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Le Tarn

CountryVichy French Vichy French

Date of attack4 Nov 1941Time0440+
FateDamaged by submarine Dandolo (T.V. Walter Auconi)
Position of attack36° 44'N, 2° 29'E
Complement (2 dead, no survivors)
Notes At 0345 hours, a large steamer was sighted at distance of 8,000 metres and later identified as a 10,000-ton tanker. Although she was identified as French by her markings and by signals exchanged with Algiers, Auconi believed it might be a British tanker disguised as such and, just after 0440 hours, Dandolo opened fire with both her deck guns scoring hits while the target returned fire.

This was the Vichy tanker Tarn (4,220 GRT, built 1939) on passage from Casablanca to Algiers.

Dandolo now fired a salvo of three torpedoes from her bow tubes and scored one hit. The tanker Tarn was damaged and had two men killed.

At 0552 hours, Dandolo tried to finish off Tarn with a stern shot but missed. The tanker managed to reach Algiers at 1100 hours the same day.

Position of attack

Ships hit by Italian submarines