The Kriegsmarine Uniforms

Petty Officers and Other Ranks


Kriegsmarine Petty Officers, Ratings and Seamen wore the same uniform.

Service dress consisted of:

Jacket, trousers, jumper (shirt) in white or blue, blue jean collar with three white stripes, silk neckerchief, grey gloves and cap.

Rank/rate was indicated by badges on the left upper sleeve, gold on the blue uniform, light blue on white.

Illustrated left is a "Matrosenstabsgefreiter" (Leading Seaman) in Parade dress. Right, "Matrose" (Seaman) in blue Service dress.



On the undress "Collani" jacket (named after Berger & Collani, the Berlin naval tailors), rank was also displayed on light blue collar patches.

Left, "Bootsmannsmaat" (Petty Officer Boatswain) in undress jacket and "Schiffchen" (boarding) cap. The Schiffchen cap was introduced in 1940, and was worn by all ranks.

Right, the "U-Boot-Päckchen" (U-Boat battle dress) in grey leather (also issued in brown and black), one of many specialist Kriegsmarine uniforms, the wearer here newly decorated with the Iron Cross 2nd class. Officers' päckchen jackets were mid-thigh length.

U-Boat crew-member


Left, "Obermaschinenmaat"(ERA PO) in "Paradejacke" jacket. This jacket was part of Walking-out dress and was similar in style to Officers' "Messejacke" (Mess jacket). Collar is worn over the jacket. Left sleeve has rank and specialist training badges.

A "Sch?tzenschnur" marksmanship proficiency lanyard is worn attached from the right shoulder to the third jacket button.

Blue jumper and cap were officially worn from October 1 to April 19, white as summer dress. During the war, whites were only worn in the tropics. From 1943, khaki tropical dress with army-style tunic or shirt with patch pockets was issued, with rank markings in blue or light yellow. Pre-war cap-ribbons displayed the unit or vessel of the wearer. For security reasons, wartime ribbons were simply marked "Kriegsmarine".

Here are the two kinds of caps:

White cap for mates an men Blue cap for mates an men cap for mates an men.

Examples of various uniforms:

Oberbootsmannsmaat Paradeanzug Oberbootsmannsmaat
als Fahnenträger

Parade-dress, Boatswain PO as Standard bearer


Dienstanzug Signalmaat Oberfeldwebelanwärter im Flottenkommando

Service-suit of a senior signal mate seargent aspirant, serving at the supreme navy headquarter

Matrosengefreiter Ausgehanzug Matrosengefreiter

Walking-out dress, Leading Seaman

Matrose Feldanzug Matrose

Field-grey uniform, Seaman

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