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Riccardo Boris

Born  6 Jul 1906Borgo San Martino (Alessandria)
Died   1987(80)Turin


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello
  C.C.Capitano di Corvetta
  C.F.Capitano di Fregata


27 Sep 1940 Croce di guerra al valore militare
3 Oct 1941 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
13 Nov 1942 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare
4 Apr 1945 Croce di guerra al valore militare

Career information

DANDOLO (C.C. C.O.): from 16.12.1939 to 10.05.1941.
ENRICO TOTI (C.C. C.O.): from 27.05.1941 to 31.01.1942.
GOFFREDO MAMELI (C.C. C.O.): from 08.11.1941 to 10.11.1941.
JALEA (C.C. C.O.): from 01.02.1942 to 14.02.1942.
Promoted to C.F. ca. February 1942.
From 27.06.1942, Head of GRUPSOM TARANTO.
RUGGIERO SETTIMO(C.F. C.O.): from 30.06.1942 to 28.09.1942 (refit and trials at Taranto).
LUIGI SETTEMBRINI(C.F. resp.): from 01.07.1942 to 15.08.1942 (refit at Taranto).
GIOVANNI DA PROCIDA (C.F. resp.): from 01.07.1942 to 14.02.1943 (at Taranto, not operational).
TITO SPERI (C.F. resp.): from 02.07.1942 to 14.02.1943 (at Taranto, not operational).
SANTORRE DI SANTAROSA (C.F. resp.): from 29.11.1942 to 30.11.1942? (responsible during absence of Stinchi).
ENRICO TOTI (C.F. resp.): 21.01.1943 to 11.02.1943 (refit at Taranto).

Commands listed for Riccardo Boris

Submarine Type Rank From To
Dandolo ( DO, I.16)Ocean goingC.C.16 Dec 193910 May 1941
Goffredo Mameli (GM)Ocean goingC.C.8 Nov 194110 Nov 1941
Enrico Toti (TO)Ocean goingC.C.27 May 194131 Jan 1942
Jalea (IA)Coastal / Sea goingC.F.1 Feb 194214 Feb 1942
Luigi Settembrini (ST)Ocean goingC.F.1 Jul 194215 Aug 1942
Ruggiero Settimo (RS)Ocean goingC.F.30 Jun 194228 Sep 1942
Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)Ocean goingC.F.29 Nov 194230 Nov 1942
Enrico Toti (TO)Ocean goingC.F.21 Jan 194311 Feb 1943
Giovanni da Procida (DP)Ocean goingC.F.1 Jul 194214 Feb 1943
Tito Speri (TS)Ocean goingC.F.2 Jul 194214 Feb 1943

Ships hit by Riccardo Boris

DateSubmarineShip hitTypeGRTNat.Loss type
1.21 Aug 1940DandoloHermesTanker3,768DutchDamaged
2.26 Aug 1940DandoloIlvington CourtCargo ship5,187BritishSunk
3.31 Jan 1941DandoloPizarroCargo ship1,367BritishSunk

War patrols listed for Riccardo Boris

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1.Dandolo ( DO, I.16)5 Jun 19402000Naples17 Jun 19401820Naples1926,4Patrolled 13 miles southeast of Cape Palos, Spain.
  13 Jun 19400725
0940 (e)
37° 00'N, 0° 17'W
(e) 37° 10'N, 0° 10'E
(0) 120° - Cape Palos - 46 miles.
At 0644 hours, the hydrophones had detected an enemy formation. At 0713 hours, it was recognised as three cruisers screened by destroyers. Twelve minutes later, two torpedoes were fired from the bow tubes (533mm) at a distance of 1,600 metres aimed at the third cruiser. They missed. These were the French light cruisers of the Third Squadron, La Galissonière, Jean de Vienne, Marseillaise (Flagship Rear-Admiral André Amédée Abel Marquis), escorted by destroyers Brestois and Boulonnais. They were alerted by two of their float planes and took avoiding action. One torpedo passed between La Galissonière and Jean De Vienne, missing the latter by 20 meters ahead.
  13 Jun 19400725+
0625 (e)
37° 00'N, 0° 17'W
(0) 45 miles SE of Cape Palos.
The French cruiser squadron had sent two float planes to scout ahead, HS 35 from La Galissonière and HS 36 from Jean de Vienne. HS 36 sighted the periscope on the port side of the 3rd D.C.T. and dived on it without attacking it as the aircraft was armed with bombs. As HS 35 also closed, she sighted the launching of the two torpedoes and dropped a bomb. The submarine was going deep after firing her torpedoes and had just reached a depth of 20 meters when she was badly shaken by the bomb. La Galissonnière dropped 12 depth-charges and the French Admiral ordered the destroyers of the 5th D.C.T. (Brestois and Boulonnais) to hunt the submarine. They dropped each three grenades without result, the submarine had gone down to 118 meters. At 0702 hours, the destroyer Typhon, who was also escorting the battleship Provence, sighted a bubble attributed to a torpedo launch and dropped six depth-charges without result. Dandolo reported them at 0809 hours (Rome Time) to her starboard side.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)21 Jun 19402000Naples21 Jun 19401820Naples1,5Docked?

