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Vincenzo D'Amato

Born  30 Oct 1908Bari
Died  14 Mar 1942(33)Killed in action


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello
3 Nov 1940 C.C.Capitano di Corvetta


18 Aug 1945 Croce di guerra al valore militare (posthumous)

Career information

ONDINA (T.V. C.O.): from 05.04.1940 to 18.11.1940.
Promoted C.C. ca. 03.11.1940.
SMERALDO (C.C. C.O.): from 18.11.1940 to 23.04.1941.
JALEA (C.C. C.O.): from 17.05.1941 to 31.01.1942.
AMMIRAGLIO MILLO (C.C. C.O.): from 05.02.1942 to 14.03.1942 (sunk, D'Amato was killed).

Commands listed for Vincenzo D'Amato

Submarine Type Rank From To
Ondina (ON)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.5 Apr 194018 Nov 1940
Smeraldo (SD)Coastal / Sea goingC.C.18 Nov 194023 Apr 1941
Jalea (IA)Coastal / Sea goingC.C.17 May 194131 Jan 1942
Ammiraglio Millo (EM)Ocean goingC.C.5 Feb 194214 Mar 1942

Ships hit by Vincenzo D'Amato

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Vincenzo D'Amato

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Ondina (ON)8 Jun 19401238Brindisi8 Jun 19401604BrindisiExercises (16.7 miles).

1.Ondina (ON)27 Jun 19400900Brindisi5 Jul 19400705Augusta865,5Sailed for patrol in 34°16'N, 23°24'E as part of patrol line with Anfitrite, Salpa and Uebi Scebeli from a point 15 miles southwest of Gaudo to a point 40 miles northeast of Derna.
  28 Jun 19401412
1405 (e)
At 1135 hours, a tall column of water was observed at 10,000 metres. An aircraft then was sighted in the same direction (this was probably the first attack on Anfitrite). Ondina dived to a depth of 40 metres.

From 1230 to 1250 hours, six distant explosions were heard.

At 1400 hours, the submarine was back at periscope depth when an aircraft was sighted and she was taken back down to 40 metres.

At 1412 hours, she was at a depth of 35 metres, when a loud explosion was felt near her starboard side. T.V. D'Amato took his submarine to 60 metres and was no more disturbed.

This was almost certainly Sunderland 'S' (L.5804) of 230 Squadron, piloted by Flight Lieutenant W.W. Campbell, attacking the submarine Anfitrite who was in the vicinity.
  28 Jun 1940231537° 21'N, 19° 51'E
(0) Approximately.
At 2315 hours, a submarine, believed to be enemy, was sighted at 200 metres, bearing 020° to port. Ondina turned to starboard in an attempt to fire a stern shot and the sterns of the two submarines missed each other by about 30 meters, Ondina dived immediately to 30 meters and attempted to detect the submarine with hydrophones, but all contact was lost at 0052 hours on the 29th. This was possibly Rubino who was lost the next day.
  29 Jun 19400615
0430 or 0630 (e)
38° 24'N, 18° 39'EAt 0615 hours, Ondina was proceeding at a depth of 40 meters when she was shaken by a violent explosion (probably an aircraft bomb as hydrophones had not picked up a contact). The submarine went down to 65 meters and escaped damage.

This was Sunderland 5806 'Q' of 228 Squadron attacking Sirena.
  29 Jun 19400640-065038° 24'N, 18° 39'E
(0) Approximately.
Between 0640 and 0650 hours, Ondina was attacked by a destroyer with fifteen depth-charges. The submarine was shaken but escaped serious damage.
  29 Jun 19400700-080538° 24'N, 18° 39'E
(0) Approximately.
Between 0700 and 0805 hours, Ondina was attacked by a destroyer who dropped eighteen depth-charges. The submarine was shaken but escaped briefly to 86 meters but could not maintain silent running below 40 meters. She finally escaped without further damage.
  29 Jun 1940144538° 24'N, 18° 39'E
(0) Approximately.
At 1445, Ondina was attacked by a destroyer who dropped two depth-charges. The submarine escaped damage.
  30 Jun 19401400-155036° 37'N, 20° 50'E
(0) Approximately.
At 1400 hours, Ondina Ondina was attacked by an aircraft which dropped two bombs. Two more bombs fell at 1550 hours. The submarine escaped damage.
  1 Jul 19401037-104735° 13'N, 20° 44'EAt 1037, 1045 and 1047 hours, Ondina reported being bombed by an aircraft. This probably refers to the attack on Bragadino at this time.
  1 Jul 1940132536° 37'N, 20° 50'E
(0) Approximately.
At 1325 hours, Ondina was attacked by a destroyer with five depth-charges. The submarine was shaken but escaped damage.
  1 Jul 1940200334° 45'N, 21° 42'EAt 2003 hours, two vessels were observed moving at high speed at a distance of 3,500 metre. One of them was described as similar to Principessa Maria. Ondina fired three warning shots, followed by seven rounds.

