Italian submarines in World War Two

Giovanni da Procida (DP)
Da Procida

TypeOcean going 
ClassMameli (3) 
Laid down 21 Sep 1925 Cantieri Navale Tosi di Taranto, Taranto
Launched1 Apr 1928
Commissioned20 Jan 1929
End service
Stricken1 Feb 1948
Loss date
Loss position
History Stricken on 1st February 1948.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand
T.V. Guido D'Alterio1 May 194030 Sep 1940
T.V. Gabriele Andolfi1 Oct 194018 Oct 1940
T.V. Giacomo Scano19 Oct 194030 Nov 1940
C.C. Guido D'Alterio21 Nov 194021 Nov 1940
C.C. Guido D'Alterio1 Dec 194011 Dec 1940
T.V. Renato Barletta12 Dec 194031 Jan 1941
T.V. Giacomo Scano1 Feb 194118 Mar 1941
C.C. Loris Albanese19 Mar 194110 Aug 1941
C.C. Gustavo Lovatelli11 Aug 194121 Jan 1942
C.C. Mario Paolo Pollina21 Jan 194227 Mar 1942
C.C. Giovanni Cunsolo28 Mar 194231 Mar 1942
C.C. Loris Albanese1 Apr 194220 May 1942
C.F. Candido Corvetti21 May 194230 Jun 1942
C.F. Riccardo Boris1 Jul 194214 Feb 1943
C.C. Pietro Abate15 Feb 194328 Feb 1943
C.F. Alcide Bardi1 Mar 19435 Mar 1943
C.C. Raul Galletti6 Mar 194317 Jul 1943
C.C. Rino Erler17 Jul 194315 Sep 1943
T.V. Enzo Mariano15 Sep 194313 Oct 1943
T.V. Ugo Gentili13 Oct 194313 Apr 1944
T.V. Francesco Castracane25 May 1944Aug 1945

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
D'Alterio, Guido8 Jun 19401050Taranto9 Jun 19400612Messina212Passage Taranto-Messina.

1D'Alterio, Guido25 Jun 19401920Messina6 Jul 19402207Messina1259,3Patrolled between Pantelleria and the Tunisian coast in 36°38'N, 11°20'E, on the meridian.
  1 Jul 19400458
(0) 30 miles SW of Pantelleria.
At 0455 hours, a shadow was sighted, which appeared to be a submarine very similar to Fieramosca. At 0458 hours, one torpedo (533mm) was fired from a bow tube at an estimated distance of 1,600 metres. It missed. This was probably HMS Proteus (Lt. Cdr. R.T. Gordon-Duff, RN), which had left her patrol south of Malta and was on her way to Oran to participate in Operation CATAPULT, but she did not observe the attack.
  1 Jul 19400500
(0) 30 miles SW of Pantelleria.
A second torpedo (533mm) was fired from a bow tube at a distance of 1,400 metres but again it missed.

D'Alterio, Guido20 Jul 19401302Messina20 Jul 19402008Messina39,5Exercises.

D'Alterio, Guido21 Jul 19401522Messina21 Jul 19401755Messina20Exercises.

D'Alterio, Guido22 Jul 19400821Messina22 Jul 19401055Messina17,5Exercises.

2D'Alterio, Guido18 Aug 19401540Messina6 Sep 19400802Messina2212Sailed for patrol south of Cyprus through 34°00'N, 22°10'E. The patrol was plagued by defects to the starboard diesel. Uneventful.

D'Alterio, Guido10 Sep 19400834Messina11 Sep 19400805Taranto255,4Passage Messina-Taranto.

D'Alterio, Guido12 Sep 19400833Taranto12 Sep 19401205Taranto31Exercises.

D'Alterio, Guido21 Sep 19401130Taranto21 Sep 19401230Taranto2Entered dock?

Andolfi, Gabriele14 Oct 19401610Taranto14 Oct 19401700Taranto2Left dock?

Scano, Giacomo4 Nov 19401020Taranto4 Nov 19401940Taranto53Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo10 Nov 19400838Taranto10 Nov 19401655Taranto58Exercises.

3D'Alterio, Guido21 Nov 19400132Taranto21 Nov 19401105Taranto72Defensive patrol in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

4D'Alterio, Guido1 Dec 19400830Taranto11 Dec 19401545Taranto1137,9Patrolled southwest of Corfu within 10 miles from 39°20'N, 19°30'E, on parallel with Jalea in an adjacent area.

Barletta, Renato18 Dec 19400857Taranto18 Dec 19401420Taranto27Exercises.

Barletta, Renato19 Dec 19401038Taranto19 Dec 19401645Taranto21Exercises.

5Barletta, Renato21 Dec 19400807Taranto31 Dec 19401442Taranto766,5Patrolled Straits of Otranto. Uneventful.