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)24 Jun 19401337Naples24 Jun 19401403Naples1,5Undocked?

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)27 Jun 19400930Naples27 Jun 19401325Naples21Trials.

2.Dandolo ( DO, I.16)27 Jun 19401835Naples16 Jul 19400820Naples2990Sailed with Barbarigo and patrolled in 36°20'N, 01°40'W near Cape Palos and Cape De Gata.
  3 Jul 19401910-2140
(0) Near Cape Palos.
An enemy escort vessel dropped depth-charges on the submarine.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)22 Jul 19401100Naples22 Jul 19401130Naples0,8Docked?

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)28 Jul 19400715Naples28 Jul 19400815Naples0,8Undocked?

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)6 Aug 19400900Naples6 Aug 19401711Naples29,5Trials.

3.Dandolo ( DO, I.16)8 Aug 19402240Naples10 Sep 19401620Bordeaux4267,2Passage to Bordeaux and patrolled between 36°00'N and 38°00'N. Passed Gibraltar on 16th August 1940.
  21 Aug 19402345
2050 (e)
36° 57'N, 13° 37'W
(e) 36° 56'N, 13° 15'W
At 2030 hours, a tanker estimated at 10,000 tons or more, was observed on a 250° course. The submarine trailed her until 2345 hours, when a single torpedo (533mm, W type) was fired and hit the target. This was the Dutch tanker Hermes (3768 GRT, built 1914) proceeding to England. The torpedo caused a large hole on the port side forward. She was abandoned but, as she did show any sign of sinking, the crew returned on board and brought her to Lisbon. There were no casualties.
  26 Aug 1940200037° 13'N, 21° 43'W
(e) 37° 10'N, 21° 50'W
At 1800 hours, a steamer was observed zigzagging and Dandolo maneuvered to take a position ahead of her for attack. She appeared to be an 8,000-ton armed steamer. At 2000 hours, a single torpedo (533mm, W type) was fired and struck the vessel in the aft hold and she sank in ten minutes. The victim was the British Ilvington Court (5.187 GRT, built 1919) carrying a cargo of iron ore from Freetown to Cardiff. Her crew of forty-six managed to reach Santa Maria Island (Azores) on 29th August.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)29 Sep 19400925Bordeaux29 Sep 19401010Bordeaux0,5Docked?

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)2 Oct 19401010Bordeaux2 Oct 19401030Bordeaux0,5Undocked?

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)11 Oct 19401615Bordeaux11 Oct 19401900Bordeaux20,5Trials.

4.Dandolo ( DO, I.16)12 Oct 19401540Bordeaux15 Nov 19401815Bordeaux4419,3Sailed for Atlantic patrol between 55°20'N and 56°50'N, and between 20°00'W and 23°55'W.
  20 Oct 1940185553° 12'N, 25° 34'WA steamer proceeding alone was sighted at a distance of 8,000 metres. The submarine attempted to close but was thwarted by the heavy seas and gave up the chase.
  27 Oct 1940175055° 36'N, 21° 46'WOn receipt of a signal from a U-boat, at 1300 hours, reporting a convoy in 56°15' N, 16°15' W, the submarine took an interception course. Nothing was seen and at 0620 hours on the 28th, the chase was abandoned.
  31 Oct 1940213055° 46'N, 22° 04'WDandolo received a signal from Malaspina (timed 1630/31) reporting a convoy in 57°15' N, 21°15' W and altered course to intercept. Heavy seas forced the submarine to abandon the chase.
  1 Nov 1940092755° 52'N, 20° 54'WA lone steamer steering 030° was sighted at 5,000 metres. Because of visibility conditions, C.C. Boris elected to intercept, submerged at full speed on electric motors, but could not catch up.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)16 Nov 19400830Bordeaux16 Nov 19400945Bordeaux1,5Docked?

