Italian submarines in World War Two

Turchese (TC)

TypeCoastal / Sea going 
ClassPerla (22) 
Laid down 27 Sep 1935 Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico, Monfalcone
Launched19 Jul 1936
Commissioned21 Sep 1936
End service
Stricken1 Feb 1948
Loss date
Loss position
History Stricken on 1st February 1948.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
C.C. Gustavo Miniero1 Jan 19405 Dec 1940
T.V. Pier Vincenzo Di Domenico5 Dec 194027 Oct 1941
C.C. Giovanni Cunsolo28 Oct 194130 Nov 1941
T.V. Pier Vincenzo Di Domenico1 Dec 194120 Jun 1942
S.T.V. Sergio Parodi21 Jun 194215 Jul 1942
T.V. Giandaniele Asquini15 Jul 194230 Apr 1943
T.V. Aredio Galzigna1 May 194321 Aug 1943
T.V. Eugenio Parodi21 Aug 194311 Dec 1943
S.T.V. Giorgio Mogni12 Dec 194331 Mar 1944
C.C. Renato Frascolla1 Apr 194413 Sep 1944
C.C. Marco Revedin14 Sep 194422 Nov 1944
T.V. Emilio Botta23 Nov 1944Aug 1945

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1Miniero, Gustavo9 Jun 19402002Cagliari21 Jun 19402005Cagliari1052Sailed to form a patrol line (S2) on the Cape Teulada meridian:

Axum - 15 miles south of the Cape.
Turchese - 35 miles south of the Cape.
Adua - 55 miles south of the Cape.
Aradam - 75 miles south of the Cape.

On 13th June, ordered to Gulf of Lyons and patrolled 15 miles east of Cape Creus until the evening of 19th June.
  21 Jun 19401015
(0) Italian Grid 0261 or northeast of Balearic Islands.
At 1015 hours, three small warships were sighted at a distance of 20,000 metres. Turchese closed to 14,000 metres and identified them as a large enemy force. She gave up the chase at 1148 hours.

The were probably the large destroyers of the French 8th DCT (Division de Contre-Torpilleurs), which at that time, were the fastest warships in the World.

2Miniero, Gustavo3 Jul 19401416Cagliari6 Jul 19401200Cagliari262Sailed with Aradam and patrolled between Bone and Cape de Fer in 37°54'N, 07°40'E, on a patrol line with Aradam, Axum and Alagi.

3Miniero, Gustavo9 Jul 19400057Cagliari12 Jul 19401105Cagliari354Patrolled between La Galite and Tunisia in 37°50'N, 09°40'E.
  12 Jul 1940032538° 24'N, 9° 19'EAt 0225 hours, an illuminated vessel was sighted by the First Officer who was Officer of the Watch. Turchese closed on her electric motors to avoid revealing her presence. It was thought that the vessel behaved strangely and was perhaps an enemy vessel on a minelaying mission.

At 0325 hours, one torpedo (533mm) was fired from a bow tube at a range of 500 metres. The phosphorescent wake appeared to hit amidships but it passed under the target.

At 0326 hours, a second torpedo (533mm) was fired from a bow tube at the same range with the same result. C.C. Gustavo Miniero intended to renew the action with a third torpedo and gunfire. However, at 0335 hours, the submarine had a violent shock with a metallic object, followed three minutes later by a second one more violent than the first. At 0410 hours, the action was broken off.

No British warships appear to have operated in the area at the time. The target was probably a neutral vessel.

4Miniero, Gustavo1 Aug 19400100Cagliari9 Aug 19401140La Maddalena1342Patrolled south of Balearic Islands in 37°25'N, 06°30'E. Uneventful.

Miniero, Gustavo23 Aug 19400100La Maddalena28 Aug 19401140Pola1054Passage La Maddalena-Pola.

Miniero, Gustavo30 Aug 19400545Pola30 Aug 19401230Monfalcone74Passage Pola-Monfalcone.

Miniero, Gustavo9 Nov 19400918Monfalcone9 Nov 19401610Monfalcone40Exercises.

Miniero, Gustavo22 Nov 19400930Monfalcone22 Nov 19401550Monfalcone44Exercises.

Miniero, Gustavo24 Nov 19400933Monfalcone24 Nov 19401640Pola74Passage Monfalcone-Pola.

Miniero, Gustavo29 Nov 19400903Pola29 Nov 19400953Pola5Exercises?

