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TypeCargo ship
CountryGreek Greek

Date of attack2 Aug 1940Time0202+-0310
FateSunk by submarine Goffredo Mameli (C.C. Nicola Maiorana)
Position of attack33° 50'N, 26° 35'E
Complement18 (8 dead and 10 survivors)
Notes The submarine was charging her batteries when, at 2320 hours on 1 August, a dark shape was sighted. Switching to her diesels she quickly increased speed to close in the heavy swell. The target appeared to be steering 120-130° and making for an Egyptian port. At 0050 hours, two bow torpedoes (533mm) were fired from a range of 800 metres but the freighter apparently sighted them and took avoiding action.

This was the Greek Roula (1041 GRT, built 1899) carrying tobacco, food and matches from Istanbul to Port Said.

At 0102 hours, Goffredo Mameli turned for a stern shot (450mm, A.115 type) from 900 metres, but once again the Greek ship managed to evade it.

At 0112 hours, the submarine opened fire with her deck gun from a distance of 1,000 metres. After the third round the crew abandoned ship in two lifeboats.

At 0153 hours, Goffredo Mameli tried to finish off the Greek ship with a bow torpedo (450mm, type W 115) fired from 600 metres, but again it missed.

At 0202 hours, A fifth torpedo fired from a bow tube (533mm) at a distance of 600 metres, missed again. It was a frustrating time!

Finally, the Greek ship was sent to the bottom with the main deck gun, which had fired a total of forty-one rounds. Ten survivors, including the captain, reached Dhaba on 4th August. Eight men were missing.

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