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Gaetano Iaccarino

Born  10 Dec 1908Sorrento
Died   1982(73)Sorrento


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


Career information

X.2 (T.V. C.O.): from 01.06.1940 to 08.07.1940.
VETTOR PISANI (T.V. C.O.): from 11.09.1940 to 14.10.1940.
H.2 (T.V. C.O.): from 20.10.1940 to 06.03.1941.
H.2 (T.V. C.O.): from 04.04.1941 to 28.05.1941.
ADUA (T.V. C.O.): from 21.04.1941 to 22.04.1941.
H.4 (T.V. C.O.): from 28.05.1941 to 27.05.1942.

Commands listed for Gaetano Iaccarino

Submarine Type Rank From To
X 2 (X2)MinelayingT.V.1 Jun 1940Aug 1940
Vettor Pisani (PN)Ocean goingT.V.11 Sep 194014 Oct 1940
H 2 (H2)CoastalT.V.20 Oct 19406 Mar 1941
Adua (AD)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.21 Apr 194122 Apr 1941
H 2 (H2)CoastalT.V.4 Apr 194128 May 1941
H 4 (H4)CoastalT.V.28 May 194127 May 1942

Ships hit by Gaetano Iaccarino

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Gaetano Iaccarino

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
X 2 (X2)9 Jun 19400845Augusta9 Jun 19401105Augusta2Exercises.

X 2 (X2)14 Jun 19401825Augusta16 Jun 19400730Crotone183Passage Augusta-Crotone with X 3.

X 2 (X2)22 Jun 19402000Crotone24 Jun 19400910Brindisi244Passage Crotone-Brindisi with X 3.

X 2 (X2)29 Jun 19401810Brindisi30 Jun 19400900Bari67Passage Brindisi-Bari with X 3.

X 2 (X2)4 Jul 19400700Bari6 Jul 19400940Pola306Passage Bari-Pola.

X 2 (X2)14 Aug 19400740Pola14 Aug 19401410Pola28Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)11 Sep 1940Pola14 Oct 1940PolaRefit in Pola. Change in command.

H 2 (H2)24 Oct 19400800La Spezia24 Oct 19401700La Spezia25Exercises.

H 2 (H2)25 Oct 19401255La Spezia25 Oct 19401727La Spezia26Escorted submarine Velella.

H 2 (H2)6 Nov 19400900La Spezia6 Nov 19401400La Spezia22,5Exercises.

H 2 (H2)16 Nov 19402110La Spezia16 Nov 19402255La Spezia6Trials.

1.H 2 (H2)19 Nov 19401130La Spezia20 Nov 19401035La Spezia57Defensive patrol in 260° - Tino Lt - 14 miles. Uneventful.

H 2 (H2)21 Nov 19400930La Spezia21 Nov 19401700La Spezia13Trials.

H 2 (H2)23 Nov 19401400La Spezia23 Nov 19401700La Spezia17Trials.

H 2 (H2)27 Nov 19401034La Spezia28 Nov 19401035Civitavecchia212Passage La Spezia-Brindisi with the submarine H.8, but then ordered to Civitavecchia.

H 2 (H2)29 Nov 19401930Civitavecchia30 Nov 19400125Civitavecchia29Exercises.

H 2 (H2)3 Dec 19401800Civitavecchia3 Dec 19402145Civitavecchia20Passage Civitavecchia-Brindisi with the submarine H.8, but turned back because of foul weather.

H 2 (H2)4 Dec 19402007Civitavecchia6 Dec 19401130Messina323Passage Civitavecchia-Messina.

H 2 (H2)14 Dec 19401020Messina15 Dec 19401058Naples209Passage Messina-Naples.

H 2 (H2)16 Dec 1940Naples16 Dec 1940NaplesAt Naples, damaged by a fire in the battery at 0200 hours on the 16th.

H 2 (H2)21 Jan 19411300Naples21 Jan 19411800Naples32Trials.

H 2 (H2)28 Jan 19411545Naples30 Jan 19411645Taranto445Passage Naples-Taranto.

H 2 (H2)28 Jan 19411600Naples30 Jan 19411600Taranto445Passage Naples-Taranto with the submarine H.8.

H 2 (H2)9 Feb 19411000Taranto9 Feb 19411640Gallipoli59Passage Taranto-Gallipoli.

H 2 (H2)20 Feb 19411510Gallipoli20 Feb 19411615Gallipoli6Hydrophone patrol but turned back because of heavy seas.

H 2 (H2)21 Feb 19411600Gallipoli21 Feb 19411700Gallipoli6Patrol or exercises?