Miniero, Gustavo2 Dec 19400910Pola2 Dec 19401745Fiume63Passage Pola-Fiume, diving exercises to 60 meters, escorted by submarine Galatea.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo5 Dec 19401212Fiume5 Dec 19401635Fiume18Diving exercises to 60 meters.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo6 Dec 19400836Fiume6 Dec 19401436Pola63Passage Fiume-Pola.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo7 Dec 19401410Pola7 Dec 19401440Pola?Changed anchorage.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo9 Dec 19400805Pola9 Dec 19401725Pola61Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo11 Dec 19400800Pola11 Dec 19401715Pola57Exercises.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo12 Dec 19400820Pola12 Dec 19401425Pola14Gyrocompass tests.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo13 Dec 19400810Pola13 Dec 19401710Pola57Sailed with the submarine Fieramosca, escorted by the tug Tenace, for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo14 Dec 19401418Pola14 Dec 19401435Pola?Changed anchorage.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo26 Dec 19401940Pola28 Dec 19401415Brindisi370Passage Pola-Brindisi.

5Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo30 Dec 19401000Brindisi10 Jan 19411730Brindisi887Patrolled south of Strait of Otranto and west of Corfu, in 39°30'N, 19°10'E. Uneventful, only heard H.E.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo21 Jan 19411005Brindisi21 Jan 19411114Brindisi1Changed anchorage?

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo22 Jan 19410900Brindisi22 Jan 19411230Brindisi18Exercises

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo29 Jan 19410842Brindisi29 Jan 19411230Brindisi18Exercises.

6Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo30 Jan 19411000Brindisi10 Feb 19411815Brindisi908Patrolled off Albanian coast, within 10 miles from 39°10'N, 19°20'E. Uneventful except for H.E.

7Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo21 Feb 19411300Brindisi4 Mar 19411450Brindisi985Patrolled west of Corfu within 10 miles from 39°10'N, 19°20'E. Uneventful.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo15 Mar 19412200Brindisi16 Mar 19411735Crotone179Passage Brindisi-Crotone.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo20 Mar 19411400Crotone22 Mar 19411730Cagliari485Passage Crotone-Cagliari. Uneventful.
  20 Mar 1941On this date, some sources claim that Turchese carried out an attack an enemy destroyer and was depth charged. This is an error and is not recorded in her report.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo31 Mar 19410800Cagliari31 Mar 19411215Cagliari31Exercises.

8Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo3 Apr 19411250Cagliari9 Apr 19411715Cagliari552Patrolled north of Cape Blanc (Tunisia), within 20 miles from 37°30'N, 09°50'E, on a patrol line with Corallo. Uneventful, sighted only French ships.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo18 Apr 19412000Cagliari20 Apr 19411000Messina360Passage Cagliari-Messina.

9Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo21 Apr 19411856Messina7 May 19411440Leros1451Patrolled off Mersa Matruh and Gulf of Sollum, within 20 miles from 32°10'N, 27°30'E on a NE-SW axis.
  30 Apr 19411727
1939 (e)
At 1727 hours, Turchese was on a hydrophone watch, proceeding submerged, when suddenly she was shaken by two explosions believed to be from aircraft bombs. This was followed at 1842 hours, by eight more explosions and still more until 1940 hours. The submarine escaped by diving to 90-95 meters. Explosions were also heard the next day, but a distance. The diesel engines developed defects on 3rd May, perhaps due to the depth-charging, so the patrol was abandoned.

This was most likely an attack by the destroyers HMS Juno and HMS Jaguar who claimed the submarine probably sunk. HMS Juno was damaged by the premature explosion of a depth-charge and had five killed and eleven wounded.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo19 May 19410950Leros19 May 19411048Leros?Changed anchorage?

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo26 May 19410805Leros26 May 19411219Leros23Exercises.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo27 May 19410738Leros27 May 19411043Leros3Trials.

10Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo31 May 19410320Leros8 Jun 19411435Taranto1040Patrolled south of Kupho Island (southeast of Crete), within 20 miles from 33°50'N, 26°00'E. Returned to Taranto because of mechanical defects.
  5 Jun 19412043
(0) 20 miles SW of Cape Krio (Crete).
At 2043 hours, a submarine was sighted at a distance of 2,000 metres. As Turchese was submerging, the submarine was recognized as Italian. This was Smeraldo.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo20 Jun 19411445Taranto20 Jun 19411750Taranto2Gyrocompass tests.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo24 Jun 19411000Taranto24 Jun 19411010Taranto?Changed anchorage.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo21 Aug 19411149Taranto21 Aug 19411930Taranto29Trials, escorted by the pilot vessel Limbara.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo23 Aug 19411414Taranto23 Aug 19411624Taranto2Gyrocompass tests.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo24 Aug 19410842Taranto24 Aug 19411752Taranto63Exercises.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo27 Aug 19410805Taranto27 Aug 19411710Taranto60Exercises.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo29 Aug 19411100Taranto29 Aug 19411810Taranto33Exercises with the torpedo boat Altair.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo1 Sep 19410855Taranto2 Sep 19411210Messina255Passage Taranto-Messina.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo3 Sep 19411900Messina5 Sep 19410707Cagliari351Passage Messina-Cagliari.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo9 Sep 19410730Cagliari9 Sep 19411355Cagliari26Exercises.

11Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo11 Sep 19411340Cagliari16 Sep 19410933Cagliari685Patrolled north of Cape Bougaroni, in 38°00'N, 06°00'E, then, on 14th September was ordered to 38°10'N, 04°00'E. Uneventful.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo22 Sep 19410708Cagliari22 Sep 19411224Cagliari35Exercises with the submarines Serpente and Adua, escorted by the torpedo boat Abba and the minesweeper Balear.

12Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo23 Sep 19411900Cagliari4 Oct 19412225Cagliari1258Patrolled South of Balearic Islands between Cape Palos and Cape Caxine, between 36°50'N (or 36°30'N?) and 37°30'N, and between 00°20'E and 00°40'E, on a patrol line with Adua.
  30 Sep 1941103936° 49'N, 0° 24'EAt 0503 hours, information was received that, at 0350 hours, the submarine Adua had sighted a squadron of eleven destroyers. However, it appeared this force would pass much farther north of Turchese.

At 1017 hours, smokes were sighted at a distance of 14,000 metres.

At 1039 hours, Turchese had closed to 6,000 metres and two cruisers of the ARETHUSA class and two destroyers could be made out.

At 1110 hours, the submarine was at a depth of 19 metres, when six explosions were heard near the submarine. Turchese was taken down to 40 metres. At 1339 hours, the hydrophone noises had ceased.

These were probably HMS Gurkha and HMS Legion, screening Force H and returning from operation HALBERD. They were shortly to sink Adua.
  2 Oct 1941065037° 15'N, 3° 12'EAt 0650 hours, a submarine was sighted at a distance of 2,000 metres. It was probably Italian. Visibility was poor and Turchese took avoiding action.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo15 Oct 19410805Cagliari15 Oct 19411230Cagliari30Exercises.

13Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo16 Oct 19412340Cagliari21 Oct 19411116Cagliari552Patrolled off Cape de Fer, with the submarines Alagi, Aradam, Serpente and Diaspro between 37°40'N and 37°50'N (or 37°10'N and 37°20'N?), and between 06°40'E and 07°20'E. Uneventful. Sighted only French ships.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo27 Oct 19411310Cagliari27 Oct 19411615Cagliari15Exercises, escorted by the minesweeper Balear.

14Cunsolo, Giovanni11 Nov 19411830Cagliari17 Nov 19411610Cagliari672Patrolled between Cape Bon and Ras Mustafa in zone K.1, between 37°12'N and Tunisian coast, and between 06°20'E and 06°30'E, on a patrol line with Axum, Alagi and Aradam.
  13 Nov 19410600
(0) 000° - Cape Blanc - 8 miles.
At 0600 hours, an illuminated freighter was sighted. Turchese closed to 6,000 meters and observed the vessel proceeding to Bizerta. The submarine in the following days sighted only French or Italian vessels.

15Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo18 Dec 19412025Cagliari25 Dec 19411630Cagliari763Patrolled off Cape Bougaroni, between 37°30'N and Algerian coast, and between 06°20'E and 06°30'E. Sighted only French ships.
  19 Dec 1941094038° 05'N, 7° 47'EAt 0940 hours, a German U-boat (possibly U-74), sighted at a distance of 3,000 metres, made an unintelligible signal. Turchese proceeded on her course.
  21 Dec 1941012437° 21'N, 6° 22'EAt 0124 hours, a steamer believed to be French was sighted.
  22 Dec 1941025537° 32'N, 6° 28'EAt 0124 hours, a steamer believed to be French was sighted.
  23 Dec 1941170537° 21'N, 6° 26'EAt 1445 hours, hydrophone noises were heard bearing 248°. The direction varied considerably. Turchese steered toward them.

At 1705 hours, two cruisers of the NEWCASTLE class and four destroyers of the JERVIS class were sighted at a distance of 12,000 metres, proceeding at 25 knots. The submarine could not close to less than 7,000 meters.

These were probably HMS Dido and the destroyers HMAS Nestor, HMS Zulu, HMS Gurkha, HMS Arrow and HMS Foxhound.

16Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo1 Jan 19422000Cagliari2 Jan 19421650TrapaniSailed for patrol with Axum, Alagi and Aradam, between 34°20'N and 34°40'N, and between 14°00'E and 14°40'E, on a line 60-100 miles south of Malta. Diverted to Trapani because of defects.

16bDi Domenico, Pier Vincenzo2 Jan 19421900Trapani8 Jan 19421940Cagliari1027Sailed for patrol with Axum, Alagi and Aradam, between 34°20'N and 34°40'N, and between 14°00'E and 14°40'E on a line 60-100 miles south of Malta via 35°00'N, 13°00'E.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo16 Jan 19421345Cagliari16 Jan 19421715Cagliari14Trials.

17Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo28 Jan 19421420Cagliari28 Jan 19421930Cagliari46Sailed for patrol with Alagi, Aradam, Brin and Axum, between 37°30'N and 38°00'N, and between 07°00'E and 07°10'E but was recalled at 1646 hours on the 28th.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo3 Feb 19421225Cagliari3 Feb 19421735Cagliari33Exercises.

18Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo9 Feb 19421535Cagliari21 Feb 19421110Cagliari1143Patrolled off Philippeville, between 37°30'N and 38°00'N, and between 06°00'E and 06°10'E, on a line with Aradam and Axum.
  11 Feb 19421500At 1500 hours, a submarine on a westerly course was sighted. It was believed to be Benedetto Brin.

19Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo27 Feb 19421238Cagliari4 Mar 19421630Cagliari765Patrolled off Algerian coast between 37°20'N and 37°30'N, 03°40'E and 04°40'E, on a line with Axum, Aradam and Brin. Sighted only French ships.

20Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo27 Mar 19422205Cagliari2 Apr 19420938Cagliari643Patrolled off Cape Bougaroni, between 37°10'N and 37°20'N, and between 05°20'E and 06°20'E, on a line with Aradam.
  30 Mar 1942171237° 25'N, 6° 29'EAt 1712 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 7,000 metres and Turchese dived. At the time, the submarine was proceeding to intercept an enemy cruiser reported SE of La Galite, at 2009 hours. It was believed that the cruiser had passed some ten miles away.
  1 Apr 19420300
0200 (e)
37° 40'N, 6° 26'EAt 0300 hours, a large seaplane, believed to be a Catalina, was sighted a distance of 1,000 metres. Turchese crash-dived as five bombs exploded, but they caused only minor damages.

Indeed, this was Catalina 'J' (AJ.160) of 202 Squadron piloted by Flying Officer I.F. Edgar. The submarine had first been detected by radar at 8 miles and then sighted steering 075°. The attack was delivered from a height of 75 feet, as the submarine submerged. Seven depth charges were released (an 8th hung up) and a large oil slick was observed.

21Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo4 Apr 19420118Cagliari11 Apr 19420850Cagliari674Patrolled north of Cape Bon in zone K.1 (between 37°12'N and Tunisian coast, 11°00'E and 11°05'E) with Aradam in zone K.2.
  8 Apr 19422120
(0) Off Cape Bon.
At 2120 hours, information was received that a cruiser and a destroyer had been sighted proceeding west. Turchese and Aradam were told to close the North African coast.

Turchese moved to a position 2 miles from Cape Bon but sighted nothing.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo18 Apr 19421405Cagliari19 Apr 19421040Trapani181Passage Cagliari-Trapani. Uneventful.

22Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo20 Apr 19421540Trapani20 Apr 19422155Trapani50Sailed for patrol between 38°00'N and 38°40'N, and between 09°20'E and 09°40'E following a signal reporting an enemy force, but was then recalled at 1341 hours on the 20th.

23Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo1 May 19421952Trapani17 May 19421015Trapani1842Patrolled south of Formentara [38°42'N, 01°27'E] between 37°40'N and 38°20'N, 01°20'E and 01°40'E. On the evening of 8th May, was moved 20 miles to the south and, on the evening of 11th May, a further 40 miles to the south.
  8 May 1942001038° 18'N, 1° 31'EAt 0010 hours, Turchese was informed that a convoy was sighted proceeding east. The submarine was not in a position to intercept but, at 2000 hours, she received an order to move 20 miles south from her present position.
  9 May 1942124337° 27'N, 1° 37'EAt 1243 hours, a Sunderland was sighted at a distance of 7,000 metres. No action was taken.
  11 May 1942170037° 27'N, 1° 37'E
(0) Approximately.
At 1700 hours, information was received of a cruiser sighted SW of La Galite proceeding eastward. Turchese moved to intercept and at 2000 hours received the order to move 40 miles south of her position, which she reached at 2353 hours. The submarine submerged to listen with her hydrophones, but nothing was detected.
  15 May 1942143338° 05'N, 4° 20'EAt 1433 hours, the French steamer Île Rousse (1,367 GRT, built 1918) was sighted steering 325°.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo21 May 19422108Trapani23 May 19422125La Spezia400Passage Trapani-La Spezia. Uneventful.

Di Domenico, Pier Vincenzo29 May 19420730La Spezia29 May 19421343Genoa56Passage La Spezia-Genoa, escorted by MAS 566 for refit.

Parodi, Sergio21 Jun 1942Genoa15 Jul 1942GenoaRefit at Genoa.

