Italian submarines in World War Two

Goffredo Mameli (GM)

TypeOcean going 
ClassMameli (3) 
Laid down 17 Aug 1925 Cantieri Navale Tosi di Taranto, Taranto
Launched9 Dec 1926
Commissioned20 Jan 1929
End service
Stricken1 Feb 1948
Loss date
Loss position
History Stricken on 1st February 1948.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
C.C. Nicola Maiorana22 May 194010 Nov 1940
C.C. Antonio Cuzzaniti11 Nov 194017 Dec 1940
C.C. Antonio Cuzzaniti26 Nov 194028 Nov 1940
C.C. Antonio Cuzzaniti9 Dec 194010 Dec 1940
S.T.V. Marzio Luciano18 Dec 19407 Mar 1941
T.V. Raffaello Allegri8 Mar 194111 Jun 1941
S.T.V. Marzio Luciano12 Jun 194114 Jul 1941
C.C. Manlio Petroni15 Jul 194130 Sep 1941
S.T.V. Marzio Luciano1 Oct 19418 Nov 1941
C.C. Riccardo Boris8 Nov 194110 Nov 1941
S.T.V. Marzio Luciano11 Nov 194114 Nov 1941
C.C. Alcide Bardi15 Nov 194118 Jun 1942
C.C. Guido D'Alterio25 May 194226 May 1942
C.C. Emilio Gariazzo18 Jun 194211 Jul 1943
T.V. Cesare Buldrini12 Jul 1943Aug 1945

Ships hit

DateCommanderShip hitTypeGRTNat.Loss type
1.2 Aug 1940C.C. Nicola MaioranaRoulaCargo ship1,041GreekSunk

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Maiorana, Nicola1 Jun 19400710Augusta1 Jun 19401517Messina65Passage Augusta-Messina.

Maiorana, Nicola10 Jun 1940Messina10 Jun 1940MessinaAt Messina.

Maiorana, Nicola6 Jul 19400550Messina6 Jul 19401545Messina47Exercises.

Maiorana, Nicola12 Jul 19400545Messina12 Jul 19401325Messina62Exercises.

Maiorana, Nicola14 Jul 19401100Messina15 Jul 19401140Taranto247Passage Messina-Taranto.

Maiorana, Nicola21 Jul 19400925Taranto21 Jul 19401515Taranto30Exercises.

1Maiorana, Nicola22 Jul 19401830Taranto9 Aug 19401408Taranto1988,5Patrolled south of Crete, between 33°20'N and 34°00'N, and between 26°00'E and 27°00'E.
  24 Jul 1940021037° 40'N, 17° 50'E
(0) 90 miles SSE of Crotone.
A 10,000-ton transport was sighted steering 200°. Goffredo Mameli opened fire but after fourteen rounds the gun jammed. The machine guns followed up, but the target escaped in the darkness. It has not been identified but was probably an Italian vessel.
  2 Aug 19400050
0020 (e)
33° 50'N, 26° 35'E
(e) 34° 06'N, 'E
The submarine was charging her batteries when, at 2320 hours on 1 August, a dark shape was sighted. Switching to her diesels she quickly increased speed to close in the heavy swell. The target appeared to be steering 120-130° and making for an Egyptian port. At 0050 hours, two bow torpedoes (533mm) were fired from a range of 800 metres but the freighter apparently sighted them and took avoiding action.

This was the Greek Roula (1041 GRT, built 1899) carrying tobacco, food and matches from Istanbul to Port Said.

At 0102 hours, Goffredo Mameli turned for a stern shot (450mm, A.115 type) from 900 metres, but once again the Greek ship managed to evade it.

At 0112 hours, the submarine opened fire with her deck gun from a distance of 1,000 metres. After the third round the crew abandoned ship in two lifeboats.

At 0153 hours, Goffredo Mameli tried to finish off the Greek ship with a bow torpedo (450mm, type W 115) fired from 600 metres, but again it missed.

At 0202 hours, A fifth torpedo fired from a bow tube (533mm) at a distance of 600 metres, missed again. It was a frustrating time!

Finally, the Greek ship was sent to the bottom with the main deck gun, which had fired a total of forty-one rounds. Ten survivors, including the captain, reached Dhaba on 4th August. Eight men were missing.

Maiorana, Nicola14 Aug 19400938Taranto15 Aug 19400630Messina245Passage Taranto-Messina.

Maiorana, Nicola13 Sep 19400615Messina13 Sep 19401530Messina60Exercises.

Maiorana, Nicola19 Sep 19400610Messina19 Sep 19401500Messina50Exercises.

2Maiorana, Nicola19 Sep 19402353Messina8 Oct 19401530Messina1995Patrolled north of Benghazi, between 32°40'N and 33°20'N, and between 19°30'E and 20°30'E, on a patrol line with Tembien. On 3rd October was ordered to patrol west of Benghazi to hunt for a British submarine reported to be lurking there.
  1 Oct 19401700-180032° 51'N, 20° 08'E
(0) 283° - Tolmeita - 42 miles.
The submarine was proceeding submerged and reported a violent bombardment, but was undamaged.

Maiorana, Nicola6 Nov 19400805Messina6 Nov 19401540Messina61Exercises.

3Cuzzaniti, Antonio10 Nov 19401655Messina13 Nov 19401616Messina566Patrolled southeast of Malta, within 20 miles from 35°30'N, 15°20'E on an NE-SW axis. Uneventful.

4Cuzzaniti, Antonio26 Nov 19400030Messina28 Nov 19401822Messina530Patrolled southeast of Malta within 20 miles from 35°20'N, 16°00'E.
  27 Nov 19401928
(0) SE of Malta.
The submarine sighted several enemy destroyers at a distance of 500 metres. She attempted to fire her stern torpedoes (one 533mm and one 450mm), but the last destroyer in the formation appeared to rush toward her, she went deep to avoid being depth charged and the opportunity was missed.

Cuzzaniti, Antonio9 Dec 19400805Messina10 Dec 19401055Naples240Passage Messina-Naples. Then long refit.

Luciano, Marzio2 Jan 1941Naples2 Jan 1941NaplesWhile refitting in Naples an internal explosion killed a rating.

Luciano, Marzio24 Feb 19410915Naples24 Feb 19411520Naples30Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio26 Feb 19411000Naples26 Feb 19411710Naples47Exercises (possibly with torpedo boat Orione).

Luciano, Marzio2 Mar 19410805Naples2 Mar 19411644Naples48,8Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello10 Mar 19410708Naples10 Mar 19411810Naples93Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello12 Mar 19410800Naples12 Mar 19411635Naples42Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello13 Mar 19411300Naples14 Mar 19410925Messina233Passage Naples-Messina.

Allegri, Raffaello16 Mar 19410740Messina16 Mar 19410940Messina14Exercises.