2.H 2 (H2)22 Feb 19410000Gallipoli22 Feb 19410235GallipoliDefensive patrol in 39°29'N, 17°25'E, following a report of a battleship off Cephalonia but turned back early because of the bad weather.

3.H 2 (H2)22 Feb 19411635Gallipoli22 Feb 19411835Gallipoli6Sailed again for the patrol, but turned back once more due to the weather.

4.H 2 (H2)24 Feb 19411520Gallipoli24 Feb 19412320Gallipoli55Hydrophone watch in 39°29'N, 17°45'40'E, but forced back because of the bad weather.

H 2 (H2)2 Mar 19411220Gallipoli2 Mar 19411730Taranto59Passage Gallipoli-Taranto.

5.H 2 (H2)3 Mar 19411450Taranto3 Mar 19412230Taranto49Sailed, escorted by MAS 441, for experimental hydrophone watch.

6.Adua (AD)21 Apr 19412030Taranto22 Apr 19411120Taranto93,1Defensive patrol off Taranto in 170° - Cape San Vito - 35 miles. Uneventful.

H 2 (H2)20 May 19410730Taranto20 May 19411330Taranto22,5Trials with the pilot vessel Limbara.

H 2 (H2)24 May 19410735Taranto24 May 19411207Taranto30,5Trials, escorted by the pilot vessel Limbara.

H 4 (H4)30 May 19410812La Spezia30 May 19411656La Spezia30Exercises.

H 4 (H4)2 Jun 19410800La Spezia2 Jun 19411527La Spezia37Exercises.

7.H 4 (H4)12 Jun 19411757La Spezia13 Jun 19411040La Spezia97,5Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

8.H 4 (H4)14 Jun 19412014La Spezia16 Jun 19410800La Spezia197,3Hydrophone watch in 43°40'N, 24 miles east of Colonna.

H 4 (H4)17 Jun 19410800La Spezia17 Jun 19411006La Spezia12Exercises.

9.H 4 (H4)24 Jun 19411800La Spezia28 Jun 19410835La Spezia335Hydrophone watch with H.6 on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful. Sighted only Italian vessels.

10.H 4 (H4)6 Jul 19411630La Spezia7 Jul 19411240La Spezia166Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

H 4 (H4)11 Jul 19410950La Spezia11 Jul 19411314La Spezia11,2Exercises.

11.H 4 (H4)15 Jul 19411800La Spezia16 Jul 19410800La Spezia108,5Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

12.H 4 (H4)18 Jul 19411800La Spezia19 Jul 19410820La Spezia106Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

13.H 4 (H4)26 Jul 19411800La Spezia27 Jul 19410843La Spezia106Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

14.H 4 (H4)28 Jul 19411800La Spezia29 Jul 19410830La Spezia100,5Hydrophone watch on the Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

15.H 4 (H4)31 Jul 19410035La Spezia5 Aug 19410815La Spezia379,6Patrolled with H.1 on line from 43°57.5'N, 08°42'E direction 300° - 10 miles. Uneventful.

16.H 4 (H4)7 Aug 19412320La Spezia9 Aug 19410815La Spezia167,5Defensive patrol in 43°57.5'N, 08°42'E. Uneventful.

H 4 (H4)12 Aug 19410835La Spezia12 Aug 19411400La Spezia28,6Exercises.

17.H 4 (H4)13 Aug 19411735La Spezia14 Aug 19410954La Spezia74,8Hydrophone watch in 44°00'N, 09°27'E.

H 4 (H4)16 Aug 19410800La Spezia16 Aug 19411722La Spezia32Exercises.

H 4 (H4)19 Aug 19410840La Spezia19 Aug 19411810La Spezia34Exercises.

H 4 (H4)23 Aug 19410525La Spezia23 Aug 19411355La Spezia47,3Exercises.

18.H 4 (H4)23 Aug 19412055La Spezia27 Aug 19410815La Spezia260Defensive patrol on line 268° - 8 miles from 44°13'N, 09°07.5'E. This was following a report that a strong naval force had sailed from Gibraltar. Uneventful.

H 4 (H4)29 Aug 19410835La Spezia29 Aug 19411800La Spezia30,8Exercises.

H 4 (H4)31 Aug 19410850La Spezia31 Aug 19411425La Spezia30Exercises.

H 4 (H4)3 Sep 19410830La Spezia3 Sep 19411730La Spezia34Exercises.

H 4 (H4)5 Sep 19410835La Spezia5 Sep 19411347La Spezia27,5Exercises with H.1 and H.6, escorted by Capodistria and Torre Annunziata.

H 4 (H4)9 Sep 19410835La Spezia9 Sep 19411735La Spezia29Exercises with H.4, escorted by Capodistria and Santantioco.

