by Allied sources.
  30 Jan 19430210At 0210 hours, a destroyer was sighted and the submarine dived.

Platino (PT)6 Feb 19430711Cagliari6 Feb 19431125Cagliari20Exercises.

2.Platino (PT)6 Feb 19431343Cagliari9 Feb 19430845Cagliari457Patrolled north of Djidjelli, Algeria, between 37°20'N and the Algerian coast, and between 05°40'E and 06°00'E, on a patrol line with Gorgo and Acciaio.
  7 Feb 19432212
2200 (e)
37° 16'N, 6° 26'EAt 2147 hours, four vessels were sighted approaching at a distance of 5,000 metres. Shortly after, they could be made out as two large merchantmen escorted by two vessels making only about 6 knots. Platino closed at reduced speed as the phosphorescence of the sea could betray her presence.

At 2212 hours, four torpedoes were fired from the bow tubes (533mm, G7e type) at a range of 2,500 metres, aimed at the larger vessel described as a 10,000-ton freighter. Three minutes later, a hit was observed (giving a running range of 2,520 metres) and the vessel disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

The target was the British armed trawler HMT Tervani (409 tons) and she was hit and sunk. Tervani was towing the French water tanker Mory Mazout II (762 GRT, built 1908), escorted by the armed trawlers HMT Achroite (FY.914) and HMT Arnold Bennett (FY.1939). There were only two survivors. The two trawlers chased the submarine and left Mory Mazout II unattended. She was found derelict by the destroyer HMS Bicester escorting convoy M.K.S.8 and she detached the corvette HMCS Kitchener to stand by. Eventually the water tanker was towed to Philippeville by the tug HMS Jaunty.
  7 Feb 19432347
2347A (e)
37° 08'N, 6° 05'EAt 2315 hours, Platino was circling on the surface to renew the attack on the Mory Mazout II convoy, when a new convoy was observed to arrive at a distance of 6,000 metres. Initially, it was thought to consist of three large merchant ships escorted by four destroyers but was later assessed to be three large and two small merchant ships escorted by two destroyers.

At 2347 hours, two stern torpedoes (533mm, S.I.C. type) were fired at a range of 1,800 metres aimed at a 15,000-ton freighter. They were observed to miss closely ahead a destroyer and the merchant vessel suddenly turned to port and the torpedoes missed.

The target was Empire Dace (716 GRT, built 1942) of the REDRUTH convoy in company with two LSTs Mitsoa and Bachaquero and two merchant vessels bound from Philippeville to Oran, steering 250°, 11 knots, escorted by the minesweepers HMS Rothesay (s.o.), HMS Felixstowe (s.o. 13th Minesweeper Flotilla), HMS Polruan and HMS Brixham.

Felixstowe reported a torpedo missed her by only 3-5 yards and dropped four depth-charges but without observing any result.

Platino (PT)14 Feb 19431410Cagliari14 Feb 19431814Cagliari20Exercises.

3.Platino (PT)16 Feb 19431758Cagliari20 Feb 19431000Cagliari451Patrolled off Bougie, between 37°20'N and the Algerian coast, and between 05°00'E and 05°20'E, on a patrol line with Wolframio and Argento.
  18 Feb 1943055537° 22'N, 5° 04'EAt 0440 hours and again at 0505 hours, firing was sighted straight ahead in the distance and was at first believed to the submarine Asteria under air attack (she had actually been sunk the previous day). By this time, it appeared that it was also a convoy under attack.

At 0543 hours, as Platino closed on the surface, shadows were sighted at a distance of 4,000 metres. The first one was identified as a destroyer leading the convoy, steering 090°.

At 0555 hours, four torpedoes were fired from the bow tubes (533mm, G7e type) at a distance of 700 metres aimed at the destroyer. The destroyer appeared to turn toward the submarine, but this only part of her zigzagging pattern. A minute later, Platino dived.