Allegri, Raffaello17 Mar 19410800Messina17 Mar 19411730Messina89Exercises, escorted by R.D.57. Returned with defects.

Allegri, Raffaello19 Mar 19411100Messina19 Mar 19411800Augusta75Passage Messina-Augusta.

Allegri, Raffaello23 Mar 19410910Augusta23 Mar 19411050Augusta3Trials.

5Allegri, Raffaello18 Apr 19412116Augusta28 Apr 19411205Augusta985,5Patrolled east of Malta, within 15 miles from 35°40'N, 16°05'E. Uneventful.

Allegri, Raffaello29 Apr 19410848Augusta29 Apr 19411540Messina67Passage Augusta-Messina.

Allegri, Raffaello13 May 19410800Messina13 May 19411540Messina67Trials with the auxiliary Castiglia.

Allegri, Raffaello21 May 19410855Messina21 May 19411500Augusta70Passage Messina-Augusta.

Allegri, Raffaello4 Jun 19410515Augusta4 Jun 19411135Messina65Passage Augusta-Messina.

Allegri, Raffaello4 Jun 19411840Messina7 Jun 19411120Pola758Passage Messina-Pola. Uneventful.

Luciano, Marzio16 Jun 19410840Pola16 Jun 19411150Pola21Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio18 Jun 19410850Pola18 Jun 19411620Pola54Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio19 Jun 19411725Pola22 Jun 19410120Pola473Long exercise with the submarines Bausan and Pisani.

Luciano, Marzio24 Jun 19410803Pola24 Jun 19411828Pola66Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio25 Jun 19410600Pola26 Jun 19410205Pola123Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio27 Jun 19410745Pola27 Jun 19411820Pola67Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio2 Jul 19410730Pola2 Jul 19411740Pola67Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio3 Jul 19410732Pola3 Jul 19411245Pola15Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Grado.

Luciano, Marzio4 Jul 19410730Pola4 Jul 19411720Pola68Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera and the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Luciano, Marzio5 Jul 19411850Pola6 Jul 19410140Pola47Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio7 Jul 19410745Pola7 Jul 19411845Pola65Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio9 Jul 19410745Pola10 Jul 19410245Pola82Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio16 Jul 19410753Pola16 Jul 19411700Pola62Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boats Audace and Insidioso, the auxiliary Jadera and the tug Grado.

Petroni, Manlio19 Jul 19410750Pola19 Jul 19411740Pola67Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio21 Jul 19410745Pola21 Jul 19411835Pola61Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio23 Jul 19410745Pola24 Jul 19410230Pola61Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio26 Jul 19410750Pola26 Jul 19411335Pola49Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio28 Jul 19410740Pola28 Jul 19411810Pola62Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio30 Jul 19410807Pola30 Jul 19411715Pola61Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio2 Aug 19412000Pola3 Aug 19410300Pola56Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio4 Aug 19410740Pola4 Aug 19411805Pola66Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio13 Aug 19411205Pola13 Aug 19411915Pola42Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio15 Aug 19410740Pola15 Aug 19411815Pola58Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Petroni, Manlio21 Aug 19410800Pola21 Aug 19411725Pola55Exercises with the submarines Bausan and Adua, escorted by the auxiliary Salvore and the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Petroni, Manlio23 Aug 19411945Pola24 Aug 19410200Pola55Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio26 Aug 19410745Pola26 Aug 19411740Pola65Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio29 Aug 19410915Pola29 Aug 19411805Pola55Sailed with the submarine Toti, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua, for torpedo firing exercises against the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Petroni, Manlio1 Sep 19411035Pola1 Sep 19410130Pola117Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio1 Sep 19411035Pola2 Sep 19410130Pola117Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio6 Sep 19410745Pola6 Sep 19411515Pola46Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio22 Sep 19410800Pola22 Sep 19411645Pola55Exercises.

Petroni, Manlio23 Sep 19410755Pola23 Sep 19411645Pola52Exercises with. the submarines Des Geneys, Jalea and Bausan, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace, Salvore and Jadera.

Petroni, Manlio24 Sep 19410756Pola24 Sep 19411545Pola49Exercises with the submarines Des Geneys, Toti and Bausan, escorted by the auxiliaries Salvore and San Giorgio.

Petroni, Manlio29 Sep 19410810Pola29 Sep 19411610Pola51Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio2 Oct 19411005Pola2 Oct 19411740Pola50Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio4 Oct 19411000Pola4 Oct 19411720Pola48Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio6 Oct 19411000Pola7 Oct 19410110Pola97Exercises with the submarine Jalea, escorted by the auxiliary Salvatore.

Luciano, Marzio7 Oct 19410958Pola8 Oct 19410040Pola97Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio11 Oct 19410812Pola11 Oct 19411540Pola50Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio16 Oct 19411100Pola17 Oct 19410050Pola72Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio18 Oct 19410805Pola18 Oct 19411717Pola61Exercises with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Salvatore.

Luciano, Marzio22 Oct 19410800Pola22 Oct 19411600Pola48Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Grado.

Luciano, Marzio28 Oct 19411305Pola28 Oct 19412400Pola75Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio30 Oct 19410804Pola30 Oct 19411715Pola67Exercises with the submarine Medusa, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Luciano, Marzio3 Nov 19410800Pola3 Nov 19411620Pola35Exercises with the submarine Speri, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Luciano, Marzio6 Nov 19410930Pola6 Nov 19411700Pola55Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Sangro.

Luciano, Marzio7 Nov 19410800Pola7 Nov 19411630Pola52Exercises with the submarine Emo, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

6Boris, Riccardo8 Nov 19410600Pola10 Nov 19410219Pola134Hydrophone watch with Emo in northern Adriatic, to cover an important convoy from Trieste to Venice. Uneventful.

Luciano, Marzio11 Nov 19410801Pola11 Nov 19411319Pola52Exercises with the submarine Emo, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Bardi, Alcide19 Nov 19410823Pola19 Nov 19411740Pola62Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide22 Nov 19410806Pola22 Nov 19411726Pola61Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide25 Nov 19410804Pola25 Nov 19411715Pola55Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide28 Nov 19410800Pola28 Nov 19411728Pola51Exercises with the submarines Pisani, Speri and Jalea, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and Tron.

Bardi, Alcide3 Dec 19410813Pola3 Dec 19411705Pola60Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliaries Trau, Jadera and San Giorgio.

Bardi, Alcide5 Dec 19410803Pola5 Dec 19411735Pola55Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio.

Bardi, Alcide6 Dec 19410803Pola6 Dec 19411710Pola53Exercises with the submarines Bajamonti, Des Geneys, Speri and Toti, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliaries Jadera, Trau and San Giorgio.

Bardi, Alcide9 Dec 19410826Pola9 Dec 19411803Pola60Exercises with the submarines Des Geneys and Bajamonti, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio.

Bardi, Alcide10 Dec 19410802Pola10 Dec 19411725Pola51Exercises with the submarines Emo, Toti and Speri, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio.

