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TypeCargo ship
CountryNorwegian Norwegian

Date of attack11 Apr 1942Time0024
2030 EWT or 2230/10 (e)
FateSunk by submarine Pietro Calvi (C.C. Emilio Olivieri)
Position of attack2° 25'S, 38° 27'W
Complement31 (7 dead and 24 survivors)
Notes At 2255 hours on 10th April, a vessel was sighted proceeding on a 130° course at 12 knots. The submarine maneuvered to intercept her and at 0024 hours on the 11th, fired two torpedoes (533mm) from the bow tubes at a distance of 350 metres. The first missed, but the second appeared to hit just under the bridge (she was actually hit in No.2 hold). This was the Norwegian Balkis (2.161 GRT, built 1939) on a trip from Halifax to Buenos Aires. The submarine fired her machine guns to speed up the evacuation of the ship which finally sank at 0100 hours. Seven men were killed or missing, the twenty-four survivors had taken into a lifeboat and a motorboat and were picked up on the following day by the Swedish Scania.

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Ships hit by Italian submarines