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)29 Nov 19400830Bordeaux29 Nov 19400945Bordeaux0,5Undocked?

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)10 Dec 19401400Bordeaux10 Dec 19401445Bordeaux0,5Docked?

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)15 Dec 19401500Bordeaux15 Dec 19401540Bordeaux0,5Undocked?

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)17 Jan 19411145Bordeaux17 Jan 19411215Bordeaux0,5Changed moorings?

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)18 Jan 19411415Bordeaux18 Jan 19411445Bordeaux0,5Changed moorings?

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)22 Jan 19410945Bordeaux22 Jan 19411720Bordeaux2Trials.

5.Dandolo ( DO, I.16)24 Jan 19411620Bordeaux22 Feb 19411615Bordeaux3794Sailed for patrol (a) between 53°00'N and 54°00'N, and between 17°00'W and 20°00'W (b) between 54°00'N and 55°00'N, and between 20°00'W and 21°00'W (c) between 55°00'N 56°00'N, and between 21°00'W and 22°00'W. Met on her return by the German minesweepers M-2, M-6 and M-21 and Sperrbrecher 16.
  31 Jan 19412155
2015-2020 (e)
49° 04'N, 19° 31'WAt 1918 hours, a 6,500-ton tanker was sighted in 49°23' N, 19°35' W. At 2155 hours, Dandolo had closed to 500 metres to fire two torpedoes (450mm) from the bow tubes. They broke surface and missed. This was the British Pizarro (1,367 GRT, built 1923), a straggler from convoy O.G.51 from Oban to Gibraltar, carrying 1,500 tons of general cargo and 400 tons of mail.
  31 Jan 19412228
2030 (e)
49° 04'N, 19° 31'W
(e) 49° 03'N, 19° 40'W
At 2228 hours, two torpedoes (450mm) were fired from the stern tubes at a distance of 500 metres. This time both hit. Pizarro sank in 5 minutes with twenty-three of her crew. Three explosions had been felt on board Pizarro, but two were muffled and one was "terrific". There were six survivors who were picked up by the steamer MacBrae, another straggler from the same convoy.
  8 Feb 19411400-172053° 37'N, 18° 47'WAt 1400 hours, a steamer was observed zigzagging on a northeasterly course. The submarine attempted to trail her, but the chase would force her to exit her zone of operation. At 1952 hours, a submarine was sighted at 3,500 metres. This was Morosini who would attack this ship shortly after. The target was the Dutch steamer Prins Fredrik Hendrik (1288 GRT, built 1936).
  22 Feb 19410855-0857
(0) 283° of Pointe La Coubre - 14 miles (off Gironde).
The submarine sighted three torpedo tracks, the nearest passing 40 metres across her bows. The German submarine chaser UJ-E and the minesweepers M-10, M-13 and M-25 were sent to hunt, but located nothing. The "attack" was apparently bogus as no British submarines operated in the area. The "torpedoes" were probably porpoises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)30 Mar 19410920Bordeaux30 Mar 19411500Bordeaux4Trials.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)7 Apr 19411220Bordeaux7 Apr 19411936Bordeaux49Trials.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)8 Apr 19410955Bordeaux8 Apr 19411440Bordeaux28Trials.

6.Dandolo ( DO, I.16)9 Apr 19411540Bordeaux27 Apr 19412011Bordeaux3188Sailed for Atlantic patrol between 35°00'N and 36°00'N, within 30 miles from the Moroccan coast. Patrol interrupted due to defects.
  16 Apr 19410540-055535° 26'N, 7° 14'WA shadow was sighted at 5,000 metres, it was identified as a battleship, escorted by two destroyers, on a 240° course. The submarine could not close the range to carry out an attack, but elected not to make an enemy report as these ships were going to pass outside the patrol areas of Italian submarines. These were most probably the battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth, escorted by three destroyers HMS Velox, HMS Wrestler and HMS Fury (local escort), which had sailed at 2205 hours on the 15th from Gibraltar for Freetown.