These were the Italians Principessa Giovanna and Piemonte, on passage from Tobruk to Bari and mistaken for enemy vessels. They reported attacked at 1952 hours.

AT 2050 hours, Ondina had to break off the action because of the heavy seas. She had also developed defects, which would force her to abort patrol the next day.

Ondina (ON)14 Jul 19400440Augusta15 Jul 19401226Taranto316Passage Augusta-Taranto.

Ondina (ON)31 Aug 19400722Taranto31 Aug 19401720Taranto67Exercises.

Ondina (ON)3 Sep 19400851Taranto3 Sep 19401831Taranto56Exercises.

Ondina (ON)4 Sep 19401400Taranto4 Sep 19401910Taranto33Exercises.

2.Ondina (ON)6 Sep 19402321Taranto25 Sep 19401815Taranto2068,1Patrolled north of Mersa Matruh between 32°10'N and Egyptian coast, and between 27°00'E and 27°40'E, on a patrol line with Uarsciek.
  13 Sep 19401134
(0) Off Marsa Matruh.
At 1134 hours, Ondina was attacked by an aircraft with three bombs. The submarine was violently shaken but did not suffer significant damage. She heard more explosions at 1541 hours.
  17 Sep 19400530-0535
(0) Off Marsa Matruh.
At 0530 hours, Ondina was bombed by an aircraft and again at 0535 hours. The submarine was undamaged.
  17 Sep 19400632
(0) Off Marsa Matruh.
At 0632 hours, Ondina was depth charged by an enemy vessel. The submarine stopped her engines at 60-70 meters and, at 0833 hours, the vessel abandoned the hunt.
  17 Sep 19401420
(0) Off Marsa Matruh.
At 1420 hours, Ondina was proceeding submerged when she was suddenly bombed by an aircraft. A heavy bomb exploded very near the bow shaking the submarine violently, another bomb was dropped at 1450 hours and, yet another at 1540 hours.
  17 Sep 19401849-1858
(0) Off Marsa Matruh.
Between 1849 and 1858 hours, Ondina was depth charged by three enemy vessels. The submarine escaped despite the vessels using ASDIC as they passed over her.
  17 Sep 19402210
(0) Off Marsa Matruh.
At 2210 hours, Ondina attempted to attack one of the three vessels hunting her, but the vessel turned towards her and dropped depth-charges. The submarine escaped by diving to 60 meters.
  18 Sep 19400507
(0) Off Marsa Matruh.
At 0507 hours, Ondina was proceeding at a depth of 50 metres when bombs(apparently from an aircraft) exploded near her. Another salvo fell at 0535 hours.

At 0632-0634 hours, the submarine was depth-charged by a surface craft, the submarine had stopped all machines and remained at a depth of 60-70 metres. At 0833 hours, the vessel dropped more bombs and was gone.

Ondina (ON)24 Oct 19401330Taranto24 Oct 19401810Taranto24,9Exercises.

Ondina (ON)26 Oct 19400836Taranto26 Oct 19401350Taranto43,7Exercises.

Ondina (ON)28 Oct 19400830Taranto28 Oct 19401222Taranto23,9Exercises.

3.Ondina (ON)3 Nov 19402124Taranto4 Nov 19401051Taranto72,3Defensive patrol in Gulf of Taranto (hydrophone watch). Uneventful.

4.Ondina (ON)5 Nov 19402115Taranto6 Nov 19401246Taranto84,5Defensive patrol off Taranto in point A. At 0550 hours on the 6th sighted intense AA barrage from Taranto.

5.Ondina (ON)12 Nov 19400410Taranto13 Nov 19401726Taranto170Defensive patrol in 232° - Torre Ovo - 16'. At 1950 hours on the 12th, she sighted an intense AA barrage from Taranto.