Asquini, Giandaniele6 Aug 19421010Genoa6 Aug 19421630Genoa26Trials.

Asquini, Giandaniele9 Aug 19420909Genoa9 Aug 19421508Genoa47Trials.

Asquini, Giandaniele11 Aug 19420955Genoa11 Aug 19421546La Spezia53Passage Genoa-La Spezia.

Asquini, Giandaniele14 Aug 19420810La Spezia14 Aug 19421315La Spezia?Trials.

Asquini, Giandaniele14 Aug 19421500?La Spezia14 Aug 19421830La Spezia45Trials.

Asquini, Giandaniele17 Aug 19421036La Spezia17 Aug 19421203La Spezia8Trials.

Asquini, Giandaniele28 Aug 19421440La Spezia28 Aug 19421820La Spezia25Trials.

Asquini, Giandaniele29 Aug 19420824La Spezia29 Aug 19421730PortovenereExercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele29 Aug 19422006Portovenere30 Aug 19420030La Spezia81Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele1 Sep 19421102La Spezia1 Sep 19422345Fezzano Buoy6Trials.

Asquini, Giandaniele2 Sep 19420700Fezzano Buoy2 Sep 19421550La Spezia36Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele3 Sep 19421226La Spezia5 Sep 19420930Trapani416Passage La Spezia-Trapani intially escorted by MAS 509. At 1420 hours on the 3rd, she was informed by Attilio Regolo that an enemy submarine was reported in Grid 7648 but the passage was made without incident.

Asquini, Giandaniele8 Sep 19420745Trapani8 Sep 19421306Trapani24Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele11 Sep 19420750Trapani11 Sep 19421240Trapani20Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele22 Sep 19420832Trapani22 Sep 19421147Trapani18Exercises.

24Asquini, Giandaniele19 Oct 19421310Trapani1 Nov 19421440Trapani1823Sailed with Corallo and patrolled south of Balearic Islands between 37°40'N and 38°10'N, and between 02°20'E and 02°40'E, on a patrol line with Corallo The submarine was armed with G7e torpedoes.
  21 Oct 1942111937° 13'N, 4° 46'EAt 1119 hours, an aircraft was sighted at a distance of 7,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  24 Oct 1942075038° 06'N, 2° 29'EAt 0750 hours, an aircraft was sighted at a distance of 5,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  25 Oct 1942134437° 47'N, 2° 29'EAt 1344 hours, an aircraft was sighted at a distance of 5,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  28 Oct 19422141At 2141 hours, information was received that a naval force had sailed from Gibraltar that morning. Turchese moved to the southern limit of her patrol position and listened on her hydrophones, without result.

At 1100 hours on 29th October, MARICOSOM ordered her to a position southwest of Cape Palos, but nothing was sighted.
  30 Oct 1942125238° 50'N, 3° 16'EAt 1252 hours, a steamer was observed at a distance of 13,000 metres on a southerly course. It was believed to be French.
  30 Oct 1942180038° 50'N, 4° 02'EAt 1800 hours, a steamer was observed at a distance of 11,000 metres on a southerly course. It was believed to be French.

25Asquini, Giandaniele7 Nov 19420100Trapani13 Nov 19422110Trapani741Patrolled off Bizerta in 37°12'N, 08°00'E. Returned via Point T.3. Also reported as 37°30'N, 10°00'E and shortly after in 37°20'N, 07°50'E.
  8 Nov 19421758
(0) North of Bizerta.
At 1758 hours, a submarine believed to be Bronzo was sighted. Both submarines turned away.
  9 Nov 1942073037° 18'N, 8° 40'EAt 0730 hours, a 2,000-ton French vessel was sighted at a distance of 4,500 metres.
  11 Nov 1942164537° 08'N, 7° 58'EAt 1645 hours, a submarine believed to be Aradam was sighted.
  13 Nov 1942074537° 58'N, 10° 06'EAt 0745 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 4,000 metres and the submarine dived.

Asquini, Giandaniele15 Nov 19421500Trapani16 Nov 19421555Naples220Passage Trapani-Naples.

Asquini, Giandaniele25 Nov 19421505Naples27 Nov 19420830La Maddalena232Passage Naples-La Maddalena.

26Asquini, Giandaniele2 Dec 19420354La Maddalena3 Dec 19422210La Maddalena262Patrolled off Ajaccio between 41°40'N and 41°55'N, and between 08°20'E and the coast.
  3 Dec 19420702
(0) Off Cape Senetosa.
At 0702 hours, two steamers, escorted by a torpedo-boat, were sighted on northerly course. No action taken when the torpedo-boat was recognised as Italian of the "Three-funnel" type.

Asquini, Giandaniele6 Dec 19421815La Maddalena7 Dec 19421440Cagliari191Passage La Maddalena-Cagliari with submarines Diaspro and Corallo.