At 0559 hours, an explosion was heard giving a range of 3,600 metres. It was obvious that the destroyer had been missed but T.V. Patrelli Campagnano thought that he may have hit a vessel behind it.

Platino (PT)23 Feb 19430710Cagliari24 Feb 19430855Naples280Passage Cagliari-Naples.

Platino (PT)25 Feb 19431405Naples25 Feb 19431533Naples9Exercises.

Platino (PT)16 Mar 19431405Naples16 Mar 19431533Castellammare di Stabia11,08Passage Naples-Castellammare di Stabia.

Platino (PT)30 Mar 19431412Castellammare di Stabia30 Mar 19431808Castellammare di Stabia23,2Exercises.

Platino (PT)5 Apr 19431630Castellammare di Stabia5 Apr 19431850Pozzuoli22Passage Castellammare di Stabia-Pozzuoli.

Platino (PT)9 Apr 19431410Pozzuoli9 Apr 19431615Pozzuoli10Exercises.

4.Platino (PT)11 Apr 19432330Pozzuoli17 Apr 19431115La Maddalena678Patrolled between 39°30'N and 39°40'N, and between 07°45'E and 08°15'E.
  12 Apr 19431045At 1045 hours, the submarine Benedetto Brin was sighted. She had also been sighted at dawn.

Platino (PT)1 May 19430730La Maddalena1 May 19431407Ajaccio71,4Passage La Maddalena-Ajaccio.

Platino (PT)8 May 19430818Ajaccio8 May 19431123Ajaccio11,3Exercises.

Platino (PT)18 May 19431315Ajaccio18 May 19431950La Maddalena71,8Passage Ajaccio-La Maddalena.

5.Platino (PT)29 May 19432145La Maddalena2 Jun 19431354Naples657Patrolled west of Sardinia, between 38°00'N and 38°40'N, and between 07°00'E and 07°40'E.
  1 Jun 19431350At 1350 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and repeatedly hit with light machine-guns but it did not explode or sink.

Platino (PT)9 Jun 19430912Naples9 Jun 19431127Pozzuoli13Passage Naples-Pozzuoli.

Platino (PT)15 Jun 19430130Pozzuoli16 Jun 19430733La Maddalena228,5Passage Naples-La Maddalena.

6.Platino (PT)17 Jun 19430405La Maddalena22 Jun 19432320La Maddalena338Patrolled off Cape de Fe, between 37°40'N and Algerian coast, and between 07°20'E and 08°15'E.
  18 Jun 19432245At 2245 hours, information was received of a convoy proceeding off the Algerian coast. For most of the next day, Platino proceeded to intercept. The convoy was then reported off Cape de Fer but no contact was made.
  19 Jun 1943231937° 05'N, 7° 10'E
(0) Approximately.
At 2319 hours, an aircraft was seen and dropped a flare 200 metres from Platino. The submarine dived and heard bombs exploding a few minutes later.
  20 Jun 19430456
0443 (e)
37° 05'N, 7° 10'EAt 0546 hours, an aircraft was sighted which passed close to the submarine. Platino dived but was not attacked.

This was Hudson 'J' (FK.711) of 608 Squadron piloted by Flight Sergeant B. Linnell. It made a radar contact but was unable to attack.

Platino (PT)25 Jun 19430516La Maddalena25 Jun 19431230Ajaccio69,3Passage La Maddalena-Ajaccio.

Platino (PT)1 Jul 19431430Ajaccio1 Jul 19431734Ajaccio17Exercises.

7.Platino (PT)10 Jul 19430405Ajaccio12 Jul 19432320Naples751Sailed with Diaspro for patrol in zone 98 [between 38°00'N and 38°20'N, and between 08°40'E and 09°00'E], south of Sardinia, but defects forced her to go to Naples.
  10 Jul 19431009At 1009 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  10 Jul 19431239At 1239 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  10 Jul 19431703At 1703 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  10 Jul 19432031At 2031 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  11 Jul 19430130
(0) Probably south of Sardinia.
At 0130 hours, an Italian submarine was sighted. It did not appear to be Diaspro.