Bardi, Alcide11 Dec 19411530Pola11 Dec 19412310Pola59Exercises.

7Bardi, Alcide12 Dec 19411402Pola14 Dec 19411311Pola219Hydrophone watch with Des Geneys (who turned back due to engine defects and was replaced by Jalea), between 45°00'N and 45°09'N, and between 12°45'E and 13°05'E to cover an important convoy. Uneventful. Heard only hydrophone effect.

Bardi, Alcide19 Dec 19410830Pola19 Dec 19411700Pola55Exercises with the submarine Speri, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Bardi, Alcide23 Dec 19411600Pola24 Dec 19410007Pola65Exercises with the submarine Speri, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Bardi, Alcide21 Jan 19421010Pola21 Jan 19421630Pola58Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Trau.

Bardi, Alcide23 Jan 19420850Pola23 Jan 19421200Pola41Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide26 Jan 19420825Pola26 Jan 19421800Pola59Exercises with the submarines Speri and Pisani, escorted by the destroyer Calatafimi and the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Trau.

Bardi, Alcide30 Jan 19420835Pola30 Jan 19421827Pola90Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide11 Feb 19421305Pola11 Feb 19421840Pola32Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide22 Feb 19420815Pola22 Feb 19421430Pola31Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide24 Feb 19420817Pola24 Feb 19421420Pola32Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide25 Feb 19421245Pola25 Feb 19421850Pola31Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide26 Feb 19420820Pola26 Feb 19421430Pola34Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide28 Feb 19421245Pola28 Feb 19421850Pola38Exercises escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Bardi, Alcide2 Mar 19420812Pola2 Mar 19421425Pola34Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide4 Mar 19421258Pola4 Mar 19421910Pola31Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide5 Mar 19421250Pola5 Mar 19421720Pola25Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide7 Mar 19421255Pola7 Mar 19421845Pola30Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide9 Mar 19420816Pola9 Mar 19421425Pola31Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide11 Mar 19421250Pola11 Mar 19421850Pola31Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide13 Mar 19420820Pola13 Mar 19421435Pola31Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide16 Mar 19421247Pola16 Mar 19421845Pola28Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide18 Mar 19421345Pola18 Mar 19421935Pola27Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide2 Apr 19420800Pola2 Apr 19421523Pola32Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide3 Apr 19421245Pola3 Apr 19421417Pola10Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide8 Apr 19421245Pola8 Apr 19421920Pola32Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide10 Apr 19420815Pola10 Apr 19421425Pola30Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Grado.

Bardi, Alcide20 Apr 19420817Pola20 Apr 19421447Pola31Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide22 Apr 19420815Pola22 Apr 19421435Pola30Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide24 Apr 19421250Pola24 Apr 19421907Pola30Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide28 Apr 19421347Pola28 Apr 19422332Pola65Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide1 May 19421315Pola2 May 19420035Pola95Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide4 May 19421315Pola4 May 19421845Pola28Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide6 May 19420830Pola6 May 19421435Pola32Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide8 May 19420827Pola8 May 19421442Pola30Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide16 May 19420830Pola16 May 19421425Pola29Exercises.

8D'Alterio, Guido25 May 19421600Pola26 May 19421003Pola134Sailed with Squalo for hydrophone watch and exercises with the battleship Roma. First area: between (a) 45°31'N, 12°55'E (b) 45°22'45'N, 13°01.5'E (c) 45°18'20'N, 12°50'E (d) 45°26.5'N, 12°43.5'E. Second area: between 45°15'N and 45°24'N and 13°10'E and 13°25 E. Uneventful.

Bardi, Alcide6 Jun 19421145Pola6 Jun 19421905Pola59Trials.

Bardi, Alcide9 Jun 19421330Pola9 Jun 19421955Pola30Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide12 Jun 19420804Pola12 Jun 19421335Pola27Exercises.

Bardi, Alcide17 Jun 19421115Pola17 Jun 19422010Monfalcone96Passage Pola-Monfalcone.

Gariazzo, Emilio18 Jun 1942Monfalcone31 Dec 1942MonfalconeLong refit.

Buldrini, Cesare20 Jul 19430900Monfalcone20 Jul 19431745MonfalconeExercises.

Buldrini, Cesare26 Jul 19430736Monfalcone26 Jul 19431322Venice61,2Passage Monfalcone-Venice.

Buldrini, Cesare27 Jul 19430900Venice27 Jul 19431145VeniceExercises.

Buldrini, Cesare28 Jul 19430915Venice28 Jul 19431150VeniceExercises.

Buldrini, Cesare29 Jul 19430815Venice29 Jul 19431105VeniceExercises.

Buldrini, Cesare31 Jul 19430930Venice31 Jul 19431430MonfalconePassage Venice-Monfalcone.

Buldrini, Cesare11 Aug 19430813Monfalcone11 Aug 19431257Monfalcone47,5Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare18 Aug 19430853Monfalcone18 Aug 19431055Monfalcone30Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare19 Aug 19431509Monfalcone19 Aug 19431745Monfalcone36Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare4 Sep 19431352Monfalcone4 Sep 19431605Monfalcone21Trials.

Buldrini, Cesare6 Sep 19430901Monfalcone6 Sep 19431415Pola73Passage Monfalcone-Pola.

Buldrini, Cesare7 Sep 19430840Pola7 Sep 19431137Pola5Demagnetization.

Buldrini, Cesare9 Sep 19431500Pola9 Sep 19431510Pola0,2Changed moorings.

Buldrini, Cesare9 Sep 19432320Pola10 Sep 19431700PelagosaPassage Pola-Brindisi, but anchored off Pelagosa Island to repair defects.

Buldrini, Cesare15 Sep 19431137Pelagosa16 Sep 19430820Brindisi168,5Passage Pelagosa-Brindisi. Uneventful.

Buldrini, Cesare22 Sep 19431324Brindisi22 Sep 19431805Brindisi22Trials.

Buldrini, Cesare5 Oct 19430505Brindisi7 Oct 19430840Naples491,5Passage Brindisi-Naples. Uneventful.

Buldrini, Cesare7 Oct 19430955Naples7 Oct 19431032Naples0,8Changed anchorage.

Buldrini, Cesare12 Oct 19431442Naples12 Oct 19431608Torre Annunziata11Passage Naples-Torre Annunziata.

Buldrini, Cesare17 Nov 19431210Torre Annunziata (Naples)18 Nov 19431530Augusta175Passage Naples-Augusta with Otaria, HMS Nubian and convoy NV 8B (fifteen merchant vessels).

Buldrini, Cesare21 Nov 19430915Augusta21 Nov 19430955Augusta0,8Changed anchorage.