Enrico Toti (TO)28 May 19410750Pola28 May 19411850Pola64Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)30 May 19411100Pola31 May 19410415Pola118,5Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)3 Jun 19410730Pola3 Jun 19411900Pola67,6Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)4 Jun 19410800Pola4 Jun 19411535Pola68Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)6 Jun 19410800Pola6 Jun 19411615Pola45Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)7 Jun 19410750Pola7 Jun 19411220Pola47,7Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)9 Jun 19411110Pola10 Jun 19410350Pola100,2Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)11 Jun 19410800Pola11 Jun 19411845Pola59,5Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)13 Jun 19410800Pola13 Jun 19411800Pola63Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)14 Jun 19410810Pola14 Jun 19411630Pola57Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)17 Jun 19411100Pola18 Jun 19410215Pola77Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Enrico Toti (TO)19 Jun 19412100Pola20 Jun 19410235Pola56Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Enrico Toti (TO)24 Jun 19410754Pola24 Jun 19411720Pola65Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)26 Jun 19410750Pola26 Jun 19411705Pola61,5Sailed with the submarine Pisani, escorted by Jadera, for exercises with the torpedo boat Audace.

Enrico Toti (TO)28 Jun 19410800Pola28 Jun 19411200Pola48,8Exercises, escorted by torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Principessa Mafalda.

Enrico Toti (TO)30 Jun 19411700Pola30 Jun 19411720Pola2Changed anchorage or docked?

Enrico Toti (TO)12 Jul 19410800Pola12 Jul 19411455Pola55,5Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)14 Jul 19410800Pola14 Jul 19411830Pola65Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)17 Jul 19411945Pola18 Jul 19410300Pola50Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)19 Jul 19410926Pola19 Jul 19411533Pola60,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Enrico Toti (TO)22 Jul 19410805Pola22 Jul 19411745Pola70,8Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)24 Jul 19410800Pola24 Jul 19411630Pola54Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Enrico Toti (TO)26 Jul 19410808Pola26 Jul 19411310Pola46,3Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)6 Aug 19410800Pola6 Aug 19411726Pola65,5Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)8 Aug 19410800Pola8 Aug 19411736Pola55Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)9 Aug 19411950Pola10 Aug 19410113Pola58Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Enrico Toti (TO)11 Aug 19410800Pola11 Aug 19411720Pola67,5Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)15 Aug 19410800Pola15 Aug 19411520Pola53Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)18 Aug 19410740Pola18 Aug 19411810Pola71,6Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)19 Aug 19410740Pola19 Aug 19411810Pola71,6Sailed with the submarines Jalea and Speri escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Salvore for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Enrico Toti (TO)25 Aug 19410813Pola25 Aug 19411758Pola69,6Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)29 Aug 19410928Pola29 Aug 19411802Pola53Sailed with the submarine Maleli, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua, for torpedo firing exercises against the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Enrico Toti (TO)1 Sep 19410829Pola1 Sep 19411800Pola56,7Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)2 Sep 19411035Pola3 Sep 19410025Pola78Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)7 Sep 19410530Pola7 Sep 19412210Pola190Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)11 Sep 19410740Pola11 Sep 19411755Pola55,5Exercises with the submarine Jalea, escorted by the auxiliary Salvore.

Enrico Toti (TO)12 Sep 19410740Pola12 Sep 19411800Pola57Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)15 Sep 19410800Pola15 Sep 19411810Pola59,5Exercises with the submarine Speri escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Enrico Toti (TO)16 Sep 19410545Pola16 Sep 19412013Pola230Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)17 Sep 19410802Pola17 Sep 19411740Pola57Exercises escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Enrico Toti (TO)20 Sep 19411000Pola20 Sep 19411215Pola21,5Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)22 Sep 19410814Pola22 Sep 19411734Pola37Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)24 Sep 19410820Pola24 Sep 19411640Pola63Exercises with the submarines Des Geneys, Bausan and Mameli, escorted by the auxiliaries Salvore and San Giorgio.

Enrico Toti (TO)29 Sep 19410800Pola29 Sep 19411730Pola57Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)1 Oct 19410800Pola1 Oct 19411630Pola70Exercises with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua and the torpedo boat Audace.

Enrico Toti (TO)3 Oct 19411045Pola4 Oct 19410105Pola92Exercises with the submarine Speri, escorted by the auxiliary Salvatore.

Enrico Toti (TO)7 Oct 19410940Pola7 Oct 19411630Pola51Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)8 Oct 19411000Pola8 Oct 19411733Pola54Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Enrico Toti (TO)10 Oct 19410815Pola10 Oct 19411705Pola56Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)14 Oct 19411315Pola15 Oct 19410050Pola48Exercises with the submarine Emo, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Enrico Toti (TO)17 Oct 19411007Pola17 Oct 19411506Pola51,8Exercises with the submarine Speri, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Enrico Toti (TO)18 Oct 19410813Pola18 Oct 19411603Pola51Exercises with the submarine Emo, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Enrico Toti (TO)21 Oct 19410820Pola21 Oct 19411645Pola59,2Exercises with the submarine Speri, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Enrico Toti (TO)27 Oct 19410807Pola27 Oct 19411550Pola69Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Grado.