27Asquini, Giandaniele9 Dec 19421800Cagliari10 Dec 19421208Cagliari86Sailed for patrol off Algerian coast between 37°40'N and 38°00'N, and between 08°20'E and 08°40'E, but returned because of defects.
  9 Dec 19422145
(0) Off Cagliari.
At 2145 hours, the submarine Galatea returning to base was encountered and exchanged recognition signals.

Asquini, Giandaniele22 Dec 19420827Cagliari22 Dec 19421127Cagliari22Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele29 Dec 19421250Cagliari31 Dec 19421540Augusta481Passage Cagliari-Augusta. Heard distant bombs.

28Asquini, Giandaniele4 Jan 19430337Augusta4 Jan 19430843Augusta30Sailed for patrol SW of Malta but ran accidentally in one of the anti-torpedo obstructions and had to return to port.
  4 Jan 19430352 Turchese was sailing out for a patrol when, in low visibility and in the darkness, she accidentally ran in one of the anti-torpedo obstructions and returned to port because of the damage. T.V. Asquini received a reprimand and his Navigation Officer was inflicted the maximum penalty.

Asquini, Giandaniele5 Jan 19431715Augusta6 Jan 19430815Messina74Passage Augusta-Messina.

Asquini, Giandaniele11 Jan 19430634Messina11 Jan 19431341Augusta73Passage Messina-Augusta.

29Asquini, Giandaniele17 Jan 19432155Augusta22 Jan 19430711Augusta704Sailed for patrol between 34°00'N and Libyan coast, and between 21°00'E and 21°30'E. Recalled at 1700 hours on the 20th, before reaching her patrol position.

30Asquini, Giandaniele7 Feb 19431620Augusta21 Feb 19430950Augusta1395Patrolled off Cape Misurata, between 32°40'N and 33°30'N, 15°20'E and 15°40'E then on 14 February moved to 32°00'N and 32°10'N, and between 15°50'E and 16°40'E (or between 32°20'N and 32°30'N, and between 15°00'E and 18°00'E?).
  16 Feb 19430356At 0356 hours, a signal from Axum was received reporting a convoy. Turchese altered course to 120° to intercept. Nothing was heard or sighted.

Asquini, Giandaniele26 Feb 19431600Augusta28 Feb 19432400Taranto297Passage Augusta-Taranto for refit. Uneventful.

Asquini, Giandaniele20 Apr 19431300Taranto20 Apr 19431830Taranto8Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele22 Apr 19430600Taranto22 Apr 19431715Taranto38,5Exercises.

Asquini, Giandaniele24 Apr 19431420Taranto24 Apr 19431830Taranto2Tests.

Asquini, Giandaniele26 Apr 19430630Taranto26 Apr 19431410Taranto27Tests.

Asquini, Giandaniele27 Apr 19430735Taranto27 Apr 19431340Taranto24,5Tests.

Asquini, Giandaniele28 Apr 19431146Taranto28 Apr 19431733Taranto20Exercises with the tug Gagliardo, escorted by the auxiliary Claretta.

Asquini, Giandaniele29 Apr 19430540Taranto29 Apr 19431040Taranto21Exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio2 May 19431205Taranto2 May 19431940Taranto27Exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio3 May 19431245Taranto3 May 19431850Taranto23Exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio6 May 19431135Taranto6 May 19431945Taranto34,5Exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio8 May 19431135Taranto8 May 19431730Taranto21,5Exercises with the auxiliary Vergada.

Galzigna, Aredio10 May 19431140Taranto10 May 19431824Taranto28Exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio11 May 19430705Taranto11 May 19431905Taranto32Exercises. On 12th May 1943, C.F. Carlo Liannazza (Head of 4° GRUPSOM) recommended that an additional period of exercises be added as four out of five officers were new to submarines and this was T.V. Galzigna's first command.

Galzigna, Aredio15 May 19431535Taranto16 May 19430105Taranto34,5Exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio17 May 19430630Taranto17 May 19431120Taranto27,5Sonar exercises with the torpedo boat Monzambano and corvette Gabbiano.

Galzigna, Aredio20 May 19431846Taranto27 May 19430645Naples644Passage Taranto-Naples.
  25 May 19431135
(0) Straits of Messina.
At 1135 hours, a formation of four-engine bombers proceeding eastward was seen. and the submarine dived.

Turchese zigzagged at full speed and several bombs fell about 900 meters astern.
  25 May 19431209
(0) Straits of Messina.
At 1209 hours, a formation of four-engine bombers proceeding eastward was seen. and the submarine dived.

Turchese crash-dived and reached a depth of 70 metres as several bombs were heard.
  25 May 19431334
(0) Straits of Messina.
At 1334 hours, a formation of four-engine bombers proceeding southward was seen. and the submarine dived.

