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Ilvington Court

TypeCargo ship
CountryBritish British

Date of attack26 Aug 1940Time2000
FateSunk by submarine Dandolo (C.C. Riccardo Boris)
Position of attack37° 13'N, 21° 43'W
Complement46 (no casualties, 46 survivors)
Notes At 1800 hours, a steamer was observed zigzagging and Dandolo maneuvered to take a position ahead of her for attack. She appeared to be an 8,000-ton armed steamer. At 2000 hours, a single torpedo (533mm, W type) was fired and struck the vessel in the aft hold and she sank in ten minutes. The victim was the British Ilvington Court (5.187 GRT, built 1919) carrying a cargo of iron ore from Freetown to Cardiff. Her crew of forty-six managed to reach Santa Maria Island (Azores) on 29th August.

Position of attack

Ships hit by Italian submarines