Platino (PT)13 Jul 19431802Naples13 Jul 19431928Pozzuoli17,5Passage Naples-Pozzuoli.

8.Platino (PT)16 Jul 19431550Pozzuoli21 Jul 19430645Naples559Patrolled off Syracuse, between 37°10'N and 37°30'N, and between 15°20'E and 15°40'E.
  18 Jul 19431150At 1150 hours, an enemy destroyer was sighted at a distance of 6,000 metres.
  18 Jul 19431407At 1407 hours, an enemy destroyer was sighted on a southeast course.
  18 Jul 1943141237° 12'N, 15° 21'EBetween 1127 and 1150 hours, the masts and funnel of a destroyer were observed through the periscope at a distance of 6,000 metres.

At 1349-1407 hours, a destroyer was again sighted.

At 1412 hours, a 15-16,000-ton two-funnel troop transport in a convoy was observed leaving Augusta.

At 1428 hours, four torpedoes (533mm, G7e type) were fired at a range of 3,500-4,000 metres, aimed a this transport. Upon firing, Platino went deep. An explosion was heard after 6 minutes giving a running range of 5,040 metres.

The target was the troop transport HMS Ulster Monarch (3,791 tons, built 1930) in company with the commando troopships HMS Princess Beatrix (4,135 tons, built 1939) and HMS Prins Albert (2,938 tons, built 1937). They had just left harbour at 1400 hours, escorted by the escort destroyers HMS Ledbury, HMS Blencathra, HMS Quantock and one other. It was missed.
  20 Jul 19431344At 1344 hours, a large formation of American four-engine bombers was seen and the submarine dived.

Platino (PT)29 Jul 19432357Naples31 Jul 19430800La Maddalena245Passage Naples-La Maddalena.

Platino (PT)4 Aug 19430830La Maddalena4 Aug 19430930Porto Palma (Caprera)11,5Passage La Maddalena-Porto Palma (Caprera).

Platino (PT)5 Aug 19431125Porto Palma6 Aug 19430130?Mezzo Schifo15Passage Porto Palma-Mezzo Schifo.

Platino (PT)6 Aug 19431815Mezzo Schifo6 Aug 19431916Porto Palma11,5Passage Mezzoschifo-Porto Palma.

Platino (PT)7 Aug 19430945Porto Palma7 Aug 19431053Mezzo Schifo11,5Passage Porto Palma-Mezzo Schifo.

Platino (PT)8 Aug 19430850Mezzo Schifo8 Aug 19431003Porto Palma12Passage Mezzo Schifo-Porto Palma.

Platino (PT)9 Aug 19431424Porto Palma9 Aug 19431804Porto Palma23Exercises.

Platino (PT)10 Aug 19430855Porto Palma10 Aug 19430925Villamarina2,5Passage Porto Palma-Villamarina.

Platino (PT)21 Aug 19430850Villamarina21 Aug 19430915Mezzo Schifo2,5Passage Villamarina-Mezzo Schifo.

Platino (PT)23 Aug 19430436Mezzo Schifo23 Aug 19430645Bonifacio23Passage Mezzo Schifo-Bonifacio.

Platino (PT)26 Aug 19431411Bonifacio26 Aug 19431720Bonifacio19Exercises.

Platino (PT)30 Aug 19430805Bonifacio30 Aug 19431130Bonifacio18,5Exercises.

Platino (PT)4 Sep 19430500Bonifacio4 Sep 19430750La Maddalena32Passage Bonifacio-La Maddalena.

9.Platino (PT)7 Sep 19431420La Maddalena11 Sep 19431525Bone811,9Sailed for patrol between Sicily and Salerno then surrendered at Bone.

Platino (PT)14 Sep 19431350Bone16 Sep 19431314Malta332Passage Bone-Malta, with submarines Alagi, Brin, Galatea, Giada, Marea, Menotti and Turchese, escorted by the destroyer HMS Isis.

