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TypeCargo ship
CountrySwedish Swedish

Date of attack10 Nov 1940Time0545++
FateSunk by submarine Guglielmo Marconi (C.C. Giulio Chialamberto)
Position of attack55° 41'N, 18° 24'W
Complement25 (6 dead and 19 survivors)
Notes At 2105 hours on 9th November, Marconi was informed of a damaged freighter in Italian Grid 5570 requesting a tug. This was the Swedish steamer Vingaland (see entry of 1500 hours on 8th November). The submarine altered course to intercept.

At 0330 hours on 10th November, she received a signal from Otaria reporting the sighting of an aircraft carrier with three destroyers and, once again, she changed course.

At 0545 hours, Marconi sighted a light and closed. It proved to be the vessel mentioned in the first signal, steering North. A torpedo (533mm, S.I.-H type) was fired from 400 metres, but the sea was rough and it deviated to port. A second torpedo was fired from 300 metres which hit amidship and the vessel sank in ten minutes.

This was the Swedish Vingaland (2,734 GRT, built 1935) from convoy HX.84 carrying steel to Glasgow. She had been damaged by a Focke Wulf 200 Kondor of I/K.G.40.

Six were killed. Nineteen survivors were later rescued by the British Danae II (2,660 GRT, built 1936).

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