H 4 (H4)10 Sep 19410730La Spezia10 Sep 19411725La Spezia36,8Exercises.

H 4 (H4)15 Sep 19410800La Spezia15 Sep 19411453La Spezia21Exercises.

H 4 (H4)17 Sep 19410837La Spezia17 Sep 19411750La Spezia33,5Exercises.

H 4 (H4)20 Sep 19410730La Spezia20 Sep 19411730La Spezia50,5Exercises.

H 4 (H4)22 Sep 19410850La Spezia22 Sep 19411800La Spezia40Exercises.

19.H 4 (H4)26 Sep 19411830La Spezia29 Sep 19410800S. Margherita306Patrolled in 44°11'N, 09°10'E with Da Procida, Beilul, H.1 and H.6 in Gulf of Genoa, in anticipation of an enemy force from Gibraltar. Uneventful.

20.H 4 (H4)30 Sep 19410730S. Margherita30 Sep 19411300La Spezia39Patrolled in 44°11'N, 08°43'E to intercept an enemy naval force coming from Gibraltar.

H 4 (H4)3 Oct 19410917La Spezia3 Oct 19411650La Spezia27,5Exercises.

H 4 (H4)4 Oct 19410800La Spezia4 Oct 19411650La Spezia30,5Exercises, escorted by Crotone and Torre Annunziata.

H 4 (H4)7 Oct 19410850La Spezia7 Oct 19411645La Spezia25Exercises with H.6, escorted by the tugs Favignana, Crotone and Rimini.

H 4 (H4)8 Oct 19411815La Spezia9 Oct 19410030La Spezia25Exercises with H.1 and H.6 escorted by Taormina.

H 4 (H4)10 Oct 19410850La Spezia10 Oct 19411600La Spezia26Exercises.

21.H 4 (H4)18 Oct 19411230La Spezia18 Oct 19411410La Spezia14Patrol aborted?

H 4 (H4)21 Oct 19410850La Spezia21 Oct 19411720La Spezia28Exercises with H.1, escorted by Capodistria.

H 4 (H4)22 Oct 19410800La Spezia22 Oct 19411655La Spezia33Exercises, escorted by Capodistria.

H 4 (H4)24 Oct 19410650La Spezia24 Oct 19411127La Spezia18,6Exercises.

H 4 (H4)28 Oct 19410900La Spezia28 Oct 19411642La Spezia38,5Exercises with H.6 escorted by Santantioco, returned escorted by Crotone and Capodistria.

H 4 (H4)31 Oct 19410905La Spezia31 Oct 19411055La Spezia12Exercises with H.1 escorted by Capodistria and Crotone.

H 4 (H4)4 Nov 19410855La Spezia4 Nov 19411636La Spezia27Exercises.

H 4 (H4)7 Nov 19410845La Spezia7 Nov 19411615La Spezia25Exercises.

H 4 (H4)17 Nov 19410805La Spezia17 Nov 19411255La Spezia32,1Exercises.

H 4 (H4)20 Nov 19410800La Spezia20 Nov 19411520La Spezia36Exercises.

H 4 (H4)21 Nov 19410645La Spezia21 Nov 19411015La Spezia25Exercises.

H 4 (H4)25 Nov 1941Time?La Spezia25 Nov 1941Time?La SpeziaEntered dock.

H 4 (H4)1 Dec 1941Time?La Spezia1 Dec 1941Time?La SpeziaLeft dock.

H 4 (H4)3 Dec 19410810La Spezia3 Dec 19411642La Spezia27,5Exercises.

H 4 (H4)5 Dec 19410910La Spezia5 Dec 19411654La Spezia24,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Favignana, MAS 510 and MAS 525.

H 4 (H4)10 Dec 19410820La Spezia10 Dec 19411010La Spezia13Exercises.

H 4 (H4)27 Dec 19411006La Spezia27 Dec 19411649Genoa47Passage La Spezia-Genoa, then refit.

H 4 (H4)4 Feb 19420830Genoa4 Feb 19421700Genoa58Trials, escorted by the auxiliary Luigi Rizzo.

H 4 (H4)6 Feb 19420500Genoa6 Feb 19421400Genoa47Trials.

H 4 (H4)9 Feb 19420915Genoa9 Feb 19421500La Spezia47Passage Genoa-La Spezia.

22.H 4 (H4)10 Feb 19421945La Spezia15 Feb 19420830La Spezia88,7Sailed with Colonna and H.6, for hydrophone watch in 44°11'N, 09°10'E. Uneventful.