6.Ondina (ON)15 Nov 19400240Taranto15 Nov 19401055Taranto49,2Defensive patrol off Taranto. Uneventful.

Smeraldo (SD)24 Nov 19400815Taranto24 Nov 19401800Taranto48Exercises.

Smeraldo (SD)28 Nov 19401035Taranto28 Nov 19401600Taranto41,5Exercises.

Smeraldo (SD)2 Dec 19400700Taranto3 Dec 19401320Augusta316,2Passage Taranto-Augusta.

7.Smeraldo (SD)15 Dec 19401200Augusta27 Dec 19400845Augusta1528Operated off Cyrenaic and Egyptian coast, between 32°50'N and North African coast, 23°00'E and 23°40'E. Uneventful.

Smeraldo (SD)10 Jan 19411430Augusta10 Jan 19411630Augusta7Exercises.

8.Smeraldo (SD)14 Jan 19412104Augusta20 Jan 19410925Augusta416Patrolled off Malta within 15 miles from 35°20'N, 16°40'E in bad weather, but suffered battery defects and had to turn back on 18th January 1941.

Smeraldo (SD)21 Jan 19410750Augusta21 Jan 19411525Messina76Passage Augusta-Messina.

Smeraldo (SD)17 Feb 19410800Messina17 Feb 19411630Messina50Trials escorted by the auxiliary Castiglia.

Smeraldo (SD)21 Feb 19410700Messina21 Feb 19411810Messina61Trials with the submarine Colonna escorted by the auxiliary Castiglia.

Smeraldo (SD)23 Feb 19410800Messina23 Feb 19411410Messina48,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Castiglia.

9.Smeraldo (SD)7 Mar 19412203Messina22 Mar 19411757Leros1342Patrolled within 20 miles from 33°20'N, 28°20'E.
  12 Mar 1941195033° 22'N, 22° 13'EAt 1950 hours, a derelict mine was sighted.
  13 Mar 1941111833° 22'N, 22° 13'E
(0) Approximately.
At 1103 hours, an explosion was heard near by.

At 1105 hours, the hydrophones picked up noises and at 1118 hours, a convoy of seven merchant ships of between 3,000 and 10,000 tons (one was identified as belonging to the Blue Funnel line and two to the P & O Line) escorted by a cruiser and destroyers, was sighted at 10,000 metres, steering 295°. This may have been convoy A.G. 5 escorted by the destroyers HMAS Vampire and HMS Wryneck on their way to Piraeus via the Kythera Channel.

Smeraldo could not close to attack and surfaced at 1347/13 and made an enemy report.
  18 Mar 1941041033° 00'N, 28° 00'EAt 0410 hours, a destroyer was suddenly sighted at a range of 2,000 metres on a parallel course at 20-22 knots. Smeraldo was ready to fire a pair of torpedoes from her bow tubes, when the destroyer suddenly turned toward her and she was forced to submerge but was not attacked.

Smeraldo (SD)2 Apr 19411000Leros2 Apr 19411030Leros?Changed anchorage.

10.Smeraldo (SD)6 Apr 19411600Leros21 Apr 19410815Leros1144,5Patrolled south of Crete within 20 miles from 34°05'N, 25°20'E on a NE-SW axis.
  14 Apr 19412155
(0) South of Crete.
At 2155 hours, an enemy destroyer was sighted at 6-7,000 metres, steering 090°, 15 knots. Smeraldo attempted to close to attack but the destroyer disappeared in the distance.
  17 Apr 19411745-1839
(0) South of Crete.
At 2045 hours on 16th April, MARICOSOM signalled a large enemy convoy steering 300° in Italian Grid 2263/6. Smeraldo had received it, as she was starting her return trip. She remained in position until 0145 hours on the 17th, but heard or saw nothing.

Between 1745 and 1839 many loud explosion were heard at 20-25,000 metres away. It was believed that this convoy was under attack.

Jalea (IA)28 May 19411100Pola28 May 19411130Pola0,5Undocked.

Jalea (IA)14 Jun 19410840Pola14 Jun 19411830Pola72Trials.

Jalea (IA)16 Jun 19410820Pola16 Jun 19410840Pola0,5Docked.

Jalea (IA)19 Jun 19411030Pola19 Jun 19411105Pola0,5Undocked.

Jalea (IA)23 Jun 19410835Pola23 Jun 19411900Pola25,5Exercises, tested Gyrocompass.

