Excellent Military Sites

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Here below are some of, what I believe to be, the best military-related web sites that I've come across so far. The sites are selected based on content and presentation (i.e. a good data with a good layout is a winner). If you know of sites that you feel should belong here then by all means send me a note.


World War I - Trenches on the Web

This is a truly excellent site, massive amount of information and very well presented. Quite heavy to start with but then relatively easy after that.

Nihon Kaigun

Want to know something about the Japanese Navy of World War Two? Then this is page is the source for it. Plans, photos, and details on carriers, battleships, cruisers and so on. Overall this is a superb site!

World War II plus 55

by David H. Lippman. Daily events from around the globe as they happened 55 Years ago. A very good site filled with excellent historical notes.

Drew's World of Choppers

Superb site. Well designed and very macho featuring the Vietnam Choppers! :)

German Armed Forces in WWII

Really good site with many unusual volumes of information, including a memorial on the loss of Wilhelm Gustloff which was the largest disaster at sea in history. Good design and good information cannot fail! :)
*** Luft'46 - Lots of pages on the Luftwaffe secret aircraft many of which are really amazing. 3 stars for the rare content!
*** SubCommittee - "A group of people interested in submarines, primarily the building of models of them, both display and radio-controlled."
** SUBNET: Cyberspace Association of U.S. Submariners (CAUSS)- Here you can read about Medal of Honor winners of the USN, check out veteran pages and lots of other items, overall this is a good site.