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TypeCargo ship
CountryBritish British

Date of attack3 Nov 1942Time1842
1800 GMT (e)
FateSunk by submarine Ammiraglio Cagni (C.F. Carlo Liannazza)
Position of attack2° 35'S, 18° 31'W
Complement54 (10 dead and 44 survivors)
Notes At 1130 hours, two masts were sighted on the horizon. Cagni proceeded at 15 knots to take a position ahead of the vessel.

At 1703 hours, the submarine submerged for the attack.

At 1842 hours, three bow torpedoes (450mm, W 200 type) were fired from 400 metres. All three hit and she sank.

This was the British Dagomba (3,845 GRT, built 1928) on passage from Takoradi to Trinidad.

Ten killed, twenty-one survivors were rescued by the Portuguese sloop Bartolomeu Dias at 0530 hours on 14th November in 07°05' N, 16°00' W. Twenty-three survivors in a lifeboat were picked up by a Vichy patrol vessel and landed at Dakar. They were interned for a few days before being liberated when the Allies landed in North Africa on 8th November.

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Ships hit by Italian submarines