Enrico Toti (TO)29 Oct 19410806Pola29 Oct 19411645Pola57Exercises with the submarine Bausan, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Enrico Toti (TO)2 Nov 19411702Pola2 Nov 19412240Pola60Exercises with the submarines Rismondo and Galatea, escorted by the auxiliary Salvore.

Enrico Toti (TO)5 Nov 19410813Pola5 Nov 19411600Pola51Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Grado.

7.Goffredo Mameli (GM)8 Nov 19410600Pola10 Nov 19410219Pola134Hydrophone watch with Emo in northern Adriatic, to cover an important convoy from Trieste to Venice. Uneventful.

Enrico Toti (TO)18 Nov 19410845Pola18 Nov 19411645Pola59Exercises with the submarines Des Geneys and Jalea, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio.

Enrico Toti (TO)24 Nov 19410819Pola24 Nov 19411710Pola61Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)26 Nov 19410820Pola26 Nov 19411600Pola59Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)29 Nov 19410810Pola29 Nov 19411620Pola54,5Exercises with submarines Pisani, Emo and Medusa, escorted by auxiliaries Jadera and Trau.

Enrico Toti (TO)1 Dec 19410815Pola1 Dec 19411710Pola59Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera.

Enrico Toti (TO)2 Dec 19410820Pola2 Dec 19411605Pola64Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and Trau.

Enrico Toti (TO)6 Dec 19410822Pola6 Dec 19411550Pola57Exercises with the submarines Bajamonti, Mameli, Speri and Des Geneys, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliaries Jadera, Trau and San Giorgio.

Enrico Toti (TO)10 Dec 19410820Pola10 Dec 19411720Pola56Exercises with the submarines Mameli, Emo and Pisani, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio.

Enrico Toti (TO)23 Dec 19410832Pola23 Dec 19411700Pola71Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Enrico Toti (TO)26 Dec 19411606Pola27 Dec 19410150Pola48Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Enrico Toti (TO)30 Dec 19410830Pola30 Dec 19411717Pola60,5Gunfire exercises with the submarines Speri and Medusa, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera, Grado and Trau.

Enrico Toti (TO)2 Jan 19421640Pola2 Jan 19422350Pola70Torpedo firing exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)4 Jan 19420845Pola4 Jan 19421656Pola60Exercises with the submarines Jalea, Des Geneys and Medusa, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio and the torpedo boat Audace.

Enrico Toti (TO)15 Jan 19420845Pola15 Jan 19421727Pola54Exercises with the submarine Otaria, escorted by the auxiliary Trau.

Enrico Toti (TO)19 Jan 19421503Pola19 Jan 19422240Pola67,7Exercises with the submarine Jalea, escorted by the auxiliary Grado, for night gunfire against Jadera then night torpedo firing against the torpedo boat Missori.

Enrico Toti (TO)23 Jan 19420904Pola23 Jan 19421150Pola30Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)27 Jan 19420837Pola27 Jan 19421611Pola53Exercises with the submarine Otaria, escorted by the auxiliary Grado.

Enrico Toti (TO)28 Jan 19420900Pola28 Jan 1942157Pola52Exercises with the submarine Otaria, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and the auxiliary Grado.

Jalea (IA)1 Feb 1942Pola14 Feb 1942PolaRefit?

Luigi Settembrini (ST)1 Jul 1942Taranto15 Aug 1942TarantoRefit at Taranto. Change in command.

Giovanni da Procida (DP)1 Jul 1942Taranto14 Feb 1943TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command. Not operational until Armistice.

Tito Speri (TS)2 Jul 1942Taranto14 Feb 1943TarantoIn reserve at Taranto.

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)23 Sep 19421326Taranto23 Sep 19421702Taranto7,5Trials.

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)28 Sep 19420845Taranto28 Sep 19421536Taranto29,1Exercises.

Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)29 Nov 1942Taranto29 Nov 1942Taranto1501Temporary change in command while C.C. Stinchi was absent on a mission.

Enrico Toti (TO)21 Jan 1943Taranto11 Feb 1943TarantoRefit at Taranto.

117 entries. 109 total patrol entries (7 marked as war patrols) and 14 events.

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