Scano, Giacomo4 Feb 19411300Taranto4 Feb 19411340Taranto2Left dock?

Scano, Giacomo8 Feb 19411500Taranto8 Feb 19411543Taranto2Entered dock?

Scano, Giacomo9 Feb 19411030Taranto9 Feb 19411115Taranto2,2Left dock?

Scano, Giacomo11 Feb 19410947Taranto11 Feb 19411745Taranto58Trials, escorted by R.D.6 then docked?

Scano, Giacomo13 Feb 19411100Taranto13 Feb 19411115Taranto0,6Left dock?

Scano, Giacomo15 Feb 19410839Taranto15 Feb 19411228Taranto21Trials.

Scano, Giacomo17 Feb 19410843Taranto17 Feb 19411300Taranto17,3Exercises, escorted by R.D.6.

Scano, Giacomo13 Mar 19411259Taranto13 Mar 19411600Taranto20Exercises, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.13.

6Scano, Giacomo14 Mar 19411900Taranto15 Mar 19411055Taranto109,5Hydrophone Watch in Gulf of Taranto.

Albanese, Loris21 Mar 19410750Taranto21 Mar 19411430Taranto36Exercises, escorted by the pilot vessel Limbara.

Albanese, Loris23 Mar 19411240Taranto26 Mar 19411045La Spezia732Passage Taranto-La Spezia. Uneventful.

Albanese, Loris29 Mar 19410848La Spezia29 Mar 19411010La Spezia6,7Trials.

7Albanese, Loris3 Apr 19411338La Spezia5 Apr 19410800La Spezia236,8Defensive patrol in Ligurian Gulf starting from 44°05'N, 09°00'E, moving south for 20 miles then a further 20 miles on course 220°. Uneventful.

8Albanese, Loris5 Apr 19412105La Spezia9 Apr 19410738La Spezia473,1Defensive patrol in Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

Albanese, Loris9 Apr 19411700La Spezia9 Apr 19411730La Spezia0,5Entered dock?

Albanese, Loris20 Apr 19411700La Spezia20 Apr 19411730La Spezia0,6Left dock?

Albanese, Loris23 Apr 19411100La Spezia23 Apr 19411130La Spezia0,5Entered dock?

Albanese, Loris24 Apr 19411720La Spezia24 Apr 19411830La Spezia2Left dock?

Albanese, Loris26 Apr 19411318La Spezia26 Apr 19411710La Spezia19,5Trials.

9Albanese, Loris26 Apr 19411843La Spezia28 Apr 19410112GenoaSailed for patrol Gulf of Genoa. On a line beginning with submarine Colonna in 44°05'N, 08°40'E and with Da Procida and Ametista respectively 12 and 24 miles east from this point. On hydrophone watch in anticipation of an important naval force from Gibraltar. Uneventful.

Albanese, Loris29 Apr 19411157Genoa29 Apr 19411700La Spezia49,5Passage Genoa-La Spezia.

Albanese, Loris29 Apr 19411222Genoa29 Apr 19411700La Spezia291,9Passage Genoa-La Spezia (mileage from 1843 hours on the 26th).

Albanese, Loris17 May 19410801La Spezia17 May 19411600La Spezia38,3Exercises.

Albanese, Loris3 Jun 19411113La Spezia3 Jun 19411147La Spezia0,5Entered dock?

Albanese, Loris4 Jun 19410853La Spezia4 Jun 19410920La Spezia0,6Left dock?

10Albanese, Loris6 Jun 19411837La Spezia8 Jun 19410010La Spezia205,7Patrolled in 44°00'N, 08°40'E on a defensive line with the submarines H.1 and H.6. Uneventful.

11Albanese, Loris14 Jun 19412010La Spezia16 Jun 19410745La Spezia226,7On a patrol line in 43°40'N, 08°23'E with Colonna, H.6 and H.4. Uneventful.

Albanese, Loris24 Jun 19410837La Spezia24 Jun 19411520La Spezia38Exercises.

Albanese, Loris27 Jun 19410806La Spezia27 Jun 19411305La Spezia33Exercises.

Albanese, Loris28 Jun 19410805La Spezia28 Jun 19411315La Spezia28,5Exercises then refit until September 1941.

Lovatelli, Gustavo5 Sep 19410610La Spezia5 Sep 19411128La Spezia19Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo12 Sep 19410610La Spezia12 Sep 19411345La Spezia49Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo17 Sep 19410620La Spezia17 Sep 19411635La Spezia59Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo19 Sep 19410800La Spezia19 Sep 19411132La Spezia11Exercises with the submarines H.1 and H.6, escorted by the auxiliaries S. Antioco, Capodistria, Crotone and Rimini.