Turchese dived immediately and bombs were heard close at 1338 and 1340 hours. It is probable they were not directed at the submarine.

Galzigna, Aredio27 May 19431132Naples27 May 19431250Pozzuoli8Passage Naples-Pozzuoli.

Galzigna, Aredio29 May 19431100Pozzuoli29 May 19431530Pozzuoli11Exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio30 May 19430930Pozzuoli30 May 19431110Naples8Passage Pozzuoli-Naples.

Galzigna, Aredio1 Jun 19431730Naples2 Jun 19430550Naples42Exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio2 Jun 1943935Naples2 Jun 19431100Pozzuoli8Passage Naples-Pozzuoli.

Galzigna, Aredio3 Jun 19430903Pozzuoli3 Jun 19431553Pozzuoli18Trials and exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio14 Jun 19431405Pozzuoli14 Jun 19431756Pozzuoli18Trials and exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio16 Jun 19430423Pozzuoli16 Jun 19431216Pozzuoli32Trials and exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio16 Jun 19431715Pozzuoli16 Jun 19432120Pozzuoli30,5Trials and exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio17 Jun 19431415Pozzuoli17 Jun 19431845Pozzuoli15Trials and exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio18 Jun 19430834Pozzuoli18 Jun 19431205Pozzuoli18Trials and exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio19 Jun 19430820Pozzuoli19 Jun 19431005Pozzuoli8Trials and exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio19 Jun 19431950Pozzuoli20 Jun 19430305Pozzuoli34Trials and exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio23 Jun 19431113Pozzuoli23 Jun 19431230Pozzuoli8Trials and exercises.

Galzigna, Aredio23 Jun 19432301Pozzuoli26 Jun 19430640La Maddalena312Passage Pozzuoli-La Maddalena.

Galzigna, Aredio26 Jun 19430915La Maddalena26 Jun 19431016San Stefano4Passage La Maddalena-San Stefano.

Galzigna, Aredio28 Jun 19431657San Stefano28 Jun 19431945Bonifacio21Passage San Stefano-Bonifacio.

31Galzigna, Aredio30 Jun 19432236Bonifacio16 Jul 19430645Naples1300,5Sailed for patrol off southwest of Sardinia on between 38°00'N and 38°40'N, and between 07°00'E and 07°40'E. At 1958 hours on 2nd July, she was ordered to make an incursion on the 37°20'N parallel between 36°40'N and 07°40'E, then return to her original area. At 1255 hours on the 6th, she was ordered to move 10 miles East then to 37°50'N by dawn on the 7th. Her next move was from east to west from 08°10'E to Cape de Fer meridian (07°10'E) on 37°20'N [she was delayed because of defects] parallel and return to her area at dawn on the 8th.

At 0215 hours on 10th July , she received the order (0015/10) to execute the ZETA order and proceed to zone 96. At 1425 hours, she received a new order (1141/10) to immediately go to zone 172. At 0013 hours on the 11th, she received the order (2213/10) ordered to zone 83 (east coast of Sicily) via 39°00'N, 15°00'E and M 3 (Cape Vaticano). At 2110 hours on the 11th, she received a new order (1840/11) to shift her area to zone 81. At 0007 hours on the 14th, MARICOSOM ordered her to occupy the northern half of zone 80 but she had to abort her patrol because of defects.
  1 Jul 1943091538° 20'N, 7° 28'EAt 0915 hours, a large aircraft formation was seen on an easterly course and the submarine dived.
  11 Jul 1943052238° 20'N, 9° 25'EAt 0522 hours, a twin-engined aircraft was seen flying low on a SE course. Turchese dived.
  11 Jul 1943090838° 20'N, 9° 50'EAt 0908 hours, an aircraft was seen on a southerly course and the submarine dived.
  11 Jul 1943202238° 24'N, 10° 10'EAt 2022 hours, an aircraft was seen on a southwest course and the submarine dived.
  11 Jul 1943213238° 25'N, 10° 12'EAt 2132 hours, an aircraft was seen on a northwest course and the submarine dived.
  12 Jul 1943042838° 43'N, 11° 35'EAt 0428 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  12 Jul 19431050At 1050 hours, an aircraft was seen on a westerly course and the submarine dived.
  13 Jul 1943035038° 48'N, 12° 30'EAt 0350 hours, an aircraft was seen and Turchese dived.
  14 Jul 1943051339° 00'N, 13° 20'EAt 0513 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.

Galzigna, Aredio16 Jul 19431105Naples16 Jul 19431250Castellammare di Stabia13,3Passage Naples-Castellammare di Stabia.