Jalea (IA)24 Jun 19410651Pola24 Jun 19412030Pola95Trials.

Jalea (IA)26 Jun 19410815Pola26 Jun 19411612Pola25Trials, escorted by the auxiliary Grado.

Jalea (IA)26 Jun 19411655Pola26 Jun 19411740Pola0,5Docked.

Jalea (IA)27 Jun 19411740Pola27 Jun 19411823Pola0,5Undocked.

Jalea (IA)29 Jun 19410800Pola29 Jun 19410842Pola1,5Changed anchorage.

Jalea (IA)30 Jun 19410800Pola30 Jun 19411848Pola65Speed trials.

Jalea (IA)1 Jul 19410800Pola1 Jul 19411848Pola54Exercises.

Jalea (IA)3 Jul 19411230Pola3 Jul 19411845Pola57Gunnery exercises with the submarines Pisani and Speri and the auxiliary Principessa Mafalda.

Jalea (IA)4 Jul 19411212Pola4 Jul 19411826Pola57Exercises.

Jalea (IA)5 Jul 19410756Pola5 Jul 19411817Pola72Exercises.

Jalea (IA)6 Jul 19410830Pola6 Jul 19410900Pola0,5Docked?

Jalea (IA)7 Jul 19410830Pola7 Jul 19410900Pola0,5Undocked?

Jalea (IA)8 Jul 19410726Pola8 Jul 19411702Pola56Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Jalea (IA)9 Jul 19411909Pola10 Jul 19410304Pola75Exercises.

Jalea (IA)12 Jul 19410754Pola12 Jul 19411730Pola76Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Jalea (IA)13 Jul 19410747Pola13 Jul 19411743Pola71Exercises.

Jalea (IA)16 Jul 19410754Pola16 Jul 19411940Pola72Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boats Audace and Insidioso, the auxiliary Jadera and the tug Grado.

Jalea (IA)17 Jul 19410740Pola17 Jul 19411859Pola68Exercises.

Jalea (IA)18 Jul 19411450Pola18 Jul 19411511Pola0,5Docked?

Jalea (IA)25 Jul 19411140Pola25 Jul 19411210Pola0,5Undocked?

Jalea (IA)26 Jul 19410745Pola27 Jul 19410331Pola128Trials.

Jalea (IA)29 Jul 19411848Pola30 Jul 19410324Pola65Exercises.

Jalea (IA)31 Jul 19410735Pola31 Jul 19411820Pola64Exercises.

Jalea (IA)1 Aug 19410736Pola1 Aug 19411832Pola65Exercises.

Jalea (IA)2 Aug 19410541Pola2 Aug 19411747Pola62Exercises.

Jalea (IA)4 Aug 19410740Pola4 Aug 19411743Pola59Exercises.

Jalea (IA)8 Aug 19410736Pola8 Aug 19411704Pola60Exercises.

Jalea (IA)12 Aug 19410738Pola12 Aug 19411635Pola60Exercises.

Jalea (IA)12 Aug 19412115Pola13 Aug 19410610Pola65Exercises with the submarines Des Geneys and Pisani, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera, the torpedo boat Audace and light cruiser Da Barbiano.

Jalea (IA)15 Aug 19410740Pola15 Aug 19411746Pola72Sailed with the submarine Bausan, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera, for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace.

Jalea (IA)19 Aug 19410735Pola19 Aug 19411935Pola84Sailed with the submarines Speri and Toti for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Insidioso, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Salvore.

Jalea (IA)25 Aug 19410741Pola25 Aug 19411925Pola73Exercises.

Jalea (IA)29 Aug 19411912Pola30 Aug 19410115Pola48Sailed, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera, for torpedo firing exercises against the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Jalea (IA)2 Sep 19411045Pola3 Sep 19410130Pola81,3Exercises.

Jalea (IA)3 Sep 19412205Pola4 Sep 19410657Pola74,8Exercises with the light cruiser Da Barbiano and the torpedo boat Audace.

Jalea (IA)5 Sep 19410805Pola5 Sep 19411735Pola53,7Exercises.

Jalea (IA)8 Sep 19410732Pola8 Sep 19411813Pola60,5Exercises with the submarines Des Geneys, Cagni and Speri, escorted by the auxiliaries Salvore, Jadera and Morrhua.

Jalea (IA)11 Sep 19410740Pola11 Sep 19411824Pola59,2Exercises with the submarine Toti, escorted by the auxiliary Salvore.