Lovatelli, Gustavo20 Sep 19410800La Spezia20 Sep 19411320La Spezia32Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo21 Sep 19410800La Spezia21 Sep 19411248La Spezia28Exercises.

12Lovatelli, Gustavo26 Sep 19411630La Spezia29 Sep 19411125S. Margherita474Defensive patrol southwest of Gulf of Genoa, in 43°54'N, 08°27'E on SE-NW axis, on a patrol line with Beilul, H.6, H.1 and H.4. Uneventful.

Lovatelli, Gustavo30 Sep 19410700S. Margherita30 Sep 19411125La Spezia47Passage S. Margherita-La Spezia.

Lovatelli, Gustavo6 Oct 19411452La Spezia6 Oct 19411600La Spezia3Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo7 Oct 19410800La Spezia7 Oct 19411440La Spezia20Exercises, escorted by the tug Santantioco and escorted back by the tug Rimini.

Lovatelli, Gustavo8 Oct 19410800La Spezia8 Oct 19411440La Spezia21Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo10 Oct 19410758La Spezia10 Oct 19411420La Spezia19,5Exercises.

13Lovatelli, Gustavo18 Oct 19411146La Spezia18 Oct 19411540La Spezia36Sailed for patrol but then ordered back.

Lovatelli, Gustavo25 Oct 19410710La Spezia25 Oct 19411550La Spezia62Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo30 Oct 19410759La Spezia30 Oct 19410950La Spezia18Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo6 Nov 19410835La Spezia6 Nov 19411235La Spezia28,5Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo13 Nov 19411117La Spezia13 Nov 19411700La Spezia32Exercises with submarine Platino, escorted by the auxiliary Torre Annunziata.

Lovatelli, Gustavo20 Nov 19410826La Spezia20 Nov 19411445La Spezia57,5Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo21 Nov 19410800La Spezia21 Nov 19411800La Spezia60Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo28 Nov 19410800La Spezia28 Nov 19411230La Spezia25Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo19 Dec 19410827La Spezia19 Dec 19411320La Spezia32Exercises with the submarines Malachite and H.1, escorted by MAS 507, MAS 510 and the auxiliaries Porto Sdobba, Crotone and Capodistria.

Lovatelli, Gustavo29 Dec 19411317La Spezia29 Dec 19411737La Spezia28,8Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo3 Jan 19420830La Spezia3 Jan 19421310La Spezia19Exercises.

Lovatelli, Gustavo10 Jan 19420830La Spezia10 Jan 19421645La Spezia40,9Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Lero, Crotone and Capodistria.

Lovatelli, Gustavo15 Jan 19421242La Spezia18 Jan 19421005Taranto803Passage La Spezia-Taranto. Sighted Italian vessels and the German steamer Wachtfels.
  17 Jan 19421257
(0) Off Cape Rizzuto.
The Italian submarine Emo proceeding northward was encountered.
  17 Jan 19422230
(0) Off Cape Colonne.
The German transport Wachtfels (8467 GRT, built 1928) escorted by the Italian destroyer Antonio Da Noli proceeding to Messina were observed.

Pollina, Mario Paolo21 Jan 1942Taranto27 Mar 1942TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command. Not operational until Armistice.

Cunsolo, Giovanni28 Mar 1942Taranto31 Mar 1942TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command. Not operational until Armistice.

Albanese, Loris1 Apr 1942Taranto20 May 1942TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command. Not operational until Armistice.

Corvetti, Candido21 May 1942Taranto30 Jun 1942TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command. Not operational until Armistice.

Boris, Riccardo1 Jul 1942Taranto14 Feb 1943TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command. Not operational until Armistice.

Abate, Pietro15 Feb 1943Taranto28 Feb 1943TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command. Not operational until Armistice.

Bardi, Alcide1 Mar 1943Taranto5 Mar 1943TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command. Not operational until Armistice.

Galletti, Raul6 Mar 1943Taranto17 Jul 1943TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command. Not operational until Armistice.

Erler, Rino17 Jul 1943Taranto15 Sep 1943TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command. Not operational until Armistice.

Mariano, Enzo15 Sep 1943Taranto13 Oct 1943TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command. Not operational until Armistice.

Gentili, Ugo13 Oct 1943Taranto13 Apr 1944TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command.

Castracane, Francesco25 May 19441134Taranto25 May 19441725Taranto36Trials after long refit.

Castracane, Francesco28 May 19440835Taranto28 May 19441552Taranto58Trials.

Castracane, Francesco2 Jun 19440840Taranto2 Jun 19441700Taranto39,5Trials.

Castracane, Francesco6 Jun 19440842Taranto6 Jun 19441957Taranto81Trials.

Castracane, Francesco10 Jun 19440938Taranto10 Jun 19441848Taranto124Trials.

