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Ships hit by Italian submarines


CountryDutch Dutch

Date of attack21 Aug 1940Time2345
2050 (e)
FateDamaged by submarine Dandolo (C.C. Riccardo Boris)
Position of attack36° 57'N, 13° 37'W
Notes At 2030 hours, a tanker estimated at 10,000 tons or more, was observed on a 250° course. The submarine trailed her until 2345 hours, when a single torpedo (533mm, W type) was fired and hit the target. This was the Dutch tanker Hermes (3768 GRT, built 1914) proceeding to England. The torpedo caused a large hole on the port side forward. She was abandoned but, as she did show any sign of sinking, the crew returned on board and brought her to Lisbon. There were no casualties.

Position of attack

Ships hit by Italian submarines