Buldrini, Cesare23 Nov 19430745Augusta23 Nov 19431630Augusta34Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare6 Dec 19430701Augusta7 Dec 19431538Taranto217,7Passage Augusta-Taranto with Dandolo, Giada and Brin, escorted by the torpedo boats Aliseo, Fortunale, Riboty, Abba, corvette Urania and armed trawler HMS Grilse with convoy AH.11).

Buldrini, Cesare1 Jan 19440835Taranto1 Jan 19441345Taranto35Trials.

Buldrini, Cesare2 Jan 19441600Taranto2 Jan 19441744Taranto12Trials.

Buldrini, Cesare3 Jan 19441235Taranto6 Jan 19441520Pantelleria742Passage Taranto-Algiers with Dandolo, Marea, Vortice and Speri escorted by the destroyer Grecale. Because of bad weather they were diverted to Pantelleria (6-8th January 1944).

Buldrini, Cesare8 Jan 19440701Pantelleria9 Jan 19441855Algiers454Passage Pantelleria-Algiers with Dandolo, Marea, Vortice and Speri, escorted by destroyer Grecale.
  9 Jan 19441122
1124 (e)
36° 47'N, 5° 37'E
(e) 37° 21'N, 4° 42'E
(0) German Grid CH 9525.
Goffredo Mameli observed an explosion 250-300 metres to starboard side and, shortly after, another about 250 metres to port. The escorting destroyer Grecale signalled that they were under air attack, but these were actually premature explosions from torpedoes fired by U-616 (OL Siegfried Koitschka). The Italians vessels were unaware that they had been under attack from a U-boat and, for security reasons, were diverted to Algiers.

Buldrini, Cesare11 Jan 19440530Algiers13 Jan 19441310Gibraltar601Passage Algiers-Gibraltar with Dandolo, Marea, Vortice and Speri, escorted by destroyer Grecale.

Buldrini, Cesare17 Jan 19440935Gibraltar17 Jan 19441337Gibraltar16Compass tests.

Buldrini, Cesare27 Jan 19440758Gibraltar27 Jan 19441022Gibraltar12Passage Gibraltar-Bermuda with Dandolo, Marea and Vortice escorted by the escort destroyer USS Neunzer (DE-150), but ordered back to wait for Speri.

Buldrini, Cesare28 Jan 19441401Gibraltar28 Jan 19441416GibraltarChanged anchorage.

Buldrini, Cesare29 Jan 19440800Gibraltar13 Feb 19441608Bermuda4800Passage Gibraltar-Bermuda with Dandolo, Marea, Vortice and Speri, escorted by the escort destroyer USS Neunzer (DE-150). During the passage, Mameli carried out exercises with Neunzer on 2nd and 9th Februry and refuelled from the destroyer on 7th February. At 1425 hours on the 12th met by the tug USS Cherokee (AT-66) and escorted in (mileage from Taranto).

Buldrini, Cesare13 Mar 19440755Bermuda13 Mar 19441843Bermuda76Exercises. On that day, the minesweeper USS Despite (AM-89) exercised with an Italian submarine, which could be either Mameli or Vortice (probably the latter).

Buldrini, Cesare18 Mar 19440730Bermuda18 Mar 19441822Bermuda42Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare19 Mar 19440744Bermuda19 Mar 19441755Bermuda40,2Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare21 Mar 19440724Bermuda21 Mar 19441513Bermuda36,3Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare24 Mar 19440745King's Point (Bermuda)24 Mar 19440853Bermuda (dockyard)2,2Docked.

Buldrini, Cesare13 Apr 19440745Bermuda13 Apr 19440853Bermuda5,5Undocked. On 24th April 1944, operational control of Mameli passed from the British to the Americans.

Buldrini, Cesare26 Apr 19440800Bermuda26 Apr 19441857Bermuda72,5Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escorts USS Neunzer (DE-150), USS Amick (DE-168), USS Cooner (DE-172) and USS Eldridge (DE-173).

Buldrini, Cesare29 Apr 19440707Bermuda29 Apr 19441909Bermuda66,9Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare30 Apr 19440632Bermuda30 Apr 19441938Bermuda77,4Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare9 May 19440617Bermuda9 May 19441836Bermuda75,2Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare10 May 19440730Bermuda10 May 19441825Bermuda62,5Exercises with the destroyer USS Brush (DD-745).

Buldrini, Cesare12 May 19440723Bermuda12 May 19441728Bermuda48,1Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare13 May 19440641Bermuda13 May 19441728Bermuda58,3Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS George A. Johnson (DE-583).

Buldrini, Cesare14 May 19440637Bermuda14 May 19441845Bermuda61,7Exercises with the destroyers USS Bearss (DD-654), USS Mansfield (DD-728) and USS Brush (DD-745).

Buldrini, Cesare15 May 19440712Port Royal15 May 19441822St. George53,6Exercises and passage Port Royal-St. George. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS George A. Johnson (DE-583).

Buldrini, Cesare26 May 19440730St. George26 May 19441613Bermuda (N.O.B. (?))46,8Exercises and passage St. George-Bermuda.

Buldrini, Cesare27 May 19440630Bermuda27 May 19441532Bermuda78Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS Holton (DE-703).

Buldrini, Cesare28 May 19440700Bermuda28 May 19441734Bermuda76,4Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare30 May 19440639Bermuda30 May 19441933Bermuda95,5Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare31 May 19440627Bermuda31 May 19441858Bermuda88,6Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare1 Jun 19440622Port Royal1 Jun 19441810Port Royal89,5Exercises with the destroyer USS Brush (DD-745) and destroyer escort USS Daniel A. Joy (DE-585).

Buldrini, Cesare2 Jun 19440617Port Royal2 Jun 19441808Port Royal89,6Exercises with the destroyers USS Lyman K. Swenson (DD-729) and USS Brush (DD-745).

Buldrini, Cesare3 Jun 19440617Port Royal3 Jun 19441833Port Royal81Exercises with the destroyer USS Brush (DD-745) and escort destroyer USS Carter (DE-112).

Buldrini, Cesare4 Jun 19440636Port Royal4 Jun 19441610St. George49,7Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare11 Jun 19440740St. George11 Jun 19442005Port Royal80,8Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare12 Jun 19440700Port Royal12 Jun 19442032Port Royal81,2Exercises with the destroyers USS Charles S. Sperry (DD-697) and USS Taussig (DD-746).

Buldrini, Cesare13 Jun 19440545Port Royal13 Jun 19441928Port Royal82,3Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare14 Jun 19440633Port Royal14 Jun 19441550St. George49,2Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare15 Jun 19440655St. George15 Jun 19441755Port Royal51,9Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare16 Jun 19440625Port Royal16 Jun 19441714Port Royal89,8Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare17 Jun 19440718Port Royal18 Jun 19441031Port Royal215,2Exercises in area 32°50'N, 63°40'W with the escort destroyers USS J.R.Y. Blakely (DE-140), USS Hill (DE-141), USS Howard F. Clark (DE-533) and aircraft from the escort carrier USS Wake Island (CVE-65). Mameli was escorted back to Bermuda by the minesweepers USS YMS 306 and USS YMS 307.