Platino (PT)6 Oct 19431545Malta8 Oct 19431032Naples530Passage Malta-Naples with submarines Onice and Vortice, escorted by the minesweeper HMS Stornoway. The submarine was used to supply power to the city of Naples.

Platino (PT)30 Nov 19430810Naples30 Nov 19431305Naples29Exercises.

Platino (PT)3 Dec 19431030Naples3 Dec 19431130Castellammare di Stabia10,5Passage Naples-Castellmare di Stabia.

Platino (PT)5 Dec 19431250Castellammare di Stabia7 Dec 19431600Taranto438Passage Castellammare di Stabia-Taranto.

Platino (PT)8 Dec 19431800Taranto9 Dec 19431130Brindisi151Passage Taranto-Brindisi.

Platino (PT)9 Jan 19441230Brindisi9 Jan 19441700Brindisi28,5Exercises.

Platino (PT)12 Jan 19440940Brindisi12 Jan 19441600Brindisi25Exercises.

Platino (PT)15 Jan 19440800Brindisi15 Jan 19441200Brindisi4Gyrocompass tests.

Platino (PT)16 Jan 19441115Brindisi16 Jan 19441637Brindisi12Exercises.

Platino (PT)22 Jan 19440940Brindisi22 Jan 19441652Brindisi13,7Exercises.

10.Platino (PT)26 Jan 19441258Brindisi2 Feb 19440909Brindisi515Special mission near Adige on western coast of the Gulf of Venice. An Italian Air Force officer and a radioman (and?) were landed (OSS sponsored PEAR team). According to Max Corvo, seven agents (three missions) were landed in two separate points. The first was south of Chioggia near the Adige River, where one mission was led by two agents, one of them an Italian Air Force captain, Bruno Rossoni of Padua and an Italian Air Force Petty Officer Gateano Neglia of Palermo (PEAR mission). The other two missions were to be landed near Parenzo (Istria) by Italian Army Lieutenant Egon De Basseggio from Trieste with an Italian Navy P.O from Palermo (FIG mission) and the other (PLUM mission), was headed by Italian Captain Cristoforo De Hartungen from Bolzano, with his W/T operator, an Italian Navy seaman Salvatore Amodio of Palermo. All were landed successfully [the submarine patrol report mentions five agents landed near the Adige and two near Parenzo].
  30 Jan 1944001445° 08'N, 12° 19'E
(0) South of Adige River.
At 0014 hours, five agents from three missions were landed. An Italian Air Force Captain, Bruno Rossoni of Padua and an Italian Air Force Petty Officer Gateano Neglia of Palermo ("PEAR" mission), an Italian Army Lieutenant Egon De Basseggio from Trieste ("FIG" mission) and the third mission was headed by Italian Captain Cristoforo De Hartungen from Bolzano with his W/T operator, an Italian Navy seaman Salvatore Amodio from Palermo ("PLUM" mission) . They made contact by radio on 9th February 1944. Corvo may have mixed up the teams in his book.
  31 Jan 1944001545° 15'N, 13° 35'E
(0) Approximately.
At 0015 hours, two agents were landed.

Platino (PT)14 Feb 19441216Brindisi14 Feb 19441645Brindisi16,5Exercises.