H 4 (H4)17 Feb 19420905La Spezia17 Feb 19421140La Spezia2Gyrocompass tests.

H 4 (H4)18 Feb 19420815La Spezia18 Feb 19421235La Spezia25Exercises.

H 4 (H4)19 Feb 19421445La Spezia19 Feb 19421645La Spezia1,8Exercises.

H 4 (H4)20 Feb 19420830La Spezia20 Feb 19421555La Spezia25,5Exercises.

H 4 (H4)24 Feb 19421256La Spezia24 Feb 19421522La Spezia23Trials.

H 4 (H4)26 Feb 19420815La Spezia26 Feb 19421730La Spezia32Exercises with the midget submarine C.B.1, escorted by MAS 505 and MAS 525.

23.H 4 (H4)28 Feb 19422050La Spezia1 Mar 19421115Savona42,5Defensive patrol in 44°11'N, 08°43'E with Rismondo and H.6, but returned because of defects to the starboard diesel engine.

H 4 (H4)1 Mar 19421130Savona2 Mar 19421730La Spezia68Passage Savona-La Spezia.

H 4 (H4)4 Mar 19420905La Spezia4 Mar 19421415La Spezia47Trials.

H 4 (H4)5 Mar 19421350La Spezia5 Mar 19421630La Spezia23Trials.

H 4 (H4)6 Mar 19421150La Spezia6 Mar 19421715Leghorn49,5Passage La Spezia-Leghorn.

24.H 4 (H4)7 Mar 19422200Leghorn7 Mar 19422330Leghorn3Hydrophone watch, but interrupted because of defects?

H 4 (H4)10 Mar 19420925Leghorn10 Mar 19421745Leghorn35Exercises.

H 4 (H4)11 Mar 19420705Leghorn11 Mar 19421200La Spezia49Passage Leghorn-La Spezia.

H 4 (H4)13 Mar 19420805La Spezia13 Mar 19421538La Spezia26Exercises, escorted by torpedo boat Carini and the auxiliary Crotone.

H 4 (H4)17 Mar 19420825La Spezia17 Mar 19421635La Spezia22Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Santantioco and Capodistria.

H 4 (H4)20 Mar 19420839La Spezia20 Mar 19421655La Spezia19Exercises, escorted by MAS 509.

H 4 (H4)25 Mar 19420800La Spezia25 Mar 19421853La Spezia21,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Capodistria.

H 4 (H4)27 Mar 19420800La Spezia27 Mar 19421430La Spezia21,8Exercises with the submarine Bajamonti, escorted by the auxiliary Crotone.

H 4 (H4)31 Mar 19420800La Spezia31 Mar 19421705La Spezia39,5Exercises, escorted by the tug Crotone.

H 4 (H4)8 Apr 19420730La Spezia8 Apr 19421832La Spezia57Exercises with the submarine H.1, escorted by the tug Crotone.

H 4 (H4)13 Apr 19420903La Spezia13 Apr 19421325La Spezia19,8Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Carini.

H 4 (H4)16 Apr 19420830La Spezia16 Apr 19421540La Spezia29,6Exercises, escorted by the tug Crotone.

25.H 4 (H4)21 Apr 19422355La Spezia23 Apr 19420915La Spezia185,9Defensive patrol in 44°11'N, 08°43'E.

H 4 (H4)29 Apr 19421145La Spezia29 Apr 19421725La Spezia31Exercises.

H 4 (H4)30 Apr 19421310La Spezia30 Apr 19421650La Spezia23Exercises with the submarines H.1 and H.6, escorted by MAS 501.

H 4 (H4)3 May 19421005La Spezia3 May 19421610La Spezia30,8Exercises.

H 4 (H4)5 May 19420525La Spezia5 May 19421330La Spezia36,3Exercises.

H 4 (H4)8 May 19421000La Spezia8 May 19421555La Spezia29,7Exercises, escorted by the destroyer Nicoloso Da Recco.

H 4 (H4)20 May 19420725La Spezia20 May 19421620La Spezia37Exercises with the submarines Cobalto and Rismondo.

H 4 (H4)21 May 19420740La Spezia21 May 19421255La Spezia18Exercises with the submarines H.1 and H.6, escorted by MAS 509.

H 4 (H4)22 May 19420745La Spezia22 May 19421145La Spezia26,5Exercises.

H 4 (H4)25 May 19420730La Spezia25 May 19421245La Spezia24,8Exercises, escorted by torpedo boat La Masa and the auxiliaries Rimini and Mesco.

H 4 (H4)26 May 19420728La Spezia26 May 19421624La Spezia31,2Exercises.

126 entries. 126 total patrol entries (25 marked as war patrols) and 0 events.

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