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Hadj Mohamed

TypeFishing vessel
CountryTunisian Tunisian

Date of attack7 Jun 1942Time0200-0345
FateSunk by submarine Corallo (C.C. Gino Andreani)
Position of attack37° 24'N, 9° 10'E
Complement6 (no casualties, 6 survivors)
Notes At 0145 hours, a faint light was sighted. At 0200 hours, it was identified as a schooner. She was ordered to bring her papers to the submarine.

This was the Tunisiam motor vessel Hadj Mohamed (26 GRT) on passage Bizerta-Bone.

As the vessel was navigating in a forbidden zone and without regulation lights, she was sunk with seventeen rounds of gunfire after the crew of six was taken on board the submarine.

Position of attack

Ships hit by Italian submarines