Buldrini, Cesare19 Jun 19440640Port Royal19 Jun 19442013Port Royal77,2Exercises with the destroyer USS Taussig (DD-746).

Buldrini, Cesare22 Jun 19440701Port Royal22 Jun 19441953Port Royal100,8Exercises with Killer Group USS English (DD-696), McCoy Reynolds (DE-440), Walter C. Wann (DE-412), Abercrombie (DE-343), Carter (DE-112) and Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413) and escort carrier.

Buldrini, Cesare23 Jun 19440620Port Royal23 Jun 19441837Port Royal81Exercises with the destroyers USS Charles S. Sperry (DD-697) and USS Taussig (DD-746).

Buldrini, Cesare24 Jun 19440628Port Royal24 Jun 19441701Port Royal63,8Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare27 Jun 19440535Port Royal28 Jun 19440822Port Royal192Exercises in 32°00'N, 63°00'W with the aircraft from the escort carrier USS Card (CVE-11) and the escort destroyers USS Thomas (DE-102), USS Bostwick (DE-103), USS Breeman (DE-104), USS Bronstein (DE-189) and USS Baker (DE-190). Mameli was escorted out by the patrol craft USS PC 1596. Mameli was noted to display very good evasive tactics.

Buldrini, Cesare1 Jul 19440627Port Royal1 Jul 19441840Port Royal84,9Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare3 Jul 19440644Port Royal3 Jul 19441315Port Royal64Exercises with the destroyers USS John Hood (DD-655) and USS Collett (DD-730).

Buldrini, Cesare9 Jul 19440620Port Royal9 Jul 19441723St. George63,8Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare17 Jul 19440742St. George17 Jul 19441706St. George47,1Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare19 Jul 19440743St. George19 Jul 19441640St. George37,2Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer USS Samuel N. Moore (DD-747).

Buldrini, Cesare22 Jul 1944St. George22 Jul 1944St. GeorgeExercises with the destroyer escorts USS Clarence L. Evans (DE-113), USS Jesse Rutherford (DE-347), USS Traw (DE-350) and USS Leland E. Thomas (DE-420).

Buldrini, Cesare24 Jul 19440707St. George24 Jul 19441512St. George37Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare26 Jul 19440751St. George26 Jul 19441649St. George37,5Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare27 Jul 19440700St. George27 Jul 19441623St. George36,8Exercises. Possibly with the USS Bogue (CVE-9) group, which included the destroyer escorts USS Haverfield (DE-393), USS Swenning (DE-394), USS Willis (DE-395), USS Janssen (DE-396) and USS Wilhoite (DE-397).

Buldrini, Cesare28 Jul 19440743St. George28 Jul 19441452St. George33Exercises. Possibly with the USS Bogue (CVE-9) group, which included the destroyer escorts USS Haverfield (DE-393), USS Swenning (DE-394), USS Willis (DE-395), USS Janssen (DE-396) and USS Wilhoite (DE-397).

Buldrini, Cesare29 Jul 19440731St. George29 Jul 19441557St. George36,6Exercises. Possibly with the USS Bogue (CVE-9) group, which included the destroyer escorts USS Haverfield (DE-393), USS Swenning (DE-394), USS Willis (DE-395), USS Janssen (DE-396) and USS Wilhoite (DE-397) and also with the destroyer USS Samuel N. Moore (DD-747).

Buldrini, Cesare30 Jul 19440731St. George30 Jul 19441718St. George50,3Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare31 Jul 19440755St. George31 Jul 19441630St. George37,1Exercises with the destroyer USS Haynsworth (DD-700) and the destroyer escort USS Maurice J. Manuel (DE-351). Possibly also with the destroyer escorts USS Haverfield (DE-393), USS Swenning (DE-394), USS Janssen (DE-396) and USS Wilhoite (DE-397) from the USS Bogue (CVE-9) group.

Buldrini, Cesare2 Aug 19440750St. George2 Aug 19441617Port Royal50,9Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare3 Aug 19440631Port Royal3 Aug 19441810Port Royal75Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare4 Aug 19440623Port Royal4 Aug 19441702Port Royal72,8Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare5 Aug 19440650Port Royal5 Aug 19441808Port Royal76,1Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare10 Aug 19440612Port Royal10 Aug 19441741Port Royal84,5Exercises with the destroyers USS Ault (DD-698), USS Samuel N. Moore (DD-747) and the destroyer escorts USS Tinsman (DE-589) and USS Jobb (DE-707).

Buldrini, Cesare11 Aug 19440603Bermuda13 Aug 19441003Bermuda463Exercises with Task Force 22.4: aircraft from the escort carrier USS Core (CVE-13) and her escort of the escort destroyers USS Moore (DE-240), USS Keith (DE-241), USS J. Richard Ward (DE-243), USS Otterstetter (DE-244) and USS Sloat (DE-245).on 11th and 12th August. Mameli was escorted out by USS Schenck (DD-159) who also joined the exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare24 Aug 19441035Port Royal28 Aug 19441423Portsmouth (N.H.)758Passage Bermuda-Portsmouth (N.H.) with the British submarine HMS P 512, escorted by USS the destroyer USS Schenck (DD-159) and the destroyer escort USS Chester T. O'Brien (DE-421). At Portsmouth Mameli was to undergo a long refit.

Buldrini, Cesare23 Nov 19440740Portsmouth (N.H.)23 Nov 19441440Portsmouth (N.H.)49,7Trials.

Buldrini, Cesare24 Nov 19440830Portsmouth (N.H.)24 Nov 19442258New London (CT)159,3Passage Portsmouth (N.H.)-New London (Conn.).

Buldrini, Cesare4 Dec 19441300New London (CT)4 Dec 19441525New London (CT)29Trials.

Buldrini, Cesare5 Dec 19440500New London (CT)5 Dec 19441645New London (CT)64,4Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Clarence L. Evans (DE-113), USS Edsall (DE-129), USS Stewart (DE-238), USS Daniel (DE-335) and USS Hissem (DE-400).

Buldrini, Cesare6 Dec 19440710New London (CT)6 Dec 19441752New London (CT)63,9Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Stewart (DE-238) and USS Daniel (DE-335).

Buldrini, Cesare8 Dec 19440800New London (CT)8 Dec 19441141New London (CT)38Trials.

Buldrini, Cesare11 Dec 19440615New London (CT)11 Dec 19441610Block Island59,5Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare12 Dec 19440750Block Island12 Dec 19441715New London (CT)81,2Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare13 Dec 19440610New London (CT)13 Dec 19441316New London (CT)83Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare14 Dec 19440550New London (CT)14 Dec 19441417Block Island59,3Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare15 Dec 19440745Block Island15 Dec 19442350Block Island81,7Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare16 Dec 19440800Block Island16 Dec 19441747New London (CT)55,8Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare18 Dec 19440620New London (CT)18 Dec 19441750Block Island63Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare20 Dec 19440745Block Island20 Dec 19442017Block Island43,7Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare21 Dec 19440750Block Island21 Dec 19442225New London (CT)96,3Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare22 Dec 19440700New London (CT)22 Dec 19441918New London (CT)82,9Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escorts USS Marchand (DE-249) and USS Pettit (DE-253).