Castracane, Francesco20 Jun 19440843Taranto20 Jun 19441545Taranto47,2Trials.

Castracane, Francesco27 Jun 19440830Taranto27 Jun 19441500Taranto34Trials.

Castracane, Francesco28 Jun 19441146Taranto28 Jun 19441933Taranto32Trials.

Castracane, Francesco11 Jul 19440813Taranto11 Jul 19441706Taranto31Trials.

Castracane, Francesco12 Jul 19440800Taranto12 Jul 19441620Taranto34,5Trials.

Castracane, Francesco17 Jul 19440810Taranto17 Jul 19442100Taranto10Gyrocompass tests.

Castracane, Francesco18 Jul 19440730Taranto18 Jul 19441930Taranto37Gyrocompass tests and other trials.

Castracane, Francesco28 Jul 19440750Taranto28 Jul 19441518Taranto38,5Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco26 Aug 19441710Taranto30 Aug 19441000Oran1031Passage Taranto-Oran.

Castracane, Francesco30 Aug 19441629Oran31 Aug 19441400Gibraltar276Passage Oran-Gibraltar.

Castracane, Francesco11 Sep 19440926Gibraltar24 Sep 19441820Bermuda3204Passage Gibraltar-Bermuda, escorted by USS PCE-846.

Castracane, Francesco7 Oct 19441135Port Royal7 Oct 19442020Port Royal69Trials.

Castracane, Francesco8 Oct 19440650Port Royal8 Oct 19441935Port Royal81Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco9 Oct 19440650Port Royal9 Oct 19441855Port Royal74Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco10 Oct 19440649Port Royal10 Oct 19441840Port Royal90Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco11 Oct 19440650Port Royal11 Oct 19441330Port Royal76,5Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco13 Oct 19440650Port Royal13 Oct 19441625Port Royal66Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco14 Oct 19440707Port Royal14 Oct 19441412Port Royal76Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco15 Oct 19440651Port Royal15 Oct 19441755Port Royal75,5Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco16 Oct 19440645Port Royal16 Oct 19441835Port Royal69Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco17 Oct 19440713Port Royal17 Oct 19441905Port Royal74Exercises with TG 23.1.

Castracane, Francesco18 Oct 19440658Port Royal18 Oct 19441835Port Royal86Exercises with TG 23.1.

Castracane, Francesco19 Oct 19440642Port Royal19 Oct 19441802Port Royal94Exercises with TG 23.1.

Castracane, Francesco20 Oct 19440700Port Royal20 Oct 19441906Port Royal80Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco21 Oct 19440708Port Royal21 Oct 19441825Port Royal28Exercises, cancelled after Da Procida broke down.

Castracane, Francesco31 Oct 19440705Port Royal31 Oct 19441850Port Royal66Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco1 Nov 19440700Port Royal2 Nov 19442016St. George233Exercises with TG 22.5, which was made up of; USS Croatan (CVE-25), USS Frost (DE-144), USS Huse (DE-145), USS Inch (DE-146), USS Snowden (DE-246), USS Stanton (DE-247), USS Swasey (DE-248) and USS PCE-847. On 2nd November, the exercises were cancelled due to the bad weather.

Castracane, Francesco3 Nov 19440900St. George5 Nov 19441850St. George319Exercises with TG 22.5, which was made up of; USS Croatan (CVE-25), USS Frost (DE-144), USS Huse (DE-145), USS Inch (DE-146), USS Snowden (DE-246), USS Stanton (DE-247), USS Swasey (DE-248) and USS PCE-847. On 4th November, an aircraft trying to land on Croatan overshoot and crashed in the water. The pilot was lost but the other two crew members were picked up by Snowden.

Castracane, Francesco6 Nov 19440630St. George6 Nov 19440905Port Royal14Passage St-George-Port Royal (Bermuda). On 7th November, she had a port engine breakdown which required seven days of repairs.

Castracane, Francesco13 Nov 19440608Port Royal13 Nov 19441130St. George29Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco13 Nov 19441620St. George13 Nov 19441840Port Royal14Passage St-George-Port Royal (Bermuda).

Castracane, Francesco14 Nov 19440600Port Royal14 Nov 19441805Port Royal57Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco15 Nov 19440608Port Royal15 Nov 19441715Port Royal60Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco16 Nov 19440618Port Royal16 Nov 19441610Port Royal64Exercises with CORTDIV 7 of group of TG 22.4 [CVE Bogue]?

