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Exportador I

CountryPortuguese Portuguese

Date of attack1 Jun 1941Time1638-1713
1500 (e)
FateSunk by submarine Guglielmo Marconi (T.V. Mario Paolo Pollina)
Position of attack35° 31'N, 10° 30'W
Complement22 (2 dead and 20 survivors)
Notes At 1305 hours, a vessel was sighted steering approximately 340°. Marconi trailed her, gradually increasing speed so as not to make smoke.

At 1452 hours, the submarine submerged but could not close to torpedo range.

At 1638 hours, Marconi surfaced and opened fire as the vessel turned away at full speed. The fourth round hit, silencing the vessel's radio as she began to make an SOS. At 1713 hours, fire was checked after about 50 rounds. The submarine closed to 500 metres, as her victim was sinking and being abandoned. It was identified as the Portuguese Exportador I (318 GRT, built 1917). T.V. Pollina renounced the idea of rescuing her survivors. Two men were killed, twenty survived, including two wounded.

Position of attack

Ships hit by Italian submarines