Buldrini, Cesare26 Dec 19440930New London (CT)26 Dec 19441850New London (CT)61,3Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare27 Dec 19440750New London (CT)27 Dec 19441842New London (CT)64,2Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare28 Dec 19440750New London (CT)28 Dec 19441430New London (CT)54,7Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare29 Dec 19440750New London (CT)29 Dec 19441720New London (CT)58,9Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare30 Dec 19440755New London (CT)30 Dec 19440900New London (CT)12Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare2 Jan 19450550New London (CT)2 Jan 19451320New London (CT)82,3Exercises with the destroyers USS Phelps (DD-360) and USS Champlin (DD-601).

Buldrini, Cesare3 Jan 19450550New London (CT)3 Jan 19451809Long Island (NY)79Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare4 Jan 19450725Long Island (NY)4 Jan 19451825Long Island (NY)51,7Exercises with the escort destroyers USS Poole (DE-151), USS Peterson (DE-152), USS Harveson (DE-316) and USS Joyce (DE-317) from COMCORTDIV 22 and possibly also with the escort destroyers USS Tomich (DE-242), USS Otterstetter (DE-244) and USS Sloat (DE-245).

Buldrini, Cesare5 Jan 19450725Long Island (NY)5 Jan 19451658Block Island (RI)43,8Exercises with the escort destroyers USS Poole (DE-151), USS Peterson (DE-152), USS Harveson (DE-316) and USS Joyce (DE-317) from COMCORTDIV 22.

Buldrini, Cesare6 Jan 19450725Block Island (RI)6 Jan 19451645New London (CT)51,2Exercises with the escort destroyers USS Poole (DE-151), USS Peterson (DE-152), USS Harveson (DE-316) and USS Joyce (DE-317) from COMCORTDIV 22.

Buldrini, Cesare18 Jan 19450900New London (CT)18 Jan 19451615New London (CT)36Gyrocompass tests.

Buldrini, Cesare20 Jan 19450825New London (CT)21 Jan 19450750Casco Bay (Me)225Passage New London (Conn.)-Casco Bay (Portland, Maine) escorted by the patrol craft USS SC-642 and met by USS destroyer USS Rhind (DD-404) at eastern end of Cape Cod Canal and escorted in.

Buldrini, Cesare22 Jan 19450745Casco Bay22 Jan 19451615Casco Bay50,2Exercises with the icebreaker USCGC Storis (WAGL-38) and the destroyer escort USS Clarence L. Evans (DE-113).

Buldrini, Cesare23 Jan 19450738Casco Bay23 Jan 19451740Casco Bay58,9Exercises with the escort destroyers USS Buckley (DE-51), USS Reuben James (DE-153), USS Scroggins (DE-799) and USS Jack W. Wilke (DE-800).

Buldrini, Cesare24 Jan 19450753Casco Bay24 Jan 19451720Casco Bay54,8Exercises with the destroyer USS Rhind (DD-404) and the destroyer escorts USS Stewart (DE-238) and USS Daniel (DE-335).

Buldrini, Cesare25 Jan 19450759Casco Bay25 Jan 19451250Casco Bay43,7Exercises with the destroyer USS Mervine (DD-489) and the frigate USS Gladwyne (PF-62). The exercises were interrupted because of bad weather. No info on other escort vessels involved.

Buldrini, Cesare26 Jan 19450750Casco Bay26 Jan 19451810Casco Bay51Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Jacob Jones (DE-130), USS Sturtevant (DE-239) and USS Dale W. Peterson (DE-337). Lost one man overboard after these exercises (during other night exercises).

Buldrini, Cesare27 Jan 19450759Casco Bay27 Jan 19451702Casco Bay51,2Exercises with the frigates USS Gladwyne (PF-62) and USS New Bedford (PF-71).

Buldrini, Cesare29 Jan 19450745Casco Bay29 Jan 19451007Casco Bay23,5Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Brough (DE-148) and USS Martin H. Ray (DE-338). The exercises were interrupted because of high winds and low visibility.

Buldrini, Cesare30 Jan 19450750Casco Bay30 Jan 19451655Casco Bay51,1Exercises with the destroyers USS Trippe (DD-403), USS Wainwright (DD-419) and USS Nelson (DD-623).

Buldrini, Cesare31 Jan 19450745Casco Bay31 Jan 19451649Casco Bay51,3Exercises with the destroyer USS Purdy (DD-734) and the destroyer escort USS Brough (DE-148).

Buldrini, Cesare1 Feb 19450750Casco Bay1 Feb 19451700Casco Bay49,9Exercises with the destroyers USS Trippe (DD-403), USS Wainwright (DD-419) and the destroyer escort USS Dale W. Peterson (DD-337).

Buldrini, Cesare2 Feb 19450755Casco Bay2 Feb 19451706Casco Bay52,7Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Neal A. Scott (DE-769) and USS Muir (DE-770) and possibly the frigate USS Brunswick (PF-68).

Buldrini, Cesare3 Feb 19450750Casco Bay3 Feb 19451703Casco Bay54,2Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Haverfield (DE-393) and USS Swenning (DE-394). A submarine exercise was cancelled on 5th February due to casualty?

Buldrini, Cesare6 Feb 19450757Casco Bay6 Feb 19451632Casco Bay56,1Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Kretchmer (DE-329), USS O'Reilly (DE-330) and USS Koiner (DE-331). Submarine exercises were cancelled on 7th and 8th February 1945, due to the suspected presence of a U-boat as all available units were sent to search the area.

Buldrini, Cesare10 Feb 19450900Casco Bay10 Feb 19451546Casco Bay26,3Special ASW exercises with the destroyer USS Nelson (DD-623).

Buldrini, Cesare12 Feb 19450750Casco Bay12 Feb 19451616Casco Bay30,4Exercises with USS Snowden (DE-246), USS Stanton (DE-247) and USS Swasey (DE-248).

Buldrini, Cesare13 Feb 19450740Casco Bay13 Feb 19451517Casco Bay32,4Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Carter (DE-112), USS Neil A. Scott (DE-769) and USS Muir (DE-770).

Buldrini, Cesare14 Feb 19450825Casco Bay14 Feb 19451605Casco Bay35,6Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Carter (DE-112) and USS Muir (DE-770).

Buldrini, Cesare15 Feb 19450750Casco Bay15 Feb 19451457Casco Bay33,7Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Frost (DE-144) and USS Huse (DE-145).