Galzigna, Aredio30 Jul 19430720Castellammare di Stabia30 Jul 19431015Naples10Trials.

Galzigna, Aredio30 Jul 19432047Naples2 Aug 19430720La Maddalena257Passage Naples-La Maddalena.
  31 Jul 19430220At 0220 hours, flares were sighted at a distance of 2,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  2 Aug 19430220At 0220 hours, flares were sighted at a distance of 2,000 metres and the submarine dived.

Galzigna, Aredio2 Aug 19431215La Maddalena2 Aug 19431355Mezzo Schifo2Passage La Maddalena-Mezzo Schifo.
  2 Aug 19430220At 0220 hours, flares were sighted at a distance of 2,000 metres and the submarine dived.

Galzigna, Aredio3 Aug 19430434Mezzo Schifo3 Aug 19430725Bonifacio19Passage Mezzo Schifo-Bonifacio.

Galzigna, Aredio19 Aug 19430729Bonifacio19 Aug 19431140Bonifacio22,5Exercises.

Parodi, Eugenio24 Aug 19430725Bonifacio24 Aug 19431159Bonifacio26Exercises.

Parodi, Eugenio27 Aug 19430736Bonifacio27 Aug 19431222Bonifacio27,5Exercises.

Parodi, Eugenio31 Aug 19430747Bonifacio31 Aug 19431230Bonifacio24Exercises.

Parodi, Eugenio2 Sep 19430520Bonifacio2 Sep 19430759Villa Marina24Passage Bonifacio-Villa Marina.

32Parodi, Eugenio7 Sep 19431515Villa Marina13 Sep 19430002Bone695Sailed for patrol in Gulf of Gaeta and Gulf of Paola with Topazio until the latter parted on the 10th, when on parallel of Anzio, slightly east of 11°E. Damaged by air attack off Bone at 2230 hours on the 11th and was taken in tow by the trawler HMS Stroma to Bone.
  7 Sep 19431600
(0) Near La Maddalena.
At 1600 hours, Turchese came under fire from a coastal battery, which fired three rounds. The shells fell some 200 meters short.
  11 Sep 19432127
2057 (e)
At 2127 hours, Turchese came under air attack from what was believed to be a Junker 88. The nearest bombs fell six meters off the port bow and exploded at a depth of ten meters. The submarine was seriously damaged and her port diesel engine was put out of action, but she reached Bone at 0002 hours on 13th September.

This was actually Hudson 'O' of 500 Squadron piloted by Pilot Officer G.M. Shires. The aircraft made two circuits, firing off the colors of the day on the second one. As there was no response, the submarine was attacked. The attack was carried out up moon from the starboard bow and a stick of four depth charges released, which straddled just forward of the conning tower. The submarine appeared to be diving stern first. Half an hour later, the aircraft received a signal from base ordering it to not attack unless the submarine was taking hostile action. What was believed to be the same submarine was sighted stern down and attacked and sunk by Bisley V/13 the next morning (this was probably Topazio).

Parodi, Eugenio14 Sep 19431330Bone14 Sep 19432200Bone30Passage Bone-Malta with Alagi, Giada, Platino, Galatea, Marea, Menotti and Brin, escorted by HMS Isis. She was towed by Marea, but the tow parted and she had to be towed back to Bone by a British vessel. Repairs completed on 24 September 1943.

Parodi, Eugenio27 Sep 19431721Bone28 Sep 19430730Bone59Passage Bone-Malta but broke down and had to be towed back to Bone by British tug or Motor launch.

Parodi, Eugenio1 Oct 19431630Bone2 Oct 19431715Bizerta123Passage Bone-Bizerta in tow.

Parodi, Eugenio4 Oct 19431130Bizerta6 Oct 19431030Malta251Passage Bizerta-Malta. She was the 23rd submarine to reach Malta and had to be towed by the trawler HMS Goth with Army harbour craft C.T.13 and HMS ML 480 and HMS HDML 1243 and with the trawler HMS Tango in a convoy of three merchant ships.

Parodi, Eugenio27 Nov 19431530Malta28 Nov 19430930Augusta117Passage Malta-Augusta, towed by the corvette Chimera.

Mogni, Giorgio11 Mar 19440545Augusta12 Mar 19441945Brindisi335Passage Augusta-Brindisi, towed by the torpedo boat Monzambano.

Frascolla, Renato1 Apr 1944Brindisi13 Sep 1944BrindisiRefit in Brindisi. Change in command.

Revedin, Marco14 Sep 1944Brindisi22 Nov 1944BrindisiRefit in Brindisi. Change in command.

Botta, Emilio22 Jun 19450605Brindisi22 Jun 19450800Naples450Passage Brindisi-Naples then in reserve until end of war.

181 entries. 153 total patrol entries (32 marked as war patrols) and 51 events.

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