Castracane, Francesco17 Nov 19440710Port Royal17 Nov 19441700Port Royal60Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco18 Nov 19440615Port Royal18 Nov 19441626Port Royal52Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco19 Nov 19440605Port Royal19 Nov 19441735Port Royal77Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco20 Nov 19440620Port Royal20 Nov 19441718Port Royal73Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco22 Nov 19440750Port Royal22 Nov 19440926Port Royal6Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco23 Nov 19440626Port Royal23 Nov 19441705Port Royal74Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco25 Nov 19440635Port Royal25 Nov 19441752Port Royal64Exercises with USS J. William Ditter (DM-31).

Castracane, Francesco26 Nov 19441215Port Royal1 Dec 19441020Port Royal709Exercises with the escort carrier USS Core (CVE-13) and the destroyer escorts USS Moore (DE-240), USS Keith (DE-241), USS Tomich (DE-242), USS J. Richard Ward (DE-243), USS Ottersetter (DE-244), USS Sloat (DE-245) of TG 22.4 and USS PCE-846.

Castracane, Francesco5 Dec 19440215Port Royal5 Dec 19440330St. George14Passage Port Royal-St-George (Bermuda).

Castracane, Francesco7 Dec 19440230St. George11 Dec 19440444St. George473Exercises on 8-10th December with the escort carrier USS Guadalcanal (CVE-60) [TG 22.7] and the destroyer escorts USS Pillsbury (DE-133), USS Pope (DE-134), USS Flaherty (DE-135), USS Frederick C. Davis (DE-136), USS Chatelain (DE-149), USS Neunzer (DE-150) and the minesweeper USS Indicative (AM-250). Escorted out by USS PCE-846.

Castracane, Francesco19 Dec 19440810St. George19 Dec 19441710Port Royal14Passage St-George-Port Royal (Bermuda).

Castracane, Francesco20 Dec 19440634Port Royal20 Dec 19441718Port Royal75Exercises with USS Alfred A. Cunningham (DD-752).

Castracane, Francesco21 Dec 19440644Port Royal21 Dec 19441610Port Royal78Exercises with USS Compton (DD-705), USS Presley (DE-371), USS Charles E. Brannon (DE-446) and USS Key West (PF-17). Escorted out by USS YMS 306.

Castracane, Francesco22 Dec 19440655Port Royal22 Dec 19441720Port Royal74Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco23 Dec 19440656Port Royal23 Dec 19441725Port Royal66Exercises with USS Alfred A. Cunningham (DD-752).

Castracane, Francesco24 Dec 19440655Port Royal24 Dec 19441746Port Royal76Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco26 Dec 19440716Port Royal27 Dec 19440300St. George101Exercises, escorted out by USS Breeman (DE-104).

Castracane, Francesco27 Dec 19440810St. George27 Dec 19441710Port Royal14Passage St-George-Port Royal (Bermuda).

Castracane, Francesco30 Dec 19440705Port Royal30 Dec 19441721Port Royal61Exercises. Possibly with USS Haverfield (DE-393), USS Swenning (DE-394) and USS Janssen (DE-396).

Castracane, Francesco31 Dec 19440707Port Royal31 Dec 19441732Port Royal72Exercises. USS Willis (DE-395), USS Wilhoite (DE-397) and USS Cockrill (DE-398) carried out exercises with an unidentified Italian submarine, possibly Da Procida or Onice.

Castracane, Francesco1 Jan 19450713Port Royal1 Jan 19451716Port Royal68Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco2 Jan 19450708Port Royal2 Jan 19451705Port Royal75Exercises with USS Celil J. Doyle (DE-368).

Castracane, Francesco3 Jan 19450650Port Royal3 Jan 19451644Port Royal70Exercises with USS Celil J. Doyle (DE-368).

Castracane, Francesco4 Jan 19450705Port Royal4 Jan 19451643Port Royal77Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco5 Jan 19450738Port Royal5 Jan 19451627Port Royal70Exercises with USS Celil J. Doyle (DE-368).

Castracane, Francesco6 Jan 19450715Port Royal6 Jan 19451627Port Royal69Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco8 Jan 19450936Port Royal8 Jan 19451200St. George16Passage Port Royal-Saint-George (Bermuda).

Castracane, Francesco14 Jan 19450818St. George14 Jan 19451054Port Royal16Passage Saint-George-Port Royal (Bermuda).

Castracane, Francesco15 Jan 19450704Port Royal15 Jan 19451723Port Royal60Exercises, possibly with USS Yokes (APD-69).

Castracane, Francesco19 Jan 19450733Port Royal23 Jan 19452120St. George640Exercises with the escort carrier Exercises with USS Croatan (CVE-25) and the destroyer escorts Exercises with USS Frost (DE-144), USS Huse (DE-145), USS Inch (DE-146), USS Snowden (DE-246), USS Stanton (DE-247) and USS Swasey (DE-248).

Castracane, Francesco25 Jan 19451614St. George25 Jan 19451907Port Royal16Passage Saint-George-Port Royal (Bermuda).