Buldrini, Cesare16 Feb 19450755Casco Bay16 Feb 19451145Casco Bay7,5Exercises with the destroyer USS Hilary P. Jones (DD-427). Cancelled because of low visibility.

Buldrini, Cesare17 Feb 19450755Casco Bay17 Feb 19451715Casco Bay56,4Exercises with the destroyer USS Trippe (DD-403)USS Trippe (DD-403) and the destroyer escorts USS Ramsden (DE-382), USS Rhodes (DE-384) and USS Savage (DE-386).

Buldrini, Cesare20 Feb 19450750Casco Bay20 Feb 19451657Casco Bay55,7Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Frost (DE-144), USS Huse (DE-145) and USS Inch (DE-146).

Buldrini, Cesare21 Feb 19450745Casco Bay21 Feb 19451749Casco Bay58Exercises with the destroyers USS Charles F. Hughes (DD-428), USS Eberle (DD-430) and the destroyer escorts USS Herbert C. Jones (DE-137).

Buldrini, Cesare22 Feb 19450755Casco Bay22 Feb 19450820Casco Bay0,2Exercises. Interrupted because of low visibility.

Buldrini, Cesare23 Feb 19451230Casco Bay23 Feb 19451735Casco Bay28,3Exercises (delayed because of low visibility) with the destroyer escorts USS Haverfield (DE-393) and USS Swenning (DE-394).

Buldrini, Cesare26 Feb 19450650Casco Bay26 Feb 19451415Portsmouth (N.H.)53,7Passage Casco Bay-Portsmouth (N.H.), escorted by the destroyer escort USS Wilhoite (DE-397) for repairs to the rudder.

Buldrini, Cesare17 Mar 19451030Portsmouth (N.H.)17 Mar 19451532Portland (Maine)56,3Passage Portsmouth (N.H.)-Portland (Maine) escorted by the destroyer escort USS Robert I. Paine (DE-578).

Buldrini, Cesare18 Mar 19450940Portland (Maine)18 Mar 19451748Portland (Maine)50,9Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Jacob Jones (DE-130) and USS Brough (DE-148).

Buldrini, Cesare19 Mar 19450750Portland (Maine)19 Mar 19451725Portland (Maine)53,6Exercises with the destroyer USS Edison (DD-439) and the destroyer escorts USS Jacob Jones (DE-130) and USS Sturtevant (DE-239).

Buldrini, Cesare20 Mar 19450810Portland (Maine)20 Mar 19451440Portland (Maine)46Exercises with the destroyers USS Benson (DD-421), USS Quick (DD-490) and the destroyer escort USS Cates (DE-763).

Buldrini, Cesare23 Mar 19450812Portland (Maine)23 Mar 19451630Portland (Maine)50,1Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Pettit (DE-253), USS Ricketts (DE-254) and USS Cates (DE-763).

Buldrini, Cesare24 Mar 19450755Portland (Maine)24 Mar 19451708Portland (Maine)53,5Exercises with the destroyer USS Davis (DD-395) and the destroyer escort USS Howard D. Crow (DE-252).

Buldrini, Cesare25 Mar 19450758Portland (Maine)25 Mar 19451656Portland (Maine)51,8Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Carter (DE-112), USS Neil A. Scott (DE-769) and USS Sutton (DE-771) of TG 22.13.

Buldrini, Cesare25 Mar 19450758Portland (Maine)25 Mar 19451656Portland (Maine)51,8Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Carter (DE-112), USS Neil A. Scott (DE-769) and USS Sutton (DE-771) of TG 22.13.

Buldrini, Cesare26 Mar 19450845Portland (Maine)26 Mar 19451720Portland (Maine)50,8Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare27 Mar 19450805Portland (Maine)27 Mar 19451720Portland (Maine)52,8Exercises with the cutters USCGC Modoc (WPG-46) and USCGC Tampa (WPG-48).

Buldrini, Cesare30 Mar 19450750Portland (Maine)30 Mar 19451723Portland (Maine)52,8Exercises with the cutters USCGC Modoc (WPG-46) and USCGC Tampa (WPG-48). [???].

Buldrini, Cesare31 Mar 19450805Portland (Maine)31 Mar 19451725Portland (Maine)53,2Exercises with the destroyers USS Benson (DD-421), USS Gleaves (DD-423) and USS Baldwin (DD-624).

Buldrini, Cesare1 Apr 19450745Casco Bay1 Apr 19451658Casco Bay58Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Finch (DE-328) and USS Richey (DE-385).

Buldrini, Cesare2 Apr 19450750Casco Bay2 Apr 19451739Casco Bay58Exercises with the destroyer escort USS Neil A. Scott (DE-769).

Buldrini, Cesare3 Apr 19450755Casco Bay3 Apr 19451700Casco Bay52,6Exercises with the destroyer USS Sampson (DD-394), destroyer escort USS Mills (DE-383) and the frigates USS Lorain (PF-93) and USS Orlando (PF-99). An enemy submarine was reported at 49°30'N, 29°00'W.

Buldrini, Cesare5 Apr 19451040Casco Bay5 Apr 19451740Casco Bay49,4Exercises with the cutters USCGC Modoc (WPG-46), USCGC Tampa (WPG-48) and USCGC Algonquin (WPG-75).

Buldrini, Cesare6 Apr 19450800Casco Bay6 Apr 19451710Casco Bay58,1Exercises with the destoyer escorts USS Micka (DE-176) and USS Gustafson (DE-182).

Buldrini, Cesare7 Apr 19450755Casco Bay7 Apr 19451525Casco Bay50,3Exercises with the destroyer USS Jouett (DD-396) and the frigate USS Lorain (PF-93).

Buldrini, Cesare9 Apr 19450804Casco Bay9 Apr 19451735Casco Bay55,5Exercises with the destroyer USS Somers (DD-381) and the frigate USS Woonsocket (PF-32).

Buldrini, Cesare12 Apr 19450843Casco Bay12 Apr 19451744Casco Bay55,5Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Gandy (DE-764) and USS Earl K. Olsen (DE-765).

Buldrini, Cesare13 Apr 19450755Casco Bay13 Apr 19451445Casco Bay47Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Eisner (DE-192), USS Wingfield (DE-194) and USS Rinehart (DE-196). Interrupted because of fog, Wingfield sent a boarding and salvage party for training aboard the submarine.

Buldrini, Cesare14 Apr 19450805Casco Bay14 Apr 19451740Casco Bay55,2Exercises with the destroyers USS Gleaves (DD-423), USS Eberle (DD-430), USS Woolsey (DD-437) and the destroyer escort USS Harveson (DE-316).

Buldrini, Cesare15 Apr 19451020Casco Bay15 Apr 19451820Casco Bay52,1Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Garfield Thomas (DE-193), USS Thornhill (DE-195) and USS Roche (DE-197).

Buldrini, Cesare16 Apr 19450750Casco Bay16 Apr 19451305Casco Bay43,7Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Eisner (DE-192) and USS Garfield Thomas (DE-193). Interrupted due to defects.

