Italian submarines in World War Two

CB 8
CB 8

ClassCB (42) 
Laid down Caproni-Taliedo, Milan
Commissioned1 Aug 1943
End service
Loss date
Loss position
History Scrapped in 1948


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
G.M. Giuseppe Sanseverino1 Aug 194310 Apr 1944
S.T.V. Marzio Luciano6 Apr 194418 Jun 1944
S.T.V. Prospero Nebbia19 Jun 194425 Sep 1944
S.T.V. Alfredo Perioli26 Sep 194424 Jan 1945
G.M. Angelo Sottocasa25 Jan 1945Aug 1945

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
17 Apr 19430910Pola17 Apr 19431200PolaExercises.

19 Apr 19432032Pola20 Apr 19431425PolaExercises.

29 Apr 19430845Pola29 Apr 19431200PolaExercises.

30 Apr 19430815Pola30 Apr 19431220PolaExercises.

3 May 19430850Pola3 May 19431210PolaExercises.

4 May 19431220Pola4 May 19431520PolaExercises.

10 May 19430825Pola10 May 19431055PolaExercises.

13 May 19430810Pola13 May 19431120PolaExercises.

6 Jul 19430840Pola6 Jul 19431150PolaExercises.

7 Jul 19430855Pola7 Jul 19431130PolaExercises.

12 Jul 19430910Pola12 Jul 19431100PolaExercises.

13 Jul 19430840Pola13 Jul 19431135PolaExercises.

14 Jul 19430840Pola14 Jul 19431105PolaExercises.

21 Jul 19430955Pola21 Jul 19431225PolaExercises.

22 Jul 19430830Pola22 Jul 19431155PolaExercises.

23 Jul 19430850Pola23 Jul 19431150PolaExercises.

24 Jul 19430945Pola24 Jul 19431240PolaExercises.

25 Jul 19431020Pola25 Jul 19431220PolaExercises.

26 Jul 19431000Pola26 Jul 19431155PolaExercises.

27 Jul 19430855Pola27 Jul 19431150PolaExercises.

28 Jul 19430905Pola28 Jul 19431110PolaExercises.

29 Jul 19430915Pola29 Jul 19431240PolaExercises.

Sanseverino, Giuseppe5 Aug 19430815Pola6 Aug 19430945AnconaPassage Pola-Ancona and entered service.

Sanseverino, Giuseppe7 Aug 19430300Ancona8 Aug 19431645TremitiPassage Ancona-Tremiti.

Sanseverino, Giuseppe10 Aug 19430700Tremiti11 Aug 19431000BrindisiPassage Tremiti-Brindisi.

Sanseverino, Giuseppe15 Aug 19430020Brindisi16 Aug 19431900CrotonePassage Brindisi-Crotone.

1Sanseverino, Giuseppe2 Sep 19430120Crotone4 Sep 19431155Crotone180Patrol.

Sanseverino, Giuseppe12 Sep 19431135Crotone13 Sep 19431146Taranto130Passage Crotone-Taranto with CB 9 and CB 10, towed by the tug Luigi Padre. They constituted the 2a Squadriglia "CB". Used for A/S operations in Gulf of Taranto. Following the sinking of Axum, T.V. Giovanni Sorrentino assumed temporary command.

Sanseverino, Giuseppe17 Sep 19430900Taranto17 Sep 19431740Taranto45,3Exercises with the corvette Urania.

Sanseverino, Giuseppe10 Nov 19430610Taranto10 Nov 19431335Taranto40,4Exercises.

Sanseverino, Giuseppe15 Nov 19430815Taranto15 Nov 19431635Taranto30,9Exercises.

Sanseverino, Giuseppe20 Nov 19430600Taranto20 Nov 19431405Taranto35,9Exercises with torpedo boats Aretusa and Fabrizi.

Sanseverino, Giuseppe28 Nov 19430820Taranto28 Nov 19431610Taranto36Exercises with CB 9.

Sanseverino, Giuseppe22 Feb 19441032Taranto22 Feb 19441720Taranto27,5Exercises.

Sanseverino, Giuseppe28 Feb 19440810Taranto28 Feb 19441625Taranto37,7Exercises with CB 9.

Sanseverino, Giuseppe2 Mar 19441025Taranto5 Mar 19441442Taranto256Various exercises with CB 9, CB 11 and the corvette Fenice, between 39°42'N, 16°39'E and 39°39'N, 16°43'E.

Sanseverino, Giuseppe15 Mar 19440831Taranto15 Mar 19441630Taranto30Exercises with CB 11.

Luciano, Marzio6 Apr 19440700Taranto6 Apr 19441715Taranto33Exercises with torpedo boat Fabrizi, which took her in tow out to sea.

Luciano, Marzio14 Apr 19440800Taranto14 Apr 19441710Taranto31Exercises with the submarine Manara and the corvette Urania.

Luciano, Marzio21 Apr 19440615Taranto21 Apr 19441020Taranto20Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio17 May 19440815Taranto17 May 19441715Taranto34Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio24 May 19440805Taranto24 May 19441610Taranto35Exercises.

Luciano, Marzio28 May 19440630Taranto29 May 19441600Brindisi167Passage Taranto-Brindisi, towed by the torpedo boat Pilo.

Luciano, Marzio30 May 19440420Brindisi30 May 19441620Bari63Passage Brindisi-Bari, towed by the torpedo boat Pilo.

Luciano, Marzio1 Jun 19441556Bari3 Jun 19440045Taranto225Passage Bari-Taranto, towed by the torpedo boat Pilo.

Nebbia, Prospero21 Jul 19440828Taranto21 Jul 19441640Taranto32Exercises.

Nebbia, Prospero26 Aug 19440910Taranto26 Aug 19441905Gallipoli55Passage Taranto-Gallipoli, towed by the torpedo boat Carini.

Nebbia, Prospero27 Aug 19440520Gallipoli27 Aug 19441645Otranto63Passage Gallipoli-Otranto, towed by the torpedo boat Carini.

Nebbia, Prospero28 Aug 19440512Otranto28 Aug 19441415Brindisi48Passage Otranto-Brindisi, towed by the torpedo boat Carini.

Nebbia, Prospero29 Aug 19440515Brindisi29 Aug 19441730Bari65Passage Brindisi-Bari, towed by the torpedo boat Carini.

Nebbia, Prospero30 Aug 19441012Bari30 Aug 19441330Bari6Exercises.

Nebbia, Prospero31 Aug 19441320Bari31 Aug 19441805Bari10Exercises.

Nebbia, Prospero1 Sep 19440600Bari1 Sep 19441605Brindisi65Passage Bari-Brindisi in tow.

Nebbia, Prospero6 Sep 19440540Brindisi6 Sep 19441335Otranto48Passage Brindisi-Otranto with CB 11.

Nebbia, Prospero7 Sep 19440530Otranto7 Sep 19441630Gallipoli63Passage Otranto-Gallipoli with CB 11.

Nebbia, Prospero8 Sep 19440540Gallipoli8 Sep 19441550Taranto55Passage Gallipoli-Taranto with CB 11.

Perioli, Alfredo26 Sep 1944Taranto24 Jan 1945TarantoAt Taranto for refit.

Sottocasa, Angelo30 May 19450835Taranto30 May 19451535Taranto22Trials.

Sottocasa, Angelo7 Jun 19450828Taranto7 Jun 19451710Taranto33,1Exercises.

Sottocasa, Angelo18 Jun 19450825Taranto18 Jun 19451535Taranto25,3Exercises. Then at Taranto until the end of the war.

60 entries. 60 total patrol entries (1 marked as war patrols) and 0 events.

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