11.Platino (PT)16 Feb 19441238Brindisi24 Feb 19441242Brindisi1008Landed a group on Western coast of Gulf of Venice. Probably operations IAGO (at Cortellazzo in 45°32'N 12°43'E, three SOE agents), FALSTAFF and CORDELIA (at Comacchio in 44°42'N, 12°11'E, nine OSS agents). One of these teams (RAISIN) from OSS, operated in the Bologna area successfully. Another team (LEMON) made radio contact on 21st March, but it was later determined that they had been captured and executed and the Germans were operating the radio. A third team (BANANA) was captured.
  20 Feb 19442157
(0) One mile from Punta Del Dente on 45.18 N parallel (south of Cortelazzo).
At 2157 hours, three SOE agents (Special operation IAGO) were landed.
  21 Feb 1944230844° 44'N, 12° 15'E
(0) Near Comacchio.
At 2308 hours, six or nine OSS agents were landed. These were special operations FALSTAFF and CORDELIA and Mission ZELLA (Antonio Farneti, Celso Minardi and Alberto Grimaldi). According to the head of mission ZELLA, Antonio Farneti, they left at 2130 hours on the 21st, but because of heavy seas, they reached the coast only at 0230 hours on 22nd.

Platino (PT)10 Mar 19440937Brindisi10 Mar 19441612Brindisi31Exercises.

Platino (PT)15 Mar 19440928Brindisi15 Mar 19441647Brindisi39Exercises.

12.Platino (PT)19 Mar 19441127Brindisi25 Mar 19441050Brindisi903Landed three groups of agents near Rimini, Cortellazzo and Chioggia. They were to operate in Bologna, Milan and La Spezia. According to Max Corvo, these were three SI teams: Apple, Grape 1 and Prune. However all were captured within a few hours. The leader of Grape 1, Italian Army Captain Fiorentini and his radio operator were executed on the spot. The leader of Prune was personally interrogated by SS General Wolff.
  22 Mar 1944011544° 44'N, 12° 16'EAt 0115 hours, the submarine landed four OSS agents (in all seven persons according to the patrol report) (operation ATHOS).
  23 Mar 1944000545° 31'N, 12° 42'E
(0) Cortellazo and Adige River.
At 0005 hours, the submarine landed eight OSS agents of two groups (operations PORTHOS and D'ARTAGNAN).

Platino (PT)11 Apr 19441402Brindisi11 Apr 19441715Brindisi15,4Exercises.

Platino (PT)19 Apr 19440754Brindisi19 Apr 19441131Brindisi29,8Exercises.

13.Platino (PT)20 Apr 19441357Brindisi27 Apr 19440806Brindisi824,7Special Operation ACORN (and LEEDS?). Landed a group of agents near Cortelazzo. Max Corvo makes no mention of this mission.
  22 Apr 19442030At 2030 hours, a German hospital ship was sighted at a distance of 6,000 metres on 135° course.
  24 Apr 1944011045° 33'N, 12° 48'EAt 0110 hours, four agents were landed. They were reported as three OSS agents (Special operation ACORN and operation LEEDS?).

At 0150 hours, the submarine heard shots being fired and it was believed the party had been discovered.

Platino (PT)20 May 19440751Brindisi20 May 19441132Brindisi25Exercises.

Platino (PT)7 Jun 19440810Brindisi7 Jun 19441200Brindisi20,5Exercises.

Platino (PT)10 Jun 19441400Brindisi10 Jun 19441800Brindisi3Exercises.

Platino (PT)13 Jun 19440807Brindisi13 Jun 19441613Brindisi37Exercises.

Platino (PT)16 Jun 19441344Brindisi16 Jun 19441727Brindisi18Exercises.

Platino (PT)19 Jun 19440807Brindisi19 Jun 19441250Brindisi20Exercises.

14.Platino (PT)21 Jun 19440823Brindisi29 Jun 19441435Brindisi783,3Special Operation DRUPPE off Porto Garibaldi, Comacchio. According to Max Corvo, the mission was transferred to a fishing vessel and three members of the underground were to be taken back.
  26 Jun 1944010344° 42'N, 12° 27'EAt 0103 hours, the submarine landed three agents (operation DRUPE) and picked up one person. One of the agents landed was the radio operator Arturo 'Tonino' Spazzoli who collaborated with the ZELLA mission, accompanied by two radio operators Pasquale Recapito and Italo Turco. Spazzoli was later caught and executed by the Germans.

90 entries. 74 total patrol entries (14 marked as war patrols) and 29 events.

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