Jalea (IA)13 Sep 19410735Pola13 Sep 19411731Pola69,6Exercises with the submarines Bausan, Medusa and Pisani, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and the auxiliaries Morrhua and Jadera.

Jalea (IA)15 Sep 19410740Pola15 Sep 19411825Pola73,5Exercises with the submarine Medusa, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Jalea (IA)16 Sep 19410740Pola16 Sep 19411745Pola51,5Exercises.

Jalea (IA)18 Sep 19411010Pola19 Sep 19410155Pola97,5Exercises with the submarine Speri, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Jalea (IA)23 Sep 19410800Pola23 Sep 19411602Pola55,1Exercises with the submarines Des Geneys, Bausan and Mameli, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace, and the auxiliaries Salvore and Jadera.

11.Jalea (IA)25 Sep 19411753Pola28 Sep 19410825Pola257,5Patrolled west of Cherso, off Quarnaro, north of 44°46 N. Uneventful.

Jalea (IA)1 Oct 19411302Pola2 Oct 19410020Pola85Exercises with the submarine Medusa, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Jalea (IA)4 Oct 19410954Pola4 Oct 19411712Pola59Exercises.

Jalea (IA)6 Oct 19411059Pola7 Oct 19410140Pola89Exercises with the submarine Mameli, escorted by the auxiliary Salvatore.

12.Jalea (IA)9 Oct 19411634Pola12 Oct 19410240Pola416Defensive patrol.

Jalea (IA)13 Oct 19411045Pola13 Oct 19411100Pola0,5Changed anchorage?

Jalea (IA)13 Oct 19411355Pola13 Oct 19411415Pola0,4Changed anchorage?

Jalea (IA)15 Oct 19411315Pola15 Oct 19411332Pola0,4Changed anchorage?

Jalea (IA)20 Oct 19410845Pola20 Oct 19410930Pola0,5Changed anchorage?

Jalea (IA)23 Oct 19410928Pola23 Oct 19410950Pola0,5Changed anchorage?

Jalea (IA)28 Oct 19411426Pola28 Oct 19411500Pola0,5Changed anchorage?

Jalea (IA)30 Oct 19411103Pola30 Oct 19411718Pola58,2Exercises.

Jalea (IA)1 Nov 19410756Pola1 Nov 19411719Pola80,5Exercises with the submarines Rismondo and Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Jalea (IA)5 Nov 19410803Pola5 Nov 19411740Pola63,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Grado.

Jalea (IA)7 Nov 19410800Pola7 Nov 19411819Pola76,5Exercises with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Grado.

Jalea (IA)10 Nov 19410800Pola10 Nov 19411846Pola83,5Exercises, escorted by torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Jadera.

Jalea (IA)12 Nov 19410800Pola12 Nov 19411707Pola73Exercises.

Jalea (IA)18 Nov 19410800Pola18 Nov 19411647Pola65Exercises with the submarines Toti and Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio.

Jalea (IA)22 Nov 19410800Pola22 Nov 19411710Pola74,5Exercises.

Jalea (IA)25 Nov 19410803Pola25 Nov 19411710Pola64,5Exercises.

Jalea (IA)26 Nov 19410801Pola26 Nov 19411710Pola71,5Exercises.

Jalea (IA)28 Nov 19410800Pola28 Nov 19411625Pola73,5Exercises with the submarines Pisani, Speri and Mameli, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and Tron.

Jalea (IA)1 Dec 19410810Pola1 Dec 19411650Pola72,728Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera.

Jalea (IA)2 Dec 19411635Pola3 Dec 19410035Pola62,072Exercises.

Jalea (IA)3 Dec 19411047Pola3 Dec 19411103Pola0,99Changed anchorage?

Jalea (IA)9 Dec 19411620Pola9 Dec 19412400Pola70,136Exercises with the submarine Medusa, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Jalea (IA)11 Dec 19410745Pola11 Dec 19411830Pola67,556Exercises.

Jalea (IA)12 Dec 19410810Pola12 Dec 19411715Pola58,499Exercises with the submarines Pisani and Speri, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso, and the auxiliaries Trau and San Giorgio.

13.Jalea (IA)13 Dec 19411421Pola14 Dec 19411249Pola121,5Substituting for Des Geneys (who turned back due to engine defects), Jalea went on defensive patrol (hydrophone watch) with the submarine Mameli, between Trieste and Venice to cover an important convoy.

