Hans-Ludwig Witt

Korvettenkapitän (Crew 29)

19 ships sunk, total tonnage 100,773 GRT

Born  25 Dec 1909 Bautzen, Saxony
Died  13 Feb 1980(70)Hamburg / Poppenbüttel, Germany

Korvettenkapitän Hans Witt wearing his Knights Cross.


1 Apr 1929 Offiziersanwärter
10 Oct 1929 Seekadett
1 Jan 1931 Fähnrich zur See
1 Apr 1933 Oberfähnrich zur See
1 Oct 1933 Leutnant zur See
1 Jun 1935 Oberleutnant zur See
1 Jul 1938 Kapitänleutnant
1 Feb 1943 Korvettenkapitän


23 Aug 1942 Iron Cross 2nd Class
23 Aug 1942 Iron Cross 1st Class
23 Aug 1942 U-boat War Badge 1939
17 Dec 1942 Knights Cross
7 Oct 1944 U-boat Front Clasp

U-boat Commands

U-161 8 Jul 1941 30 Nov 1941   No war patrols 
U-161 1 Dec 1941 31 Dec 1941   No war patrols 
U-129 14 May 1942 8 Jul 1943   3 patrols (275 days) 
U-3524 26 Jan 1945 5 May 1945   No war patrols 

Hans Witt spent his first years in the navy on school ships, including the Gorch Fock and the Schlageter. In October 1940 he began U-boat training. After taking over command of the type IXC/40 U-129 from Kptlt Clausen, he completed three very successful patrols in the western Atlantic and Caribbean, sinking 19 ships totalling over 100,000 tons. Afterwards he spent a year as a member of the BdU (U-boat Command) staff.

In the last months of the war he was one of the highly decorated U-boat commanders (like Schnee, Cremer, Emmermann and Topp) who took command of the new Elektro U-boats in an attempt to turn the tide in the battle of the Atlantic (in his case the type XXI Elektro U-boat U-3524, scuttled before she finished training).


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Patrol info for Hans-Ludwig Witt

 U-boat Departure Arrival  
1. U-129 20 May 1942  Lorient  21 Aug 1942  Lorient  Patrol 1,94 days
2. U-129 28 Sep 1942  Lorient  6 Jan 1943  Lorient  Patrol 2,101 days
3. U-129 11 Mar 1943  Lorient  29 May 1943  Lorient  Patrol 3,80 days
3 patrols, 275 days at sea

Ships hit by Hans-Ludwig Witt

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
10 Jun 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt L.A. Christensen4,362nw
12 Jun 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Hardwicke Grange9,005br
17 Jun 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Millinocket3,274am
27 Jun 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Tuxpam7,008me
27 Jun 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Las Choapas2,005me
1 Jul 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Cadmus1,855nw
2 Jul 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Gundersen1,841nw
4 Jul 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Tuapse6,320sj
12 Jul 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Tachirá2,325am
19 Jul 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Port Antonio1,266nw
23 Jul 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Onondaga2,309am
16 Oct 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Trafalgar5,542nw
23 Oct 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Reuben Tipton6,829am
30 Oct 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt West Kebar5,620am
5 Nov 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Meton7,027amTAG-18
5 Nov 1942U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Astrell7,595nwTAG-18
2 Apr 1943U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Melbourne Star12,806br
24 Apr 1943U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Santa Catalina6,507am
4 May 1943U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Panam7,277paNK-538

19 ships sunk (100,773 tons).

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