Castracane, Francesco26 Jan 19450759Port Royal26 Jan 19450850Ireland Island (Bermuda)3Passage Port Royal-Ireland Island (Bermuda) for docking.

Castracane, Francesco2 Feb 19450905Ireland Island (Bermuda)2 Feb 19451009Port Royal4Passage Ireland Island-Port Royal (Bermuda) after docking.

Castracane, Francesco3 Feb 19450700Port Royal3 Feb 19451753Port Royal51Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco5 Feb 19450652Port Royal5 Feb 19451736Port Royal75Exercises with the destroyers USS Satterlee (DD-626), USS Herndon (DD-638) and USS Tillman (DD-641).

Castracane, Francesco6 Feb 19450657Port Royal6 Feb 19451700Port Royal63Exercises with the destroyers USS Satterlee (DD-626), USS Herndon (DD-638) and USS Tillman (DD-641).

Castracane, Francesco8 Feb 19450657Port Royal8 Feb 19451716Port Royal59Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco11 Feb 19450700Port Royal11 Feb 19451731Port Royal58Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco12 Feb 19450703Port Royal12 Feb 19450945St. George16Passage Port Royal-Saint-George (Bermuda).

Castracane, Francesco12 Feb 19451314St. George12 Feb 19451454Port Royal16Passage Saint-George-Port Royal (Bermuda).

Castracane, Francesco15 Feb 19450640Port Royal15 Feb 19451718Port Royal58Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco17 Feb 19450642Port Royal17 Feb 19451720Port Royal59Exercises with the destroyers USS Trippe (DD-403), USS Chevalier (DD-805) and the escort destroyer USS Cross (DE-448).

Castracane, Francesco20 Feb 19450627Port Royal20 Feb 19451720Port Royal65Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco21 Feb 19450648Port Royal21 Feb 19451730Port Royal69Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco22 Feb 19450648Port Royal22 Feb 19451738Port Royal71Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco27 Feb 19450605Port Royal2 Mar 19451716Guantanamo1010Passage Port Royal (Bermuda)-Guantanamo, escorted by USS Cross (DE-448) with Speri part of the way.

Castracane, Francesco6 Mar 19450725Guantanamo6 Mar 19451530Guantanamo41Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco7 Mar 19450716Guantanamo7 Mar 19451800Guantanamo57Exercises. Possibly exercised with USS Davenport (PF-69).

Castracane, Francesco8 Mar 19450729Guantanamo8 Mar 19451606Guantanamo47Exercises with USS Davenport (PF-69).

Castracane, Francesco9 Mar 19450655Guantanamo12 Mar 19450957Guantanamo440Exercises with escort carrier USS Guadalcanal (CVE-60) [TG 22.7] and destroyer escorts USS Pillsbury (DE-133), USS Pope (DE-134), USS Flaherty (DE-135), USS Frederick C. Davis (DE-136), USS Chatelain (DE-149) and USS Neunzer (DE-150).

Castracane, Francesco13 Mar 19451504Guantanamo13 Mar 19451638Guantanamo6Trials.

Castracane, Francesco14 Mar 19450718Guantanamo14 Mar 19451703Guantanamo56Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco15 Mar 19450724Guantanamo15 Mar 19451632Guantanamo67Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco16 Mar 19450715Guantanamo16 Mar 19451518Guantanamo41Exercises. Possibly with USS Davenport (PF-69).

Castracane, Francesco18 Mar 19450726Guantanamo18 Mar 19451521Guantanamo36Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco20 Mar 19450721Guantanamo20 Mar 19451338Guantanamo32Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco22 Mar 19450720Guantanamo22 Mar 19451534Guantanamo50Exercises [possibly with the destroyers USS Harlan R. Dickson (DD-708) and USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754) ?].

Castracane, Francesco23 Mar 19450855Guantanamo23 Mar 19451613Guantanamo41Exercises with USS William J. Pattison (APD-104).

Castracane, Francesco27 Mar 19450730Guantanamo27 Mar 19451605Guantanamo36Exercises. USS William J. Pattison (APD-104) exercised with an Italian submarine, either Atropo, Da Procida or Speri.

Castracane, Francesco28 Mar 19450745Guantanamo28 Mar 19451605Guantanamo54Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco29 Mar 19450730Guantanamo29 Mar 19451540Guantanamo44Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco31 Mar 19450720Guantanamo31 Mar 19451455Guantanamo52Exercises. USS William J. Pattison (APD-104) exercised with an Italian submarine, either Atropo, Da Procida or Speri.