Jalea (IA)24 Dec 19410758Pola24 Dec 19411630Pola58,13Exercises with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Trau. Simulated torpedo attacks on the torpedo boat Audace.

Jalea (IA)27 Dec 19410810Pola27 Dec 19411740Pola69,437Exercises with the submarine Speri, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Jalea (IA)29 Dec 19411610Pola30 Dec 19410210Pola88,848Torpedo firing exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Jalea (IA)31 Dec 19410835Pola31 Dec 19411425Pola49,498Gunfire exercises with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Jalea (IA)4 Jan 19420840Pola4 Jan 19421640Pola43,2Exercises with the submarines Toti, Des Geneys and Medusa, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio, and the torpedo boat Audace.

Jalea (IA)5 Jan 19420830Pola5 Jan 19421705Pola62Exercises with the submarines Speri, Des Geneys, Medusa and Ondina, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace, the auxiliaries Jadera, San Giorgio and Trau.

Jalea (IA)7 Jan 19420835Pola7 Jan 19421638Pola57,5Exercises.

Jalea (IA)12 Jan 19421053Pola13 Jan 19420028Pola87,8Exercises.

Jalea (IA)15 Jan 19420832Pola15 Jan 19421805Pola58,5Exercises with the submarine Ondina, escorted by Jadera.

Jalea (IA)19 Jan 19421505Pola20 Jan 19420057Pola80,2Exercises with the submarine Toti, escorted by the auxiliary Grado. Night gunfire exercises against Jadera, then night torpedo firing against the torpedo boat Missori.

Jalea (IA)20 Jan 19421505Pola20 Jan 19421532Pola0,3Changed moorings.

Jalea (IA)26 Jan 19421045Pola26 Jan 19421100Pola0,2Changed moorings.

Jalea (IA)28 Jan 19421603Pola28 Jan 19421907Pola26Exercises with the submarine Medusa, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Ammiraglio Millo (EM)8 Feb 19420832Taranto8 Feb 19421510Taranto64Trials.

Ammiraglio Millo (EM)11 Feb 19420830Taranto11 Feb 19421302Taranto32Trials, escorted by tug Germanilello.

Ammiraglio Millo (EM)19 Feb 19420846Taranto19 Feb 19421302Taranto39Exercises.

14.Ammiraglio Millo (EM)23 Feb 19422025Taranto25 Feb 19421245Taranto385Brief sortie to assist the damaged Tricheco, but was later recalled when Dandolo joined instead.

Ammiraglio Millo (EM)4 Mar 19420840Taranto4 Mar 19421145TarantoExercises.

15.Ammiraglio Millo (EM)5 Mar 19421351Taranto14 Mar 19421322SunkPatrolled southeast of Malta between 34°00'N and 34°20'N, and between 14°40'E and 15°00'E. On the night of 10/11th March, she was ordered to an area between 34°20'N and 34°40'N, and between 15°20'E and 15°40'E. On her return to Taranto, she was attacked by HMS P 34 and sunk.
  6 Mar 19420220
(0) About 15 miles south of Cape Colonne.
At 0220 hours, Millo had just met a convoy (Liv, Tripolino and Sidamo escorted by the destroyer Stocco on passage from Taranto to Messina) and was, for a time, following it astern. The submarine observed a torpedo track which missed her 150 metres ahead and missed Stocco 50 metres astern. She alerted the destroyer that the enemy submarine was heard about 2 miles bearing 140°. Stocco turned back dropping four 100 kg-depth charges and six 30 kg-depth charges at 0241 hours before rejoining the convoy at 0250 hours. The "attack" was bogus, as no allied submarine operated in the area.
  14 Mar 1942
1318 (e)
At 1255 hours, the submarine HMS P 34 (later renamed HMS Ultimatum) sighted the conning tower of a submarine at 8,000 yards.

At 1318 hours, the British submarine fired a salvo of four torpedoes at a distance of 2,200 yards. Two hit and the enemy boat sank.

This was Ammiraglio Millo returning to Taranto after a patrol southeast of Malta. HMS P 34 picked up fourteen survivors, a fifteenth was picked by an Italian small boat. Fifty-six perished, including C.C. Vincenzo d'Amato and two officers. One torpedo was recovered intact on a beach.

142 entries. 123 total patrol entries (15 marked as war patrols) and 24 events.

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