Buldrini, Cesare19 Apr 19451235Casco Bay19 Apr 19451642Casco Bay13Gyrocompass tests.

Buldrini, Cesare3 May 19450748Casco Bay3 May 19451730Casco Bay53,5Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Brough (DE-148). and USS Sturtevant (DE-239).

Buldrini, Cesare5 May 19450910Casco Bay5 May 19451710Casco Bay48,7Exercises with the destroyer escort USS Camp (DE-251), the frigate USS Peoria (PF-67) and the corvette USS Courage (PG-70).

Buldrini, Cesare9 May 19450735Casco Bay9 May 19451705Casco Bay53,3Exercises with the frigates USS Key West (PF-17) and USS Alexandria (PF-18).

Buldrini, Cesare12 May 19450750Casco Bay12 May 19450836Casco Bay0,7Exercises. Interrupted after a collision with the minesweeper USS Jubilant (AM-255).
  12 May 19450803
(0) In Hussy Sound (Casco Bay).
The submarine collided with the minesweeper USS Jubilant (AM-255). The submarine was slightly damaged and had to turn back.

Buldrini, Cesare17 May 19450800Casco Bay17 May 19451730Casco Bay48Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare26 May 19450645Casco Bay27 May 19450920New London (Conn.)225Passage Casco Bay-New London (Conn.), escorted by the destroyer USS USS Somers (DD-381) until Cape Cod then by the destroyer escort USS Coffman (DE-191).

Buldrini, Cesare1 Jun 19451237New London (Conn.)7 Jun 19451212Guantanamo (Cuba)1546Passage New London (Conn.)-Guantanamo escorted by the high speed transport USS John P. Gray (APD-74).

Buldrini, Cesare14 Jun 19450700Guantanamo14 Jun 19451752Guantanamo68,5Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare15 Jun 19450830Guantanamo15 Jun 19451712Guantanamo35,3Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare18 Jun 19450825Guantanamo18 Jun 19451610Guantanamo23,5Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Gandy (DE-764) and USS Earl K. Olsen (DE-765).

Buldrini, Cesare20 Jun 19450800Guantanamo20 Jun 19451441Guantanamo23,5Exercises with the destroyer USS Niblack (DD-424).

Buldrini, Cesare24 Jun 19450629Guantanamo24 Jun 19451540Guantanamo39,5Exercises with the destroyer USS Steinaker (DD-863).

Buldrini, Cesare25 Jun 19450835Guantanamo25 Jun 19451800Guantanamo41,9Exercises with the destroyer USS Livermoore (DD-429).

Buldrini, Cesare26 Jun 19450700Guantanamo26 Jun 19451440Guantanamo24Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Price (DE-332) and USS Strickland (DE-333).

Buldrini, Cesare27 Jun 19450630Guantanamo27 Jun 19451420Guantanamo39Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare28 Jun 19450630Guantanamo28 Jun 19451410Guantanamo24,5Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare30 Jun 19451009Guantanamo30 Jun 19451716Guantanamo22,6Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Daniel (DE-335) and USS Dale W. Peterson (DE-337).

Buldrini, Cesare2 Jul 19450930Guantanamo2 Jul 19451710Guantanamo24,5Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare4 Jul 19450640Guantanamo4 Jul 19451142Guantanamo23,4Exercises. Interrupted because of defects.

Buldrini, Cesare11 Jul 19450645Guantanamo11 Jul 19451609Guantanamo37Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare12 Jul 19450903Guantanamo12 Jul 19451143Guantanamo7Exercises. Interrupted because the A/S vessels did not show up.

Buldrini, Cesare13 Jul 19451104Guantanamo13 Jul 19451735Guantanamo33,9Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare14 Jul 19451005Guantanamo14 Jul 19451730Guantanamo24,7Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare17 Jul 19450640Guantanamo17 Jul 19451530Guantanamo41,7Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare18 Jul 19451240Guantanamo18 Jul 19451740Guantanamo21Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare22 Jul 19450730Guantanamo22 Jul 19451535Guantanamo32,5Exercises with the destroyer escort USS Sturtevant (DE-239).

Buldrini, Cesare25 Jul 19451908Guantanamo26 Jul 19450157Guantanamo44,8Exercises (with the destroyer escorts USS Durant (DE-389), USS Calcaterra (DE-390) and USS Merrill (DE-392). A rare night exercise!

Buldrini, Cesare26 Jul 19451900Guantanamo26 Jul 19452310Guantanamo28,3Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Frost (DE-144) and USS Huse (DE-388). A rare night exercise! The submarine managed to evade both ships!

Buldrini, Cesare29 Jul 19451928Guantanamo29 Jul 19452345Guantanamo30,2Night exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Roy O. Hale (DE-336), USS Martin H. Ray (DE-338) and USS Lansing (DE-388).

Buldrini, Cesare31 Jul 19451937Guantanamo31 Jul 19452400Guantanamo31,5Exercises. The destroyers USS Eugene A. Greene (DD-711) and USS Herbert J. Thomas (DD-833) exercised on that day with an Italian submarine which was probably Da Procida but could have been Mameli.

Buldrini, Cesare2 Aug 19450650Guantanamo2 Aug 19451430Guantanamo35Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare3 Aug 19450929Guantanamo3 Aug 19451640Guantanamo31Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare4 Aug 19450648Guantanamo4 Aug 19451505Guantanamo39Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare6 Aug 19450635Guantanamo6 Aug 19451308Guantanamo23Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare7 Aug 19451943Guantanamo7 Aug 19452400Guantanamo22Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare9 Aug 19450643Guantanamo9 Aug 19451715Guantanamo26Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare10 Aug 19450637Guantanamo10 Aug 19451430Guantanamo33Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare27 Aug 19450905Guantanamo30 Aug 19451010Guantanamo602Exercises.

Buldrini, Cesare4 Nov 19450743Key West (FL)4 Nov 19451425Key West (FL)53Trials.

Buldrini, Cesare8 Nov 19451729Key West (FL)13 Nov 19451646Bermuda1216Passage Key West (Florida)-Bermuda escorted by the salvage vessel USS Escape (ARS-6).

Buldrini, Cesare16 Nov 19451351Bermuda24 Nov 19451400Ponto Delgada (Azores)1986Passage Bermuda-Gibraltar, escorted by the salvage vessel USS Escape (ARS-6), but diverted to Ponto Delgada (Azores).

Buldrini, Cesare25 Nov 19451140Ponto Delgada (Azores)30 Nov 19451130Gibraltar1118Passage Ponto Delgada (Azores)-Gibraltar, partly towed by the salvage vessel USS Escape (ARS-6).

Buldrini, Cesare2 Dec 19451450Gibraltar10 Dec 19451615Taranto1340Passage Gibraltar-Taranto, partly towed by the salvage vessel USS Escape (ARS-6).

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