Castracane, Francesco8 Apr 19450723Guantanamo8 Apr 19451500Guantanamo31Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco9 Apr 19450718Guantanamo9 Apr 19451520Guantanamo45Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco11 Apr 19450700Guantanamo13 Apr 19450922Guantanamo310Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco14 Apr 19450700Guantanamo14 Apr 19451524Guantanamo47Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco17 Apr 19450705Guantanamo17 Apr 19451625Guantanamo35Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco19 Apr 19450709Guantanamo19 Apr 19451715Guantanamo75Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco20 Apr 19450715Guantanamo20 Apr 19451457Guantanamo34Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco21 Apr 19450717Guantanamo21 Apr 19451512Guantanamo45Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco22 Apr 19450728Guantanamo22 Apr 19451630Guantanamo55Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco24 Apr 19450731Guantanamo24 Apr 19451515Guantanamo46Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco25 Apr 19450716Guantanamo25 Apr 19451553Guantanamo45Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco27 Apr 19450731Guantanamo27 Apr 19451442Guantanamo44Exercises with the destroyers USS Beatty (DD-756) and USS Perkins (DD-877).

Castracane, Francesco28 Apr 19450721Guantanamo28 Apr 19451535Guantanamo37Exercises with the destroyers USS Beatty (DD-756) and USS Perkins (DD-877).

Castracane, Francesco10 May 19450721Guantanamo10 May 19451535Guantanamo40Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco15 May 19450635Guantanamo15 May 19451430Guantanamo38Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco16 May 19450627Guantanamo16 May 19451435Guantanamo38Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco17 May 19450800Guantanamo17 May 19451540Guantanamo36Exercises with the destroyer USS Beatty (DD-756).

Castracane, Francesco18 May 19450622Guantanamo18 May 19451430Guantanamo37Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco19 May 19450630Guantanamo19 May 19451556Guantanamo42Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco20 May 19450700Guantanamo20 May 19451330Guantanamo36Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco21 May 19450625Guantanamo21 May 19451405Guantanamo41Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco22 May 19450837Guantanamo22 May 19451630Guantanamo42Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco25 May 19450630Guantanamo25 May 19451445Guantanamo35Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco1 Jun 19450652Guantanamo1 Jun 19451355Guantanamo38Exercises with the escort destroyers USS Amick (DE-168), USS Atherton (DE-169), USS Booth (DE-170), USS Carroll (DE-171), USS Cooner (DE-172) and USS Eldridge (DE-173). Da Procida had been fumigated the previous day and was badly ventilated, which forced her to surface prematurely, interrupting the exercise.

Castracane, Francesco2 Jun 19450731Guantanamo2 Jun 19451446Guantanamo39Exercises with the destroyer USS Gearing (DD-710).

Castracane, Francesco3 Jun 19450630Guantanamo3 Jun 19451405Guantanamo30Exercises with the destroyer USS Gearing (DD-710).

Castracane, Francesco4 Jun 19450634Guantanamo4 Jun 19451421Guantanamo41Exercises with the destroyer USS Gearing (DD-710).

Castracane, Francesco6 Jun 19450700Guantanamo6 Jun 19451450Guantanamo39Exercises. Possibly exercised with the escort destroyer USS Ramsden (DE-382).

Castracane, Francesco7 Jun 19450719Guantanamo7 Jun 19451518Guantanamo39Exercises with the destroyers USS Gearing (DD-710) and USS Leary (DD-879).

Castracane, Francesco11 Jun 19450642Guantanamo11 Jun 19451500Guantanamo43Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco12 Jun 19450642Guantanamo12 Jun 19451500Guantanamo40Exercises during the period of 12-30th June. The destroyer USS Dyess (DD-880) carried exercises with Da Procida, but no precise dates are given.

Castracane, Francesco13 Jun 19450701Guantanamo13 Jun 19451617Guantanamo45Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco14 Jun 19450635Guantanamo14 Jun 19451740Guantanamo41Exercises with the destroyers USS Chevalier (DD-805), USS Hawkins (DD-873) and USS Duncan (DD-874).

Castracane, Francesco17 Jun 19450625Guantanamo17 Jun 19451544Guantanamo43Exercises with the destroyers USS Gearing (DD-710) and USS Vogelgesang (DD-862).

Castracane, Francesco19 Jun 19450927Guantanamo19 Jun 19451632Guantanamo38Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco20 Jun 19450635Guantanamo20 Jun 19451600Guantanamo45Exercises with the minesweeper USS Pilot (AM-104).

Castracane, Francesco24 Jun 19450955Guantanamo24 Jun 19451810Guantanamo41Exercises. Possibly exercised with the destroyer escort USS Camp (DE-251).

Castracane, Francesco25 Jun 19450625Guantanamo25 Jun 19451252Guantanamo31Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco26 Jun 19450650Guantanamo26 Jun 19451601Guantanamo48Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco4 Jul 19450635Guantanamo4 Jul 19451550Guantanamo49Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco5 Jul 19450940Guantanamo5 Jul 19451745Guantanamo31Exercises with the escort destroyers USS Douglas L. Howard (DE-138) and USS Farquhar (DE-139).

Castracane, Francesco8 Jul 19450713Guantanamo8 Jul 19451035Guantanamo25Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco10 Jul 19450927Guantanamo10 Jul 19451712Guantanamo27Exercises with the destroyer USS Nields (DD-616).

Castracane, Francesco12 Jul 19450807Guantanamo12 Jul 19451620Guantanamo38Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco13 Jul 19450913Guantanamo13 Jul 19451715Guantanamo36Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco14 Jul 19450730Guantanamo14 Jul 19451345Guantanamo30Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco17 Jul 19450650Guantanamo17 Jul 19451427Guantanamo30Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco19 Jul 19450640Guantanamo19 Jul 19451511Guantanamo34Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco21 Jul 19450644Guantanamo21 Jul 19451510Guantanamo30Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco22 Jul 19450910Guantanamo22 Jul 19451739Guantanamo40Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco24 Jul 19450635Guantanamo24 Jul 19451432Guantanamo35Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco25 Jul 19450630Guantanamo25 Jul 19451530Guantanamo36Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco27 Jul 19450646Guantanamo27 Jul 19451550Guantanamo35Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco28 Jul 19450930Guantanamo28 Jul 19451716Guantanamo37Exercises.

Castracane, Francesco29 Jul 19450659Guantanamo29 Jul 19451500Guantanamo33Exercises with the destroyer USS Turner (DD-834) and the high speed transport USS Weiss (APD-135).

Castracane, Francesco31 Jul 19450620Guantanamo31 Jul 19451350Guantanamo33Exercises. The destroyers USS Eugene A. Greene (DD-711) and USS Herbert J. Thomas (DD-833) exercised with an Italian submarine on that day, which was probably Da Procida.

Castracane, Francesco1 Aug 19450930Guantanamo1 Aug 19451754Guantanamo35Exercises with the destroyer USS Herbert J. Thomas (DD-833) and the high speed transport USS Weiss (APD-135).

Castracane, Francesco8 Aug 19450643Guantanamo10 Aug 19451256Guantanamo630Passage Guantanamo-Key West (Florida) escorted by PC-12.

Castracane, Francesco26 Sep 19451600Key West (Florida)1 Oct 19450905BermudaPassage Key West-Bermuda with Vortice, escorted by USS Chain (ARS-20) and joined by Marea at 0845 hours on 28th September. Sailed via 25°40'N, 79°55'W at 0800 hours on the 27th, speed 11 knots.

Castracane, Francesco5 Oct 19451236Bermuda16 Oct 19450736Ponta Delgada (Azores)Passage Bermuda-Ponta Delgada (Azores) with Dandolo, Onice, Atropo, Speri, Vortice and Marea escorted by USS Chain (ARS-20).

Castracane, Francesco21 Oct 19451220Ponta Delgada (Azores)26 Oct 19450835GibraltarPassage Ponta Delgada (Azores)-Gibraltar with Dandolo, Onice, Atropo, Speri, Vortice and Marea escorted by USS Chain (ARS-20).

Castracane, Francesco28 Oct 19451327Gibraltar3 Nov 19451056Taranto5462Passage Gibraltar-Taranto with Dandolo, Onice, Atropo, Speri, Vortice and Marea, escorted by USS Chain (ARS-20). Met off Taranto by Italian destroyers Libra (LB), Ariete (AE) and Cassiopea (CS).

248 entries. 246 total patrol entries (13 marked as war patrols) and 4 events.


GH 09.03.2021: This table kept here until we make fix the possible missing events in table above

Guido D'Alterio1 Jul 19400458(o) 30 miles SW of Pantelleria.At 0455 hours, a shadow was sighted, which appeared to be a submarine very similar to Fieramosca. At 0458 hours, one torpedo (533mm) was fired from a bow tube at an estimated distance of 1,600 metres. It missed. This was probably HMS Proteus (Lt. Cdr. R.T. Gordon-Duff, RN), which had left her patrol south of Malta and was on her way to Oran to participate in Operation CATAPULT, but she did not observe the attack.
Guido D'Alterio1 Jul 19400500(o) 30 miles SW of Pantelleria.A second torpedo (533mm) was fired from a bow tube at a distance of 1,400 metres but again it missed.
Gustavo Lovatelli17 Jan 19421257(o) Off Cape Rizzuto.The Italian submarine Emo proceeding northward was encountered.
Gustavo Lovatelli17 Jan 19422230(o) Off Cape Colonne.The German transport Wachtfels (8467 GRT, built 1928) escorted by the Italian destroyer Antonio Da Noli proceeding to Messina were observed.

All Italian submarines